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Raw Plant Foods, fresh Raw Juices etc.


NEW for the Covid-19 and NWO Agenda 21 world of 2020.


People are now seeing that the path this world is on - called Light and Dark - really does have a dark side.


You are on the Path of Light and Dark. The darkside of that path is active now, aiming to set up its authority to rule the world, with forced vaccinations, and microchipped humans connected to a central computer.

The path which this planet is only loosely still hanging onto (connected to) is the Path of Eternal Light and Life - not 'dark' in there at all.


To better understand what is happening in the world right now in 2020 and how to deal with it, please go this page >>


De- toxing,

Fasting for Health and Longevity,

Genetic Disruption - non-living codes which invade the body and the planet.

Juice and other fasts,

Raw Fruit and Vege Dietary Lifestyles, quality natural health supplements,

Healing with Herbs and Fruits,

Vegan based, and Vegetarian Lifestyle,

Beauty with Healthy organic fruits and vegetables,

Intermittent fasting. Healthy weight loss.

Bio-genic - which means life force generating, and more.

Connecting to the Living Energy Life Streams



and non-living codes which invade the body and the planet.


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This work is also the introduction to an alternative to the reality that you have been given........

Cancer cells


It could also be said that the 'darkness' shadow which entered and took hold of this planet could be described as the same condition as cancer in the human body. 

Cancer somehow manages to fool healthy cells into accepting it, after which it converts those once healthy cells into the same anti-life status that cancer is.

This planet and the consciousness of people, have accepted and been dazzled by the wonders offered by a non-living genetic code which ultimately seeks to convert the planet and people to a non-living status.

Video for today. Current Resistance News >>


There was an original Teaching which included Raw Plant Foods, a Vegan based diet (no eggs or dairy) fresh Raw Juices, and the idea of Food and Herbs as 'Medicine'.

That TEACHING was aware of altered CODES entering this planet.

It taught about that topic.

Importantly it taught NOT to do some things and some practices, which this website covers with explanations.


PLUS the rediscovery of an ancient but very real 'lost paradise' that this world literally moved away from.


This reality is one with many disadvantages to this world, three of which are that


1) you grow old, and

2) your body dies - and these apply even if you made a comfortable wealthy life for yourself during the brief time you had here.

3) this world has issues with Mental Health Problems across the board.


ill health conditions ranging from Arthritis to why teens are so screwed or subject to bullying etc, which can all be helped by this knowledge.

Most people associate the texts which introduced the living Plant Food diet, with Healing and Rejuvenation.


But the Teachings were actually about the Living Life Energy Stream Source Systems


That is to say, living food is good and full of life-force, while dead foods are, the process of dying - and that is what happens to the planets and suns which stream Life Energy too. 



That refers to non-living genetic codes being introduced into this Living System.

The people of this planet have accepted a non-living genetic code which ultimately seeks to convert the planet and people to a non-living status.


Therefore this work is more than about Living Foods and Plants.

It is also about Living Planets, Suns, and Living Energy Realms.

It is the introduction to an alternative to the alternative reality that you have already been given.


A spiritual perception that you have not been given before.......


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Raw Plant Foods, fresh Raw Juices etc.

Healthy Brain Function and a Healthy Nervous System.


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