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New Book Chapters Online. NEW INTRODUCTION

Updated - more new chapters added. OSIRIS SPELL - as yet Untitled Book.

Healthy Living, Regeneration, Gentility, Upper Worlds. Health Index

This is a useful current world video : Gene Decode and Nick Veniamen on clones, Nibiru and other planets etc

1 hr 17 mins interesting, but remember which reality you are choosing - the fallen universe or the way out of it and back to True Source! Plus NEW Introduction and New CHAPTER 1.

DETOX protocols for Heavy Metals, Flouride etc, also Anti-Aging, How to Glow, Vitality, Rejuvenation, and much more.



Now the satanic agenda has been exposed as the planet prepares to change to its Ascending Phase, it should be easier to see what this work has been about - something that is a bigger picture than just seeing the change to the Ascending Phase. It is not the Path of Knowledge - Intellect - Science. It is a completely different energy stream called the Path of Eternal Life. (If you did basic religious studies you will know there were two 'trees' - energy streams - in the Garden of Eden).

Existence in this reality takes place in a damaged reality. Understanding that, shows there is something else to do with this reality that is part of a bigger picture. To see it, it has to be viewed from a higher level than just seeing the change to the Ascending Phase (Ascension Phase) of this planet.

Part of the damage is the conundrum which forever keeps you in a damaged reality and unable to escape. There are great things happening as this reality changes into its positive phase. This reality includes the astral realms, OBE's, life after death of the body, life before the birth into a body, beings on other planets or from other dimensions. However, the most important teaching in existence is HOW to get out of this reality.



The actual Teachings from the actual Records of the Living Source Christos heritage from before the last Fall when the planet was in its Ascension Phase, as passed on through the lineage of Living Masters.

Healthy Living, Regeneration, Gentility, Upper Worlds.

As a brief re-cap : these ones moved from communities in Egypt several millennia ago where some of their gospels were found in Ancient Palestine after the Diaspora and these were hidden in the archives of the new Vatican of that time.

At the time of the Diaspora in the 1st century AD all the Christos works were kicked out of Palestine. The Therapeutae always had a continuing lineage of Living Masters who were the Teachers of Righteousness (the ascension out of the fallen left path) and this group went eastwards. This secret lineage (such a lineage always had to be hidden during the Luciferian reign) then continued onwards to us.

The records uncovered in hidden archives during the purge of the satanists from this planet will provide far more details of history than the records we have had access to.

But these records do cover the most precious of all information, not just how to create a truly evolved world consciousness, but how to get out of this false reality - even when ascending - and get to the Upper Worlds of True Source. Most people, and throughout all time, remain on the 'wheel of rebirth' because they continue to look to the wrong light source which is the gateway into the reversed universe.


* This section has changing content, and more book chapters that are accessed below.


If this planet continued to a status which permanently locked into True Source - which does not happen because it is still stuck on a cycle (wheel) - but if it did, then there would be a change in the physical body and DNA which was more in keeping with the soul body. This planet would also physically change. Everything would become more like the spinning plates analogy we have given later, and that plate would have changed from slowing down and moving between a fall and rise cycle, and would be spinning so fast that it was completely balanced AND locked into that status because it was fully connected to True Source.

There is only one way to achieve this, but people remain facing the Star-Gate passage of light - which is a 2nd energy stream - which brought them into this universe. Unless you grasp the problem that has happened in the 3rd Eye, you will keep facing the Star-Gate. This is what this work will cover - but it only works once you stop facing where you are facing, and turn round.

The overwhelming truth is that this planet-system is damaged. It is a reality with a crackpot level of consciousness, and although it will get better as the planet travels its Ascending Phase, it is still a false reality. For sure there is an entire universe that exists through the Looking Glass or down the Rabbit Hole. But looking that way is facing the wrong reality.

There is a real reality which is nothing to do with the planets and stars you see in the night skies. It is more like a juggler with a spinning plate that is at full throttle, completely balanced and very fast - something this reality can, and will, never be, because it is fundamentally and foundationally damaged. The bodies people are in are also part of this reality, not the real reality.

Your spiritual goal is to get off the 'wheel of rebirth' and the cycle of the Ages - (which is the first spinning plate that is slowing down.) It is not about gaining what you believe is 'spiritual gifts' like receiving communications or visions etc because these downloads are always and only received from the existing pre-written script. That is why it provides so much information related to what is happening in the world or a life. It is already recorded. So while we all wait for something to happen, it is a good time to read up on the reality of this reality.


Birth into this reality is actually the first step on the path of death, but it does provide an opportunity to experience what an 'opposite of God' would be like if such a thing had a real existence. It does not have a real existence, but it has been given the appearance of existing, and that existence extends throughout time and space. It is not easy to get out of it, and it does continue throughout what seems an infinity,

Life and the 'opposite of Life' is what this reality is. Certainly it moves between Life and Death and when the planet is in its Ascending Phase it moves closer to the Upper Rooms (Realms) which are eternal. But the overall reality is the path to death.

The genetic seeding which took place here is a false seeding because all of it took place with the light from isis in the process known as Genesis. The entirity of the creation here is 'unauthorized' but sometimes some from beyond and above this reality do come in here. Nothing from anywhere in this galaxy or universe is 'beyond and above' this reality.

True Source has given the chance for those born into this world to find the way to the Eternal Living Realms, but few do. The planet changing to the Ascending Phase does not indicate a major evolution in consciousness. There will be some who definitely align into the new Ascending consciousness, and others who remain with the previous fallen consciousness (and obviously, over time, do not incarnate on this planet until it falls again.)

Turn left and you go off into this galaxy, universe, other dimensions and universes. Turn right - if you can find it - you can return to True Source.

So there are couple of points about the seeding that is humanity, whether from Cain or Adam etc. The change into the new system is not something that is 'God's timing' based on or in response to what humans have done. The planet changes to its Ascending Phase in 'God's timing' because that is the way it is! Some will be 'marked' into resonance with that. others not.

Also, with a little further thought on birth into this world as the first step into the realms of Death, you may realize it covers the obsession with sex which is a replacement for the far higher level of LOVE. This obsession, and preference, leads to birth which is the first step on the path to death. Therefore, that which precedes that first step of birth, is also a step into the energies of death.



and the World/Universe Created Through the 'Black Mirror' Using the 'Eitr'.


