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***While we all wait to get through the agenda playing out, we do our best to report from credible, reliable NEWS sources so that the reader has an idea of what is happening. Currently that is about cleaning out all the really evil projects and facilities of the 'cabal. Our work is not about reporting News though. Our actual job explains the reality of this planet and how to return to True Source and to be able to see that it is not the 'good' side of the path of light and dark.
*Many of the world population have to leave this planet once it begins to ascend towards the real energy stream to True Source. They cannot continue but will return when the planet Falls again. Astral worlds, matrix, other planets? It is this planet that because of its Ascending phase, provides the chance for soul freedom from the illusion.

July 2nd - 5th.

Military Tribunals Continue. White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jennifer Dillon Executed.

JAG recently changed the method of execution. Guam uses the firing squad but GITMO previously used hangings now changed to gunshot.

Q is back, asking 'do you want to play a game again?'

17 months after the last transmission. "Q is 6 Military Agencies." President Kennedy and President Lincoln also both had a Q team.

Something is happening at CERN on July 5th.

Some think it might be the 'Space Alien Invasion'. Or it is friendly 'galactic family' contact. Space Command based at the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base does have off planet tech and bases. But there is info that looks like a 'space brother' scenario is building.

Sometimes you are around good people who have integrity and sincerity and we are all reminded of how wonderful humans can be. At other times you may be very much surrounded by the opposite of this and you wonder how this world has people like that. It is also interesting how many people in successful careers in finance, banking etc already with high incomes, have now become 'spiritual teachers' as huge interest free loans have become available.


Current World News Continues Beneath 'Spiritual News'.


When Holy Poets wrote their Beautiful works of LOVE,

did they ever even mention 'advanced technology' as being a meaningful attribute of True Source?

We Are Awaiting a 'Planetary Event'

Hopefully not a tech created one. It would be very disappointing if a 'planetary event' was created instead of waiting for whenever the real change is. The Planetary Event article is now available on the front page. What is 'negative'?

For a long time, NASA has been investigating a number of space rocks - in space - in the search for a connection with the same space rock which 'star' seeded life on Earth.

The most likely timing of the explosion which brought such a rock here is when the dinosaurs which existed on that planet became extinct. The DNA of one of the giant creatures of eons past, eventually became the early primate/ape and the prototype - says science - for the one which developed into today's human. Descended from the extinct reptiles of another planet. This ape, a kind of lemur, was genetically upgraded, and lived in Lemuria. It would seem to make this body the false creation.

Looks like a 'space brother' scenario is building!

Earth Ascending is not a Direct Vertical Lift Off. It is a Circular Move into Ascending.

Just as the 'Dark Force' enters this planet at an off alignment angle, so too is the way the planet Ascends. It moves away from the off alignment angle and eventually becomes 'True'. This is why the first 'spiritual realm' encountered is the Path of Duality, and even though it switches from Dark to Light, it is still the same energy stream. However, as the planet corrects this in a more circular, not vertical manner, that is the reason there is a different 'spiritual realm' that is encountered that is very different from the first portal encountered. This should not be hard to understand as you have been shown that the planet tilts downwards into its Fall.

Earth's downward journey has taken it into the frequencies of the negative reverse. When it corrects, it lifts out of that and becomes positive. There has to be a question about all the people who are marked negative and how do they get through to when the planet changes to positive? Do they get through? This is also why all the electronics and tech on the planet has to be RESET. We know there has been an operation to depopulate but possibly these ones are those who are marked negative?

Because of its Ascending phase, this planet provides the chance for SOUL FREEDOM from the Illusion.

Everything in the Astral reality is part of the ILLUSION and the False Path/Energy Stream known as Light & Dark - Good & Evil etc. Most will not go through to Soul Freedom, nor can they. They will be fascinated with 'space brothers' 'advanced technology' and so on.

While it is a Magnificent Time when the physical Planet 'Wakes Up'

the Mayan Glyph for the Centre of this Galaxy - the Hunab Ku - is really Interesting and provides a Lot of Information which shows there is Still a Bigger Picture. If you want to find Soul Freedom you must understand there is more than just this planet changing.

Is the Dark Side of this Galaxy a Super or Quantum Computer System?

The galaxy comunicates within itself - on the dark side - via suns which fire up, like neurons in the brain fire up, and send messages and instructions to other planets. It is like a giant wired communication system. A brain or Mind. Each planet and star within this system, is like a holographic pattern, and behaves and operates like a battery.

for JULY 2022.

