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"Everyone is living the Script, even though it happened long ago. 

Because you only see the Dream, even when shown the real reality outside of that script - what is shown remains invisible.

The sleeping response is to continue as if what was said or shown, was not said or shown.

This is what you do all the time. 

You are shown the real reality - which is to WAKE YOU UP so you take action to exit the Dream Script. 

But then you send us a news link from the SCRIPT!


You are living inside the Dream not the REALITY."


Originally this work was about providing explanations for the differences between the dark star and the path of Light - a Living Light Star - because to do so demonstrates the choices of the long dead world which failed to choose  True Source. 

Presenting what that was, and is - for the reality that has almost reached the conclusion of its re-run - may have seemed that there was the luxury of a choice involved.  But there is no such luxury, and there never has been in this reality.  You have to choose correctly or you remain in the 'world of Illusion'.

The people now in this reality, long ago chose the dark star, and that is why the entire story/process is repeatedly re-presented as an opportunity to choose otherwise.  Until people here recognize otherwise, they remain in this 'false reality' - forever!  But even when the real reality is shown within the Dream - it remains invisible and people respond as if it has not been said or shown.

Interesting as that response is, what was originally explaining clues to notice - like the animated diagram of this planet's cyclic 'Fall' over the period of 25,000 years which we sent to Nexus UK and Australia - are now showing what was missed

This work really hoped that those from the magazine Nexus might be awake and would make this known to you!

For those who only see the Dream Script, the story ahead is now moving towards the supreme goal of 'mankind's mastery over the universe - a 'transformation and evolution'.

This is achieved by the final stage where mankind expects to understand the workings of a galaxy and a universe, so that the Mind and its creation Artificial Intelligence can control it all.

The goal is to bring unbelievable, undreamed of wealth to some through the economic system,  to bring slaves to work for the wealthy through the policy of 'immigration', and for some, to be part of harvest rituals to re-supply life-energy to those who even on the dead planet,  lost their connection to their life energy.

The old teachings and teachers from that star system just keep on teaching the same ways to link into that different energy, the same values, keep bringing in the same system, and same development. And they do so because it is the Dream Script.

Now this work will focus on general behaviors and diet etc that goes with, or are part of, the standards for making it into the Living Light System, for the next 'new Earth' when this story plays out again.

Waking Up from a Reality Playing out that is the Script in a DREAM.

'The False Reality'  >>

Introduction to 'Iris' the goddess of the 'rainbow bridge' into the 'Abundant Provider' >>


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The best source for reading this information is via the index given below.

You will see from a brief extract from a lecture by the late Stephen Hawking, presented in our 'Science' section, that Black Holes contain information, just as an Artificial Intelligence system does, but when there is an overload of information, a Black Hole is formed. 

Ergo, whoever accesses that information will control and 'own' the universe,

.......and reason enough that in an ancient war, this planet's axis was altered so it would angle towards the Black Hole 'portal' and reason enough to create new religions and spiritual views with an expectation of a leap in 'evolution'.

This possibility excites today's scientists, and the entrepreneurs who see the power to own a galaxy looming ahead....

............which is a repeat of a story from a planet a very long time ago which took that path, developed advanced, arrogant civilizations, and digital and other high level Technology,

and then blew up their planet to become the 'space ice' currently being investigated by NASA as the source of the DNA which came to this planet and created life here.  Mankind.


In the not too distant future, possibly a handful of years away, this planet will encounter, and cross, an opening into the Black Hole which lies at the centre of the galaxy - and this planet is fully aligned into it.

Not only that, but something was done to this planet during the time of a great war across this planet which forced it to begin to 'fall' into that alignment precisely.  This planet was deliberately altered so that it would align with the soon to be encountered 'portal' into the Black Hole. 

Since that time - the time of the 'Fall' and when Earth's curious wobble first began - the people of this planet have been given a different story, a different expectation on what this new journey into a new world, a new reality is about.  Maybe the approaching the black hole and the new reality it promises is nothing to fear, but most do not know that that is the reality and journey they have accepted........


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The most informative information lies in the linked pages. 

There is a history to this planet which includes the interest in the 'eye of god' - which is what a star that has gone into supernova looks like. Many, many teachings and spiritual disciplines on this planet have interpreted this 'eye' as a 'portal' into the 'heart of god', some have done so because this was once their 'Well Spring Life Stream Source' until it died and their 'star-seed' eventually seeded on this planet. But they still don't know that their Living Energy Source died. Those who don't know this include several long established religions, and of course, the Masons.