The people on this planet, and anywhere in this falsely brought into existence universe, do not understand that they need to find the way out of it. As the 'Forbidden Energy' creates, holds onto what it has trapped, and grants the release for those souls who know to do what is required, the opportunity to find and earn the way out only happens during the dark final Luciferian Age the world is now beginning to move out of. The Vedic and Buddhist teachings advocate a life of extreme austerity so that you do not accrue more karma. Even stepping on a bug in the grass produces karma. Yet the karma accrued is so much that it cannot begin to be balanced out in one lifetime, even with most austere of lives - which very few would ever keep to.

However, the ancient Vedic scriptures are very clear about the entrapment here and describe the very hard job it is to break free, but they do not have the way to do it.

There are certain things a living soul must keep to even begin being shown how to achieve this, and it should be very clear that once the planet moves into its Ascending Phase - which is in all other ways a wonderful thing - does not mean the living souls here in this world or its many realms and so on, have achieved some kind of evolution. The reason it is so hard to escape being caught here is because of certain provable facts about this planet, some alterations in the 3rd Eye, and something else.

So there are a number of really important misunderstandings - misinterpretations - that continue to persist, and it is very significant because these make all the difference.

In many ways the awakening in progress, is a punchline from a Monty Python sketch or 'The Life of Brian'.

New Introduction continues here

Have there been other Star-Gates through which angels fell from heaven, even in the days before Nibiru?


Long ago in a world known as 'Atlantis' but millions or billions of years before this universe came into being - 6 billion years ago - an ancient civilization in a world higher than this one, stepped through a 'Black Mirror' which had appeared in their Cern-like Hadron Collider experiments - which looks very similar to a Feng Shui item. It was a Star-Gate.

Since then, this reality has been locked in a repeating Time-Loop known as the cycle of the Ages. It always begins with the Fall of Atlantis - now around 13,000 years in the future from where you are now. But it was far in the distant past that this Time-Loop first began.

The scientists of thast ancient world, showing as much disconnect from reality as the scientists at Rice University experimenting with Teslaphoresis, became fascinated with this strange black energy substance which responded to thought, could create items - or bodies - then could disintegrate to be used again. It was described as 'black, programmable digital matter' and in Nordic legends it was known as 'Eitr'. It was also known to the metphysicians of the 19th century (and to Masons) as ecktoplasm - a plasma substance but the soul is not made of plasma. Plasma is part of the left hand path which is also involved in 'manifesting' through thought. It was a central teaching at Astara in Claremont CA which was an offshoot from Freemasonry. It is the big thing in Masonic related works - which include Theosophy, Anthroposophy, etc. This black plasma was the strange substance that became the Black Mirror Star-Gate, that the first of the angelic humans went through into this world, and this universe.

The first world through the Looking Glass was Earth and as mentioned, the 'black goo' could be used to create anything - including DNA. It was, and still is not fully in the reversed realms of negative energy. It is an inbetween world. It is the Way In and also the Way Out. Now we have the first steps this work looked at long ago, where those from the Original Realms of Thera, discovered Earth and created DNA. They could exist in this new world within the bodies that were created with the 'programmable digital matter' and also exit those bodies and be back in the Higher Realms.

The occurence which changed that is that the new Earth was deliberately damaged and altered. Its inner column was tilted towards what is actually the source of the 'black goo' and in doing that the exit from this realm was lost - torn away by the void that was created.

*** Now 'white hat' speakers are telling everyone about the cabal and elites being the Children of Cain and Cain is the star constellation of Canis - Dog - and Dog Star which is the Death Star or Black Sun, so general people now, since 2020, know about this. Please take notice that that this information has been given out by this work throughout the last 20 years since we released Earthspell. We showed everyone where - and how - the Luciferian energy was getting into this planet. We have also identified its source in the stars, along with the parasite and the 'black goo' - and that source is shown by the altered alignment of the Earth! The Norse-Nordic Records also show the location of the 'false energy stream' which is Luciferian.

The tilt of the Earth is covered in the stories of the broken Atlas trying to 'hold up the world', and the story of Theseus in the labyrinth who breaks the silver thread which showed him the way out. For Theseus the centre of the Labyrinth was the monster Minataur. Another monster encountered in this new world was the snake haired Gorgon Medusa who was slain by Perseus. This goddess is also Kali the Destroyer. Another record from the Greek source is about the Hydra parasite which entered the 3rd Eye and that no matter how many of its many heads and limbs were cut off, they just keep growing back.

What can really be gained from these legends is that the source of the 'programmable digital matter' known as 'black goo' is a viscious monster which ultimately kills everything and everyone who follows its path. The ancient Nordic Records called this stuff the Eitr and warned everyone in the future - for those in this world are caught on a repeating Time-Loop - NOT to use the Forbidden Energy known as the Eitr. The planet's Ascension Phase is great but the people here have already bound themselves into the Forbidden Energy.

The scientists in today's world are every bit as excited about this same 'black goo' that they have 'discovered'. They have not really discovered it so much as have been presented with it, because the Eitr in intelligent digital matter.

Programmable digital black matter that seems to have intelligence, the eitr the ancient world warned not use, demon (not alien) tech, the building of a 3rd strand of silicon (crystal) DNA via vaccination, and 11 the number of the porlal of Daath, and the Lady Gaga Black Fluid perfume - the Luciferian black goo. Video :


New Chapter 1.


There is a parallel similar story unfolding in the waking up of many to the reality of the covid scam and the destiny intended by some for those who get vaccinated with their untested and not really a real 'vaccine'. It is at least to make people sterile, and males will any female they are with also sterile, which was a method used to wipe out mosquitoes. The vaccine is mostly intended to alter human DNA and build an artifical circuit into the biology, to be linked to artificial intelligence. It makes humans into cyborgs. So it does seem a foolish thing to do, and so far 10,000 people have died from the vaccine and thousands been disabled.

Awakening people are looking in disbelief at those doing this, and have made comments on how basically 'stupid people are'. Some are saying that if people are really that stupid maybe it is best for them to go ahead with getting vaccinated (which they are choosing to do anyway) so they can be removed from the gene pool. This may be a reality and is why it is going ahead while the planet waits for the moment when the movie we were told to 'get the popcorn' ready for, finally produces something most people want to see.

Neighbours of a man in Europe wanted to travel so they got the vaccination - and 'travelled'. They died 3 days later and the journey was presumably to heaven. The reports of deaths and disabilties are pouring in and yet people are still lining up to have the vaccine because the TV and criminal governments have told them to.

The dark agenda laughingly claims that the 'cattle', the people they are targeting to be removed, will line up for their own slaughter.

The problem is, they are correct. They are. In their millions.

It is very possible that most but not all of these ones are not just brainwashed, but have not developed the way intended. This is the end of this phase of the 'story' now, the time when everyone is judged, and evaluated - are they what is required of a human seeding called humanity? Are they?

