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The Way of Energy Reversal PLANT ENERGY

If you want to lose weight

Choose a vegan friendly diet with prebiotics and probiotics, and


Cider Vinegar -

 which is high in Acetic Acid, With Potent Biological Effects. Can Kill Many Types of Harmful Bacteria. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels and Fights Diabetes. Lowers Cholesterol and Improves Heart Health.


If you want healthy life extension

Consider periodic fasting, detox juice only days, and adding prebiotics and probiotics.




Coconut Oil for MCT medium chain fatty acids - and switch to a Keto - fat based - diet over starchy carbs.  The evidence is there for weight loss, targets visceral fat in the abdomen, anti-viral, anti-fungal functions and provides vital good oils for the brain.



 If you want ...........................................................................t he Secrets of a Paradise Lost


Connect into the 'Perpetual, Everlasting Light',

Living Energy System.




  Introduction to the Academie of the Soul and Real Reality

The body you inhabit is not your true body which is a far higher frequency real body It integrates with the density body and at the time of dying some return to the true body, but for the majority they were caught in the Illusion that this life was real.  The source which provides a reality that is an Illusion has different rules and a different place for people to go after they die - such as pure thought and what they imagine - which is part of a lesser level called Mind and the astral form. 

Building the 'true body' is something that has to be done during your lifetimes in this world.  That is, keeping to the guidelines, connecting to the Living System, and not being diverted by the Illusion that this world - where anything is possible and allowed - is real.  You are not what you think you are.


  Academie of the Soul and the Real Reality    Why Die? 





 Fasting - Energy Longevity.  

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