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MUSIC : Mull Of Kintyre with a Scottish pipe band - bagpipes. This would be like a traditional Scottish song but with the tempo really slowed down making it a huge hit with 2 million sales in the UK alone. Set on a Scottish farm in the cold Scottish climate, the farm was for a self-sufficient lifestyle. If you do that with cattle, cows for milk etc, then you also need to remember that you have to slaughter most of the male ones that get born. All those cute little calves. No way!

To be honest I'm not a fan of Paul McCartney's work but this song is good (and he did produce a lot of hit songs.) A few years ago I did buy some of Linda McCartney's vegetarian freezer food. My grandparents came from Scotland and I am partly Scottish - but don't feel the 'call of the glen'. Never saw the Loch Ness monster - Nessie - even though we as a family did camp out on the banks of Loch Ness. There is a castle. The bagpipes are a very special sound. Think Mel Gibson in 'Braveheart'.

While researching The Beatles,

Paul McCartney's earlier girlfriend Jane Asher was in a 'recent' 2007 film 'Death at a Funeral' - comedy. She plays Sandra, the widow. Here is a clip. trailer. This is the original version and it works much better with the understated Briitsh humour, rather than the later American version. Internet comment. "This without a doubt is one of the greatest and funniest modern comedy movies ever made. Alan Tudyk stole the show the guy was hilarious." 1 year ago. Matthew Macfadyen as Daniel, the son overseeing the funeral of his and his brothers' father, is immensely good in this film. Jane Asher (Paul McCartney's ex girlfriend) is very good as Sandra the widow. Internet. "OMG I only watched this for the first time last night, and I don't think I've laughed so much at a film in years.  I was literally crying with laughter, and the laughs just keep on coming. What a gem!  Can't believe it's been around since 2007 and I haven't come across it before. So bonkers and British - but funny as hell.  Definitely going on my list of all time favourites!" 'Why it's Great' 5 mins.

John Lennon 'Dream'

This is a real song, as is 'Mull of Kintyre', with a structure. Neither rely on a retitive beat or being on a loop. The importance of this is about the importance of actual music.

The Beatles take America 1964!


The Beatles: Film 'Get Back' - from film director Peter Jackson - later years. 5 mins.

The Beatles "I'm Happy Just To Dance With You" (with BBC audio) - in the beginning. It was the harmonies which made The Beatles special. Also their humour.

*In viewing some of the tapes of the early days, I think the exicitement and energy of what The Beatles phenomenom was, can be felt. It is also different from just screaming teens or responses at other 'pop concerts'. It has a definite 'feel' to it.

What made The Beatles have the effect they did? It is hard to know, but the effect was magical. They did look unique, and that was new and fresh. They also had very special harmonies and that must have been significant. The sound of the combination of their voices is very interesting.

However, I cannot play any of their later music and say it is 'high frequency' because it isn't. None of it is.

The Beatles.

Did the original Paul McCartney die in 1966? We don't know! But will take a look at it. However, the source connected to the 'White Hat' operation revealing the level of satanism in this world said that he did die in the car crash in 1966.

"The Beatles were a Tavistock Institute creation and it is most likely the truth that the original Fab 4 were MK Ultra Mind Controlled subjects. Cynthia Lennon all but says so (in her description) of her husband John's behavior after he met Yoko at her (avante garde) "ART" showing at William/Faul's Indica Gallery in London where John ran into Yoko and foolishly went along with her infamous Satanic Ladder Ritual that brought John deeper under the control of the Secret Societies of Europe.

Yoko is a black magic occult witch and John by the end of his Beatles career (at least) was a member of the OTO or Ordo Templi Orientis. A Satanic Cult society that was founded by infamous occultist Aleister Crowley. Yoko was John's mind control handler." In fact some of the information on the Tavistock Institute (a centre for Mind Control experiemnets etc) also comes from the 'good side' in the current take down of 'satanism', which adds credibility. These nutjobs are capable of anything.

A documentary on the Beatles seems to tell the story that Paul McCartney did die in a car crash in late 1966. Paul was the left handed bass player. In film that was restored and used for the documentary, Paul does seem to be playing left handed, but it also seems to have been filmed with a future doco in mind. .

The Beatles also made the 'music industry' deal. Paul McCartney is said to have been a sacrifice and died in 1966 in a car crash. It was a white car, the same as with Princess Diana. There were quite a few look-a-likes, and he was replaced - it is said - by a musician, Billy Shepherd. There are studio videos where he is referred to as William. Also his wife Heather Mills discovered some information in a box which horrified her and led to their divorce.

The person who apparently replaced Paul was referred to as 'Faul' (for 'fake Paul'). Early on The Beatles did wonderful harmonies easily. In an interview 'Faul' says it was a lot of work to get those harmonies - difficult.

But it was not difficult at all, it was easy and normal. Faul could not produce the harmonies though. 'Nowhere Man' - harmonies produced live

Again a mention of the harmonies. There are a great many early tracks with these harmonies which were a natural part of their 'sound'.

