The Way of Energy Reversal from the ‘Energy that is Mistaken for Eternal Life’.    Best viewed on Chrome. Now okay for Cell Phone viewing. 

The Way of Energy Reversal       PLANT ENERGY



If you want to lose weight

Choose a vegan friendly diet with prebiotics and probiotics.



If you want healthy life extension

Consider periodic fasting, detox juice only days, and adding prebiotics and probiotics.

*Elixir an easy to read introduction to Timelessness, and the Ageless, Energy Reversing dietary lifestyle.


 And if you want to exit the Matrix

Find out how you are in it.


 *Elixir provides the protocols of the Way of Energy Reversal which makes the Raw Plant Food diet and Healthy Living work.

Elixir – provides the protocols for the Energy Reversal which was to address a problem that most were completely unaware of. Ways to release magnetic resonance and avoid adding magnetic resonance, also known as karma.  ELIXIR is an easy to read introduction to exiting the Matrix, and dietary lifestyle.



 $24.99 USD


Elixir also includes the text from the original Star Travelers Special Edition with Plant Food Diet Guide and Guideline Protocols.

 (Available as an Electronic Download).


Intermittent Fasting.

   The Life Extension and Fat Loss - Management Breakthrough. 

 Featured on the BBC 'Horizon' on intermittent fasting.

Growth Hormone up, Insulin down, balanced cortisol and healthy adrenals - The 24 hour 'Perfect Storm' for shedding body fat at record speed... Intermittent Fasting - Energy Longevity.   Highly Recommended!


Intermittent Fasting - Energy Longevity.  




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