If you want an outside opinion on this, watch an interview with Sacha Stone and 'Carly and Julia'. Sacha holds no punches about the standard of the average Australian, and also the British. Obviously it does not mean everyone, but it does cover a lot. Australia has been one of the most prominent, disgusting countries for the pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse, as has Britain. But it is not just the obvious ritual stuff that counts, it is general behaviour, consideration and so much more.

Now people who are awake are trying to work out what a new Earth free of satanism would and should be like. After all, that was the mission of the original Adam seeding to develop into the type of society that matches the Higher Realm worlds.

The Adam race is something of an inbetween race which came about because something very wrong happened with the genetics. The thing that went wrong was that the 'Serpent' was able to breed a race on this planet - and we know that the light which does that - the Serpent and Lucifer etc - is from the planet's false alignment. The false alignment appears to have been engineered deliberately.

So there was a race of people called the Gene of Isis (that's the source of the false and lesser light) and they got onto this planet because they deliberately altered this planet to basically and literally come down to their level. There was also an original race now called the Christos - those who saw what happened, and cast out the serpent race sending them off somewhere else to live as they chose. This was the pagan related, nature worshipping yet child abusing and sacrificing ones the world is now learning of.

For some unknown reason these ones do not understand that children are slowly growing into adulthood, and that it is wrong to have adult relations with a 6 year old child, or 9 yo or 14 yo etc, because a child has not developed enough to make an equally informed decision on that. However, the Children of Cain also think these intelligent, highest level beings are their food source. They were cast off this planet and went off, blew up their own planet, then came back here.

The Adam race may have been a way for those of the original Christos race whose genetics may have been mixed with the reptilian gene pool, to clear out that fault and return to Christos status. Or it may have been something else, and not even Seth and Noah are as 'pure' as their recorded lineages believe.

Cain is the lineage from the Adam seeding which was corrupted by the Serpent genetics and Cain and Abel were born. Cain killed Abel and led to the lineage of those who consider themselves - this is what they believe - to be the Children of Cain. It means they do have some of the Adam genetics too.

Abel was killed and did not procreate, but Adam and Eve did produce a pure Adam line through Seth to Noah. Maybe it was - but it does seem to still have the original contamination which led to the Adam race - which was not the Christos race. Then when the serpent Children of Cain returned to this planet they created an upgraded monkey race which became the Neanderthal genetics. This was originally interpreted as being the Adam and Eve model anyway.

What it all means is that humans of today have a very corrupted DNA which includes the Serpent seeding from the completely wrong energy stream that is NOT theTrue Source energy stream, but also have monkey genes and Neanderthal heritage. The Children of Cain did create the genetically upgraded monkey-Neanderthals. Only those who can upgrade and refine their essence to the original Christos state can ever leave this realm, this world, or any of the other fallen worlds of this false, reversed universe reality.

Now there are people who are blindly and unbelievably lining up for a vaccination that has been designed to kill them, and was created as part of an overall power grab by the 'Children of Cain'. Those blindly doing this are considered to be the ones the Children of Cain identified as 'they will line up for their own slaughter'. Others are trying to work out how a new Earth shapes up once this planet goes into its Ascending Phase.

It cannot be assumed that everyone wants the back to nature, rough living, sitting under trees like monkeys type of life.

Not everyone wants to put on old clothes and become gardeners, or to be a jolly happy cook-house drudge taking care of the house while the man works in the field so to speak. Today's humans have a great deal of animal level DNA in their genetic make-up. Your average Brit or Aussie drunk is more than an example of this - and that is commented on by those in other countries (who also then acknowledge that they have people who behave like this too!) There are a number of reality type TV shows with people who do believe they are cool and hip, which include 'Adam and Eve' type first dates, and parties in Ibiza, and undoubtedly many, many others. These people are the ones who have been successfully and easily programmed into the Luciferian consciousness.

Sometimes the animal genetics kicks in with people. who even thought they try to vegan or fruitarian, and work the land etc, then start thinking they should be unashamed of defaecating in public as an example. This has a lot to do with some of the animal genetics. As were several other ideas, something like the hippy days of decades ago - which produced some of the rudest, crudest, inconsiderate people on the everyday life level. But also with deranged cults like 'orange people' - in very woke and Marxist Oregon- and like NXIVM in NY State. All of these who then spoke about 'love'.

This does not work at all! A Higher Realm world has developed and evolved. The most important and noticeable characteristics of an evolved world is not that they say 'we must love' and so on.

It is that they learn to be extremely good mannered and genteel. They are refined and polite. Why? Because that is the kindest and most considerate way to be. It is always about being able to see a bigger picture and thinking of others, putting them at their ease, making them feel included, wanted, and welcome.

They are gentle, sensitive, and caring for everyone. It is not about standing there being sympathetic and giving a hug.

They create a world and a community that looks after everyone. They nurture and guide their children to adulthood and they also provide ways for them to mingle together and make friends and build relationships with proper courtships. If someone is not finding that special one person for their future - and for the responsible upbringing of their children - then there is some assistance provided.

No-one is left out of anything, not like now where people actually pat themselves on the back that they are okay and someone else is floundering in some way.

I have an injury disability so I know exactly how people really treat people with a disability - or an ill health issue, or in mourning or PTSD etc. What they do is ostracize someone and gossip about them, and eventually attack - (and do absolutely nothing to help either!) For a Higher level world, understanding how much the concept of the consciousness of love really matters if you want a happy and well functioning ongoing future. No-one is left out of anything.

This current world has been one that definitely leaves people out and walks all over them. It teaches children how to hate their parents and families, how to feel better than others, and also to brainwash people into obeying the 'authority' which was teaching them how to create a dysfunctional society. Having proved their point - that humans are weak willed, stupid and easy to maniupulate into bad behaviour beneath the dignity of their God given genetics - then the agenda was to eliminate them.

Thus - not surprisingly given this is a false creation - we can see that the Adam race overall does not meet the requirements set out for its development by God Source. Therefore, they do not easily find the way out of this realm of reality (and its astral realms, dimensions, OBE and other beyond body experiences.)

The agenda of a satanic cult, intended to rid the planet of carbon based humans. This chapter covers how they gained their world dominance. One issue we always had concerns about was with countries being democracies because it leaves everything wide open to be controlled. So it is good to be reminded that the US was not set up as a democracy. It is a Constitional Republic.

On the 'bigger picture' level, we are starting with the existence of the 2nd passageway that reaches into this planet and precisely where it is located in Time and Space.

