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The Galaxy Has A Waste Disposal System


A galaxy is a living system. It is a body, just as humans are in a body, or a planet is in a body.

Sometimes the beings on a planet do not evolve to a level that can enter the Upper Universe. The path that most take to 'fall' is that of using the 'black poison' which is the name from ancient Norse legends which called it the Eitr. This energy presents the 'false gifts'. This is covered in another brief link.

Once a world starts doing that, the planet and people begin to align with the underworld of the galaxy, where there is a supermassive Black Hole. A 'waste disposal system'.

There are so many reasons a consciousness can fall, but greed and the power that seems to come with developing endless 'technology' is one of them.

On an ordinary human level it can be abuse of the body, mind, emotions or spirit or other people, in some way. Trying and getting hooked on drugs for example, and most definitely an abusive attitude to sex.

So, whatever the reason, some worlds become worlds which the galaxy needs to excrete. To do this, they begin to enter the 'Underworld' and basically they are removed from the Living Galaxy via the Anus. This is why they are called Anu's! They just manage to make their way there, for disposal. This is what happened to the Greys and all the other lot trying to use human DNA to get back to the Living side again. It also means they have not yet gone through the entire bowel movement of the galaxy.

For the ones who came to this planet, the ones with the earlier name of Anunnaki, they are the ones who went too far with technology and blew up their planet. If there are good people on good planets, there is no need for them to come to here. There is also no need for them to examine human biology. because they are good and okay already themselves.

The remnants of the exploded planet ended up here as Earth, and life was seeded anew. So, they got another shot at it. With the situation here, this Earth is halfway between the Upper and Lower side of the galaxy. This is why the fallen ones want to hitch a ride up to the Upper Side. They can try that by latching on to your biology. And many people are willing to let them do that. They are willing because they think it is contact with a higher spiritual world.

For those who began life again here, it means instead of going into the portal entrance to a Black Hole tentacle, they have been given another opportunity to get out of this bowels status.

We assume that not all the people on that blown up planet were on board with where the technology was going, and what it had devolved to. . This is in line with the records of those who still wanted the 'Light' and those who belonged to the 'Dark' - the black hole. (Dead Sea Scrolls).

They came from a twin star system. They may have had a different sun to that, but that sun belonged to the Sirius System - which is in the process of dying. The first star dod die, and the remaining star that is the 'Light' is still going, but will eventually die. That is why it is no good trying to be part of that 'Light' or that energy stream. It is the fallen energy stream.

This planet does rise up from that for half its cycle, but it is not connected enough to the True energy stream for this planet to ever move out of where it is. The result of that is it's cycle, known as the Zodiac Cycle. However, when it does Ascend like this, those who do not get caught up in the illusions and scams etc can make it back to the Upper Universe.



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