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 An introduction to the LIVING SYSTEMS.


The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams

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There has been a lot that could easily have brought an end to this work before even beginning.  There was an injury that pushed my head over and off the axis/atlas. I was thrown from the back of a moving car when I was 5 years old, a few more things happened, like bullying, and in 1993 I was poisoned with mercury amalgam lodged into my gum!  You may not immediately realize how damaging that is once it seeps into your system but it added yet another level of set back. Each one of these things could have stopped this work from ever happening.

There is a story to this planet that has waited a very long time to be told.  The reason for that is that this planet has been caught in something that this work aims to explain, but the 'something' does not want it to be explained!

This planet belongs to a Living 'Perpetual Light' Star System, but it is being pulled away from its Life Stream Source.

When this work initially began it was to find the reasons why people no longer understood or kept to the Teachings for being part of a Living System, which strictly taught not to do certain things.  Yet here is a world that is doing those things!

Also in this world, the body begins to age and die. This is for the same reasons that the planet receives that directive too.  So why not find out why and change it.

Did you know, that in Latin, the word malim means 'apple' and it also means 'evil' (the reverse of living energy.) The force from the 'tentacle' of the dead sun is gradually pulling the 'fruit' - this planet - away from the 'Tree' - its ongoing Life Stream connection.

This reality is one with many disadvantages to it, two of which are that

1) you grow old, and

2) your body dies - and these apply even if you made a comfortable wealthy life for yourself during the brief time you had here.

But as we have said, there are more reasons for overriding that than just keeping to a fresh, plant based diet and fasting etc.  You have to have or acquire the necessary inner development to understand why you keep so some guidelines and practices over other lifestyle guidelines and practices.

In the human body, a signal is received into the Pituitary Gland aka the Master Gland Complex also known as the 3rd Eye, and after that the body begins to age and die.  There is a reason why the body receives that signal into the 3rd Eye and it is then passed downline into the entire body.  That is why there are a few links to read through - because there is a big and quite confusing reason why that signal to die is received into the human brain. You can access the index page here, or continue on and there is another link to some of these sequences.

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So a body dies, and also there are reasons why we might 'die inside too'.  My career had been in the Performing Arts.  I trained in Royal Academy of this, and Royal Schools of that, and so on.  If anyone loves to dance you will know how it is!  I had a great life ahead of me with it - the sophisticated and fun world of London, Paris, Rome, New York, Monte Carlo, the Bahamas, TV, famous model agencies (and a good education on top of all that). I loved artistic expression until one day at the age of 21, I somehow just could not do it.  I could not dance anymore. I needed to search for answers to something that was lost inside me.

I went to another career until I could find out why - and it was a career that increased the 'something inside of me' that had died.  It was not until some decades later that I restarted dance classes - Hip Hop, Flamenco etc - and I suddenly found I could finally dance again, and at last my heart and soul began to come alive once more................

I began with a healthy interest in the Plant Based Diet, Raw Plant Foods and Juices, and Food as Medicine etc,  and  then looked into ancient texts which described the extra benefits of plants that were still close to their actual Source of Life.

Then we discovered that that teaching was also describing this planet, which was in the process of wandering off from being attached to its Life Stream Source.

Mostly, what this work has done, is look at existing information, that long ago another planet managed to blow itself up - but it was doing things very similar to what scientists are currently experimenting with on this planet.

In fact anything that occurs to this planet as an expected coming 'change' is the result of a man-made initiating cause, not a natural event.

And that much as what anyone may want to believe the story that perhaps explains away why there would be changes experienced on this planet, or even specific energies felt,  please show us where a high level, wise, ready to evolve, kind hearted and wonderful humanity exists? 

However, we think there may be some explanations.


"The Story to this Planet".


When you read about the Living Life Stream Sources of 'Perpetual Light' (links below) you will have an understanding of how living planets exists in much the same way as living apples do when attached to their life-providing source via their tree. For a planet, this of course translates to a 'tree' or 'vine' which involves massive, and important 'Upper Realm' stars.  Few would argue that the light which interacts with this planet and is necessary for photosynthesis to take place, or to overcome depression disorders like SAD - Seasonal Adjustment Disorder - comes from the sun of this solar system.


So we begin with the story of another planet which existed long ago, and had a connection to a different Star System.


When one of that system's stars died it went into supernova creating an 'eye in the sky'.  As it was the 'Command Source' for the planet - like a Pineal Gland - in that ancient system, it naturally issued 'instructions' - like the endocrine system in the body, or a neurotransmitter - to the lesser stars and the planets which were part of its system.


In this instance it issued instructions for all the planets connected to it to die too.  Just as happens in the human body.


So the people on that planet received instructions from their now dead star to become as it was.  After all, that was the energy they were receiving through the neurotransmitter or endocrine type of communication that happens through the body of a Living, or in this case, Dying, System.  But those people on the planet(s) involved, may not have been a civilization which had developed the level of consciousness to make it to a Higher Realm status - and it is not necessarily for us to know how these things work within the Divine Blueprint.


The important thing to know though, is that they developed practices and religions which helped bring that energy in.  The energy to die.  That is why on this planet - a Living Planet still connected to its Living System - there are Guidelines for how to increase and strengthen the Life connection, but also there are other guidelines which came from something else


On that other planet, the people then found that the new energy made Technology possible and with that Technology they forced the planet into a Pole Reversal - so that it could be like the dead star running the south pole as the north.  They succeeded and the planet disintegrated. 


