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UPDATED - Everything is expected to happened very quickly.

False Flag event at Inauguration to Assassinate Biden and Blame it on Maga supporters - leaves Harris to become President.

With CNN filmed footage.

More below with Mike Adams video.

US military 'White Hawks' are flying over Washington DC and they have been testing the Emergency Announcement System. There are now 30,000 troops and Dept. of Defense is saying that is not enough. Cell phones are jammed in the area with sophisticated jamming.

The fact that the military is in place and the capital area is fenced in with barbed wire walls and that artworks have been removed from the WH and maybe more indicates something unusual is in play. It is expected that the US will go under military rule, but hoped as a lead in to NESARA, not to become a Military Police State. DC is in a war zone position, with expectations of incoming air attacks. Patriot missiles mid west to take out any incoming cruise missiles, also 'Rods of God'. This deployment is a full on war deployment - for at least a month - including to call in air support, maybe air to air combat. many CCP troops still in Canada and Mexico (and a few weeks ago 50,000 were in the Maine underground base which was bombed and destroyed.) May have to expect kinetic warfare, missiles and DC may go. More on the video below.

"In the days leading up to the Biden inaugural, the nation’s capital has been turned into an occupied military zone like Baghdad.  Armed troops authorized to use lethal force are manning checkpoints to enter and leave downtown Washington, D.C.  Green Zone and and Red Zone perimeters have been established. Several bridges into the city from neighboring Virginia are scheduled to be closed next week for the inaugural." Gateway Pundit.

We all also have to remember it was written that the world would be threatened by a false flag - alien invasion, cult agenda etc - which would bring the world together to accept a One World Government. But is that under God, or under the good side of the 'God of Light and Dark'?

* Big tech is making it difficult for the declass info to get out.

* The Ukraine criminal investigation into Joe Biden - a candidate cannot run for President while under a criminal investigation. 29 mins.

* The ObamaGate disclosure is so big that it is going to surprise everyone.

* EU governments collapsing, Netherlands, Italy, PM of Estonia missing, Google evacuation, Heathrow Terminal 2 evac. (bomb threat) and more. Two world leaders are in with 'the cue', one is Putin who is not stepping down but some of the government is.

* A Rothschild has died from a 'heart attack' at 57, and two multi millionaires have committed suicide by jumping iout of hotel windows. 9 Catholic bishops with 'covid' all died this week. Seigfreid of Sigefreid and Roy - and whose name was on the Gitmo execution list - has died from 'cancer'. Multitudes of CEO's have resigned from top businesses. Kuwait government resign en masse, and Lebanon's government and Tunisia. Angela Merkel already said long ago that she would not continue with another term.

*Aaron Vaughn Seal Team 6 - Osama mission - was not killed and is now revealing information!

* TV media has to publish the truth or they will be shutdown - CNN, BBC, ABC Australia etc. Occasionally we check MSM, it is not a happy experience.

* Still reports to be stocked up with food etc in case of lockdowns or more, and await worldwide possible Emergency Broadcast - if the media does not report the TRUTH.

* All artwork etc is being removed from the WH and there is a possibility that the satanic 'owl' design and layout may be about to go.

* Info can be Declassified but then there has to be a directive for it to become public.

* A report from Natural News that 3 of the popular video presenters who are very trusted are actually CIA and this has been a CIA Psyop. The build up of troops in DC is for war and the war is with the CCP. Is Natural News an accurate source? Not clear. We know that Gates and Bezos were buying up land and a famine is coming.



1 hour 10 mins. MIke is providing a good military report and clearly trying to find answers.

* Biden can never legally be President or even run as a candidate.

* Document exposed as Lindell leaves White House. 2 mins.

* Declass for the public on Obamagate expected Monday.

* They have begun serving the indictments to the Senators and Congressmen in DC mostly for treason.

* Full Leaked Zoom Call Video: - Planning Riots in DC.

High, barbed wire fences around the satanic 'owl' that is DC's design.

There are no preparations in Washington DC for any inauguration on Jan. 20th. No hotels booked out either.

