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Future Timelines, Sound Frequencies and Missing SOUND Frequencies. Future Earth, Future Consciousness, Lost Chord.

In reality 'Future Earth' is not the Path to Eternal Life and the Soul's FREEDOM from 'entrapment'. Yes, we will tell you!.

CURRENT UNFOLDING WORLD NEWS for RESET is added in the News intro page.

Health Intro : Herbs & Plant Healing : Guidelines :

For the expected soon to happen blackout, good food sources to have include, Chia Seeds for essential omegas, and Spirulina, excellent food source full of vitamins and high level protein. Also good quality Sea Salt, diluted in water as a source of minerals.


When You Meditate and Reach a Higher Level Beyond the Mind/Body, or When You Leave the Body at Death or in OBE/Astral Travel, You Experience 'God Source' and Heaven.

Or do you?

Many 'gurus', as well as those who have experienced OBE's, or died and returned, have decided that after death (or when they raise consciousness beyond the mind/body) we/they go to 'heaven' and 'God loves us' - regardless of how one chose to live the life. (There are reasons that it can appear to be that.)

But if that were true (actually the case) then it would not matter how you lived in this world. A lot of people experiencing this or reasoning philosphically have reached this conclusion. Then they teach that and more people have this conclusion. In reality, when you encounter this view it tells you you have been caught in a paradox.

Who said that the After Life - the realm you go to after leaving the body - or the realm your mind goes to in meditation' is actually God's Realm? Even though it may look and seem to be a 'heaven' and certainly not a 'hell'. Yet with a 'God' who allows you and could not care less that you may behave in any disgusting manner you like and then says you have 'reached heaven' when you leave the body or move the consciousness to a 'higher realm' in 'meditation?

The greater knowledge is that it isn't! People have assumed it is. For your answer you have to look further.


The reason the people of this planet consistently end up on the 'false path' and turn away from 'True God' is so simple

that it could be taught as a basic school subject which begins in kindergarten.

Instead. it has been prevented from being common knowledge and we have a situation now where most of the 'awake' people are again anchoring themselves into the 'false path', the Path of Duality' and being directed by well meaning people, some of whom have become the 'guiding 'Truthers'' on the internet who are now doing what they believe to be the right thing. bringing back all the teachings that weld people into the wrong energy stream, and connecting with the 'galactic societies' which exist in, and are also stuck in, the Astral Realms of Illusion. How does anyone address this, when people love the 'new tech' and 'galactic brothers and sisters' and/or also love all those 'spiritual practices' ?

It is right now that people are making this mistake - by not knowing something so simple, it could be taught as a regular school subject beginning in kindergarten. It is simple not to make this mistake, but not at all easy to get out of it once trapped in it. The changeover from 'darkness to light' does not take anyone out of the wrong energy stream. It is still the SAME energy stream - Duality - dark and light, good and evil. The SAME energy stream. This much lower energy stream (to a 'god' or more than one) is accessed because of the planet.


It is right now that you have the opportunity to of course welcome the change to 'Good' that is happening, but also understand enough to align yourself to the Eternal True Source, not the 'path of Good'. It is right now that people weld themselves into the same path again, and no matter how 'high' they 'progress', they have to come back into reincarnation in this world.


Finding Your Way to Your TRUE HOME. High frequency music plus the information about what is happening in the world right now and the

Path of Eternal Life.

No matter what is taking place in the world at this time, this work is still about the SPIRITUAL WAY at soul level and the Real Reality.

Firstly, to answer some questions : Keep to the Guidelines & Don't bind yourself into the energies of the Path of Duality, you are trying to get free of being caught on the Wheel of Rebirth - so understand what the Wheel of Rebirth is (this is explained in this work)

Dying and going to the After Life does not make you FREE. You are still trapped!

The coming changes are NOT going to raise anyone to Soul Level and into the Soul Body. The Spiritual Way is about being in the Soul Body and a different, but Real Reality.



Topics this work covers here : The Upper Realm/Universe and the Lower Realm/Universe which includes the current wonderful change to the GOOD side.

The 5th 'Realm' is a planet in the Upper Universe which is a higher frequency, has a very fast spin, and is 'ethereal' (invisible to this level). It also does overlap into the Lower Universe although it itself is in the Upper Realm - in the Bible it is called 'Upper Room' - wording probably changed by the Roman Church! .

As Earth does tilt over and Fall, THAT shows you how it accesses the exit/entrance Portal into the Duality energy stream.

This, and more on and rejuvenation, is what this work will cover.

Also the still unfolding agenda, and Mind Control thru the satanic run music and film industries etc.


(Official Music Video HD) The Grammy winning version of this track.

Extended version 10 mins. 47 seconds. Better.extended.