This is the Mayan glyph for the Centre of this Galaxy.

Galactic HQ is called the Hunab Ku and is a little like the yin/yang symbol. The Maya lived in Mexico and Guatemala. They built magnificent and complex pyramids and had a sophisticated system for calculation which produced the end date of 2012.

If you superimpose this over the Earth and a clock face, and also remember its Fall begins at 12 o'clock, then you can see it begins to enter the other side of the centre of this galaxy and into Dark Matter at around 2 o'clock. This is also the first 'spiritual realm' (Door/Portal) accessed - the initial entry point into the Lower Realm after the Fall - as it is currently. This galaxy is considered to be a 'cannibal galaxy' absorbing ('eating') a number of smaller galaxies and presumably a threat to any other galaxies nearby.

Earth's current position is at 8 o'clock,

and again, this is where the first 'spiritual realm' is accessed which is the Path of Light and Dark aka 'duality'. This is where all the 'space' beings exist and is the energy stream or 'path' that the majority on this planet continue to take, through OBE's, astral travel, at death and via spiritual practices and religions. On this glyph, you can literally see where that first 'spiritual realm' (Door/Portal) is located. 'True' of course, is always at 12 o'clock.

This Mayan glyph also informs us that there is a

Serious Fault with the Nucleus of this Galaxy.

The angle of this should not be 8 o'clock to 2 o'clock. It should be 9 o'clock to 3 o'clock.

This article now continues here.

Additionally, the suns/stars within this dark matter reality communicate via solar flares and because these suns fell into the Dark Side they are able to bring in information/instructions from the 'True' side. They are like neurons firing up in one vast brain called the 'Mind'. Also like a giant computer communicating.




The article above is located on the front page and also ***this page with link to a short video explaining more on 'dark matter'.


14 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/lnckAKkXLqfZ/ Siberia (Tartaria) Sri Lanka, Pacific, Angkor, Mexico.


19 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/YwwhFBS3qnJW/


17 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/jEQu8Rg9wKJc/ CERN was associated with opening a Dark Portal to allow demonic energy into this planet. It is now reported to be under 'White Hat' control.

On July 5th CERN in Switzerland is firing up for something.

Some think it might be the 'Space Alien Invasion'. Worth remembering that electrical grids in some countries have been holding back energy - maybe needed for the CERN activity? CERN was associated with opening a Dark Portal to bring demonic energy into this planet. It is now reported to be under 'White Hat' control but the intended event may appear to play out.

Quantum Loans Going to People Who Already Had Worldly Careers & Wealth

It is interesting how many people in successful careers in finance, banking etc, have now become 'spiritual teachers' with herbal product ranges etc and received funding from one of the internet 'charlies' to do so. Huge amounts of money from the QFS was made available to finance such projects for the 'good of humanity' yet curious to see who became eligible. Maybe this multi million development in Mexico that we discussed earlier was also one of the recipients of this? It looks like it. It makes anyone lose hope.

It is true that very everyday people have to 'wake up' so who do they go to but an everyday type of source, but the most successful internet source of this is not anything enlightened and is unknowingly promoting all the old false path consciousness. Perhaps this is why people remain stuck on the 'Wheel'? Average people will go to the best promoted and well known business savvy presenters. These are savvy business people! Perhaps this loan thing is also a trap? This and connected sources are big on the off planet space brothers connection. If you identify yourself with 'space family'- those from the exploded planet came to earth - then you are not from the Eternal God Source.

Looks like a 'space brother' scenario is building.

Just for the record. The planet which exploded and a chunk of it came to this planet, according to Egyptian Records, broke into 14 parts all carrying the ability to re-seed life if it landed in the 'Goldilocks Zone' around a sun.

Therefore it is expected that there are 'space family' beings and all with access to the super high tech used on the exploded planet. It takes a long time for a planet to explode and break up, allowing plenty of time for 'Battlestar Galactica' type evacuations of craft and people.

As is the case with earth, it is still the same energy stream connected back to its same source - Sirius - which is the Path of Duality. The space family beings are the same, light/good ones and dark/evil ones. The important point to note is the Energy Stream, the same energy stream which came to this planet and was not the 'Tree of Eternal Life' energy stream already there.

