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Their knowledge was a Teaching for Peace.

               But that does not mean that the teaching did not cover what took away that Peace. 



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The 'Fruit' and the 'Vine'

"Before the 'Fall' this planet was a much larger planet.  The people were kind and loved animals.  Animals were not afraid of, or the food for, the people.  It had only one perfect, constant, season, and it was fully bathed in the full Well Spring Light.  It was Timeless; it was the realm of the Timeless.  It was described as a beautiful garden, a paradise.  Then that peace was taken away, and this planet became a lost paradise".

That wrong turn led to the loss of 'paradise'; and the body, which had once been eternal, began to grow old and die.

The knowledge was very much on the Healing Benefits of a Plant Based Diet, but it was more than that.  It was a complete System, not only for a healthy body and for personal well being, but it is also about the full power, vibrant, ongoing LIFE FORCE ENERGY Well Spring Source, that the people on this planet took a wrong turn away from :

The 'Fruit' and the 'Vine' of the Living Life Streams


The Plant Based Health System taught the wonders of a plant based diet, and also taught the benefits of the olive fruit, its oil, its leaves and as a symbol of living in peace. It covered how to live 'positively' in the wisdom of a healthy diet made up of wholesome, organic, fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs for healing and for Rejuvenation, Regeneration and Healthy Longevity - and it is this which has always been the known part of this teaching.

However, those Teachings were just an introduction to a much greater meaning for how to remain connected, or connect back into, an all powerful, everlasting Living LIFE STREAM ENERGY SOURCE, in the circumstance that the one your 'star-seed' planets had once been connected to, had died. 

And great as that is, the people still chose to prefer the energy of the system which died. 

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The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams

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Rejuvenation, Healing and Regeneration with the Living Plant Based Lifestyle and the

Life Stream Well Spring Source.


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