When you hear and really listen to Pink Floyd, you can clearly see you are accessing a higher level of SOUND. This and the next 3 tracks added, clearly show a very noticeable difference. That is also like the difference when you access your own Higher Self.

Health :

“Current levels by laboratory analysis shows 3% RNA and 0.3% DNA in Chlorella which would make Chlorella one of the highest known food substances in nucleic acids. Used regularly Chlorella would assist in the repair of damaged genetic material in human cells, protecting our health and slowing down the aging process….When our RNA and DNA are in good repair and able to function most efficiently, our bodies get rid of toxins and avoid disease. Cells are able to repair themselves, and the energy level and vitality of the whole body is raised….Chlorella has 5 times the RNA and DNA of canned sardines.” – Dr Bernard Jensen, D.O., Ph.D.

It is now interesting to look at foods which can repair RNA and DNA like Spirulina, and certain Salt from ancient pure areas.

Herbs & Plant Healing


We try to get to the most vital point here at the beginning so you will read on and eventually easily see

the 'spiritual mistake' that means everyone returns here through reincarnation. Reincarnation does not prove the soul is immortal. It proves the soul is trapped on the 'Wheel of Rebirth'! There is stuff to read, or print out and read, because we are giving this information. We may be the only source on this planet giving this information. The website is not an advert directing you to a course or workshop on the topic. It is providing this information.


What Is 'this Reality'?

This planet, because of its unique damage, accesses two very different energy realms or universes.

A higher universe and a lower universe.

The planet cycles downwards and is negative, then switches upwards and into positive. The electronics of the planet change to positive and this is what we are currently waiting on.*We do not think that means entering the Upper Universe though or there would be a lot of instant 'crispy critters'.

People from the Upper Universe can exist in the lower level, but people from the lower level cannot exist or even enter the Upper Universe. This planet has both types of people. These two separate universes magnetically repel each other. There is a kind of 'magnetic repulsion zone' between the two levels which is part of the Void.

The books on 'creation' for this level say this world came into existence from the Void.

Well, this planet did kind of appear here from nowhere, as it did fall through that Void and into a different energy universe. For some people here, this universe is not their home universe. The knowledge of the 'creation' from the Upper Universe perspective is very different. That Void is a 'Wilderness' where this planet was 'located' or positioned, while it split away and gradually fell downwards - into the lower realms where a lot of people from that lower realm began to exist here. Guess that would be your 'Genesis'.


"Yet Another Movie"

'"Yet Another Movie" is one of the most mystical songs.' Internet.


The 'lower self' sits in judgment, these ones, in their multitudes, always have rules they apply to others. If you don't fit those rules they definitlely issue punishment, and want an explanation. They can't just accept 'what is' (someone else's business)..

The Higher Self allows others the freedom to be what they are, but with discretion! Having sliced through a major nerve pathway which has caused a few issues for me, I know how dangerous it can be to be around too much 'lower consciousness'!

'Allowing' people to be 'whatever they are' does not mean not to live with discernment and common sense, or basic goodness.'Whatever they are' can also be something bad. You do still use intelligence, discernment, and critical analysis - think for yourself. We may choose to not be around those who 'sit in judgment' as well as those who are definitely not good to be around. That choice is discernment, not judgment.



This track is Higher Self music.

Pink Floyd clearly shows a very noticeable difference in the higher frequency SOUND.



Live At Pompeii. David Gilmour (Pink Floyd). 10 mins 49 seconds.


This website provides information. It is not a slick design that tells you what it is going to give as information.

It gives the INFORMATION.

Take your time and enjoy it. You may not find the punchline of this information anywhere else on the planet!

Lots of music and interesting clips too.

But you don't have to wade through the music!

Just choose what appeals. The music on this page is to help break up the reading sections because people tend not to read.

Some music is just for fun, but is still chosen because it is honourable and true artists/musicians involved.

Pink Floyd is the recommended High Frequency. It is recommended to choose what you like from Pink Floyd and listen to that perhaps daily.

'Sound'. Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness'

The initial years of this work explained the damage done to the axis and central rod of this planet which made it tilt over

'to the left' and forced it to enter a Lower Universe. This is where it accessed the energy stream of the other exit point from this planet, which allowed the 'dark forces' to enter. The job of the 'dark forces' is to take this planet into a 'black hole' and end its existence. That just is what it is.

The energy is a duality, so it also has a good side that is 'light' yet it is still the same lower universe. This cycle of energy and this planet, which falls downwards then cycles upwards again, is called the 'Wheel of Rebirth' - it is simply the cycle of this planet. The spiritual goal however, is to get off this planet and its damaged cycle. The existence of this cycle is not good.

