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Keep Your Spine Healthy


It is recommended to take care of your spine

One reason of many, is that you can see when people grow older, they can start to experience all sorts of aches and pains and especially problems with the knees.  However if you keep your spine in good condition, the knee problems may no longer be a problem.

The spine is like the delivery system of Life Energy of the Tree of Life.  We do recommend regular spinal upkeep with massage such as Tui Na, just as we also like Acupuncture and some basic exercise level of yoga.  Having literally blown out a meridian pathway myself (literally like an electrical fuse blowing out but within the body) it was definitely Alternative Natural Therapies which made it possible to recover - **the answer for that injury was achieved the most successfully with a chiropractic technique called Sacral Occipital Technique

Even if you have no reason to feel you have spinal issues at this time, it is very helpful to keep your spine in tip top condition, as regular massages - specifically those which really keep the bones and vertebrae loosened up - can also help your spine align correctly. 

Most people actually have a twisted vertebrae at the atlas.  It is a misalignment not unlike what was done to this planet.  We have found Tui Na to be good for spinal health maintenance.  This in no way goes into practices that this work has said not to do.

It is true however, that more advanced levels of some systems are definitely cautioned about in texts and records - and therefore we must inform as such.  We always keep to what is said, if we did not, we would be bringing our own preconceived ideas into the picture, which is as good as presenting a brick wall.  So we keep to what is being indicated, and we do so even if we do not know the reasons why at first.  Reasons why are always clarified as information progresses.

The levels in question, usually move out of the general health and fitness aspect and into systems that specifically relate to channel connections and activations, Regardless of whether you understand the reasons for these at the time of reading about 'cautions', they do relate to linking up with the different energy stream.  Those are what are cautioned about in texts (and we have shown one of these examples in the 'Death Star' link, which aligns specifically to Polaris).  However, basic natural health and fitness care is important, and these are excellent systems. 

Thus this work teaches a vegan friendly, mostly raw plant food based, egg free diet, with intermittent fasting and as covered in the Plant Academie section, and also suggests taking care of your spinal health. 

These are steps to prepare yourself, ready for - if you so chose - 'connection'.


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