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Anunnaki Identifying Themselves.


Along with all the ones involved in the covid agenda, and Treason, who then identified themselves, there are people activating who are run by 'the Astral Worlds' and this is their cue to speak up - just as it was for those involved in the covid agenda, so they are identiying themselves. .

When a person activates something it seems like an amazing thing, and this is all new to them, (in fact most of the 'new voices' are very new to any of this and that maybe something to consider.). There is a spiritual side to the evil that has been on this planet and evil is also represented as the 'Trickster'.

There is one person, a girl who flies planes, now gathering people to be pilots in some 'UFO's' which are, in her words, now activating to take their people home. She knows this because a being appeared to her and it presented itself on her left. This is a massive clue you need to identify anything on the 'fallen path' the false path. The planet fell to the left - the Latin word SIN - and this does mean that the contact came from the Astral realms.

With things like this we can only give you pointers that are hopefully enough for youto understand. I don't know if these illusions or avatars or whatever can show themselves on the right, but to definitely present on the left is absolutely showing the fallen path. This is also where most people go when they die and leave the body, even if they come back again into the same body. A person I loved died and within 3 days showed himself radiant and happy on the left side. I knew he had gone to the usual realm almost everyone goes to when they die. I also knew he would never have made it to the Higher Realm anyway, but he did present on the left. This is something we can give you to be aware of should one of these beings from the 'spiritual realms' or from spaceships, appear to you.

A person who has become prominent in speaking about the Med Beds, appears to have started out as Kerri Anne Thornton - on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkAvgoGD-v0 . This person clearly states that she is being taught by the Anunnaki, and obviously does not know what that is.

In our understanding there will be Med Beds and they are in the protection of the military, but they have not been announced from this source yet. Also of course, Trump's uncle, a scientist, had all Tesla's documents for technology that would be of benefit for the world. We are waiting for word from that source. The Annunaki spokesperson actually links to something that is a virtual 'med-bed' and while there are indications that there might be physical beds, it is the virtual one that is offered for trials. To us, Annunaki is a questionable thing and possibly most would not be wanting to give all the details of their biology to the Annunaki or the 'greys' etc. It is just a thought to be aware of. She is also a spokesperson for a 'spiritual training course' which is also run by the Annunaki (who are an 'off planet' source'). The course includes those to operates the beds. It is all still an Anunnaki operation. .

There is obviously a great deal that is currently pushing the 'advanced alien' thing. We as humans from the 5th universe (realm but definitely not dimension) began as a much higher biology. The 4th universe is filled with a different physics of multi dimensions and omni universes, but it is still the 4th universe just the same. As said, the prison you are trapped in, is your head.

Anunnaki aligned people are now identifying themselves. This may indicate that care should be taken with testing out any 'quantum med beds' which are not physical beds, but apparently working on 'quantum levels'. Most would not want to donate the details of their biology to the Greys for example and you would not know what you are connecting yourself into. "Ms Thornton now dedicates her life to serving ‘the Greys’ — a “peaceful alien species” she claims to have a contract with."


Additional person identifying.

We are not going to write every person identifying themselves, but will add a few.

There have to be questions why anyone in the "awake" community would be 'exposing' the film 'The Sound of Freedom'

which exposes the issue of child trafficking. It is a first step to bringing this issue into common knowledge. It does no harm whatsoever, even if the film was made by satan, it does no harm whatsoever to bring this issue to public attention. After that everything about the film can fade away into memory. As for the storyline or how it was made, I will be honest that I did not find that to be a work of art. However, it did get across the message and that is what matters. They have also connected to Mel Gibson's work and he is an actor and film producer who has been greatly attacked by Hollywood.

These are the voices who spoke up about what was going on in Hollywood. So again, there is now another follow up video by this 3D to 5D Nyla Nguyen 'exposing' this.

Firstly why does this woman have a voice and presence anyway? I believe I first came across her videos because they were linked from a work I was looking up, and that was a pretty high connection. It seems like a classic infiltration from the cabal side, perhaps just for doing this..

Watch Video 9 minutes. When the gold advert. comes you can skip to 5:40. Covers Oprah's involvement.


All the linked film and TV clips, 'robots' and 'ET aliens' etc are on this page.



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