The mistake that people meant to go to the Higher Universe make, is identifying the good, upward cycle of this planet - which is the 'Wheel of Rebirth' (or Wheel of Shiva) that everyone here is trapped on - as being the Way to the True Reality. It isn't because it never makes that final connection that would take it there. It returns to the cycle. That is why it is called the 'Wheel of Rebirth'. So you still have to look for something else to get you Home Free.

We did as much as we could because this awareness had to be understood before the time we are at now, when the 'extinction agenda' began. The 'extinction agenda' and the exciting change to the positive side (of the same duality, same energy stream). .

So having very briefly mentioned that, it is noted that 12,500 years ago

(although time can vary) but basically 12,500 years ago, the major act of those who belong to the 'dark forces' was to force this planet to fall right into the Lower Universe where it would be a 'sitting duck' for the 'forces of darkness' to then begin the 'extinction agenda'. They succeeded in doing that. The planet does tilt because of its broken axis which makes it dip downwards, as it cycles through a 25,000 year rotation. The cycle, and therefore TIME exist because of that tilt. Without that, this world would be TIMELESS, as it is in all the Upper Universe.

If you doubt that 'people of darkness' exist, first you don't yet know how strong the religion of Luciferianism has been on this planet. Secondly, they are written about in the 'Dead Sea Scrolls' which were found hidden in caves in the Middle East and date back thousands of years. They are called the 'Children of Darkness', There are also 'Children of Light'. So there you go.

This page began as a project to use high frequency music to clear 'Darkness', 'dark moods', and 'dark forces'. The 'High Frequency Sound' is on this page - Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness'.

How to get to the Path of Eternal Life.

Right now, this planet is on the Path of Life and Death, Good and Evil etc.

Currently changing to the good side - and that is great - but it is not the 'True' path, it is still the Path of Duality. We may be the ONLY source on the planet explaining this.


The next stage of a longterm plan to take this planet began in 2020 with so called 'covid' - the purpose being that people-sheep would get jabbed. Those who were involved in this numbered in millions across the planet, were invisible and needed to be identified.

As far as can see this was the only way they (the good side) could do this, they had to let the plan of these nutjobs go ahead so they could find out who was involved. Sadly large masses of people were jabbed. The understanding is that it was the real, intended jab, and people later began dying in far larger numbers than normally expected. This was explained as SADS - Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. With this happening it eventually raises questions and leads to all important lawsuits.

As far as we can see, many of those who had this jab are still absolutely clueless! ( March 5th 2023.)

Pink Floyd - Sheep

(2018 remix)


Once upon a time, 12,500 years ago, there really was a 'war in heaven'.

Those involved in that war are the same people who had the 'covid agenda'. This was to be the next stage follow on from that 'ancient war'.

"I remember black skies. The lightning all around me. I remember each flash. As time began to blur." 'New Divide' Lyrics.

New Divide -


The 'whole' self has been split and separated for around 12,500 years. Basically it is everything below the Higher Self (soul) level that goes out of balance, and the correction and reconnection is everything getting back into line with the Higher Self.

There is a major 'rip in space' - a disconnect - before the reconnection with the Higher Self.

It is the event which caused the separation and for the Earth to Fall. It created the 'Wheel of Rebirth' and Earth accessed a LOWER REALM.

This separation is being reconnected now, for the planet. That is why there is a change happening soon with the world system. The 'Wheel' remains however. That is a different process that has to be found.

The 'disconnect' is like a kind of 'betrayal'. It is like a space with no energy, no electromagnetic frequencies. A Void (containing no matter; empty.) The Void is how all the 'dark forces' come in. The lower self will be okay. Not abandoned!

Part 2 of this page : here : Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness' Higher Frequency sound : Alan Parsons Project

We know people can't be bothered to read!

So they remain on the Wheel of Rebirth! Not the best outcome.

But we have made this interesting with LOADS of MUSIC and other inspiring clips and put information inbetween these.

Enjoy the content and have fun with it.

There is no need to speed read to get information.

You will miss what you need to find! Just enjoy the content.


The follow on stage of a very long term plan began in 2020,

a specific time because 1) this is the time when the planet aligns with the Portal into a 'black hole' that is very near at this point in time and can be seen in the skies from Antarctica.

2) As mentioned, this was 'their' plan, but that plan was trumped by those of the 'light side' and the Covid Agenda was allowed to go ahead so that everyone involved in it would then identify themselves. Which they have done.


The Path of Duality.

Something and its opposite. They are both real energies. One is about life and positive, the other is about death, is negative, and is about ending life, blocking life etc. The planet is about to pull out and away from that. It is also going to cause changes to the electronics of the planet and the reason they are bringing in a new system (computers etc to run the planet). We still have to wait until that is completed.