Updated and NEW for 2019

Now there is no longer a need to try to explain all the 'clues'.  The process of the 'story to this planet' has now entered another phase as the planet draws closer to its 'End Times'  - which is the expected dissolution before the next 'new Earth' when you try again next time round - because the choice that was made was for the consciousness of the 'dark/dead  star' and to go into the black hole! 

So we will gradually change this page - but have not done so yet - and will focus on the behavior and diet that are required to enter the realms of the 'Eternal Light'.


The Topics Taught In Future Academie Retreats will be basic Standards and Guidelines on how to choose and maintain the consciousness of the Higher Realm of the LIVING Star System. 

It will include the Plant Based diet for healing, rejuvenation and regeneration, and to remain fully bound into -religare - the Living Life Stream Well Spring Source for this planet. 


The 'eye of god' - which is the supernova of the star Osiris the once upon a time Well Spring Life Stream Energy Provider Source for a system of planets and lesser stars - is NOT a 'portal' into God Source.  It was once a 'portal' into a God Source - as the provider of Living Energy for a number of planets and other suns, as their Life Stream Living Energy generator - until it died and went into supernova.

Now the place where that 'eye' remains, covers a 'tentacle' into the black hole near the centre of this galaxy.  It is the soon to be encountered 'portal' into the black hole.  It is also understood that this was the location of an ancient satellite of sorts which was the home of the first Artificial Intelligence and global computer complex.  

This next section on Osiris below, marked by * covers a sequence of short 1 or 2 minute reads on what happened and what it is, which includes a mistake that has - according to clear and obvious records from the past - seen large numbers of souls be taken by this same point that the planet is soon to cross.  Indeed those numbers were the sacrifice for a Rebirth Ritual which the negative side believes allows a new negative reality (which this world is) to return again as the next 'new Earth'.

All of this information presented is simply the introduction to the reality of what 'this world' is, and if understood, begins the next stages, available to you.


"Black Holes contain information, but when there is an overload of information, a Black Hole is formed.  Ergo, whoever accesses that information will control and 'own' the universe.......and reason enough that in an ancient war, this planet's axis was altered so it would angle towards the Black Hole 'portal', and reason enough for an expectation of a leap in 'evolution'."


Please read the index links marked with *   The first one marked * explains what all ancient teachings on the Living Life Streams were, even though they have translated into the living food diet. 

The next ones marked * explain about the Living System which died, and why the star-seeds from that dead system (almost everyone) were born onto this planet.

*The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams

*Exploding Star Origin of this Solar System    *Knights of the Temple of Osiris    *Planet Maldek

*The Fish Planet Maldek-Ek - alien DNA which came to this planet    *An Ancient Nuclear War 25,000 Years Ago

*Academie and the Lost Paradise *Knights of the Dead Star -  the light still travels but ended eons ago.

*Ancient Mind War 

*The Cosmology which was Hidden.  

*Path of Rebirth

*The Path of Knowledge - what it is.  

The Alien DNA's Aquarian 'Water Bearer' of the Dead System

There is also an introduction to the index below.


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Ancient teachings on the Living Life Streams were covered profusely, even though they have been translated as the living plant food diet. 


"Long ago, the people of this planet took a wrong turn.  They chose an energy stream they decided they liked better, and by doing that they gave up their connection to the full power LIFE FORCE ENERGY which streamed down from the unlimited,

endless WELL SPRING SOURCE into its systems of living planets.

Since making that choice, mankind has been bringing in massive amounts of negative energy which is also harming this planet badly."


What they actually cover is the existence of Living Energy Life Stream Sources within a living Galaxy.  These star systems provide and produce the energy which feed into all the living stars and planets within each one's own system.

People from some, probably all of the planets which existed within one of these systems which died, were re-seeded onto this particular planet for a purpose - a second chance.

As the energy of a dying star has already changed to more magnetic, these inhabited worlds were already corrupted and living as fallen worlds. That is why their civilizations develop technology - an indication of a fallen world, not just for how barbaric technology is, or how it affects people negatively, but also that a level of consciousness would even develop these things in the first place. The preference for the magnetic energy is why their consciousness is not that of a Higher World, and makes up some of the 'lower world' attachments those given this opportunity to evolve on this planet, have to learn to identity and overcome.

