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The mission that plays out on this planet

has always been to get the people off this planet and to safety. 'Safety' lies higher up the consciousness scale so requires inner development. But people keep nailing themselves back into this lower energy stream, where the planet currently is, and they then remain stuck on the 'Wheel of Rebirth' which is this planet's cycle, under 'Shiva'. They do this because they continue to think they have found the way out of 'evil' and darkness by changing to the 'good side' of the duality.

Getting off this planet means exiting this entire Astral Realm so it does not involve any journeys to other planets or connections with those on other planets. They are all in the same realm. It doesn't mean there aren't off planet connections with the coming new reality. But it still does means the lost way OUT of this energy stream and lower universe and connecting to a different energy stream (or 'tree') called the Eternal Life Streams.

So what happens? Some people are aligned into the positive side enough to remain there as the planet spends its next 12,000 years on its way to its 'starting point' which began as being aligned to 'True Source'.

Obviously this covers the topic of reincarnation, which is nothing more than meaning your 'real body' (spirit) cannot live in a physical body forever because the body dies. The spirit within goes to an energy realm which is part of this reality and then is born into another body. because that is the way it is on this damaged planet. That is also why the ultimate aim is to get free of being stuck in this repeating problem.

As we all know, or as some like to pretend is not the case, even those who have gone to the highest levels of the 'spiritual path' still all return. They explain this as being teachers, or messengers who have returned to help other people become stuck in this reality too!

For those who cannot even resonate with the planet's changes happening now, those who cannot think for themselves, and are told 'who they are' and what to do, because their 'spirit' has to go somewhere, the answer is the 'Matrix'. It is said they go into a virtual reality world until they can incarnate into a physical body again and try to get out of this problem. The fact that their only chance happens once they are in a physical body again, tells you that this is something you have to do when you are in the phsyical body.


< Do this and you will remain on the 'Wheel of Rebirth' - and never find Freedom or 'True Enlightenment'.

Sound'. Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness' :




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