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- is a rhizome and highly recommended.

Rhizome from the Ancient Greek: rhízōma meaning "mass of roots",  is a plant stem that sends out roots and shoots from its nodes. Rhizomes include Ginger  and Turmeric.

To get the heath benefits, there is no need for these powerful plants to be presented with complex descriptions.


Galangal - The most widely researched benefit of galangal is its ability to fight cancers. 

Galangal helps to reduce inflammation and fight bacterial and fungal infections.

It is considered that inflammation and bacterias are conditions which provide the environment for cancer to thrive.  They are carcinogenic conditions.

Galangal  supports brain health.

One teaspoonful can be added into Plant Milk to make health giving drink.

Galangal can be a very powerful presence in your body.  If you have a significant health issue we recommend starting small, just 1 teaspoon for that day.


Benefits of Galangal

      -  High Level Potential for Revolutionary Cancer-Fighting

The most striking health benefit of galangal, according to a considerable and growing body of scientific research, is its ability to fight and potentially prevent a broad number of cancers and tumors. 


Galangal is a popular spice in Asian cooking, but you can also make it into a tea. 



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