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There will be a great deal revealed from the archived records brought out from the underground bases such as beneath the Vatican and they will reveal a history far greater than the records this work had access to.

However, the records we had access to were the most precious which went with the Living Teacher of Righteousness because they are how to exit and escape being caught in this false universe, false reality which exists in the negative spectrum.


Basil Fawlty's "Great Awakening".

In many ways the awakening in progress, is a punchline from 'The Life of Brian', or a Monty Python variant of John Cleese's Basil Fawlty.

There is a parallel similar story unfolding in the waking up of many to the reality of the covid scam and the destiny intended by some for those who get vaccinated with their untested and not really a real 'vaccine'. It is at least to sterilize people, and males will sterlize any female they are with, which was a method used to wipe out mosquitoes. The vaccine is mostly intended to alter human DNA and build an artifical circuit into the biology, to be linked to artificial intelligence. It makes humans into cyborgs. So it does seem a foolish thing to do, and so far 10,000 people have died from the vaccine and thousands been disabled.

Awakening people are looking in disbelief at those doing this, and have made comments on how basically 'stupid people are'. Some are saying that if people are really that stupid maybe it is best for them to go ahead with getting vaccinated (which they are choosing to do anyway) so they can be removed from the gene pool. Neighbours of a man in Europe wanted to travel so they got the vaccination - and 'travelled'. They died 3 days later and the journey was presumably to heaven. The reports of deaths and disabilties are pouring in and yet people are still lining up to have the vaccine because the TV and criminal governments have told them to.

What is unfolding was the agenda of a satanic cult intended to rid the planet of carbon based humans. Here is how they gained their world dominance. We are starting with the existence of the 2nd passageway that reaches into this planet and precisely where it is located in Time and Space.

This reality, or world, is not in a void. It exists where it is, as it is, because it has crossed a void. The void is what separates being here connecting into higher realms - and a universe of stars - visible on this side of that void, from what is on the other side of that void. The difference between True and False realities.

We feel the primary message in the records of this teaching, is that returning to True Source is not at all easy because it is hidden across that same void. That void has made this reality and realms of stars and dimensions appear to be the totality of existence with a God figure overseeing it and part of it all, when in fact they exist as the separation.

This means there is a real secret to being here in this reality that has been completely missed. The reason why it is very hard to ever get out of it.

19,000 years in the future and 6,000 years in the past are both times when the Luciferian energy dominated or will dominate in the future which indicates very precisely that the doorway into the 'spiritual realms' of this other energy stream is online between the Earth's North Star being Thuben and the end of that door or passage is Polaris. (6,000 + years ago and now.)

That is the doorway into the energy stream which entered into this planet and into the 3rd Eye at the time of the genetic spawning from Adam and Eve and the other entity which came in and bred CAIN. Cain actually indicates the star system of Canis which means Dog and its top star is known as the Dog Star which is Sirius. (In other words 'gene of Isis'.)

The Children of Cain are the Cainanites (spelt here in the manner after their identity which is Cain). It is not a stargate or portal, although at this particular point in that 6,000 years it does line up with one. Other than that, it is the energy stream that reaches this planet throughout that time.

It is a complete breakaway from the original 'Door' and it is described as a rip in space. Completely dark, space like a tear in space and only the new, 2nd energy stream passage can be seen (which means there is not any access point to True Source visible). It has already gone through a 'stargate experience' to exist at all, and what that existence is, is the photo-negative, the magnetic opposite of True Source which is God - positive.

So in looking at religions that began to dominate with that force, then 6,000 years ago you will see gods and goddesses with blue skin. That describes the bluebloods. These are the ones with more copper based blood which in turn gave and in some cases today still gives a blue tinge to the skin. These ones have more difficulty being in the Earth's atmosphere. However, the blue skin of the gods and goddesses identifies them as the reptilian or Nephilim or Children of Cain - those of the satanic religion.

Keep in mind that that religion and Lucifer itself, is seen as an angel of light and known as the Light Bringer. People throughout time (and time only exists in this fallen reality) have gone off happily astral travelling, or shamanic journeying, or having a nice chat with god during an NDE (near death experience) and been completely happy that all of this is the loving God Source.

You will also see the beginnings of the goddess taking priority. Goddess - negative. Like Columbia and a few others. (Washington DC is the District of Columbia.) When the Roman Church took over the original scrolls and beliefs and created Christianity they slipped in a goddess to take priority over everyone else. This became so powerful she was 'the mother of God'. The goddess they slipped in was Mary.

The Roman religion always had a satanic base because it was created to silence those who were followers of the Righteousness. The created story of the person named Jesus is just that, a created, amalgamated narrative and the reason the future Muslims broke way in disgust.

It remains difficult to know about the actual lineages that Joseph or Jesus belonged to because it was a created narrative. Certainly Joseph was a businessman, perhaps an uncle of Jesus with the same name as the father, but the one who had the tomb built for Jesus. Joseph was a trader and owned tin mines including in England. There are areas within what is known today as the Holy Land where there are the remains of sophisticated metal processing factories.

Therefore, it is not clear about the actual lineage of Jesus but very likely this was in opposition to the cabal lineage of the Children of Cain who intended to control the economy.

There was a very real Christ identity though, but it is a different story.

So now, 2,000 years ago the planet is fully under Luciferian control and fully lined up with the passage that is Lucifer's light source - because it is the 2nd energy stream but the same additional energy stream (or tree) which entered the Garden and participated in the genetic breeding of the lineages from Adam, and from Cain. It is accessed via the 3rd Eye, and from wher the soul exists at death (obviously the wrong exit point). The 2nd energy stream is also the 2nd 'tree' which is of duality - because it is part of a light star and a dead star system.

Now if this planet was to continue at this time into the Portal aspect of that passageway - which was the intention to capture this planet and take it into the fully negative realms - then the sun of this solar system would be in an ongoing Solar Minimum and clearly winding down. Also what appears to be a second sun gets to be see brightly, and that is some kind of tranformation with Saturn. Fortunately the planet is not going into that timeline or reality, but is going into its Ascending Phase and pulling out of it.

Nevertheless the main command from True Source God is 'IGNORE THAT PASSAGE that shows up'! It is the first of many commands from True Source that the people on this planet will simply not obey, and will ignore. They gravitate to this passage of light because at death there is no way to know this is not the way to heaven.

But that is not the only thing True Source warns of. There are all sorts of Luciferian angels and stuff only too eager to start communicating with those who start looking their way. So these ones in their droves, completely disobey True Source and start communicating and receiving communications, and truly believe it is a sign they are spiritually evolved.

It is still the wrong passage all the same. And from that point it is going to be very difficult to ever get these ones out of this mess. As mentioned elsewhere, this is the lowest level of spiritual development for an otherwise normal soul of the errant Adam race, because they did not know it is the wrong passageway - even though they were told.

However, they did disobey the first warning that was given by True Source which includes 'there is no other God before Me'. Now these children of Adam have begun to enter the 2nd energy stream passage which is the wrong 'door'. Had they paid attention they would have learned that there is a void here where it is impossible to find the right Door.


1) True God Source did warn you.

2) The people did not listen and did disobey, and they continue to disobey.

3) The real Christos is standing nearby saying "Oi you lot - the real Door is here. I am the Door"!


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"Animals were not afraid of, nor the food for, the 5th realm people."

This planet was once a much larger planet.   It was described as 'Timeless'.

There were no seasons.

It was considered a Paradise, where the people were in perfect health and happiness, and their bodies did not die..







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