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The recommendations are to eat the main meal of the day - possibly the only meal of the day - around noon when the 'digestive fire' is at its peak. 

The recommendations are also not to eat cooked food.   Also to minimize dairy - be vegan-friendly - and avoid eggs.

It is good to allow a window of a few hours between noon and not after 6 pm (unless you are going out for a special dinner or night out) for that to be the time in which you eat your main meal.  If it must be more than one meal, then still between those hours.

After 6 pm at night, your body can digest what it has to digest, and then rest and begin its nightly self-repair process - if that process has not been blocked by having too much food.

This work regards the next actual breaking of the fast to be the main meal, which is to be eaten between the hours of noon and 6 pm.

However, in the morning, you can have a juice or smoothie.

This work suggests a green juice first.  Then later, a non-dairy smoothie of your choice. 

You can also have water based drinks in the evening - like fresh lime juice, or an enzyme water drink, apple cider vinegar, green tea, black coffee etc (this is a matter of personal taste) but not milk tea or coffee with milk.

This allows the body to be fairly rested in its digestive duties between the times of your main meal, and the next main meal - almost like a one day fast. 

It is much easier for the body to adapt to eating less if you are doing it this way rather than having several small meals/snacks during the day.  It is also better for the body's the repair process.

This is an easy way to train your body to understand its daily nourishment and repair function, and makes it easier to prepare for your one day a week of Fasting.


This is an easy way to train your body to prepare for your one day of Fasting.


There is an easier way to do this, especially if you are keeping to the 'noon to 6 pm' strategy as your window for eating any main meal(s) during the days of each week.

Your body will already be used to eating only once a day.  As such, you can begin your one day Fast timed from when you finish your last meal.  For example, you finish your meal by 2 pm and thereafter you do not eat a meal again until 2 pm or later the next day. 

You will no doubt choose to substitute your smoothie that day, for something that may be limited to being juice based.

That is your one day Fast.



You will be aware that there are always guidelines for preparing for a longer Fast or a Dry Detox, and preparation for correctly coming off these.  Always keep to these for longer Fasts.  You should not experience any issues at all with this as your normal daily nourishment routine and one day weekly fast, but as always, if you have health issues or are unsure always check with your medical professional. 


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Your choice to fast is your own responsibility.  We provide our experience and guidelines only.  If unsure, please consult a health care professional.

As always there has to be some kind of disclaimer. We are reporting on the guidelines of a particular system, and its attendant spiritual path. Scientific and medical studies show excellent health benefits from variations of fasting. Check with your health practitioner, keeping in mind that your medical doctor may have no education at all in nutrition. We recommend you do your own research, read studies, and as you may have health issues to be aware of, check with your health care professional.

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