Possibly, like us, you have had enough of the dark agenda - which took centre stage in all our lives in 2020 - of a United Nations and Davos Economic Forum plan to depopulate the world, created by the followers of a 'reversed religion' through which they believed they had a right to rule over your life.

Now it would be good to move on into a new beginning for everyone who wants to see a better, happier world, without bad people controlling the economy, or dictating whether you live, or die.

The world is going to change!

Video Introduction

It is believed that the unbelieveable situation the people of the world have been placed in since March 2020 is soon coming to an end. Those who did not have humanity's best interests at heart will not be the ones overseeing Earth's Ascending journey.

At a time when more suitable, we aim to create a video introduction, because so much is missed when people have no time, or inclination, to read through material presented.

The material explains how even though the planet's Ascending Phase is great , it is still like a reality superimposed over the True Reality. This means it is still needed to break energy ties that bind you to having to return to the darkness of the reality the planet is currently moving away from.

* We are only just beginning, and there is much more still to be added.


This work began by exploring the existence of the 'Essenes'

which provided very helpful texts - from 2,000 years ago - on a clean, fresh Plant Based Diet etc which we began to follow in the '80's. Their original name was Therapeutae.

We tracked some of the original texts to also existing in some other sources, which in turn linked back to the existence of original Christ based teachings, which we discovered after following a selection of apparent connections which fortunately led back to a 'Christos base' - also with an interesting history.

The real Essenes were originally Greek based 'Therapeutae', and the word Essene was a later name for a group who may not have been the real deal, but did have the scrolls.

The word 'Therapeutae' is the origin of natural, herb and plant based 'Therapies'.

'Essene' was a later name, but began from the description Assaya (or Essaiah) which meant 'Healers'.

'Therapeutae' not only led to knowledge of a highly civilized and sophisticated Health & Medical System before 12,000 years ago

- but also to a True Reality which exists outside of this reality!

Therefore, what happened to change this planet 12,000 years ago?

And how did it lead to a Portal into the False Spiritual Realm instead of the True Portal back to Eternal Life?


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


- a natural vegetarian health system that transcends time, practised by 'healers' and 'therapists'. It is the Greek name for the later named 'Essene' bases in Egypt before they went to Palestine. Egypt at that time, was occupied by Greece, and even the languages spoken in the 'Holy Land' 2000 years ago, included Greek and a slang mix version called Koine. "Koine Greek, also known as Alexandrian dialect, common Attic, Hellenistic or Biblical Greek, was the common supra-regional form of Greek."


Lockdown in 2020 saw us based in Kuala Lumpur. Many have asked us what it is like living in Kuala Lumpur, since it had to become 'home', at least for a while. The answer is 'really good'. It is a modern, young city with just about everything anyone could want, especially if your interests are in a Plant Based diet, and -

Fitness and Health

Malaysia has mostly been fairly normal until September 2021 when the unjabbed were no longer allowed into shopping malls. That's a big blow because the malls are modern and high end, in this modern, young spirited country, and fun to go to.

People ask us which exercise is the best for those who followed up the 'Therapeutae' path to the right 'door'. The answer is, do the exercise you love best, which for us is dance classes. It is okay to do gym level yoga exercise for example.

Fitness and Health.

For those who asked our favourite gym in Kuala Lumpur here it is:

and dance classes


This work began by exploring the existence of the 'Essenes'.

which provided very helpful texts - from 2,000 years ago - on a clean, fresh Plant Based Diet etc which we began to follow in the '80's. Their original name was Therapeutae. It means Therapists - which is the same as Healers.

They also had historic records.

The recording of Time

began straight after the Fall, around 12,000 years ago. There was a Year 1 from that specific time.

The current year, 2021 is from the beginning of the millennium which began 2,000 years ago - calculated from the original Year 1. It was a marker date in preparation for when the planet would begin its 'Ascending Phase'.

Earth's Ascension is the correction of its fall.

This work does not have a problem with the word 'religion' in its origin from Latin religare meaning to connect. There may be a bigger problem with the word 'spiritual'.

The Greek philosopher Plato wrote of the instant flooding of Atlantis, and in Siberia in the Arctic region of Russia, mammoths munching buttercups on a sunny tropical day, were snap frozen 12,000 years ago

So, How did that lead to a Portal into the False Spiritual Realm instead of the True Portal back to Eternal Life?

Clearly the Earth's Ascension Phase is going to be good - going to be great. It is a little like a superimposed image which still overlays the fallen reality. It is good, but as the Cycle continues, it returns to the Fall phase again.

If you have the inner strength to accept the truth, then you have a chance to exit the False Realms and return to True Source.

Since the time when the woolly mammoths were snap frozen by a sudden shift in the Earth, and an island continent in the Atlantic was engulfed by water around 12,000 years ago - the planet has been aligned to a False Astral Portal. The True one was immediately lost. For this reason the first essential piece of the Lost Knowledge is to avoid the False Portal!

But unfortunately, millennia ago, no-one realized that. Life after death, astral travel, ayahuascha journeys, Oracles of Delphi or Tibet or anywhere else, all accessed the only 'Spiritual Portal' that was there. Since then, people would not let that go. So, a high being from the True Reality did come to this world to explain that. He was called the Christos.

Obviously, as the planet corrects from its Fall it is going to align more with the True Portal. The problem that has been encountered for every round of the Ascending-Descending Grand Cycle since probably nearly 800,000 years ago - is that people have established energy ties into the False Portal. People HAD to break those ties BEFORE the planet began its Ascension Phase. This is how and why people here remain energy bound into the 'Cycle of Rebirth' into this world.


Living by the 'Golden Rule'




Guidelines for Humans to be Better at Being Human.

For a world that 'lives by the long learned rules of civility'.

This website is an introduction to the current project being worked on.

It also covers the topics of health and fitness, rejuvenation, regeneration, looking rejuvenated and healthy, relationships, difficult family relationships and communication, and upgraded guidelines for humans to be better at being human - and we will do it all within a perspective that is far removed from the preconceived concepts.

Further below is the index to various herbs and health information.


Living in Gracious Civility

- as You Would Expect from a Hoped to be More Aware World.

Introduction here.





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