There will be a great deal revealed from the archived records brought out from the underground bases such as beneath the Vatican and they will reveal a history far greater than the records this work had access to.

However, the records we had access to were the most precious which went with the escaping Living Teacher of Righteousness because they are how to exit and escape being caught in this false universe, false reality which exists in the negative spectrum.

19,000 years in the future and 6,000 years in the past are both times when the Luciferian energy dominated or will dominate in the future which indicates very precisely that the doorway into the 'spiritual realms' of this other energy stream is online between the Earth's North Star being Thuben and the end of that door or passage is Polaris. (6,000 + years ago and now.)


You have just witnessed the agenda of a satanic world order.

So you now know it does exist - even though those following its teachings told you not to mention these things because 'it was negative' and would lower your energies.

Obviously those in the Higher True Realms know the Adam race souls are going to have great difficulty finding the Way back to True Source.

However, anyone can see that the general people of the world in the everday life that has been established over the last decades, are quite empty headed, blind, unaware, crude, cheap in integrity, asleep and so on. The average humans are quite a lot exactly how the satanist cabal describes them and considers them.

We are going to keep this simple, but if you can visualize the Great Cycle then you can discover the Luciferian Portal.

This planet is on a 25,000 + cycle divided into roughly 4 Great Ages and 12 or perhaps 13 Zodiac Ages. The cycle has completed a complete cycle before, and will be repeating again in the distant future.

Thankfully for the next near 13,000 years this planet begins aligning to the Living Christos, Living Source which also dates it as the spirituality that existed before this planet Fell.

It is very ancient, even beyond Time. It is different from any other religion or belief, including in the living earth as Gaia, because it was and is the Living Law before the Fall happened. After it Falls, a lot of other nice and ultimately not so nice, variations of interpretations enter this planet.

This planet will see all those variations and the Luciferian alignments begin again - when the planet goes into the Fall phase of its 'Cycle of the Ages'.

Right now you are around 13,000 years into the Fall phase of a cycle, which is about to change to its Ascending Phase - of a cycle. Certainly there are some misunderstandings about the 'evolutionary consciousness' reached. The change is returning to how consciousness should be.

Changing to the Ascending Phase is great - and there may well be 'interesting things seen in the sky'. It is also linked to the activiity of the sun which does send instructions to this planet. But the planet always changes from the Descending Phase to the Ascending Phase, and it is normal. It is a down then up, repeating cycle. Humans have not reached any special stage of 'evolution'. Truly, look at those who are proclaiming they are the new 5D consciousness. There is nothing unusual, but the consciousness you are leaving was very bad.

Some people are awake and will move into the Ascending Phase but still created contracts with the other energy which they will still have try to pay off next time round. That is the spiritual debt (or karmic debt) that keeps people on the Wheel of Rebirth. Many people are asleep and may not wake up - and may not continue into the Ascending Phase.

For around 13,000 years this planet has been falling into lower and darker realms, and 6,000 years ago, around the time of the Age of Taurus, those realms took control (but were beginning to enter here from 13,000 years ago.) That is one solid reason why this work teaches not to go to the religions that became powerful at that time.




The most significant misinterpretations of what is really happening, which mean you keep returning : -

1. That the Ascending Phase has something to do with an evolution in humans. It is the Ascending Phase of the planet's natural (but altered) cycle. There is no-one exhibiting any special level of 'consciousness enhancement', but the world will be returning to closer to what should be normal.

2. That receiving communications, channelling, being psychic etc are signs of spiritul development. These downloads are always and only received from the existing pre-written script. It is also what happens at the first levels encountered from the 3rd Eye which will immediately take anyone further into the false energy stream. It is a very big hold up and nuisance on a journey to escape being trapped here in this false universe, it keeps people stuck here forever until the penny drops. Let's call a spade a spade - it is a bit of an ego trip too!

3. That the Ascending Phase means the planet has returned to the God Source of Eternal Life. No, it is the good side of the 2nd energy stream - but being in the 2nd energy stream is the problem. The 2nd energy stream is very beautiful, angelic, and can include cute little fairies and plant devas or Titania and Oberon. The other side of it - for there is a dark side - and that only begins to reveal inself by a few distortions at first, and then later, moves into most of the satanic stuff. Just as Lady Gaga presented endless symbolism of her Luciferian religion, it is simply creative pop culture at first, until you find out that it isn't.

4. All the solstices, equinoxes etc are the direct result of the attack on this planet by the 'dark energy', and are what enable the satanic worlds to continue. They are nothing to be celebrated because they are 100% satanic, as are the celebrations of these.


Chapter 2.


A topic we will look at again in more detail is that of the 'black goo' which the ancient Nordic Records called the Eitr and strongly warned those of the future world not to touch.

It is 'black, programmable digital matter' - believed to be the 'Black Mirror' that appeared within the original stargate which the first of the angelic humans went through into this world. A recent documentary available on Bitchute covers this and mentions a perfume by Lady Gaga which represents this, and also the egg. As a Luciferian, Lady Gaga believed this was the time - the age - of the birthing of a new race which is the transhuman AI cyborg.

Gaga was a friend of Hunter Biden - s/he is in the porn videos on his laptop - othat laptop - those shown include Cara Delavigne, Gal Gadot, and one of the Obama daughters. Gaga was also a visitor to Epstein Island which is where these nutjobs went to have their perverted fun. There is a temple on the island presumably for the sacrifice of children and babies which also featured in the background of one of Ellen Degeneres'shows. Another big name associated with these extremely sick people was Epstein's girlfriend Ghislaine, who organized the girls and children who were taken to the island.

Looking back on my own life, it turned out we new Ghislaine's father.

I had finished my tap dance performance on stage as part of a stage show presented by my dance school. It was an interesting looking 'skip tap' which was a tap dance while skipping with a rope - the idea being not to trip up or break the flow of the actual skipping. Thankfully that went successfully.

Shortly afterwards I received, via my mum and dad who had been in the audience proudly watching their 10 year old's efforts, a message from the media magnate and member of Parliament Robert Maxwell who was gushing his praise for how good that tap dance was!

Robert Maxwell was the father of Ghislaine Maxwell, now famous as the girlfirend of notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein of 'Epstein Island' and the 'Lolita Express'.

I was not a candidate for that venture! My family was a prominent family of standing in our area, so it was in Robert Maxwell's interests to be complimentary. We used to receive Christmas cards from him too.

My parents were often out at full evening dress, ball gown events including invitations from the Duke and Duchess of Bedford for 'Midsummer Balls' at the Woburn Abbey estate and so on. So as an important family, we did have high level contacts and mixed in high circles - many of whom now appear on the flight list for Epstein Island!

