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Now that the existence of real evil and the opposite of all that is good has been exposed, people have expressed concern that they doing things 'right'. So, here are some suggestions.


First, Some Background Info.

This work began by exploring the existence of the 'Essenes', which provided very helpful texts, from over 2,000 years ago, on a clean, fresh Plant Based Diet etc which we began to follow in the '80's.

We tracked some of the original texts to also existing in some other sources, which in turn linked back to the existence of original Christ based teachings, which we discovered after following a selection of apparent connections which fortunately led back to a 'Christos base' - also with an interesting history. The real Essenes were originally Greek based Therapeutae, the word Essene was a later name for a group who may not have been the real deal, but did have the scrolls.

You may also notice the connection between the ancient status of this planet - which was not a physically dense planet - and the kind of energy it was made from - 'aetheric'. The ancient Name when the entirity of this planet including its physical part, was aligned to the Eternal True Source , also called the 'Tree' of Eternal Life, was Thera.

'Therapeutae' led not only to the origins of natural, herb and plant based 'Therapies' - from a highly civilized and sophisticated medical system before 12,000 years ago - but also to a True Reality which exists outside of this reality!

Therefore, what happened to change this planet 12,000 years ago?

The physical earth - the continents - are a chunk of a planet which blew up in the 'Dog Constellation'

flung through space and bringing with it, the 'seeding of life' to this planet, along with old dinosaur bones. It mingled with an existing Higher Realm non-density world made from high frequency, super rapid spinning 'aetheric air' - the air-spiritus of 'ethera' or original prana, the realm of people who exist in the SOUL body, in the energy stream which is Eternal Life.

The ' aethera' was an already existing realm called the 'kingdom of heaven'. The physical rock, soil and earth which plonked down here and gathered the 'ethers' around it originated from the second energy stream which entered the 'Garden of Eden' - and attracted 'Eve', a long time after it had arrived. The 'Garden' started out aligned to 'True Source' - the 'Tree of Life'. The first inhabitants from the HIGHER realm entered this density world and were in bodies made from the transparent blue gel-like stone, the etheric matter of the slowed down frequency that was once 'air-spiritus'.

The other inhabitants here came with the remnants of their blown up planet and now had a new lease on life. (NASA has been searching for other remnants of that blown up planet.) They noted the alignment was a different energy stream to the binary star system planet that they had originated from. They wanted that back, and to achieve that they made the physical planet re-align into the 666 alignment which undoubtedly has many meanings but one of them is the realignment to the Dog star - Cain. They made alterations at Antarctica, the base, and at the equivalent of the planet's atlas (3rd eye area).

The people later born into this density realm were from that energy stream. If they can develop higher levels of consciousness, they have an opportunity to find true freedom. They have two 'paths' to choose from. One is the energy stream of their very real starseed origin which is a partially dead system which will also see its duality partner star die eventually. It is finite, but still functions as the first spiritual realm' contacted at death, OBE's, and experienced inwardly as a thriving 'spirituality'. It is the Path of Light and Dark, once two bright stars, but the dark one had died. This was the religion of ancient Egypt.

This energy stream or path is the usual level of awareness of all people born into this world (the seeding came from that path). It is the first spiritual realm accessed in consciousness and it has spiritual practices some of which are part of ancient religions on this planet. If a person develops a HIGHER consciousness - ie realises the problem - that person can do what is needed to get off that path, out of that energy stream, and instead make it to the 'Kingdom of Heaven' which is Eternal Life.

Until then the consciousness here is the ongoing programme caught in the magnetic field of the chunk of the exploded planet. If anyone steps away from that, those in the programme will look up, then shun you. It is a little bit like the movie 'Vanilla Sky'. That stream also has a spiritual reality that is good and light, but is finite - it ceases to exist. Yet everyone continues to take that path. At the moment it reaches its highest point but returns back into rebirth into this world, and the play or the script begins again. Some say these people should not be described as stupid - even though they are very similar to the masses who cannot see the covid agenda for example - but it does seem to be quite an appropriate word. Or dumb, or blind.

It will be another 25,000 years before you get the chance again, but you must stop going for the obvious first spiritua realm encountered because by the time the planet starts Ascending again (and many need to understand what that means) you will have bouund your self energetically into the wrong path.


We aim to cover much of this amazing information by introducing it on this site.



1. Keep to the Guidelines.

2. Everyday place your life and guidance into the guiding Light of the Eternal Life Source.

"I place my life into the guiding Light of True Source."

True Source is a Living Source that is why the term Living is used. You can also use 'of the Way of Jesus Christ'. Or in the Name of Jesus Christ.






Generally we discovered that it is best to :

Keep to the 'Christos' Source Guidelines and do not add on extra practices or perceptions of other religions.

You can do that of course, but if you do that then you have chosen other religions.

If you are unsure that you are choosing True Source then simply ask in your prayers that they are directed to True God Source.

  STOP choosing the Lower Energies as your Lifestyle or spiritual path!

  And stop bringing them into this planet. 

You are harming the planet by doing so.


The Guidelines clearly state NOT to do certain practices and certain things. Find out WHY this is important.

(The picture below shows you why! - you just do not know it.)

   Find out how to understand why they are not the Higher way.

Connecting Back to the Well Spring Life Streams.


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