However, on Jan. 20th 'Biden' and 'Harris' may be sworn in at the Supreme Court - source Juan O Savin. These are doubles, or cgi. and they are being sworn into a government system that no longer exists. This will still lead to their official public arrests. The elite get Washington DC which is a satanic city and will be dumped. Could be real military action happening there.

15 mins.

* De-class of 9/11 coming soon. Including the gold beneath there that was quietly moved.


20 mins.

President Trump's 2nd term inauguration appears to have taken place on Jan.11th in a private ceremony just before the Insurrection Act was signed.

The official public ceremony may be March 4th. The US has moved to Constitutional Law which means the legal structure of the USA is now different. It is a different system.

You can check what appears to be Trump's re-inauguration on 1/11 by doing the following steps : -

1. Open Safari on mobile. 2. Type in . 3. Tap menu. 4.. Go to 'News'. 5. Go to 'Briefings and Statements'. 6. Go to the Statement on the Emergency. 7. Then tap the url as if to copy it. 8. Look at what Auto Pops Up.

Trump ended term as President on 1/11 then the 59th inauguration took place 1/11/21. The State of Emergency runs in DC from the 59th presidential inauguration on 1/11 through to 1/24.

The USA Corp Inc. began to be dissolved on Jan.20th 2017.

Now it is something different that is being introduced - a system which benefits everyone. The absolute dissolution was final in June 2019. As for an inauguration - its an inauguration into what system? In the original Constitution - which is being restored - the inauguration day is March 4th. That may be for the public after the one whiich took place on 1/11. There cannot be a legal inauguration of a questionable president elect under the restored Constitution.

We are told that all of this has been dealt with since 2017 - that is when the arrests began and executions began in 2019, except for John McCain in 2018. but nothing has been made known until now.

* Still expectations the 3 Gorges Dam will go - taking out the Wuhan Lab which is in the pathway.

Also all the servers for all the BTC for Bitcoin etc are stored beneath the dam. The dam is expected to go, but there may be a nuclear storage facility there too. All the cabal financial system has been stored underground. The new QF system is in the Starlink satellites. Is this the light side of the 2nd path or something that will be in play for the next 13,000 years to its next Fall phase?

* The INSURRECTION ACT means everything has to abide by the Constitution. The new Impeachment document actually sets the case for those involved with it to be impeached - they have not abided by the Constitution.

General McInerney - Special Forces - High Treason.

1 min. Someone is 'singing like a canary'? Is the Italian PM? Or the Pope?

* JFK jnr most likely did not die in the plane crash. But a lot of people today would need to have it explained who he is.

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." - Napoleon.


Hollywood & Royal Witches & Warlocks. ... .Mark of the Black Eye. ... .: Previous . Golden Envelopes. For CURRENT mid Jan. WAKE UPDATE Click here . New content added Jan.: to V - Day.

Looks like the British may experience depopulation.

UNBELIEVABLE! British People Queue Up to Have the Vaccine.

1 min. Reports are they are being given a 'flu shot'. It is to see how stupid people are.

"For f..ks sake.....................fecking unbelievable...........Jab and go..........on your holidays. Wow." ... "....they are obviously totally ignorant of what the "vaccine" does or rather doesnt do!" ... "Wow look how many people are completely lost. " ... "There are so many morons in the UK...good to see their numbers whittled down a bit." ... "Be thankful the brainwashed are getting vaxxed and culled. The elites have a target number for how many get terminated. The faster it reaches that number, the better it is for everyone else."

*Jared Kushner banned from access to the White House. Not verified , it is believed no-one is at the WH anyway.

SONG : 3 mins.

CCP "Takeover" of the USA

A possible kinetic attack (Pacific) began on Wednesday, following Monday's delisting of 200 CCP affiliated companies from the US stock exchanges. This is a big issue for the CCP and should they retaliate with a military strike all US assets are in position and ready. It is possible Iran could take action too. Another CCP ally is Pakistan where there was a major blackout and it is believed that key people were arrested. There is no contest, but Trump, with project Odin, has all the Odin satellites and the 'Rods of God'.

