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Plant based diet, Juices and full energy living foods

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The popular teaching of juicing and raw plant foods, has its origin in ancient texts associated with the Healing traditions of a far ancient Greece.  This was the origin source of texts, mostly found in the 19th century, and some in the early 20th century languishing in forgotten archives, which taught about the 'life energy' content of plant foods.

This has since been adopted as a life choice for many people who are following a path of awareness and 'living consciously'.

The Teachings explained four categories of plant foods which retained full life force down to no life force.  These guidelines are very useful.

a) Life Generating.  The first category is foods which are the entire, still living plant, which gave rise to the popularity of sprouted grains and seeds.  This was also described as 'life generating'.

b) Biologically Active.  The second category was plants and fruits which were freshly picked from the tree.  Thus containing almost full life energy but because they were detached from the source which was keeping them alive, they were somewhat less than those which were  fully part of their own 'life supply source'.  These were described as 'biologically active'.

c) Biologically Static. Plants which have been picked and stored are losing this life energy, thus they were described as 'biologically static'

d) Dead.  Food which had been cooked (packaged etc) were considered 'dead'.

However, these Living Energy Teachings were really about something much bigger than the diet and healthy living.

They were about the LIFE ENERGY STREAMS and the importance of remaining attached into the full LIFE SOURCE SYSTEM.

A 'WELL SPRING 'LIFE SOURCE SYSTEM' would be described as a perpetual  source which produces the Life Streams - streams of living energy which flow as water eternally - from an everlasting 'god', a 'god' which is full of power. There are probably many such Life Systems issuing Life Streams within a universe, and probably one within each galaxy.

It is made up of suns-stars and planets which are all fully attached to each other through the 'WELL SPRING 'LIFE SOURCE SYSTEM'. 

The actual 'ocean' of LIVING LIGHT and LIFE ENERGY, streams into the suns and stars, which then streams that same powerful, LIFE ENERGY into the planets of those sun-stars, and in turn the planet streams those LIFE ENERGIES to the living beings on its planet - its 'fruit'.  That is called a 'Tree of Everlasting Life Streams.'

If a 'fruit', a planet or a star, starts to fall away from its LIFE ENERGY STREAMS, it begins to lose life force and become more 'biologically active' and then 'biologically static'.  Falling away initiates the process of dying, and dying means the fruit produces seeds which then reproduce the plant.  This is the dying process not the creation of life that it seems to be. 

Thus a very long, long time ago, the 'fruit' of some planets which had been part of the Life Energy Streams from a once grand star called 'Osiris' began to fall from their 'tree'.  They did so because that star died.  Thus their life force streams, although still 'biologically active' enough to seed, were nevertheless from a source which was in the process of dying - and changing.  As a star dies its energy becomes more and more magnetic - the lower, negative end of the EMF spectrum.

There were planets which had been 'seeded' by the light that issued from that star as it began to die (supernova).  Thus the light still existed long after that event occurred, but the source of that light no longer had existence.

As time went by, civilizations developed on those planets - one was a planet named Maldek, one was Mars (it is believed) and one was Earth which in fact, had never been part of the 'tree' that was part of the system of the star which died.  Life developed considerably on Maldek, being much older in the scheme of things, but eventually, with the type of changed energy issuing from their 'Life Source Stream' - called Eitr, a more magnetic energy - that planet died too.  It is said it blew up. It is possible other planets which had been 'seeded' from the dying light of Osiris also went through the same  biologically static and then dead phases that the Plant Food System describes, and as the planet Mars did.

Which is how there came to be many souls without a 'WELL SPRING 'LIFE SOURCE SYSTEM' - and also how these souls came to be born onto the earth. 

This planet was not part of the  dead star Osiris's 'WELL SPRING 'LIFE SOURCE SYSTEM' which was an entire system which began to die when the star exploded.

What these souls have been given is a state of GRACE. They are the majority of the people born on this planet.

They have been born again onto a living planet, yet one which also belongs to a Higher Realm which has presented an act of Grace for those souls - either by design or by accident if such a things exists in Living Source.  It has provided a chance to live on this planet and 'evolve' to the status of being able to return into a living, everlasting 'WELL SPRING 'LIFE SOURCE SYSTEM' - the one that this planet belongs to.  Yet it is also apparent that these ones had fully embraced the changed energy status that occurs with a dying star, had fallen in consciousness and accrued considerable karma, also called debt. 

Earth is a gift because it is only partly here in this lower realm.  It has not separated from its own 'tree' - which is the entire SYSTEM producing everlasting STREAMS OF LIFE ENERGY - it is a planet which regularly resurrects out of this lower realm and the magnetic force of the dead star, and returns in its ascent phase to a Higher Realm fully attached to an all powerful, everlasting, perpetual generator of Life Energy Streams. 

The problem is, the ones from those long gone planets still want to return to their original light source - which no longer exists - but they still wish to return to that.  Some have used technology to take this physical planet as their own and align it to that source, many have helped in other ways, almost everyone is still aligning to and fascinated by that star origin - the 'star seed' - while others are still asleep and tracing back their origins - but by doing that are still missing the opportunity to be connected into a still LIVING 'WELL SPRING 'LIFE SOURCE SYSTEM' while such an opportunity exists. 


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