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We also provide Talking Therapy for those going through emotional and inner issues, and means it is somewhere you can discuss things that are worrying you in a complete confidence and professionally trained privacy.   If you are here in Cambodia to attend our 'Retreat' then an appointment is about $20 USD. 

Our Retreat refers to the learning part of your visit to Cambodia.  It is planned around a long weekend of talks/lectures beginning on Friday evening, and continues on Saturday and Sunday morning and afternoon.  We want you to have fun and enjoy your trip, and to create the holiday you choose to have around attending the Retreat Lectures.  So we recommend nearby boutique hotels and resorts for you to choose from - from $5 a night to up market, and a Tour Consultant can arrange and create your own entertainment menu for you - Tour of Angkor Wat, Duty Free shopping, Traditional Dance dinner and theatre, jewellery making or cooking classes, visiting markets, cafes, and vegetarian/vegan cafes or even fine French dining, cycling tours and so on. The Retreat is around $200 USD.


Talking Therapy

We understand how it feels when it seems there is no one you can talk to.

We have also had  personal experience of the very prevalent lack of deeper understanding of human feelings. The consciousness and entire reality of this world, is very negative.  Like really important issues being dismissed as nothing.  Or how wrong, and how thoughtless, it is to embarrass others when they may have innocently misunderstood a situation, or have real stress to deal with and maybe are showing that stress. Why is this not understood?  This world consciousness is choosing to judge rather than empathize and care.

So this work absolutely acknowledges and respects anyone and everyone who has experienced 'wrong' done to them and not been able to find justice, or has not been listened to, had their life placed in danger by the carelessness of others, been on the receiving end of bullying or slander, or any number of other wrongs during their lives but for which there will never be the chance to 'make it right'.  You are in a world plagued with bad, ignorant doctors who have no understanding of empathy, or perhaps are so overworked cramming in their 10 minute appointments that they have lost the understanding of what their role really should be - its not about cramming in appointments. Also amateur healers who think they are something they believe in, but belief is not really the skill they need.  We think there are many people whose needs have been dismissed, ignored, or not even remotely understood in perspective - a perspective which may mean stress and trauma played a big factor, but for which there is no time to factor that in, in a 10 minute appointment.

That your story may never receive 'justice' is probably what blocks real healing for so many and the first ones to help with this should be those closest to you.  But in this world the priority is more about where you are going to put your elderly parents or unhappy family member so they will not be a burden on your life.  The 'wrong' also lies in not being able to make known/prove something wrong was done and in not having it acknowledged.  Do you know that simply listening and accepting/acknowledging may be all that is needed to ease someone's distress?  The world is so full of its own importance and warped thinking, that the feeling needs of many people goes unheard and unacknowledged. This world is in a bad place, and making an expected change to something positive seems an ever increasingly bigger leap to achieve - getting further away, not nearer. 

The lack on this level is very much part of the wrong direction this world is heading (until pole reversal we think).  But there is a bigger story which may fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle. What is acceptable, is that there is a way to 'make it right' but only within the bigger picture and within a greater consciousness which fully understands and cares.

If these are issues which you connect with and you would like to discuss  further please contact us.

Our contact page is being renewed soon.  If we are not able to reply yet, please do try again!  Thank you.

The Way of Energy Reversal began with the regeneration, longevity, rejuvenation, and vegetarian health practices which mostly began with the Greek Therapeutae – said to live to 120 years, or perhaps even knew the secrets of immortality and were the forerunners of Hippocrates and 'Let Food Be Thy Medicine'.


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