Robert Maxwell owned Pergamon Press. He  was a British media proprietor and Member of Parliament who had a net worth of -$1 billion at the time of his death, when his body was found near the Canary Islands in 1991, with some questionable accounts about falling off his yacht. Robert Maxwell was born in Slatinske Doly, Czechoslovakia in June 1923 and passed away in November 1991. Pergamon Press was an Oxford-based publishing house, founded by Paul Rosbaud and Robert Maxwell, that published scientific and medical books and journals. After his death, huge discrepancies in his companies' finances were revealed, including his fraudulent misappropriation of the Mirror Group pension fund.

And he was the father of Ghislaine Maxwell.


Royal Satanists and My Job Offer.

Different Timelines



Chapter 3.


(Under construction).

This work is also about health and well being. I am actually a fit and healthy person who has been lucky in that respect except that dark forces truly tried to block me from doing my work here. The aspect I am adding here is that in the mid 1990's when I went to work in Canberra, Australia, I was poisoned by an incompetent dentist who placed mercury laden amalgam filling into my gum.

This crept silently into my body. It clearly made me ill yet in a peculiar way as if it was on some kind of timer linked to the electronic system of my body. The more insidious aspect was that it literally seeped into my body, forming areas of poison. I clearly was not in good health from the mid 1990's to 2015 but at that stage I did not know the reason why. A Quantum Medical Test I did in Singapore in 2016 showed high levels of toxicity as if I had led a very careless lifestyle, eating burghers and general junk food, and being a smoker. In reality I was a dedicated vegetarian health nut basically, and did not smoke or eat junk food!

By chance I accidentally discovered how and where this poison was manifesting in my skin. I thought I had found the answer to it by using Magnesium Cream because it did bring out a level of skin poisoning I had no idea existed. I did not know I had any poisoning at all. This clearly showed that I did but instead of clearing it, it merely brought it out then once treatement was stopped, it went back into hiding.

Then, completely by good luck, I found a way to remove this poisoning. It was of course also in my bloodstream and lodged in many parts of the body, and just below the liver it had formed tumours which actually 'jumped' to the surface and fell out! My body was very pleased to begin to get rid of this stuff. In fact I also discovered that this mercury based amalgam poisoning had formed itself into circuits and pathways much the same as the nanoparticles do with Teslaphoresis. This was discovered because as one bad area would be treated, other related araes would show up, and these often appeared as strings of pathways.

In the knowledge of the Teslaphoresis self-forming pathways I am now including that these strange pathways which show themselves as I continue to clear through the poisoning, may in fact be from other materials that have been forced into the human body - such as from Chemtrails etc. However, these do respond and self-remove, with this detox process.

I began the process in March 2018. It is now March 2021 and I am still using this banned herbal product to still clear this poison out of my system. For some of this process I took photographs, because it was rather unbelievable! Many times I have thought I must have cleared it all out, only to discover I actually have not got there yet.

On the positive side, after about 18 months, or maybe even 12 months, but certainly by August 2019, I could clearly see a considerable change in how I looked. Particularly my eyes had changed. It was very positive and I was very happy with the result!

Then in January 2021 I decided to attack the demon again, this time including extra detox products with powdered broccoli sprouts high in substances which cause the liver to detox from a secondary system which often remains inactive. This then began another phase of under par health and my eyes changed again, losing the vibrant clarity that had been uncovered with the first levels of this inner and outer skin detox, Thus my current marker that I have succeeded with this round will be when my facial skin again lifts and plumps out, and my eyes gain the amazing clarity I had discovered.

So health issues will be included in these chapters.

Links to Health and Healing will be added soon.




Chapter 4


Being poisoned with this stuff being inserted in my gum was just one of several totally unnecessary things to happen to me, yet for me, they did happen! Again, as with the disabling injury I had at birth, I did not know this had happened and did not know why something was affecting me in the way it did. I just knew I was feeling really ill with it, it was nothing obvious to anyone else, and yet it made me look like some kind of nuisance in the workplace at the times I was ill with it.

What that was, was a sort of electronic signal in my body, almost unexplainable, especially to the many doctors I went to who are incompetent, could not care less about their clients, and should never have been allowed into a career meant to help others. In fact it did affect my Meridian Pathways. Obviously this placed my entire work future into question, and I had to find ways to correct it. Actually it was the injury to my atlas which first took me to practitioners of energy based alternative healing, which also turned out to be my introduction to the energies of Sirius.

At that stage I was innocent and trusting. I absolutely believed that the people at the College of Esoteric Science, were far more developed than I was or they could not possibly be receiving these powerful energies in a work they had been chosen for. Far be it from me to question their superiority, especially when I was so routinely knocked down like someone had hit me with a fly swat, for almost anything I dared to try to do while I had my atlas injury and poisoning. I felt that way because I had no idea that it was an injury disability and physical poisoning I was dealing with. I thought it was something about life that I was just unable to do. At that time I would never have used the descriptions of 'nutjobs' etc because I really believed that all people were decent, high level, high integrity souls inside - and that is not at all the way it is.

So I trusted and I perservered, but over time I noticed what jerks these silly people were. Could I look back now and find even one person who was a person to be looked up to? These people were petty and ignorant. I also noted that they used to discuss their client's personal information in public situations and laugh at them. When you didn't flatter them - or if you angered them - here was a characteristic to their level of consciousness that was like 'wild animals'. Now I know it was reptilian. It is also characteristic of woke.

Overtime, I ceased to be impressed with these people who were introducing the Sirius energies into this planet, and instructing this planet to align towards Sirius. Even so, as I wrote in Earthspell 20 year ago, I still continued despite that I began to go into the most dreadful of depressions, was crying endlessly with the energies, and felt I was 'a square peg in a round hole'.

My Higher Source had to step in, in a dream and show me to go away, and it was that which finally made me walk away from it. I had continued with it because I did not know about my injury or the poisoning, and I thought it was something in myself I needed to overcome. I had absolutely no resonance or affinity with it whatsoever. Others would not feel the horrible feelings I had because they do have some connections with that energy source - but I was determined to battle my way through it even though it was destroying me. I thought it was my fault!


I first came across the injection of the Sirius energies into this planet

in preparation for the new age, as being from the late 1970's. It was a work that began its thrust of bringing Sirius energies into this planet in the 1960's and originated from the cult based secret societies. That work activated the first crews of people whose genetics or consciousness supported the takeover by the cult cabal source of Sirius.

