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'Should the 'race of mankind' be Allowed to Continue?...............................................

Jan. 10th

The Ancient Question :

An ancient story :

"Once Upon a Time"

Somewhere in the subconscious, there has always been a distant memory that there is a question about whether the 'race of mankind' should be allowed to continue.

The creation of mankind is covered elsewhere in this work. It is called a 'false creation'. As such, this planet exists separated and isolated from the rest to the 'True Creation' - it is its own 'Truman Show' - the Jim Carey movie where the character he plays is an unknowing participant in a 'Big Brother' style TV show where all the characters he knows in his life are actors. He is the only one who doesn't know this.

This is the story of Earth's reality and 'mankind'. Mankind is a 'negative creation' which was engineered into existence during the time the planet was 'fallen' which means fallen in the EMF - electromagnetic frequency scale - into the negative. This basically means they cannot exist in the positive and the entirety of the 'True Reality' is 'positive'. They were modified presumably from DNA (from the exploded planet covered elsewhere) and monkeys in order to be useful, and are not the original humans.This created a very sgnificant dilemma. What to do with them?

There were questions what to do about this. A creation of 'negative beings' who can only survive in a false reality that is also negative. The 'negative' makes them the 'lower self' identity. The question was, should they be allowed to continue to exist? Of course the answer to that is no, they should be removed - and this is partly what some tried to do beginning with the Covid Agenda, with the real target to bring in the vaxx. They are a stupid, ignorant and very dangerous level of existence. They will harm others even leading to the deaths of those others, and will do so without knowing they are doing it. The one clue to why that happens is in asking, "did they act from the 'Heart' or from some logic of the mind?" Because mankind has to LEARN to find, develop, understand, and live from the HEART before it can ever move out of this 'false existence'.

But 'higher up' said they must be given a chance to 'evolve' out of being 'lower self' beings. To do that, they will have their own isolated and separated existence much like the Truman Show idea represented. From there they will live their lives, and their deaths, and they will be presented with many 'tests' along the way, to see how they respond. How that works out is monitored (or 'judged'). The intention is that this dreadful race of people called 'mankind' have to learn and evolve to live 'from the Heart' in a positive energy, in order to be as the rest of the 'True Reality' are, and IF they can do that, they will be able to go to the BEAUTY and LOVE that is the Real Reality.

People wonder how they can be monitored or how it can be that any other source would know who and what you are in the presumed privacy of your own thoughts, minds and actions.

The brains of mankind are actually connected into part of a massive computer system, two systems in fact. The brain is modelled in the same pattern as the galaxy you do see around you in the night skies - not so much the day skies. This is also why the technology for AI is possible, which is a stage of mankind's development of technology, which at the same time makes it possible to introduce the possibility of this idea.

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