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Used as a topic paste.  It is also available in capsule form if you have trusted supplier.

A study published by the University of Minnesota Medical School looked specifically at Native American plant based healing modalities.  Researchers found that the sanguinarine in Bloodroot can “block proliferation and induce apoptosis in a number of different transformed and malignant cell types.”  

Sanguinarine is a toxic polycyclic ammonium ion. It is extracted from the Bloodroot plant also known as the Mexican Prickly Poppy.  It is described as chemotherapeutic.

Studies discovered that Sanguinarine, in a dose-dependent manner, is effective on certain kinds of skin cancer even when pharmaceutical drugs are not

“Sanguinarine suppresses the growth of squamous carcinoma cells more effectively than normal keratinocytes, and inhibits the growth of a number of multidrug resistant cell lines,” researchers noted.

Bloodroot can be taken as capsules. Although its cancer-killing effects occur when it is ingested, taking too much internally can lead to burning of the stomach, vomiting, vertigo, faintness, and dimness of eyesight.

Because of this, its is advised not to initiate your own at-home protocol with Bloodroot internally. It should always be administered under the supervision of a qualified health care professional. 

*As a therapeutic treatment it should be purchased from reliable sources like Alpha-Omega Labs in Bolivia (others with this name are not endorsed by or connected to the actual company.)




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