If you have seen our diagrams you will clearly see that only happens when this planet lines up with a 2nd energy stream from the new Pole star Polaris which is the identity of Lord Maitreya (who the 'cue' source said surrendered and left the planet last year. It was a woman, probably a royal person.)

If you do your own research you will easily discover that the cult source is Sirius/Isis/Maitreya and so on. That is the same as doing your research on the cabal's agenda and about taking the vaccine. Once you know you either Wake Up or you do nothing.

It is amazing the number of people even now, when so much information is available, who consider they are starseeds from Sirius and clearly have not done any research to find out what that is. They certainly are not here to help humanity find True Source; and it is also programming that they do not realize is communicating through them - because it has become god -source for them (as also happens when people do the practices warned not to do).

These ones have not researched what Sirius is - although since it is god for them, they probably would dismiss the possibility of what it really is. As we said, the injection of Sirius energy and passing it on to activate others began with a specific work from the secret societies.

The injection of the Sirius energies (the power one step higher than the son of Osiris, Maitreya, is Osiris/Sirius) began in the 60's with the Beatles - not by their music but by their 'spiritual journey'. The separate work to bring thousands of ordinary people into their 'Sirius function' - those who were taken into the Sirius energies -- began in the 70's to begin a flurry of works and healing energies and of course, 'starseeding' - and so on from the 1980's to about the early 2000's.

I learned a very great deal about what it was - and it took me a lot of time and some horrible experiences to understand and realise what it was. I know how difficult it is to see the difference. Sirius and its other name(s) Osiris or Isis, or goddess, are the source of darkness and evil on this planet covered in the beautiful angelic light of a substantial bringer of Light to this planet which still happens to be fallen light, which is the magnetic feminine side - because you know that God Source is the Father and is positive.

Its darker twin is a black sun - which David Icke travelled to in the astral body and reported the love he felt from it. Even darkness can still radiate some of the love that probably was its existence before it began to die.


There are only two energy streams which present as 'paths' on this planet connecting to spiritual realms.

Because of the problem at the 3rd Eye, there is only one path that is ever seen. The other path is completely hidden in the darkness of the void that exists there. So most will never know of its existence. That is the story of this planet, because most never know.

In my own experience of having covered the experience of what was clearly and definitely the wrong path, I did of course put in a lot of work to find the right path. That means I found it, but also that I took that hidden, hard to locate path and it is even in a different location or direction to the path everyone else takes. It is literally a different path - which will make sense if you read the short pieces on the problem with the 3rd Eye and the 6th chakra. I persisted with it, even when it didn't always make sense.

But of course, I did eventually reach the destination and could then see exactly what was going on. That false path is very obvious and it is clear how easily people get on to it - how it teaches, the nice things it relates to, the all too easy to accept but nevertheless deceptions which seem to be the right answer, and obviously it is the only path of light that is found at the time of death.

Sometimes I am asked if I follow the works of the numerous people who teach about that path. No, of course I don't!

It is absolutely NOT the same destination.


This Planet Belongs to True GOD Source. Navy disinformation. Royal Masons.

Reptilian Peace and Enlightenment.

False Worlds


You Get Another Chance to ESCAPE THE 'WHEEL OF REBIRTH' -

in about 18,000 years time when the 2nd energy stream from CAIN starts to become powerful.

At that time the religions for the new but false source will begin and become dominant. The Luciferian religions. The planet will raise out of it again next time too. Right now the planet is moving back into its Ascending Phase, which is when it begins to align better towards Living God Source.

*By the way, these are actual teachings from the actual records that were part of the Living Source Christos heritage from before the last Fall when the planet was in its Ascension Phase, and which were passed on through Living Masters.

The reality of a world 6,000 years ago or 19,000 years into the future, can also be put into a bigger perspective for those who have eyes to see.

18-19,000 years into the future of this 25,000+ year Cycle of the Ages (or wheel) the darkness takes control. That tells you that Lucifer gains its power again - its 'invisible force' - at the same time as around 6,000 years in the past from the current time. So consider what the consciousness and spirituality at that time was.

Much of the focus of the religions concern the 3rd Eye, and shamanic journeying out of body experiences to other realms - which are the astral realms. Astral means the star realms or starseed realms and a universe where there are other planets and other inhabited planets, as well as realms and dimensions.

All this is accessed via the 3rd Eye.

It does activate a '1,000 petal lotus' as the 7th chakra - but it is not the 7th chakra. It is impossible to access the 7th chakra from the 6th chakra - which incidentally is the colour indigo - because it is the location of a Void.

It is impossible to purify yourself and rid yourself of everything that is 'not God' and reach anything other than the 3rd Eye and the passage into the star realms and star worlds. You can hammer away at that for infinity and travel a million realms of light and wonder, while you fast, and cleanse, and put your ego in its place (the last 3 of which are really good to do).

But the only way to the Living God Source is across the void, so you always have to find how to cross the very dark Void - which you don't know about. Instead, a passage of beautiful light, angelic guides, and other wondrous signs, call you in a different direction! That is the direction just about everyone takes, and it is game over right there.

Even if next time round you do discover what happened at the 3rd Eye, it is still impossible because you have never asked the Living Source to help cross a Void you almost certainly never knew about, and it is impossible to know the Way without the Living God showing you.

The Ascending Phase is not the evolutionary development people have been told (by the Luciferian side) and this misunderstanding will bring you back into their energies again.

By believing you are 'masters' and something extraordinary because of 'energies' etc, you have missed taking the steps that get you out of the repeating cycle. On that one Lucifer still wins.


The Third Eye Problem


6.5 Chakra and the ancient Star Gate


The Ascending Phase of this planet is the 'God's timing'

you, we and the new quantum Nesara/Gesara and Med Bed system are all waiting for. It is when this planet lifts OUT of the Sirius energy stream and begins a slow return to True Source - but a rapid changeover to the planet's positive polarity. Once that changes - which the US secret sources do know about - then even the highest tech stolen by the CCP and others can be expected to be obsolete, and replaced by a new energy.

A great many people embraced the Sirius energy through the Sirius based religions and the Sirius initiated energy/healings/initiations/communications etc. A great many people embraced the negative, sex based - or using the mind to create - lifestyle. A great many people - and we do not know how or to what degree that negative polarity integration is going to effect what happens to these people when this planet changes to the positive.

For nearly 20 years we really did do a magnificent job of showing and explaining what is being missed! Unfortunately it remained missed.

It isn't even all that hard to see once you see how the God Source Living Energy Stream enters this planet-reality, and then how the 2nd energy stream - the fallen light bringer Lucifer energy stream enters this reality.