Some of us know about this, others have no idea - nor do they question anything. They generally just think the world is how it is by some kind of natural phenomenon. It isn't. It is a system, run by people, who can be good or bad, depending on who has control.

The Path of Duality currently becoming the GOOD side, is still not the Path of Eternal Life. Not the same thing!


..................Pink Floyd - Surfacing (2014)

3 mins. A different version of the Grammy Award winning Marooned. This shorter track has a very uplifting video.

'Surfacing' presents you with a choice similar to that of the 'Dividing of the Ways'.

'Surfacing' speaks to the soul, the heart, the Higher Self, and the innocence of a lost and actually future world. The world we have today is none of these. The world depicted in Surfacing would be claimed as a 'heritage' park you pay to enter. The world of today, by deliberate design, is superficial, and empty, to be filled only by the comforts and practicalities of the body, emotions and mind. It tells you there is no need for depth of meaning in anything that makes up your life, and that you do not need or have feelings........


How to get to the Path of Eternal Life.


Most people are going to remain on the 'Wheel of Rebirth' however, we are including short bites of the information on this in between music etc.

You will not find how to get to the 'Path of Eternal Life' easily available anywhere.

For a simple overview. This planet, because of its cycle, spends half the cycle in a lower realm which has a good side and a dark side. This realm has BOTH.

Separate from this, and in a different location, is the entrance to the HIGHER realm and a different energy stream. Most never get to this or even know about it. However, THAT is the missing info that is needed.

So there are two realms this planet accesses, but even the good side that the planet has now begun to move into, is still NOT the entrance to the Higher Realm. It comes close, but it cannot make it to the Higher Realm. That is why people remain reincarnating onto/into this planet and the after life where people go at death. It is because it is still the same energy stream, and same realm.

We put the information in between music and other stuff because people can't be bothered to read and that is why they miss everything - PLUS you still have to think for yourself, and even 'spiritually' NOT follow the herd!

The 'herd' has missed it - as they always do (this has happened before). Now this planet is changing to the positive side of its cycle, and it is going to come very close to being like the Path of Eternal Life except that the cycle that is this planet's existence NEVER merges into that other energy stream. Instead it continues with its cycle. It comes very close, then FALLS again. And people in general just don't seem to have what it takes to grasp how simple this is! However, once one has the energy ties into the Path of Duality, it is not at all simple to get out of it. Again, most people, even with spirituality, do not think for themselves.



On this site, there is high frequency music, dance, movies etc all of which can raise the spirits and energy. We are not using negative music or films etc.

There is far worse now in pop videos and movies which are the normalized rendition of abnormal behaviour. Nice music tracks , as an example, like 'Take You Dancing' by Jason Derulo yet full of absolute shxxxt sexualising everything, and even these idiotic lyrics have to be about the bedroom not dancing. Then there are the truck driver dancers they use, and flicking their backsides to look as much like monkeys as possible. It is stuff like this - ruining a nice pop song - that is doing and has done the real damage. And the 'nice girl next door' Kylie Minogue on stage and turning to bend over and present her bottom to the audience. They also do this in the 'Take You Dancing' video, it probably began when Rhianna first did this. This stuff is damaging, extremely negative and abnormal. It is the same as Sam Smith dressing as satan.

Bands like Led Zeppelin were not like this and you may be surprised to know that the lead singer Robert Plant at the band's height in 1973 was actually happiy married with a 4 year old daughter who was the light of his life. Nothing like the image. Sure they did some stuff, and Jimmy Page has always been fascinated by the 'occult'. and my guess is that few, including him, ever really know what the 'occult' delved into actually is - because you don't know until you are well into checking it out. But they did include what was required of their 'deal'.

But there are other bands who definitely carried a literal message for bad.

Even the Beatles did a lot of harm clearing the way for chemical drug taking and some utterly stupid behaviour. . As you already know, that is what most of them made deals with the devil to do, because that is how they were able to work and gain fame, including many without all that much talent. So long as they promoted some of the Luciferian ideas they were promoted. Others were involved in actual child trafficking etc. There are far more so called artists now who are real messengers of the 'dark forces' because others gradually introduced the acceptance of this stuff.

The world has lost high level expression of the arts, so we will be including more than music. The planet needs to get back on track! The page specific for 'Clearing Darkness' is Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness'. Don't be surprised if we use unexpected tracks like Fatboy Slim and Daft Punk! These are fun, energy tracks. We do explain some of the 'negatives' because sometimes that is in the audience etc.


Pink Floyd - Things Left Unsaid


We use items that inspire, are high energy, raise frequencies, are informative, are about 'dreams', are fun, or are beautiful.

Part 2 of this page : here : Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness' Higher Frequency sound : Alan Parsons Project


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