As this planet ascends up towards closer to True Source, these people have to leave the planet too - no matter how wonderful the that leaving appears to be, they cannot move higher. They will come back in the plasma ships or whatever - the Mayan carvings seem to show physical vehicles - when the planet falls again. Many of the world population cannot go onwards with the planet's Ascension. As this is a repeating 'movie' script the 'future' has already happened in previous times. More on the linked pages.


Current World NEWS further down.

The Luciferian Records discuss that they needed a race of workers

and they used the body of a specific ape to make it a fairly intelligent, strong worker. Some were produced by mating (with the Nephilim) and genetic engineering was involved. The result may have been an ealier version of human. Unfortunately the Luciferians now consider that they are superior to most humans. However, in Greek Records there was an earlier version of actual humans who existed before 'Adam' but they were made of 'stone' - the plasma-like transparent blue 'sky stone'.

The physical Earth - the continents - are a chunk of a planet which blew up in the 'Dog Constellation'

This article is now available on the front page.

The Path of Duality.

These topics continue

The Ancient Therapeutae taught of the LIGHT STREAMS, the LIFE STREAMS and the SOUND STREAMS

*We Teach and Work with the Missing Sound Streams.
Sound is an important part of the higher status and many cannot hear sound so miss out on exceptional level music, because for them it is a jumble of blurred sound or noise. We have recommended music to listen to, with a mention that David Gilmour of Pink Floyd found a way to 'bend sound' and create sounds that have never been heard before. Their work is important to listen to (for those who can).

Current music is fun and enjoyable, but is deliberatey not exceptional. The music industry is/was controlled by the satanists so from the late 1970's the music industry and its videos have deiberately kept sound at low power, bland, and many now cannot hear a large spectrum anyway. Music and videos have been for the purpose of mind control and programming behaviour. Don't be fooled to think otherwise - it has been a satanic tool. Many music videos today include a nose bleed or bloodied face - meaningful for satanists. Most of recent generations are unable to hear real music and don't understand what it is.

It has nothing to do with time, as any true musician will tell you. The world has been denied higher value sounds and frequencies, and the industry, like Silicon Valley, controlled by those from the energy stream of the Black Sun (aka Indigo Sun). There had to be the right people to bring in those sounds before the mind control took off.

If these true, professional artists were producing their creations today the current 'mind of the generation' would not get it all, and the world would never have had access to their significant gift to this planet.







8 mins https://www.bitchute.com/video/YGYuu7czTaDj/ July 1st.

Is the World's Electricity About to be Used for a Project from CERN - HADRON COLLIDER? July 5th CERN event.

On July 5th CERN in Switzerland is firing up for something. Some think it might be the 'Space Alien Invasion'. Worth remembering that electrical grids in some countries have been holding back energy. CERN was associated with opening a Dark Portal to bring demonic energy into this planet. It is now reported to be under 'White Hat' control but the intended event may appear to play out.

White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jennifer Dillon Executed.

On 20 June, Dillon was executed by gunshot in accordance with JAG’s recent directive to change the method of execution. Guam uses the firing squad but GITMO previously used hangings.

Q is back, asking 'do you want to play a game again?'

17 months after the last transmission. "Q is 6 Military Agencies." President Kennedy and President Lincoln also both had a Q team.

More Engineered Weather to 'Prove' Climate Change as

Sydneysiders told to prepare for heavy rainfall, flooding. Bureau issues severe weather alert. July 1st.

Fundamentalist Ministers Told Their Followers to Get Jabbed.

This looks like those who did this were part of the agenda and therefore commited treason or murder? When things start to be revealed, we may see some of these names appear on the arrest lists.

"Prince Charles accepted suitcase with 1 million euros from Qatari sheikh, Sunday Times reports."

2 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/B0B5NnZT6gb5/


Macron Loses Control of Parliament.

Massive surge for Marine Le Pen. We are seeing all the treasonous leaders disappearing from the world stage. Definitely the best way to officially remove them or the sleeping world public would be wondering what was going on.

New QFS currency is about to go into ATMs.

In the USA and maybe other western countries too.

Worldwide Market Collapse Gaining Momentum

June 17th

Stockmarket Meltdown in Progress. Crypto falling.

This has been in progress for a few days now.


13 mins https://www.bitchute.com/video/DZT5ToWPCYcc/

Crypto Currencies are Falling.

Pop singer Justin Beiber is not doing his 'world tour' promoted as beginning late May, because he has facial paralysis from the jab. His recent youtube video may be cgi and the info that he was one of the many celebs who faced execution in 2020, may, after all, still be valid information.


