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The Imminent Pole Shift.

Earth's Ascension - What it means, and what it doesn't mean.

To begin that we have an excellent video, with an expert on Pole Shifts to explain this misunderstood topic.

When we began this work over 20 years ago, we found it difficult to explain a few important things that were being missed. We explained these things very well, but have now found it is better to let other experts explain these instead, then a person can return to our work which is to help you achieve SOUL FREEDOM from the 'World of Illusion and Wheel of Rebirth'.

When the Christ came to this planet to remind people about how those on the Higher Realms behave, He, like that Higher World

knew what had happened to cause this planet to be damaged as it is. It should just have a strong North and South Pole that anchors firmly into the 'Upper Universe' Eternal Life Living Energy Source. That is how it 'plugs in'.

The damage to the planet broke that connection, which is an Energy Stream or an Energy Path - path of energy.

That has gone. It is broken, gone.

The planet now has several different poles, all leading onto different 'energy paths'. None of them ever return to True Eternal Source. The planet can Ascend out of its Fall - which is the worst and lowest of the several poles - but it is on a cycle and Falls again because it never connects to the Original Energy Stream. It connects to one of several different Pole Alignments, some better than others. This work has always been a Spiritual Work specifically to explain about the correct, energy path. This planet never restores its original alignment. But there are ways that each individual can personally do it, and indeed, the only chance you get to do that is while you are in the body, incarnated.

There are very useful alternative video channels providing useful information and relevant news. But they are not, and never were, 'spiritual guides' of teachers for how to get OFF this cycling planet and get to the True Eternal Source.

It absolutely does NOT mean other planets in this galaxy! There are no Higher World planets in this fallen, damaged galaxy. The new video featured below provides some great information on this planet and its cycling Pole Shifts.



Climate Change, The Great Disaster Cycle, Atlantis & More | The Culture War with Tim Pool

Watch Video 2 hours and 11 minutes.

*We believe Earth moves up and out from what this topic is covering! No catastrophe!

*When they come to the bit on the moon, there has long been information that the moon was created, is hollow and was placed where it is (by an 'ancient civilization'!)

*One of the areas of the planet that is getting more strongly hit (bad) than other parts of the planet, is over South America.

When the astronauts did go to the moon they left a mirror on the Sea of Tranquility from which you can bounce laser beams sent from Earth. This video points out that there were a lot of failed missions before the successful one when the astronauts could not get back. Same for the 'first man in space'. There were many others who went up but did not get back. Yuri Gagarin was the first one who returned to the earth.

This topic continues with short clips on this link. Earth Poles

The planet's acceleration is about 17 miles per hour, per minute. 17.


The ancient scriptures indicate that when an ancient civilization "misused technology" they damaged this entire galaxy.

When Earth Fell, it opened a few wormhole Portals and energy anomalies on this planet, like Antarctica, Montauk, under the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, and the Bermuda Triangle, and more.

* 'Space aliens' and 'spirit beings' are not that. They are inter-dimensional demonic beings which managed to get into this planet after the damage to the planet was done from the 'Pyramid Free Energy Network'.



Earth's 4 Directions

(all false of course.)

This planet has 8 poles. They are false poles because they are Magnetic Poles, except True North.

The current False Axis is Magnetic North to Polaris in the star constellation of Ursa Minor and Major which leads to the star constellation of CANIS the Dog. This gives you the identity of the Children of Cain. The Canaanites. If you do most of the spiritual practices of the last 6,000 years then they align to that system and on to Sirius. This diagram shows the alignment taught by the Healing Tao System of Mantak Chia, who of course became very wealthy from his teachings and has a sanctuary in Thailand. That saucepan shaped thing is The Plough which points to Polaris. The diagram is from Mantak Chia's work.

Through other systems, the most common practice is to activate Kundalini, which because everything is aligned to Polaris is also the energy stream that the Kundalini will follow once activated. This is why you are taught NOT to do it! Too late for those who did, they now are in contact with a 'star god' who to them is 'God'.

The ruling Luciferian Order of today, which finally took complete control after WW2 is the Dark Side of a duality energy stream (the 'Mahesh' means 'DARK' as in the guru name Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) called the Order of the Phoenix (Phoenice). The Light side of this duality is called the Order of the Golden Dawn. Above both of these, perhaps related to the original Sirius C that was believed to have existed before Sirius B went supernova, is the FALSE Order of Melchizadek (not the True one) which is the Order that Hitler and the Nazi's were apparently part of. The Order of the Phoenix is the most evil and fallen. It is also the most reversed.

With the video added above, it explains that the Earth has 4 different polar alignments over its 25,000+ years cycle (wheel, as caused by the damage) The planet is about to change to its next pole alignment. In more simple terms, this is the planet's fallen left side (sin) rising back upwards towards its True Pole alignment. There would be another around 6,000 years from this one, then one at the 12,000 years mark or 12 o'clock. This one is at 6 o'clock, moving from the Iron/Dark Age into a Silver Age.

The one at the 12,000 year mark theoretically would align a Golden Age. That would be the unchanged inner axis which was not damaged, and that would begin to lock onto the ETERNAL LIFE ENERGY STREAM - except that it doesn't because the inner and outer axis clash at that point and the planet misses and begins its FALL phase again. So it does not actually sustain a Golden Age, but begins its fall, thinking it was in a 'Golden Age'.


Ancient Legends which continues with the topic of this video.


Former 'Mother of Darkness' Explains the things that belong to the Luciferian religion............. NEXT SECTION >>








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