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is NOT THAT of the 'GOLDEN AGE'! 


As an introduction, this work began decades ago with a healthy, plant based diet and 'harmlessness' based lifestyle that then expanded to look far beyond to a time when this planet was a 'Golden World'.  History and the existence of a known pre-Genesis history, have been altered.  Genesis only picks up the story around halfway - 6,000 years - through this planet's descent part of its cycle. Before that was a time when the civilization had a sophisticated Health System, had Hospitals and Surgery, had a Cosmology, and Long, Healthy, Youthful lives.

Books and texts disappeared, and very real battles were fought - so this website is going to pass on to you some information to do with that and what was mentioned on the first page about the journey of this planet's cycle of descent then ascension, and how different levels of starlight were the 'light' which became life on this planet.  It is really useful to know which is low level light, and which is part of the Upper Realms!

There is another side to this introduction from personal experience of the very prevalent lack of deeper understanding of human feelings. The consciousness and entire reality of this world, is the 'photo negative' or reverse of the consciousness of the 'true world'.  Some specific qualities that define a Higher consciousness world, are those of wisdom, a more panoramic and kind understanding of others; gentleness, consideration for others feelings, and most of all, the ability to empathize.  I had much more written here on things I would have liked to have added - even from my own experience these are by no means unique, yet they are unbelievable to witness from the perspective of the Upper Realms! Like really important issues being dismissed as nothing.  Or how wrong, and how thoughtless, it is to embarrass others when they may have innocently misunderstood a situation, or have real stress to deal with and maybe are showing that stress. Why is this not understood?  This world consciousness is choosing to judge rather than empathize and care.

So this work absolutely acknowledges and respects anyone and everyone who has experienced 'wrong' done to them and not been able to find justice, or has not been listened to, had their life placed in danger by the carelessness of others, been on the receiving end of bullying or slander, or any number of other wrongs during their lives but for which there will never be the chance to 'make it right'.  You are in a world plagued with bad, ignorant doctors who have no understanding of empathy, or perhaps are so overworked cramming in their 10 minute appointments that they have lost the understanding of what their role really should be - its not about cramming in appointments. Also amateur healers who think they are something they believe in, but belief is not really the skill they need.  We think there are many people whose needs have been dismissed, ignored, or not even remotely understood in perspective - a perspective which may mean stress and trauma played a big factor, but for which there is no time to factor that in, in a 10 minute appointment.

That your story may never receive 'justice' is probably what blocks real healing for so many and the first ones to help with this should be those closest to you.  But in this world the priority is more about where you are going to put your elderly parents or unhappy family member so they will not be a burden on your life.  The 'wrong' also lies in not being able to make known/prove something wrong was done and in not having it acknowledged.  Do you know that simply listening and accepting/acknowledging may be all that is needed to ease someone's distress?  The world is so full of its own importance and warped thinking, that the feeling needs of many people goes unheard and unacknowledged. This world is in a bad place, and making an expected change to something positive seems an ever increasingly bigger leap to achieve - getting further away, not nearer. 

The lack on this level is very much part of the wrong direction this world is heading (until pole reversal we think).  But there is a bigger story which may fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle. What is acceptable, is that there is a way to 'make it right' but only within the bigger picture and within a greater consciousness which fully understands and cares.

If these are issues which you connect with and you would like the opportunity to discuss this further please contact us.

The Way of Energy Reversal began with the regeneration, longevity, rejuvenation, and vegetarian health practices which mostly began with the Greek Therapeutae – said to live to 120 years, or perhaps even knew the secrets of immortality and were the forerunners of Hippocrates and 'Let Food Be Thy Medicine'.

But anyone had to suspect that some of these must have had knowledge that the current consciousness was unaware of.  So it is really hoped that you will read through all of the page which follows the next page. It was always known that being here in this reversed world was for a specific reason, but as everything is forgotten the moment one sinks into the 'dream realms' it still has to be worked for - which has been the journey since 2003 to 2018. 

 If they were reversing their energy and actually staying young, then they must have known something, and indeed their writings do provide an insight into this.  So, everything took second place in order to focus firstly on the most important.  People had a right to know this.

The following couple of pages cover information from ancient records unexpectedly discovered while investigating further into the origins of Natural Plant Based Diets, Healing and Health, and issues such as why the body no longer produces its own anti-aging Vitamin C etc.. Therefore, before going on to to these,  there is an important need to show you the background to the existence of the disconnected Life-Streams necessary to Rejuvenation, Regeneration, and Good Health.

The easiest beginning is with the Introduction


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There is more on Healthy Vegetarian and Vegan, Rejuvenation, Healing and living by the 'Golden Rule' and other related topics, which include health issues which do relate to the information on the next linked page, but it was important to provide just the next couple of pages on this additional information first

Thank you.


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