The Beatles ~ This Boy (Colorized)


Their personalities in interviews seem consistent throughout the years. Also the Paul who used to famously date a generally ,miserable Jane Asher (actress, and very good in 'Death at a Funeral' - excellent comedy) seems very similar to an equally miserable Linda Eastman who the later Paul married, then 'pain in the neck' misery Heather Mills.

It is very understandable that they stopped touring after 1966, after the Americans completely misunderstood Lennon's comments about Jesus. That sort of thing would not happen in England or Australia, but it does seem that American circa the 1960's - and maybe at other times - do miss the point! Listening to and watching the old tapes, it is ridiculous to see the response and the level of 'missing the point' that this was.

What does seem of interest though is that in October 1965, a year earlier, The Beatles had to get an album ready for Christmas, which gave them a month to create the entire thing. That album was 'Rubber Soul' which they did create from scratch and record, all within one month. However, someone who knows about guitar playing has commented in a completely unrelated video, that Paul starts creating more complex and interesting bass lines with 'Rubber Soul'.

Also Paul, from a different source, became more picky. and didn't like some of George's work, so he (Paul) dumped those and recorded them himself. George was playing either lead or rhythm whereas Paul had been a moderately adequate bass player. Great personality and he did those magical harnonies, but not a great guitar player. Not great enough to re-do the lead guitar work for example.

1966 is the year The Beatles definitely went into doing what their 'deal with the devil' required. The Beatles only did one tour in August to the USA and did 24 concerts. Prior to that they, or Lennon, was given the book The Passover Plot which challenged the authenticity of Christianity, and did influence some of their thinking. This was the beginning of a major change in consciousness shifting towards stuff that was not Christian. They began promoting the use of LSD and later went to India. While seemingly irrelevant then, in light of recent events it is very significant. The Beatles had huge influence, and it did change the world.

It is also known that the real Paul McCartney did not like some of the work they were doing for the future Sgt. Pepper album for release in 1967. .Writing in The Times of London in 1967, the critic Kenneth Tynan called the release of Sgt. Pepper "a decisive moment in the history of Western civilization." Definitely an 'agenda required' album, without question.

Paul (or perhaps Faul) had angrily walked out of a session some time around June 1966. No rush to release a Christmas album for that year. Could it be possible that with the 4 week deadline to record the Rubber Soul album, the 'other Paul' was used? A session musician? Then when the real Paul began to be unhappy with the direction of the band's work (documented that he was unhappy hence walking out of the session and had been speaking out about the bizarre record cover for Yesterday and Today - which was released in June 1966 in America, not the UK.etc) he was replaced with 'Faul' for that last USA tour? This would mean the interviews of that time were Faul not Paul?

There is another possible clue. Paul McCartney's hair was always a thick straight mop. It remained like that while running onto stadium stages and so on. The new guy - Faul - has different hair. It always naturally parts of the right side. In truth, we don't really know about Paul McCartney until the later years, but the later years one does seem very different to the earlier Paul in this interview.

Here is an interview with Paul in 1964. This Paul is happy to retire, and this is not particularly an interview of a showman. In fact he wants to retire, maybe write songs for other people, but no desire to continue. This interview might be a good indicator that this is not the same Paul McCartney known later. The later version of Paul likes to be the centre of attention and I remember a fairly recent concert of the type where many big name popstars are gathered and you have this Paul clambering up on the piano or something, above everyone and waving his arms around so that he is the focus! It was pathetic.

The manager of the Beatles, Brian Epstein died in August 1967 meaning he did participate in making the usual music industry deals. That deal probably was from the beginning, at least 1963, as in February 1964 they made their first appearance in the USA on the Ed Sullivan Show. However, Epstein's death is suspicious as he was not the type to be overdosing on drugs.

Sadly, there are the required 'satanic photos' of the Beatles where the deal is that a certain amount of satanic symbolism must be included at least, usually the hand symbols. They did these, and the photos were at the time of 'Yellow Submarine' which was June 1966 - the same time that Paul walked out of their session and was unhappy with where the band was going. There are more photos than the one below, some with headless dolls and other symbols of the ritual sacrifice of babies. Also Paul has a strong likeness to satanist Aleister Crowley when young. He died in 1947 and is the reference to '20 years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play'. He also appears on the Sgt. Pepper album cover - that is weird.

After 1966 the name of The Beatles was changed to just Beatles - a different band

and with 'Paul' as the leader. This could be interpreted that 'William' or whoever 'helped out' when something happened with the original Paul McCartney (maybe he just refused to work with them again) and in becoming the replacement he gained enormous power because no-one could say it was a different Paul McCartney. . They created the Apple business, Paul/Faul sitting up much higher than John, then within about 18 months they decided to disband. My own view is that the later Paul is a jerk. He formed the band Wings which would seem to be a reference to the Luciferian Wings, and he eventually became a billionaire. Just him. Not the other Beatles. None of his work was anything much except Mull of Kintyre.

