THE MYSTERIOUS CONNECTION INTO THE LOST WELL SPRING OF LIFE.  Rejuvenation, Regeneration. Best viewed on Google.


"It may seem that this planet as it is now, is how it, and life in this galaxy, has always been. That is not the case........!" 


   Healthy Plant Based and Healthy Life Stream Lifestyle

as a step towards the Well Spring Source, bursting with Vibrant



Above all else, the Teachings we are about to introduce to you were about life as it once was on a planet fully receiving the streams of LIFE FORCE ENERGY from its full power Well Spring Source. 

But they were also about a question : Which energy stream provides that ongoing, living life source? Which Well Spring Source is bursting with vibrant LIFE FORCE ENERGY which then streams down from the unlimited, endless, ever powerful Source, to its systems of living planets? 

Because the people of this planet did decide they preferred a different energy source from the actual True Well Spring which streams to all its living planets. 

Long ago, this planet did take a wrong turn and if it can see what that wrong turn is, there is an incredible extension of Grace that this particular and unique planet offers this world. Mankind is, without realizing it, bringing in massive amounts of negative energy which is also harming this planet badly.

But we will begin with the Plant Based Healthy Lifestyle, and its most important root meaning to be Kind to All Living Being - and this planet is a living being too.

A plant food based diet and herbs as Therapy were the easiest and most known part of an ancient Aegean located Therapeutic Teaching which survived through to today. Living by the wisdom of a healthy diet made up of wholesome, organic, fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs for healing - was the basic level of what was once a complete System, which tells us that -.

"......Before the 'Fall' this planet was a much larger planet.  The people were kind and loved animals.  Animals were not afraid of, or the food of, the people.  It had only one perfect, constant, season, because it was fully bathed in the Light.  It was Timeless; it was the realm of the Timeless.  It was described as a beautiful garden, a paradise.  Then that peace was taken away, and this planet became a lost paradise".



The new Retreat for 2019



     .........for a World That Wishes to 'Evolve'.





The Plant Foods and Herbs Therapy was a complete Soul System for Teaching for Peace

             ...........but that does not mean it didn't also cover what took away this planet's Peace.


How the choice was made to turn away from the full power, everlasting Well Spring Life Source. 

Why did people think the energy was the same?

How to find the lost paradise within the everlasting, full power, vibrant, ongoing LIFE FORCE ENERGY Well Spring Source :

Why people don't understand how they turned away :  good things like the natural plant food based healthy life and lifestyle + info on remedies : not so good things like the hidden 'shadow poison' in the body - which turning away from the Well Spring Source caused : intriguing things like the exploded star which became a life source losing life force : how peace was taken away  :

and "The Power Connection into the Vibrant Full Power Eternal Well Spring Life Energy 'True' Source - and the Way Out of the 3rd realm ongoing Rebirth."


Really heaps to cover from the the formation and origin of this solar system, the origin of the '5th plane', and the need to choose the everlasting Life Force Well Spring that the people turned away from.  As this has to be presented and connected in person, the Retreat is the most effective way that this can be done in the circumstances of this world as it is.

That higher wisdom began with a healthy, harmless diet made up of wholesome organic, fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs for healing and for Rejuvenation, Regeneration and Healthy Longevity - which has always been the known and very popular part of this teaching (and which does work.)

But if you want to return to the perfect, full power, everlasting LIFE FORCE WELL SPRING which streams through its living energy system to feed all of that which is its 'fruit', then it is about understanding what is negative energy and what is positive energy.


 Please find out how to stop harming this planet!

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 The 'Retreat' is $200 USD .


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This work is all about the seminar/retreat, but we also want you to know some things about Cambodia that most people generally do not know.

   Our retreat-seminar offers a time of spiritual retreat and healing, but being here is also a great vacation, with many benefits.  Cambodia is, we think, a special place, and developing its original, elegant French colonial heritage. It is also easy to get to, it does have big, modern supermarkets, and is very good value for your money.

It is friendly, unpretentious, and this area particularly has a very special mystical spirituality which you can feel - we don't know why, but maybe it is what is called 'spirit of place'.  It is a wonderful place to really get into the spirit of this 'retreat' seminar.  No need to spend out to stay at Raffles either - you can enjoy Afternoon Tea there anytime - but  try the smaller hotels which will surprise you with how good they are!  See Cambodia as it was 1,000 years ago, and as it is today (a dignified Starbucks below on the left!)


 Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: E:\soul-search-new\New_(animated).gif  More about the 2019 RETREAT -

- We can help you plan your stay in this area close to Angkor Wat and riverside, as a free service, because we know that people like to plan their visit in the way they want.   

- It is recommended to stay for a week and to make the most of this visit by making it a 'Soul, Heart and Well Being Focus' visit.


          We are fortunate to live just 3.5 kms from the ancient temple city of Angkor Wat in a beautiful, riverside location much like an extension of the peaceful countryside of Angkor Wat itself.  Also just 1 km from the Royal Palace, and the Raffles Grand Hotel, it is located near superb boutique hotels and the Apsara Theatre founded by Princess Norodom who restored the Royal Cambodian Ballet after its dancers and the precious knowledge of the ancient dances were almost entirely destroyed by the Khmer Rouge. Today, the nearby town is a thriving, energy filled, yet laid back place with lots of life, cafes, and joie de vivre. 

To present these Retreats, we prefer a base of 5 participants.


Contact us for more information. If you do not hear back from us within a week or so, it may be that the contact form does not always work, please use the email address.

 You are really welcome!


The knowledge was a complete System, not only for a healthy body and for personal well being, but for understanding what is negative and what is positive.

 Indo-Chine, South East Asia.  The 'Retreat' is $200 USD.

 Please BOOK then come along.




 Contact us for more information.

*If you do not hear back from us within a week or so, it may be that the contact form does not always work, please use the email address.


The knowledge was a complete System, not only for a healthy body and for personal well being, but also about understanding what is negative and what is positive.





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