A growing sunspot exploded on June 13th. It was an M3 class.

Public Arrests to Wait until the Results of the US mid-terms are in.

This is what has been reported, issued from President Trump to the military which of course knows that foreign interference has happened in US elections for more than 20 years. Once foreign interference has been established - which it was - the Constitution allows for the military to have control.

Happier Vibe!

Someone added a 'Suave' video on Bitchute. The singer who is unnamed on this upload, is Louis Miguel a top Mexican singer!

5 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/MSs4o6Itrv94/


It is aways significant when solar flare activity increases, particularly strong eruptions like X and M class. It means things are getting activated. An X1.3-class solar flare erupted on March 30th from an active sunspot. This sunspot has already released 2 CMEs toward Earth this week. The observed CME hit Earth's magnetic field March 31st. People are getting excited about geomagnetic storms, but really it is the strong CME's that are of interest, and of course they do interact with the Earth's magnetic field.

Military tribunals continue at GITMO and executions.

Most recent is the hanging of former Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Her last words were : “You’ll all pay for this! You think we don’t know who you are, you and your families. You think Trump can protect you? You’re fucking stupid.” Spit and words flew from her mouth at once. “We’ll find you fuckers, each of you.”

A previous hanging was George Bush Jnr. Although reported for January 2022 it could just be the reporting of something that happened much earlier. “George W. Bush, you have been found guilty of murder and treason, and thus have been sentenced to hang for crimes you committed against the nation and its people. Do you wish Last Rites or have any final words?” Rear Adm. Crandall asked Bush. “So, this is my fucking sendoff? For all I’ve done to protect this country, I got a couple military traitors. Do whatever you fucking have to. We’ll see each other in hell,” Bush said.

Wow. Someone's Worked Out About Polaris the Pole Star!


40 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/U2CqC2dlMDmk/ *Additional info : Hollywood refers to the wood of the Holly tree/bush which is considered by satanists to be the most potent for wands casting spells. The picture shown here is an energy alignment to draw in energy from Polaris and the entire constellation as practised in a system of Qi Gong. *The 'Saved By the Bell' symbols include the pedophilia symbols.


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Communism/Marxism/Belshevism : Recent Videos from this news page : Antarctica and Greenland :

As the planet moves into its Ascending Phase - it changes position,

therefore altering climates in various regions - and we all want this Ascending Phase! It is moving into a new summer for some, and a new winter for other regions.'Current Earth'.

SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE SURVIVORS Recent Videos included on the news page.

The Collapse of the US Economy & Inability to Pay its Debt?

The US was made a corporation in 1871. Continue.


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4th Reich : Nazi-Khazarian Advanced Tech Craft and Hidden Bases : Titanic : Rods of God : Empire of Tartaria :
Current Earth : Antarctica and Greenland (and the race of angels) : Still the Wrong Path!




The Ascension Phase of the Planet.

The 'white hats' op dates back to the time of the American Civil War. There has been a definite timing involved in this and that has to coincide with the actual change in the planet to the Ascension Phase - which we have followed and covered specifically over the last 20 years. The good side has been aware of the bad agenda playing out decades. The timing to act, requires the planetary changes.

Ascension energies impacted this planet in abundance in 2006,

with lead ins before that, after the millennium - some in 2001, big input in 2003, some big stuff in 2005. This energy is the power and the glory. This glory has been powering the side of good since then.

This topic continues


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Climate-Metaverse - the Black Hole New Reality and Lure.



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Chlorine dioxide info on Dec. News page.


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Information, film, audio, documents, and photos from Hunter (Joe's son) Biden's laptop.

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10 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/737ho478Danf/

Non compliance advice - Get them to sign if giving the vaccine'.

UK: VACCINE PASSPORT EXEMPTION 1 minute : https://www.bitchute.com/video/HnUIAsmQLUlR/

'Get them to sign if giving the vaccine'. https://www.bitchute.com/video/D9Isb6FBPCco/ 1 min.

The NUREMBERG Code also new video on your legal and medical rights on Vaccine info page.

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'Absolute Proof Beijing Stole the 2020 US Election'. https://www.bitchute.com/video/AaCD0xX2yAaB/ The source of this requests you please share this video. 2 hour show.

Official - PCR Tests are inaccurate.

The CDC now recognizes that the PCR tests cannot tell the difference between the usual 'flu and so called covid-19.


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