THE MYSTERIOUS CONNECTION INTO THE LOST WELL SPRING OF LIFE.  Rejuvenation, Regeneration. Best viewed on Google.


"It may seem that this planet as it is now, is how it, and life in this galaxy, has always been. That is not the case........!" 


       The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the 

        Living Life Streams



Most people associate the texts which introduced the living Plant Food diet, with Healing and Rejuvenation.


But the Teachings were on the state of Grace presented by the opportunity to be born on this particular planet - not to introduce 'Google search' or a One World Government or even to choose a plant based diet.


It was to understand that the state of Grace offered to you is HOW to connect to an all powerful, everlasting Living LIFE STREAM ENERGY SOURCE, in the circumstance that the other one your 'star-seed' planets had once been connected to had died.  This planet spends only some of the time in this low level realm so that those who understand that the other energy stream died, can then literally be lifted back into a LIVING SYSTEM.


May the Grace of a Living Life Sustaining System be with you.....






The texts about the Living Plant Foods were not about plants and diet at all. 

They were about the LIFE ENERGY SYSTEM each soul needs to be attached to.



2-minute read

Above all else, the Teachings were about life as it once was on a planet fully receiving the streams of LIFE FORCE ENERGY from its full power Well Spring Source. 

If you think about it, nothing else matters in the bigger picture but that the system you are living on or in, is fully connected to a LIVING ENERGY SOURCE - and that includes for the 'after life' which still must exist in a  LIVING ENERGY SOURCE.

That is what the mysteries of so many 'spiritual teachings' began with, only to wander off into meanings about the experience of the energies that in fact, did not always issue from a fully LIVING LIFE FORCE PROVIDER.

Because sometimes these systems die, and what that lengthy process is, can sometimes be hard to describe or explain.  In that process their energy becomes more magnetic, and that in turn is negative and corrupts the life forms which were in that system. 

That is what happened to a once upon a time Life Energy Provider of many star-seeds now on this planet, who found their own home planets beginning to die.

This left a question : should they continue trying to find their way back to that long gone source? Or is it that when they became star-seeds here on this planet, they had been given a second chance to find a Living Life Source to replace the one they had lost?

This planet is still attached to a Well Spring Source that is bursting with vibrant LIFE FORCE ENERGY which then streams down from the unlimited, endless, ever powerful Source, to its systems of living planets.

But also, there is another energy here too, an energy which still resonates with a corrupted source.

It is here and flourishes, because the people did decide they preferred a different energy source from the actual True Well Spring which streams to all its living planets. 

Long ago, this planet did take a wrong turn and if it can see what that wrong turn is, there is an incredible extension of Grace that this particular and unique planet offers this world.

Right now mankind is, without realizing it, bringing in massive amounts of negative energy which is also harming this planet badly.

But we will begin with the Plant Based Healthy Lifestyle, and its most important root meaning to be Kind to All Living Beings - and this planet is a living being too.

A plant food based diet and herbs as Therapy were the easiest and most known part of an ancient Therapeutic Teaching which survived through to today. Living by the wisdom of a healthy diet made up of wholesome, organic, fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs for healing - was the basic level of what was once a complete System, which tells us that -.

"......Before the 'Fall' this planet was a much larger planet. 

The people were kind and loved animals.  Animals were not afraid of, or the food for, the people. 

It had only one perfect, constant, season, because it was fully bathed in the Light. 

It was Timeless; it was the realm of the Timeless. 

It was described as a beautiful garden, a paradise.  Then that peace was taken away, and this planet became a lost paradise".


What entered into the 'garden paradise', that changed everything, was a different energy stream.



2019      In the Oncoming Years,  it is Expected that an Unusual Phenomenon will

Begin to Appear from Behind the Sun.


1-minute read

In a world that is now overflowing with 'information' from just about anywhere,  please remember this.

The important thing to remember is that when this unusual sighting appears from behind the sun - looking like a cosmic portal, or perhaps a planet - this is not a portal into the 'heart of God'. 

It is a portal into the 'black hole', which is not anything to do with God. 

This is what we want you to remember when it begins. 

People generally don't do anything until something is right upon them, but when that happens it is very close to the time of crossing it.  We will keep this website active as best we can, and keep the information up here.  All we ask is that you remember this.

Certain teachings from once existing planets which are no more, did come to this planet and do teach that the phenomenon which is soon to reveal itself from behind the sun, was indeed a portal or highway into the 'Heart of God'. Indeed, even while knowing that it is not that, vast numbers of the population of this planet have been prepared to be resonant with that 'portal'.

If people did their research, they would see that there are records on when this same event has happened before - because it is by no means a special event indicating a kind of 'evolution' that humans have now reached.  It has happened before, and although the people before also thought it was the 'highway' into the 'heart of God' what they reported happened came as a terrible shock and was horrific.  This is what they reported so future people would not be caught in it, and not make the same mistake.

There is no saying when it becomes too late to 'mark' yourself to avoid this portal - and in addition this is a planet which has marked itself extremely negative - and that means resonant with the portal. 

Thus it is our understanding that those vast numbers of people who may just have enough awareness to have questioned things, are being helped to leave this reality and get to a spiritually safe zone before this planet crosses the portal, which is expected to be in the near future.  The opportunity happens during solar activity even during the Solar Minimum, for those who have taken steps to get the protection of the Upper Realms even though they themselves are not ready to be lifted into the Upper Realms.  They do have to come back to when this play repeats. They will however, avoid being resonant with, and will be protected from, being pulled into the portal. 

We hope you will do some research on legends and mythology from the past.

Please remember this. When this phenomenon appears, it is not a highway to the Heart of God.  It is a pathway into the Black Hole.  


We have included valuable information via the three links below.


- General Guidelines for Accessing the Higher Living Realm   

- The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams

- Index


  The Plant Foods and Herbs Therapy was a complete Soul System for Teaching for Peace

             ...........but that does not mean it didn't also cover what took away this planet's Peace.


The lost paradise within the everlasting, full power, vibrant, ongoing LIFE FORCE ENERGY Well Spring Source which is bursting with a level of LOVE that has never been experienced before.

How people turned away :  good things like the natural plant food based healthy life and lifestyle + info on remedies : the importance of kindness to balance karmic debt : not so good things like the hidden 'shadow poison' in the body - which turning away from the Well Spring Source caused : intriguing things like the exploded star which became a life energy source losing life force : how peace was taken away  :

and "The Power Connection into the Vibrant Full Power Eternal Well Spring Life Energy 'True' Source - and the Way Out of the 3rd realm ongoing Rebirth."

That higher wisdom began with a healthy, harmless diet made up of wholesome organic, fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs for healing and for Rejuvenation, Regeneration and Healthy Longevity - which has always been the known and very popular part of this teaching (and which does work.)

But if you want to return to the perfect, full power, everlasting LIFE FORCE WELL SPRING which streams through its living energy system to feed all of that which is its 'fruit', then it is about understanding what is negative energy and what is positive energy.


We will keep this information on this website and keep this website up and running, and wait for the time when the appearance of this phenomenon begins to take place.

In a world that is now overflowing with 'information' from just about anywhere, please remember this.

The important thing is this :

When this unusual sighting appears from behind the sun - looking like a cosmic portal, or perhaps a planet - this is not a portal or 'highway' into the 'heart of God'. 

It is a portal into the 'black hole', which is not anything to do with God. 

This is what we want you to remember when it begins. 


        Two introductions then please go to the index.

- General Guidelines for the Higher Realm   

- The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams

- Index




The knowledge was a complete System, not only for a healthy body and for personal well being, but for understanding what is negative and what is positive.



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