Nancy Pelosi asked for the nuclear codes - not for impeaching Trump, but to pass on to the CCP? The impeachment document wording actually condemns those who are calling for the snap impeachment. Nancy Pelosi is reported to be wearing the same dress and bracelet as she wore during the first impeachment. Also reported to have done a runner but is one of those who received an indictment.

All news and declass will be available for FREE.

Sadly, there are people 'making a buck' out of providing the de-class information! We will put up as much as we can and provide links. Arrests, trials, executions - Hollywood, music industry, Bollywood. Obama spying on the President, governments falling, DUMBS. We have provided the info and video from Hunter Biden's laptop and will link these again as some people were not aware of this info from before the Nov. 3rd election. Covid-timelines, intention, link to the Nazi States of the EU. and so on.

NESARA - a new financial system - was to be introduced in 1963 under Kennedy. It was not introduced by Clinton, or by Bush Snr which would have made it more to do with the Davos Reset version. If you do not know what it is then try an internet search.

* We all know that Trump is not going to be inaugurated on Jan 20th and he has said he is not going to be there. It is great that information reaches millions of ordinary people, many of whom have just begun to wake up after the covid scamdemic obviously raised issues. The information needs to get out.

Throughout life you know full well inside that certain behaviours are moral and others are amoral and immoral - like snorting coke, indiscrimminate sex, one night stands etc - and how you choose to behave is the real essence of who you are even if you change as you grow older and commit to a relationship. A report from Natural News that 3 of the popular video presenters who are very trusted are actually CIA and this has been a CIA Psyop. The build up of troops in DC is for war and the war is with the CCP. Is Natural News an accurate source? Not clear. We know that Gates and Bezos were buying up land and a famine is coming.


Interesting but the Van Allen Belts are between Mars and Jupiter, not near the Earth and moon. The Roman Church did not hide the occult teachings through Egypt etc the Roman Church began 2,000 years ago and Egpyt was long before then. Lucifer does mean light. Luce is Latin for light, but it is the fallen light.

51 mins. Fake NASA




Preparatory Stages for DE-CLASS Videos.


* The big columns, or needles, that take pride of place in London, Washington DC, and the Vatican, is the symbol of Osiris's phallus and resurrection. It is part of the satanic religion.

* Lord Maiteya was the head of the cabal - and surrendered.

* They are now revealing that the MK Ultra's new age was a cult plan to ease people onto the satanic path.

Moving into '5D Consciousness'. The general level is so incredibly dim and ignorant, that it makes what people are calling 5D look as if it is unusually good!


So, it was written that the world would be threatened by a false flag - alien invasion, cult agenda etc - which would bring the world together to accept a One World Government. But is that under God, or under the good side of the 'God of Light and Dark'?



There are different Timelines playing out now.

Some people only see the reality shown through their TV about a virus and a need to have a vaccination. These ones are unlikely to go through to the future, and if they have had the vaccination they may experience what the cult vaccine was intended for - depopulation, which means they will die. Some of these who simply cannot see the other Timeline reality, may of course, wake up!

It is a pre-written script, that has already played out before, and is playing out the same script now.

The SERPENT Bloodline. The ADAM Bloodline. The CHRISTOS Bloodline.

The serpent race believe they created mankind and that may be correct because they upgraded a particular ape to be a slave worker to serve for them. The race in the Garden was from the ape, and is a 'false creation' because of that and as the genesis gene of Isis. They were given the spirit of True God to upgrade them, which made them partly the Christos bloodline, and partly the Adam bloodline. That is why True Source stepped in to save the 'race of Adam'.


Camelot: Golden Kingdom**These links are now also presented as part of an online book. A great Wake Up is now happening - and it is good. But the reality is that if the satanic agenda did win this battle, or does win it next time round, the ONLY answer remaining is to be able to get out of this reality - and its realms - and that is not possible without having done what this work has been teaching about. NEXT


The purist teachings which still exist within the Roman Church are the Benedictines and the Franciscans - followers of St Francis of Assisi.


The Roman Church, 2000 years ago, took, and recreated, the Christos teachings which also went eastwards with the True Living Master.



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