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 A Nuclear War 25,000 Years Ago and Records of Ancient Weapons.

Ancient aircraft and weaponry on at least 18,000 year old wall carvings.

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(Continues from intro article)........We looked at the first real Healer-Therapists because these are the 'northern European' people who once lived in the regions of northern India, the Indus Valley etc but in a massive ancient war over 12,000 years ago, were driven out northwards, finally ending up in Greece and Europe.  By the way, there is an anomaly in that evidence from archeological digs showed the cities there full of nuclear radiation consistent with atomic explosions (re: Gregg Braden lecture).  So, would that be enough to suggest it is worth looking into any kind of conspiracy on this planet? 

There was a race on this planet which existed before the Fall phase and was part of the 5th Realm.  In reality that part of the body now is the soul which is inside the body that was created in the 3rd realm.  In earlier times their's was a physical body as much as the planet in the 5th Realm was physical too, yet at a much higher frequency than what this denser 3rd realm is.  It is also understood that the process of the developing Genesis creation began many rounds of the cycle earlier, possibly 200,000 years ago, or at a time associated with the first Neanderthals, by which time the original race (which existed before Genesis) had adapted to a denser body, but it was still the codes of the 5th realm.  25,000 years ago, they lived in the area now associated with Afghanistan, and Northern India.

In fact, according to author and scientist Gregg Braden, archeological digs in northern India uncovered ancient cities dating back at least 18,000 or more years with evidence of nuclear radiation consistent with nuclear attacks.  You may not know that it was the white European race - Scandinavian Anglo, Aryan - which had lived in that region and had been the target - which saw them migrate northwards and begin a strong presence in Greece. These were 'angelic' fair skinned, blue or violet eyed races called Angles - Angels - which is the identity of the 'Angle-ish' and the identity and heritage that is 'English', made up of those now from Scandinavia (Norse) and eastern and western Europe.  They were forced to migrate northwards from their homeland in what is now Northern India, after a massive ancient war, which still continues. That was at the end of the last 'end times' 25,000 years ago.  They went through Persia and onwards north.

Known to today's history is that it was Greece which occupied the land now known as Egypt, and their sphinx's in Greece and Greek things in Egypt including Greek place names like Heliopolis. They also went to Turkey, where the impressive ruins of Gobekli Tepe can be found. Then those same conflicts began again and continued on to today's world, where the 'cancer' rules.

This is also the situation the moment the Earth is reborn into each 'First Times'.  The original fair races have already been driven out of Northern India, travelled up through Persia and Turkey and are now resident in Greece and Europe.  For those who suddenly find themselves awake in the 'First Times' there is evidence that people lived on this planet before, but for them, they have just found a source of light in the night skies after being in a Void of darkness. This is now the beginning.

For others, they still have the 'mind boxes' which keep the plans for the new world they eventually wish to establish on this planet.  Unfortunately that plan takes this planet into some undesirable energy that although it makes it possible for the technology to exist, it is also a 'gift' that was warned against using, because it is also a Force which scientists in today's world have seen is pulling everything, stars and planets, towards it and all at the same angle. 

Trying to prevent that happening was the reason for the 'war' that was the 'end times' of the last story of this planet. It was a battle between those who were the consciousness of the 5th realm and those who whose consciousness was Intellect and Logic.

Now this is the time when this planet is in the 'Mind Realm' and there is still a desire to reduce and wipe out all 5th realm people hence we have looked at immigration policies, an ancient war, and a targeted operation of deliberately luring 5th realm people into the 'false light'. 

The goal is also to keep the planet in the 3rd realm, so it remains here permanently, under the current System, and which requires the use of technology to achieve. Yet for this, and for the goal in the previous paragraph - where is their directive coming from to do this, except from a 'god' that has not given them a real, eternal existence? A 'god' that Dan Brown is describing in his book 'Origin'. An all powerful 'box' that might be the 'keeper' of the ideology that is the 'conspiracy to rule the world'. Are there people on this planet who worship a box of some kind as 'god', and if so, why? Does 'god' really have a 'house'? Why were the Nazi's looking for the Arc of the Covenant?

It could be said that the same war that targeted certain people over 12,000 years ago - the original Keepers of the consciousness and higher energies of the original planet -  is still a cancer-like attempt to takeover this planet, happening today.


Many interesting records and books survived and were kept in Germany, a lot of which echoed some of the reasons to be wary of the 'black poison', discussed the use of 'black magic' which may mean science using the 'black energy', and recorded warnings about the bad energies radiated across the planet with the Abundant Provider planet-wide grid system. Yet the Nazi leaders were vegetarian and deeply mystical, believing in astrology and 'alternative' medicines, etc. Hitler did become increasingly erratic through medicine prescribed for him by this type of doctor (quack) whom he made his personal physician - and was probably giving him conscious altering drugs. This undoubtedly contributed to his undoing - so was this doctor an agent who was placed there?  However, the leadership belonged to Austrian Secret Societies, had access to ancient records kept in Austria, and some of those records were used as the source for the development of the very advanced for the time Nazi weapons in WW2, which included the beginning development of the A bomb.

From records still kept in official libraries at least up to 500 BCE (over 2,500 years ago) there were official documents which reported that the planet had been a much bigger planet.  Some of its landmass was pulled into a 'Force', written elsewhere as a 'dark force, and an 'invisible Force', and some of the people were pulled into the Force with it.  What may have resulted was in fact, the existence of this Earth and some records attributed to a 19th century Freemason, places a sophisticated civilization here at least 100,000 years ago. 

It is believed the records of the 5th realm world, in physical books kept the information on the system of the 5th Realm world.  The rules of the 5th realm world - a much higher frequency world in which the soul body is the body -  were the Golden Rule, always consideration for others, diplomacy, gentility, gentleness, compassion etc. 

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