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 'Good v Evil'.

Live theatre is absolute magic. This production is about a 'Dark Curse' put on someone.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jVjpilsSVw trailer

Matthew Bourne's productions are magical. This is the 'Sleeping Beauty' which I first saw at Marina Bay Sands Theatre in Singapore. I was wowed. I have added the entire ballet and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Full ballet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziGUJXb5a34 Love this!


But Also, as with Current Pop Music, the Acceptance of Lowered Standards

Bourne's work usually has more 'pantomime' involved, and brings the ballet to a level that those who would not usually enjoy a ballet can relate to. The dancers are excellent, but there is not the spectacular performances that you would see in traditional ballet, no Nureyev or Baryshnikov. This is evident in Bourne's Swan Lake which gets a thumbs down, a big thumbs down, from me. The only innovative part is the cacophany of swans. But it is all male dancers, and the pas de deux is two males. The prince and a swan. Were there no female swans in that lake? Obviously this was a big deal when this ballet was first produced. There is no Odette and Odille. Some of the most beautiful and iconic parts of the music have nothing happening but the 'mime' and I found that hard to watch. No 32 fouetté turns! Nothing spectacular. The story is such that it can appeal to a wider audience who would not normally like ballet - and its not ballet, it is mime, and that story is a bit too obvious and predictable. .

I did love Matthew Bourne's 'Sleeping Beauty' and also realized that a lot of the production was more about miming a story, but the story was good. I may add a link to his version of 'Swan Lake' which does not come across as a good storyline at all. This is more like an earlier intro to the new woke and trans agenda that we are seeing unfolding now!

So, the dancers are good and the production is a new interpretation which has more appeal to those who would not normally enjoy ballet, and the productions are fun entertainment. That's good. However, ballet is also a high art, and that art lies in the skills of stunning and exceptional dancers.

Ballet should be about spectacular and precise dancing, and that is why we, the audience, appreciate ballet! Absolutely have a modern take on it, that's good, but there is more to it than that. A great deal of this production is basically the kind of thing the extras did in the background. I know, I once was an extra with the Royal Ballet at Stratford on Avon! 'Swan Lake' is not a boring ballet, it has been produced so much that people get to feel that way, that's all. Even so, we are talking about a thrilling standard of actual dancing.

I am sure you will see the difference in the standard of dance, and in complexity of choreography with the next link. Make your own decision whether you want to watch through Matthew Bourne's 'Swan Lake', the full ballet is on youtube for free. You should see more than just the swans! It does give you something to compare Baryshnikov with.

This is a compilation of Baryshnikov's work to show how spectacular ballet is. It includes a ballerina doing the 32 fouettés, and this is not at all easy to do! This is really what makes the ballet so magnificent, not because of a partly mimed story (even though that makes it popular with those who would not normally like ballet.) This is only 6 mins, but Baryshnikov is magnificentbeautiful, precise technique, excellent elevation and beautiful landings in perfect 5th position (feet).




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