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June 9th 2023.

We had two versions for this newsletter. One on the website and this one sent out.

It does seem very difficult for people to discern the difference between the 'good' side of the fallen and wrong path, and the necessary path needed to return to the 'True Path'. 

A 'path' really means the 'energy family' this planet is connected into. That's about the easiest way of saying that. This planet is connected and on the path of the wrong 'energy family'. It is there because the way it connects into FELL, and then connected into something else, something much lower, and something that is also being pulled into or towards a portal into the supermassive black hole at the centre of this galaxy. That's like the entire underside of this galaxy when viewed side on.

To understand why this planet would be in that position, it is well to understand that all the physicality of this world came to this "location" from the blown up planet   That is the 'starseed'.  Not advanced beings or angels, but literal DNA.  It includes the realms attached to that blown up world, and the history of the satanic orders also known as Luciferians and Anunnaki. It was their chunk of rock. And it was dead and fully 'marked' for the 'black hole'. So the 'black hole' - Osiris - has always come after it to get it back. But it has a good side, too, a side of love and light. Still the same wrong energy stream though.

Which leads to another truth which people have trouble understanding - or perhaps do not know about -  that the 'spiritual realms' you go to after leaving the body are the FALSE REALM. The Realms of Illusion.

Death does not mean death of the body, because a person is born again into another lifetime.

They go to the place the majority of people go to when they die, or out of body experiences, or astral travel or shamanic journeying. It does 'prove'  to the person experiencing it that there is no death. This is misleading. Even with the 'good' side, you are still aligned to the wrong path, the path going into the 'Black Hole'!   So it is important to make a distinction between exactly what you mean to align with. 

Here is something you can try, that might eventually help anyone stop aligning into the 'false path'. When saying your prayers to God, call upon the

"Living True God of Integrity, Honour, and Truth."

This is because identifying a 'god of love' is not enough. Love does exist abundantly on the good side of the 'false path' so this is definitely confusing. Wonderful as that feels, it is still not as powerful as the Love from True Source. Try qualifying what you mean when you do call upon God!

We have updated the Upper Universe page. http://www.soul-search.org   We have never had any seminars etc, just not able to do it, but it is possible we can venture into doing a youtube channel if able.  Unfortunately people will watch those but are less enthusiastic to read.  The new links are often just a few sentences, and easy to read!

Basically you are ON the wrong path already and automatically.  No matter what name you give whatever you are doing, you are still already on the wrong path.  Even when it changes to positive and almost becomes parallel with the True Path it is still, always and forever, the wrong path. That is what you have to change. The standard required to make that change lies in how you behave.  It lies in the calibre and quality of person that you are.

Having said that, I have just been reading James Herriot's 'All Creatures Great and Small' set in Yorkshire in 1937,  he was a country vet.  For a different take on how to be 'spiritual' we recommend reading this.  Forget all the spiritual stuff we have all had thrown at us for decades, and instead take note of the love of the animals and the people, their standards of behaviour and politeness and respect towards each other.  1937 Yorkshire was far more evolved than today's world. This is a link to the 1978  TV drama which was  incredibly popular.   But read the books if you can.www.soul-search.org/sound.drama.html

Also on the Upper Universe page, we have added a link to Matthew Bourne's FULL 'Sleeping Beauty' ballet under 'Good v Evil'  This is excellent.  We have also included some examples of  Baryshnikov's work so you can see the highest standard of excellence available in the arts.  We are in a world where standards have been reduced, and the 'dark side' wanted you to forget all this.

Thank you for your emails, and please pass on the Updates.

You may not realize it but we are the highest level teaching on this planet, from a Source which only returns here once every 25,000 years.  

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God Bless You.



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