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There are always new wonder foods being added to the list for 'healthy living' and we will add useful books and links for this from time to time on this page.  This information source is about actually aligning into the lost LIFE STREAMS which issue from what was called the original 'Fountain of Eternal Life'.

This is not what is being widely taught in the world today, which are mainly Masonic teachings and beliefs, or from other very similar societies.

PLANT ENERGY and ENERGY REVERSING living is vegetarian, vegan friendly, organic, sugar free, dairy free, breads - cakes and pastry free, prefers raw plant foods or lightly steamed to preserve nutrient content, full of green leafy vegetables, and high in anti-oxidants such as green tea and resveratrol, high in omega oils, MCT from coconut oil, and high in friendly bacteria for the digestive system.

Vegetarians and vegans often choose fasting and Raw Plant Food Living. If you are just starting out as a vegetarian, your body needs time to adjust and clean itself. Start including more fresh fruit, green salad, and green juice in your meals. Cut back on meat, dairy products, and cooked starchy foods. Try eating all raw one day per week, then two days. Or eat only two cooked foods per meal, then only one. You'll feel the difference.


The Life Extension and Fat Loss - Management Breakthrough. 

Featured on the BBC 'Horizon' on intermittent fasting.

Growth Hormone up, Insulin down, balanced cortisol and healthy adrenals - The 24 hour 'Perfect Storm' for shedding body fat at record speed... Intermittent Fasting Energy Longevity.   Highly Recommended!



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