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The Way of Energy Reversal PLANT ENERGY

If you want to lose weight

Choose a vegan friendly diet with prebiotics and probiotics, and


Cider Vinegar -

 which is high in Acetic Acid, With Potent Biological Effects. Can Kill Many Types of Harmful Bacteria. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels and Fights Diabetes. Lowers Cholesterol and Improves Heart Health.


If you want healthy life extension

Consider periodic fasting, detox juice only days, and adding prebiotics and probiotics.



 If you want the Secrets of a Paradise Lost

Connect to the




An 'end time' story about this planet is not the reality that is the 3rd realm!

with Detailed Guidelines

on what you need to know about aligning into the 'Spiritual Ocean' - Source of the Living Life Streams

and what to avoid!

plus A Harmless Vegetarian, Vegan friendly, Raw Plant Food based diet.

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Intermittent Fasting.

The Life Extension and Fat Loss - Management Breakthrough. 

Featured on the BBC 'Horizon' on intermittent fasting.

Growth Hormone up, Insulin down, balanced cortisol and healthy adrenals - The 24 hour 'Perfect Storm' for shedding body fat at record speed... Intermittent Fasting - Energy Longevity.   Highly Recommended!


Intermittent Fasting - Energy Longevity.  

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