The interesting thing is that the remnant pieces of that planet did travel to Earth and integrate on this planet.  Space agencies like NASA are now sending probes to these 'ice chunks' in a search for how life came to this planet and solar system. 


So all these things are subjects we have added into the Index.


Life from a dead civilization did begin again here, and somehow many Records from that lost planet also survived intact and landed here too.


There is only one spiritual teaching that actually belongs with this planet though, and that is how to connect into the correct Sun for this Living System of Perpetual Light (something a dead or dying star cannot be).

This is why this work begins with telling you about the LIVING Systems.

*General Acceptable Standards for Beginning to Connect to the Well Spring Higher Realm

*The 'Perpetual Light' Source

*The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams 

*Part 1 - Body Cleanse.

This reality is one with many disadvantages to it, two of which are that

1) you grow old and

2) your body dies - and these apply even if you made a comfortable wealthy life for yourself during the brief time you had here. 

There is also a third disadvantage 3) your next life may be full of all what you chose to act unkindly and selfishly about in your current life.

The people who lived again on this planet (which was already inhabited by the way with a Higher Level Race civilization which did belong to Higher Realm status) remained how they had been when their world came to its end.  They brought their practices to reverse the energies and brought their Agenda.

Things changed on the planet and the disadvantages listed above began to happen. 

Yet this planet also offered them, the opportunity to change how the story had played out on that other planet.

Opportunities to choose higher values, higher standards of behaving, higher levels of integrity, and compassion, and not be swept up in the illusion that if you have enough working for you, or offered to you in this life, that maybe you can behave in lesser level ways and it 'does not matter'.  It does matter.  You just may not realise that it matters. 


These are the -  General Standards for Accessing the Higher Living Realm 


Most people associate the texts which introduced the living Plant Food diet, with Healing and Rejuvenation.


But the Teachings were actually about the Living Life Energy Stream Source Systems and the problems which eventuated when one of those systems in this galaxy, died. 


That is to say, living food is good and full of life-force, while dead foods are, the process of dying - and that is what happens to planets and suns too. This level of knowledge was attacked and persecuted from way back, so the only way to preserve it was to hide it within what looked like something else.



Dream Academie introduces the 'reverse of living energy'

In this world the body ages and begins to die.  The reason why the body receives its signal to begin to age and die is the same reason it happens in the planet.  It issues from the dead star system.  So why not find out why and change it.

These are all short introduction '1 or 2 minute read' pieces.

Important 'Osiris' Sequence indicated by *

*Path into a Living System and Path into a System which Died    *Gobekli Tepe    *Exploding Star Origins of this Solar System    *Knights of the Temple of Osiris (Knights Templar)  *Planet Maldek  -  a planet and consciousness in the energy streams of dying and about to die suns.   *The Fish Planet Maldek-Ek - alien DNA which came to this planet   *An Ancient Nuclear War 25,000 Years Ago    *Knights of the Dead Star - the light still travels but ended eons ago.   *Ancient Mind War - control the belief and you control the war.   *The Cosmology which was Hidden   *False Light       *The Death Star

Is A.I. really 'artificial', or is it the way an alien intelligence gains access?

Current Solar Activity


Academie Science

It is surmised that with the creation of the first Technology and AI, and in the process of when that was first done, that in this galaxy the first Black Hole was inadvertently created, which then began to expand and bring other living matter into its 'event horizon'. continue>>

The Beginning of a New Galactic Phase  >>

Pole Reversal and Climate Change continue>>

Current Solar Activity

Earth's New North Pole

Returning Blue Kachina?

Blue Kachina originates from Hopi legends - as keepers of knowledge  dating back to thousands of years. They believe the planet progresses through cycles, or worlds that impact their civilizations. The appearance of the Blue Star Kachina - the 'portal' expected to emerge from behind the sun soon -  indicates impending destruction of this world - as part of a repeating cycle.


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Ancient teachings on the Living Life Streams were covered profusely, even though they have been translated as the living plant food diet. 


"Long ago, the people of this planet took a wrong turn.  They chose an energy stream they decided they liked better, and by doing that they gave up their connection to the full power LIFE FORCE ENERGY which streamed down from the unlimited,

endless WELL SPRING SOURCE into its systems of living planets.

Since making that choice, mankind has been bringing in massive amounts of negative energy which is also harming this planet badly."


*The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams

Earlier in 2019 this planet jolted and a new North Pole was established.

This has been producing unusual 'blue auroras' and unusual cloud behavior round the North Pole as shown here

The Beginning of a New Galactic Phase  >>




It could also be said that the 'darkness' shadow which entered and took hold of this planet could be described as the same condition as cancer in the human body. 

Cancer somehow manages to fool healthy cells into accepting it, after which it converts those once healthy cells into the same anti-life status that cancer is.

So we look at the conditions of sickness in the body, because we did begin with healthy plant based diets and therapies, but now do so also in relation to the dark shadow energy which entered this planet.  And that is what we are going to briefly look at in the index.




Poisoning by Food, Air, Water, the Dentist, by Prescription and non Prescription Substances, Government Laws & the Shadow reality etc

"No matter how pure the diet, and no matter how much you detox, the 'black poison' shadow energy is still there, and it is there because this planet has been targeted".



The knowledge of the Living Life Streams System was a Teaching for Peace

   ...............but that does not mean it didn't cover the details of what took away this planet's Peace.

General Guidelines for Connecting to the Well Spring 

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