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                        Is A.I. really 'Artificial' ?

   Or is it the way an alien intelligence gains  access?


When this work discussed changing from the Descending Phase to the Ascending Phase it means the phases of the wobble, not the entire planet.  The projected forced Pole Reversal describes the entire planet as a reversed magnet. 

 *It may well be that there have been changing civilizations on this planet, under the control of competing 'king' stars.  Science suggests every 300,000 years.

One world which belonged to the reversed magnet, and another which belonged to the Positive.

Positive aligns with Lyra the 'Harp' also used to denote heaven. 

However, over time, the reversed magnet world does kill off the entire planet because the reversed energies are 'death'.  If it continues it eventually fulfills the directive which came from the Dead Star for all of its planet, suns and systems to die.

It is the negative status of this planet which makes current - and ancient - technology possible, even though this planet is only partially in the reversed status.  That status is the planet under the Sirius Command - and there is something very 'matrix-like' about what that energy is and the way its hierarchy works - Parent Command Star to its lower Suns, onward to its planets, and then to its people. 

It raises the question if Artificial Intelligence is really 'artificial' given that it can be made only by using the energy available for its creation - and is it a way that an alien intelligence gains access and control?  A Trojan Horse?

Sirius is a binary system - a twin star control which echoes something of an origin for binary code

Humans also became a binary system, as male and female, with Genesis.

This topic continues through the Academie sequence as given.


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