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Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: E:\soul-search-new\minoan art.jpg When I was 32, a wonderful Doctor of Chiropractic literally lifted the part where my head joined the spine at the ‘atlas’ and placed it into its correct position.  Until that time, the left side had been pushed over, squashing in the left side. 

There was, as you can imagine, an immediate momentous difference!  Even so, the mangled up left side still presented challenges for long after as it all began to correct and heal. So I really count the unfolding story of my life from 2003 to be my ‘real’ life. It is also true that I lost over 32 years of my life.

  I do know though, that throughout it all, doctors took no notice of what I asked them for help with, not just no notice, but also with dismissive and often insulting responses.  Then I discovered that the ‘spiritual sources’ I went to had no understanding at all.  Having made the mistake of aligning with one of these works, I became stuck in petty levels of communication, petty grievances, and resentments. But I also could have tied up my finances and businesses with them. This was disappointing and perhaps even more detrimental than the doctors!  But where could I look for answers?  My immediate family did not know of the injury, except they in fact did, but did not realize it could have been the reason for what causing me so much trouble.  Mostly I experienced very significant difficulties with this injury, and mostly all that I experienced was ignored and I was misjudged. No-one wants to go through an experience like that, and if you do, like those who have been abused, then you want your voice to be heard, not silenced. Even to this day, there are those who still dismiss that what I have explained about the existence of an injury, is true! 

That is why it became very important for me to find answers, and is why I searched so hard, questioned, and eventually found the existence of what this work then, or later, morphed into.

The Way of Energy Reversal began with the regeneration, longevity, rejuvenation,   and vegetarian health practices of the Greek Therapeutae – said to live to 120 years, or perhaps even knew the secrets of immortality.

 Much of the Raw Plant Food journey began a few decades ago when our ‘energy reversal’ expert first came across the longevity diet of raw plant foods, juices, probiotics, and so on, specifically that of the Therapeutae.  It was easy enough to find out and follow up on that. If you want more on this topic continue here.

Even though there are people who know that something happened to this planet, most remain remarkably stubborn about its hold.

We have most of the missing story for two reasons, one of which is that there is a path out of this reality which leads back to where we came from in the first place.  The planet has been so damaged and literally, physically separated from its actual True Source, called ‘the star’, that people are accepting the reality presented along with its promise of the coming new world, when the planet begins to reach its potential under the wonderful new source which decided to take over, and boot out the Original.

Perhaps you already know or suspect that your 'real self‘ is your LIGHT BODY, which was inhabiting a created body here when the planet was caused to shift off its axis.  Shifting off the axis is a massive attack on this planet that could in no way happen naturally.  Given that the Light Body is made up of Living Energy, it has far more value than the artificial reality and body that it is in the process of converting into.  The author of the Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown has just voiced what everyone already knows is “the future” in a Hard Talk interview on BBC World.  He, like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, and so many other voices of this world, expect the next stage of life on this planet to be a human-robotic synthesis and then ultimately robotic   Not evolution, but the process of how Life is extinguished to be replaced by artificial life, which is also the death of the Life Force as it was on this planet.

It no longer matters about referring to the books and records, because the process of “the future” is already obvious.  The future world is one of the endless uselessness of technology, the wealth and economy it makes possible, and most of all robotics and AI.

This was known to ancient sources.  So with this work – and gosh it is a lot to cover! – with this work we look at the changeover from Living Energy to artificial (already known in the Garden of Eden) also the shift in the planet being the great idea to bend the planet’s axis which was artificially caused, and so on; as well as endless choices of ‘paths’ into the shift and change, and the complete unawareness of the way out of it, so that the God Worlds can step in and save this planet from its ‘shift’.

And us?  We are an attempt from the original Mazda Worlds to get this story back into memory.


Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: E:\soul-search-new\fnb_logo_resist_color.gif  The easiest beginning is with The Way of Energy Reversal ELIXIR. 


Therefore, the rest of it was a mystery that just had to be followed up!

Now we know what is possible with ’Energy Reversal’ we also know that there is more than just diet involved. 

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: E:\soul-search-new\rainbow1.jpg  The information and how this energy behaved in the distant past survived well, but consciousness has misunderstood in such a way that it is not taken as having factual basis. It is important to search for reasons that this planet may not be aligned to ‘True’. Does a mirror image actually look the same as True as in ‘As Above, So Below’ –the first mistaken reasoning they made.  Yet they continued……..

So this work has two parts; the Energy Reversal which includes the Raw and Plant Food Diet etc, and because we found it relevant, a look at what happened to cause this planet and consciousness to ‘Fall’  into a status that it is hard to escape from. 

How the ‘Rainbow Prism Planet’ eventually changed into the ‘Rainbow Prison Planet’.

For this reason it is recommended to go to ELIXIR.

You may like to read the Wake Updates introduction to the story that was found within the Records.  Or go to the next intro page. NEXT intro


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