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 An introduction to the LIVING SYSTEMS


and the Way to 'Shan-gri-la'.

Shan-gri-la is a mystical, hidden world where people never grow old, but when they come into this world they grow old and die.  It is the same as the other mystical cities into the Hidden World, accessed via the 'North Pole' or mystical icy landscapes.  At this time, it is how we are describing the real reality (that Earth is an outer part of.)  Shan-gri-la is the theme of a novel by author James Hilton which was made into a film in 1937.   *Shan-gri-la



The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams

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There is a story to this planet that has waited a very long time to be told. 

This planet belongs to a Living 'Perpetual Light' Star System,

but it is being pulled away by a different energy stream and

now, in this world, the body begins to Age and Die.

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In the human body, a signal is received into the Master Gland Complex also known as the 3rd Eye, and after receiving that signal, the body begins to age and die.  That signal originates from a different energy stream which gained access to the pituitary and accessed this planet.



The Eternal Living Life Stream Well Spring System


  Introduction to the Academie of the Soul and Real Reality

The body you inhabit is not your true body which is a far higher frequency real body It integrates with the density body and at the time of dying some return to the true body, but for the majority they were caught in the Illusion that this life was real.  The source which provides a reality that is an Illusion has different rules and a different place for people to go after they die - such as pure thought and what they imagine - which is part of a lesser level called Mind and the astral form. 

Building the 'true body' is something that has to be done during your lifetimes in this world.  That is, keeping to the guidelines, connecting to the Living System, and not being diverted by the Illusion that this world - where anything is possible and allowed - is real.  You are not what you think you are.   


There was only one Teaching for this planet which included Raw Plant Foods, fresh Raw Juices, and the importance of Fasting at least with a one day fast each week.  *It is expected to restore lost collagen and safely and comfortably lose unwanted, unhealthy fat including visceral fat.

If you are interested in connecting into the issuing Source of the Living Life Stream - Here are some steps you may like to include in your lifestyle which prepare the way for that, *also keep in mind there are some things not to do.


Part 1 - Body Cleanse     Part 2 - Body Cleanse - Easy Way to do the One Day Weekly Fast 

  Part 3 Intermittent and Dry Detox   :  Keto,  MCT, Lycopene, and belly fat loss. Improve metabolic rate  :

***Take Care of Your Spine  :      

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Academie of the Soul and the Real Reality    Why Die? 

The 'True Body'  :   The Illusion which exists in a Real Place  :  Why the Upper Realm Works for Everyone   :  




It could also be said that the 'darkness' shadow which entered and took hold of this planet could be described as the same condition as cancer in the human body. 

Cancer somehow manages to fool healthy cells into accepting it, after which it converts those once healthy cells into the same anti-life status that cancer is.

So we look at the conditions of sickness in the body, because we did begin with healthy plant based diets and therapies, but now do so also in relation to the dark shadow energy which entered this planet.  And that is what we are going to briefly look at.


Poisoning by Food, Air, Water, the Dentist, by Prescription and non Prescription Substances, Government Laws & the Shadow reality etc, and how humans have become, indifferent, self centred people.


"No matter how pure the diet, and no matter how much you detox, the 'black poison'

shadow energy is still there, it is still pouring in and circulating this planet,

and it is there because this planet has been targeted".


This reality is one with many disadvantages to it, two of which are that


1) you grow old, and

2) your body dies - and these apply even if you made a comfortable wealthy life for yourself during the brief time you had here.

But as we have said, there are more reasons for overriding that than just keeping to a fresh, plant based diet and fasting etc. 

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 We began with a healthy interest in the Plant Based Diet, Raw Plant Foods and Juices, and Food as Medicine etc,  and then looked into ancient texts which described the extra benefits of plants that were still close to their actual Source of Life.

Then we discovered that that teaching was also describing this planet, which was in the process of wandering off from being attached to its Life Stream Source.

And we also discovered that

Teachings from a different energy stream came to this planet, and from after that time - when some decided to use the 'FORBIDDEN ENERGY' - the body began to Age and Die in this world. 


Indications are that the energy of a star which went into supernova, a Dead Star, was used to create the first A.I.  It was abandoned in ancient times - something this world does not remember.  It spread into the space it had occupied, and then began to expand, produce 'tentacles' to reach other planets, and became 'like god'.................


As information gets updated, we try to go through everything to update that too. 

***New additions -  *Genesis Origin - on a Planet Far, Far Away    *Genesis Origin Part 2   *The 5th Planet

 * Pyramid Network & Realignment of this Planet 

The 'Perpetual Light' Source

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On this planet opportunities exist, and perhaps test us, to choose higher values, higher standards of behaving, higher levels of integrity, and compassion, and not be swept up in the illusion that if you have enough working for you, or offered to you in this life, that maybe you can behave in lesser level ways and it 'does not matter'.  It does matter.  You just may not realise that it matters. 


These are the -  General Standards for Accessing the Higher Living Realm 

Most people associate the texts which introduced the living Plant Food diet, with Healing and Rejuvenation.


But the Teachings were actually about the Living Life Energy Stream Source Systems and the problems which eventuated when one of those systems in this galaxy, died. 


That is to say, living food is good and full of life-force, while dead foods are, the process of dying - and that is what happens to planets and suns too. This level of knowledge was attacked and persecuted from way back, so the only way to preserve it was to hide it within what looked like something else.


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Ancient teachings on the Living Life Streams were covered profusely, even though they have been translated as the living plant food diet. 


"Long ago, the people of this planet took a wrong turn.  They chose an energy stream they decided they liked better, and by doing that they gave up their connection to the full power LIFE FORCE ENERGY which streamed down from the unlimited,

endless WELL SPRING SOURCE into its systems of living planets.

Since making that choice, mankind has been bringing in massive amounts of negative energy which is also harming this planet badly."





The knowledge of the Living Life Streams System was a Teaching for Peace

   ...............but that does not mean it didn't cover the details of what took away this planet's Peace.

General Guidelines for Connecting to the Well Spring 

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