In an interview in 1964 John Lennon is quite mushy and romantic about his marriage to Cynthia, and Cynthia did say that there was nothing wrong with their marriage when John met Yoko and then suddenly left her (Cynthia). To me this suggests they were not a Tavistock Institute creation but were taken over by that MK Ultra organisation by infiltration from 1963 (when the tours to the US and Ed Sullivan Show were arranged.) The Beatles were so extremely phenomenal that a great deal could be accomplished through them for the intended, coming New Luciferian World/Age. ..

A lot of people have died in unnatiral circumstances connected to the Beatles, some from the 'dark path' association (probably, although there are questions about how George came to have cancer after the knife attack).Mal Evans their roadie, helped write a lot of material on the Sgt. Pepper album (whiich seems very strange - maybe it was something else he helped write or he knew someone else had contributed) and there are recounts of him phoning 'Paul' and insisting he get royalties for his contribution. Soon after this time he was shot dead in 1976. The death of the manager Brian Epstein is certainly suspicious, and the death of Lennon was murder. Lennon's killer is known to be Mark Chapman who was standing behind and shot him in the back. However, there is now information that John Lennon was actually shot in the chest, from in front. The loss of John Lennon in this way was an enormous tragedy for the world causing immense grief.

There is a great deal of material on satanic connections. As mentioned elsewhere, words like the 'occult' just seem to be innocently about hidden knowledge. But it isn't. It IS the Satanic Path, that is what all the 'hiiden knowledge' and ways of 'magic/magik' are about. You just don't know that when you get into it.


Paul McCartney - the cult's sacrifice?

Paul McCartney was loved by the world, who knew him until 1966.

The beetle is the Egyptian symbol for rebirth, the ability to be reborn.

The further you look, more and more weirdness becomes apparent.



It is supposed to be difficult to get any film of The Beatles 'Revolution' live, but this copy exists.

This is with 'Paul McCartney' who is left handed playing his guitar with the right hand - as the person who replaced Paul McCartney is right handed. The 'music industry satanic cult' always have film and photos of the real story. If it is. Heaps of photos of current pop stars with full on satanic symbolism because that is the deal they all had to make to become famous. 

This is The Beatles playing live at the Savoy Theatre. There are no live performances listed for 1968 when Revolver was released, or for 1967. They were a studio band from around late 1966.

Two Video Versions of One Song at a Live Performance

This performance, with Paul playing right handed, is believed to be one the 'cult' required because things like 'Paul' being right handed are used to ensure these bands do what they are told to do. So, what is the story here? The real, original Paul McCartney did die in a car accident in late 1966. The band continued with a replacement who was also a musician and looked very similar.

This is something said also o have also been discovered by 'Paul's' wife Heather who said she discovered that she was not married to the man she thought she had married. Also this 'Paul's' DNA did not match the DNA on record in a country they toured and he spent some time under arrest.

Because there are so many fans from even the beginning of the 'Beatles',

and they are so famous and still so loved, the possibly true information about Paul McCartney was introduced carefully in a film series. If it is correct, then it is really very sad, and is going to be sad for many people who were fans.

We have included this here because it is part of the topic of the video on the 'Music Industry'.

12 mins. The Winged Beatle II : VI

The real Paul a sacrifice? And John Lennon was targetted long before, for his death - meant to make the song 'Imagine' an anthem for the expected satanic coming age. .

Perhaps it is like this was 4 working class guys from Liverpool who never realized what they were getting in to.

The Winged Beatle

full documentary



There is Luciferian symbolism in the videos and photos of many artists,

it was part of the deal that these would be used for 'normalizing the abnormal' and creating accpetance of these as 'normal'. Symbols actually bring in the energy. One person who probably was affected by this is Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. A family man from very young, his 5 year old son died after a sudden illness, and later his daughter died. This is certainly the kind of thing that does happen.

REM 'Losing My Religion' the wings in the video are 'Lucifer'.

Allan Parsons Project did a track called 'Lucifer'.


Led Zeppelin talks about The Beatles (1970 Nationwide)

Led Zeppelin made a 'deal with the devil' like others in the music industry.

In this video you can see Jimmy Page doing a 'satanic reverse of blessing' with the hand symbol over the audience at 1.04 and 2.14 and 3.17 and 8.23 Song is also about death and dying - which the cult loves.

Jimmy Page is a very sexy guitar player and good to watch, never mind listen to, but this is still satanic symbols being used. He appeared to have been into Egyptian Magic. His stage costumes were specially made and featured 'occult' symbolism. His own symbol appears to be related to an ancient pharoah named Zoser who turns up in other 'mystery school' teachings.

Although 'occult' just seems to mean 'hidden knowledge' that 'hidden knowledge' is the dark path and satanic. Not something you would realize at first, nor if you developed an interest in 'Egyptian Mysteries' but that is what it is.


Sound'. Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness' :


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