In humans and demonrats, that difference clearly registers at the 3rd eye - where the break is - and that is the reason you must never do some of the practices many believe take them to 'enlightenment'.

The 'starseed' thing is also shown - how starseeded light gets in here, and with Sirius there was a huge activation for that in the 1970's. Just as the Children of Cain believe they are superior because Lucifer was a high being who fell to earth, so too did all the activated Sirius vessels believe they were doing something better. Sirius is the Masonic Path which is the cult path by that and other names.

It is simple - you need to know about that, and keep to God's Law which is mostly the Golden Rule.

How would this world change if everyone learned to begin by loving their families? No thoughts of being disloyal to your partner for a start, and that the parents really loved their own children. That father's loved their daughters and cared enough to see that they grew into well balanced young women who looked to find the best partner-soulmate for their future and their fathers then lovingly handed their daughters to a good, loving partner.

That is just a start. For how good would it be if everyone treated everyone else with friendliness and respect. This is a topic that will be covered by this work. These things are really our Bill of Rights as Children of a Living God. The right to happiness and love, to a safe and secure home, to be cared for by extended family and friends, to have interests and hobbies, goals to achieve which may be a career and the right to have good health physically and emotionally.

Indeed, if someone does not have these surely this should be treated with extra love and care, not by abandonment or looking down on them?


While under the spell of the cult's mind programming indoctrination,

people would not let anyone even mention the existence of these satanic creeps, or question the 'spirituality', by being dismissive and stating that it was 'negative thinking'. It was exactly the same attitude as the 'cancel culture' woke mentality - it is the same consciousness. This made it very hard and very few of those trying to make the Luciferian reality known, and doing it on a full time basis - because it was driven by the heart - could create a business or income to do it - and that was a serious disadvantage.


The spell is very clearly a dangerous and effective one - but no-one wants it to happen again. They must not get away with this next time round.

This extensive new online book - chapters below - is about all of what happens to this planet and how a false spirituality tried to deceive. It covers that - because it is probably going to happen all over again many thousands of years in the future. It also covers the unfolding story happening now.

So long as the planet moves into its Ascending Phase things are going to be GREAT! They will continue to get better.

But it is a big story........


GOD's Law.

Lord Maitreya

Cosmic /Surge/Pulse

Starseeds and the 2nd Energy Stream.

The Luciferian Religion.


"What is the definition of something that does not exist eternally?

How about a drop of water in the ocean that exists as a separate drop and then returns into the ocean to be part of the whole thing?

That is the quantum universe, the Unified Field - that is the non-eternal illusion of reality of the second energy stream."


A great Wake Up is now happening - and it is good!

Although this work and website reports the current unfolding news of the movie and the Best is Yet to Come, our 'job' is to tell you about the righteous path off the cycle - which does still continue. It is a real teaching.

That deceiving path is a shining light just like the Christos would be but is not, it is its replacement. Its replacement is 'Maitreya'. If it was Christos it would be named Christos!

There is a subtle blend of the two energy streams, then the replacement pathway takes over - until the planet Ascends again. The planet will Ascend and approach True Source in thousands of years time but you must extricate yourself before it Ascends.

The Path to Osiris, and the Lost Path to True Source/God.


The planet does FALL again! (then rise, then fall, then rise., then fall....)

The quest for the soul to get out of endless capture on the 'Wheel of Rebirth' was the Gift we were able to give - if anyone was prepared to learn about something that was not the spiritual story that appeared to be happening - which was the Sirius path.

Now we are all seeing newbies 'waking up' to the bad agendas and discovering there is a spiritual dimension to their reality!

And also lots of people who have been aware of the bad agendas and aspects of this spiritual story for many decades.

This time now is changing from the descending reality to the beginning correction of that (but still on the cycle). This is a big difference in understanding, and begins the gradual fading away of the things that belong to the descending reality. So a lot of what is seen as 'spiritual' is going to change.

Now it seems to be a kind of 'finding oneself' experience - as people find themselves in a new reality that is the beginning ascending phase of this planet, and they are starting to work things out and 'find their feet'. That seems to be how things are now.

That isn't really our interest because we are not part of this reality or the new ascending reality (or its spiritual realms); and when we finish here we leave here.

However, there is still more to the story of this reality - and more about being bound into this reality (and its spiritual realms) - than is on the surface. This will become apparent and relevant when the planet Falls again, which will be 13,000 years away if the 26,000 Cycle of the Zodiac Ages is accurate.

The planet will be at a higher reality then, at the time before it Falls again, and that lies beyond the vision of 'clairvoyance' - which is really something to do with this level, including the changeover period.

When this planet Fell - began the descending phase of this planet's wobble-cycle (which was artifically caused) - it was a high level technologically sophisticated reality using God Source energy for good. It was written that it was the 'misuse of technology' which caused the damage to the planet which created its cycle. This was from the satanic/entity side that has now been shown to the world.

The reality is that if that satanic agenda did win this battle, or does win it next time round, the ONLY answer remaining is to be able to get out of this reality - and its realms - and that is not possible without having done what this work has been teaching about.

Clearly the Luciferian Cult has lost the battle this time, but their time does come round again.

If you keep going to the same teaching sources you keep going to, 'you ain't never gonna leave this false creation'! Wake Up!


The SERPENT Bloodline :

The ADAM Bloodline :

and the CHRISTOS Bloodline.


You have just witnessed the agenda of a satanic world order, which intended to kill most of the human population, change others into transhumans, and probably cook and eat the rest.


The serpent race believe they created mankind and that may be correct because they upgraded a particular ape to be a slave worker to serve for them. The race in the Garden was from the ape, and is a 'false creation' because of that and as the genesis, 'gene of Isis'. They were given the spirit of True God to upgrade them, which made them partly the Christos bloodline, and partly the Adam bloodline. These may include all those who remain under a dream spell and whose blindness breaks the hearts of those who love them.

It is the same sadness as when you lose someone to dementia.

Yet blind and unseeing they remain, while all of what is happening right now, plays out in front of them.

This is not something anyone ever wants to see happening again.


The Osiris-Spell


- Under the Law of God.


More Book Chapters online below.


The Prayer of True God.


The Serpent Lineage means those people who believe they are descended from Cain - and Cain which is exactly where that 2nd energy stream comes form in the form of Lucifer which the cult believe is a higher being, therefore they are superior - though clearly not. It refers to the blue bloods and royal families.

