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Future Timelines, Sound Frequencies and Missing SOUND Frequencies. Future Earth, Future Consciousness, Lost Chord.

When You Meditate and Reach a Higher Level Beyond the Mind/Body, or When You Leave the Body at Death or in OBE/Astral Travel, You Experience 'God Source' and Heaven.

Or do you?

The Higher Self. The Free Self.

There is lower consciousness and Higher Consciousness.

Many 'gurus' have decided that after death (or when they raise consciousness beyond the mind/body) we/they go to 'heaven' and 'God loves us' - regardless of how one chose to live the life. They teach the same stuff as Osho taught.

If that were true then it would not matter how you lived in this world. So when you encounter this view it tells you you have been caught in a paradox.

Or just that you have been caught.

If you have come to this paradox, haven't you wondered about it?

Who said that the After Life - the realm you go to after leaving the body - or in an OBE (Out of Body Experience) or the realm your mind goes to in 'meditation' is actually God's Realm? Even though it may look and seem to be a 'heaven' and certainly not a 'hell'. Yet with a 'God' who allows you, and could not care less, that you may behave in any disgusting, or whatever, manner you like and then says you have 'reached heaven' when you leave the body or your consciousness reaches a 'higher realm' in 'meditation'? The greater knowledge is that it isn't! People have assumed it is. For your answer you have to look further.

However, it means you stay in the lower realm where that level of consciiuness exists - until you can wake up and see a bigger picture. You can never be free.


What Shall We Do Now?

3 mins.

Unreleased track from: Pink Floyd The Wall.

Sound'. Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness' :




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