Cain refers to Canis which is the Dog constellation - which is where Sirius is located. This therefore proves they were born onto the planet after the planet had fallen (because it only aligns into that energy stream when fallen). The Christos bloodline were born on this planet before the planet ever went into the Fall, and the Adam bloodline was born after as the lineage of Seth. Perhaps there was also a line from Abel but because of this overlap, the bloodline of Adam does get confused with practices of the energy stream of Cain/Lucifer.


The Earth's Cycle, the Holy Christos (Healthy) Blood, Mind Control and Indoctrination.

As you can see, a vast number of mankind would easily let them succeed with that and willingly accept their DNA changing vaccinations

and soon be cyborgs on a planet that is part of a federation of stolen, fallen planets on the periphery of a Black Hole.

A really significant majority of the world population is Mind Controlled and trained to answer to the 'voices of authority' they would easily let this Luciferian Agenda succeed and are now about to be shocked to find out that a truly evil, satanic agenda did exist and it had millions of people involved who are pedophiles, murderers and literally do worship Lucifer.

Of course not everyone was so asleep, and the MK Ultra-satanic cult knew that. Because they knew there would be people who would be awake, the cult introduced its MK Ultra 'new age reality' for people to adopt the satanic - Marxist world-spiritual view. This then gets people who would have persisted with the Christos view, to switch unknowingly.

*A chapter on the Alistair Crowley, Marxist, left view is added below, but it begins with 'do your own thing, and create your own reality with the Mind.'

That source has had bases and cities deep under the ground with craft that operate with anti-gravity. These have been escaping from the bases that are now being cleared. That is the source which had vimanas etc.

Clearing underground bases, tunnels, and cities continues. Anti-Gravity craft try to escape.

As massive craft rise out of mountain tops from deep bases, the alliance are taking those out in the air too. Reported as earthquakes, these are 'airquakes' even 2 kms up as they are taken out.

Although it gets forgotten, the Christos teachings issue from True Source and began 13,000 years ago -

by whatever name. The Christos teaches of things NOT to do during the Descending Phase of the planet (*see The Path to Osiris link in the section, Introduction.)

The guidelines - apart from not harming or killing others, and living as a Golden Kingdom would live - by the Golden Rule which is God's Law) apart from that, it teaches what NOT to do during the planet's Descending Phase BECAUSE these things bind your energy into the 2nd source energy stream/force - the Osiris Path. Osiris refers to the Sirius star system.

The current Ascension is not a vertical Upwards that has 'evolved' from a lower realm. It is part of a repeating CYCLE.

The planet (or plane) does move out of its Fall - its Descending Phase - back upwards to almost its original status, which is considered the 'golden kingdom'. It is part of a cycle that repeats, so mankind has fallen before, and has 'woken up' before. Its going to be a big readjustment, but does not mean anyone has achieved a grand level of 'spiritual evolution' - which was the experience the 'children of darkness' prepped people to expect.


The 'Spiritual Awakening' Experience the Cult Planned to Transmit into Your Brain. Space.Needle.


The Correction Pathway into the GOLDEN REALM, obviously lies on the right side.

The Fallen left side rises back up to match the right side - as shown on this animated diagram of the planet's 26,000 year cycle.

The Path to Osiris, and the Lost Path to True Source/God. (Updated).

The 3rd Eye - (spiritual redirection).

The Lands Beyond Antarctica.


More Chapters

The Bloodlines of the Serpent, Adam, and the Christos.

The Christos Bloodline.

The current work to take out the satanic energies on this planet is a Christ Source work.

Finally, its obvious power has silenced all those other diversions but only for a brief while.

The Christ Source stands alone and separate from any other teaching that is not Christ Source.

On this planet people simply cannot keep to the Christ Source Guidelines which in essence are as simple as the rules of the Common Law the world seeks to return to. The rules are to live by the Golden Rule and do not add on other teachings from other religions - because they are other religions.

The people of this planet simply cannot keep to that! There always has to be something else added on.

The God Source Christ Based Guidelines

If This Reality is a Simulation......

Hollywood & Royal Witches & Warlocks.

Updated list - Names, arrests, trials, executions.

MK Ultra

Mark of the Black Eye


Re-cap on Child Trafficking That Was Exposed


Michelle Obama


Underground Bases & Cities

Nazi-Khazarian Advanced Tech Craft and Hidden Bases

The Underground Bases and Pure Evil on this planet.

Phil Schneider video:

The 4th Reich New World Order

Titanic (and the connection to Tesla.)

Q Light & Q Dark

Q angel Identity

The Osiris Path

Timeless Realm

Realms within Higher Realms

Getting clear on what Christ Consciousness and Christ Guidelines are.

Psychic Stuff and The Entry Level of the True Path.

Church 'Dogma'.

The Spiritual Realms, Time Travel and Multi Universes Narrative.

GOD's Law.

Lord Maitreya

Cosmic /Surge/Pulse

Starseeds and the 2nd Energy Stream.

The Blue Bloodline ruling families.

Cleaning the Blood from Mercury Poisoning.

'Christos/Christed Living Blood'.

Teachings of Righteousness : -

The Living Light Stream, Life Steam, and Sound Stream

The Living Sound Stream of God.

Marxist, Leftist (from the left) and Luciferian Beliefs.

Children of Cain

plus more


Health, Rejuvenation, Longevity and the Living Source.

Regeneration Introduction Index Academy Therapeutae

The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams    

The 'Tree' of Life - first energy stream - which accesses the Living Waters.


Camelot: - The Planet's Cycle Creates the Wheel of Rebirth which Never Returns 'Camelot'. Guidelines for Overriding This Planet's Repeating Fall Phase. The Higher Realm

More Super Plants

Medical Pod Technology


Right now it is a wonderful time because this planet is moving back upwards - on its fallen left side.

Let nothing detract from that, because it is great! There will be up to 13,000 years of returning to a 'Golden Age'.

But the planet NEVER actually returns to True Source of ETERNAL LIFE - because of the cycle.


The elephant in the room that keeps being missed is :

1. This planet is on a cycle. You already know that. It produces the Zodiac Ages.

2. That automatically means that instead of anchoring back into the True Source of Eternal Life, the planet (or plane) keeps going back into the cycle.

3. At almost the point when this planet would anchor back into its True Source of Eternal Life, the inner axis mismatches with the broken outer axis which begins its next Fall.

4. You are a soul experiencing this reality through the brain. That is what gives this reality a visual and tactile reality.


"Animals were not afraid of, nor the food for, the 5th realm people."

This planet was once a much larger planet.   It was described as 'Timeless'.

There were no seasons.

It was considered a Paradise, where the people were in perfect health and happiness, and their bodies did not die..







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