Most of the populations from those dead planets were re-seeded on this planet, bringing with them their culture and their religions. 

However, this planet had Teachers and Teachings which Teach how to understand that those pathways lead to a source which no longer exists, even though the light from that star does still exist but not infinitely.  As a star-seed wakes up, that person will be able to recognize the need to choose a LIVING LIFE STREAM SOURCE.

A Living Master means a Living Star System.  The 'Aster' in the word Master means Star.  It is the 'Book of Life' for those who are already part of the 'Path of the Dead' - travelling to an 'After-Life' which no longer exists.


*The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams


The Light and Life Energy for life in the physical or non-physical realms, issues from a star/sun, but on this planet there is a conflict between two very different beliefs on which source it is supposed to be.  Star/sun sources provide the energy which feeds LIFE into any planet into which it streams, but that energy also has properties that change depending on where that energy came from.

Star/sun sources should preferably be full powerhouse, perpetual living star sources, but at times, planets belong to dying suns. The path back through an energy stream to the life source provider, is best to be the everlasting, all powerful Well Spring kind.

But that is not the case for all planets; and there is evidence that the genetic material, or people themselves, from one of the planets of one of the dying suns, came to this planet in the ancient past.  The NASA space probe to the ice-rock Ultima Thule is part of a search for that long gone planet, and the genetic material that is known came to this planet, and also the material which became the source of this solar system. 

The issue of a 'conspiracy' on this planet, is not only that it exists, but that those involved in establishing their 'world governance' and 'System' belong to that planet, which the rock particles are remaining remnants of, because apparently they blew up that planet - Maldek - with their technology.  *We also look at the archeological evidence of the existence of that ancient technology as with the picture below - showing helicopters, submarines and craft much like a current advert for Boeing -  dated over 12,000 years ago.

Long ago, that planet was connected to its now supernovaed source, then to the two sister stars of that supernovaed source, but one of those began to die too.  The 3 stars, not even one of them alone, no longer make up what was once a Well Spring Living Life Stream Source Provider.  This is a system which for whatever reasons, died, and the main Provider Star went into supernova (the 'eye').

This topic is covered in a few of the links in the index below, but the 'protocol' Plan, is all about establishing here, what it had on its own planet, including its 'kingdom' and its life source.

But that planet received its Life Energy from a now dead star.  Even though the light still travels to reach here - where 'they' want to establish the same as was 'their' planet - the source which generated that life energy-light came to an end long ago. What happens if you, like them, follow the path back to what was the source of that light?  Because that is what their spiritual side teaches.

For those who are concerned about a 'conspiracy' on this planet, the information we are going to give you on this website is from those who taught and explained what these star sources were. It also explains how this planet spends half its 25,000 year cycle in the negative reality - this world - then that ends and the planet spends its time in the positive, Ascended reality - until it returns for the next negative world again.    This article continues (scroll down to link below).


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Academie Science

It is surmised that with the creation of the first Technology and AI, and in the process of when that was first done, that in this galaxy the first Black Hole was inadvertently created, which then began to expand and bring other living matter into its 'event horizon'. continue>>


March 9th. 2019

Most people are looking forward to the event (accessing the 'portal') because of what they have been told - by those whose purpose it is to bring multitudes of souls into what lies behind this 'highway'.  That particular preparation either via so called 'spiritual beliefs' or by lifestyle choices presented, was their job as the spawnings from the 'black hole'.

Long ago there was a War across this planet, and technology was used.  The only energy which produces technology is fallen energy which is produced when a once Living System dies - such as happened to the one which appeared as an 'Eye of God'. 

The technology was used to deliberately alter this planet's axis so that it would fall - literally - and at the end point of that Fall precisely, it would line up perfectly with the soon to be seen 'portal' or 'jet' which is a direct path into the Black Hole which exists on this side of the Galactic Centre, and which is believed by science leads to an evolutionary new dimension.  It is and was believed to be that because it was once part of the Living Life Stream System which died and went into supernova, which looks like at 'Eye of God'. 

The people on this planet have throughout Time, been offered desires from the negative energy, and by the choice for those things - wealth, power, pleasure, self-importance, personal 'power' etc, have been set up for resonance and entry into the 'portal' during the time that this planet will be crossing its path before switching polarity.  They have been prepared like a Thanksgiving turkey to be the sacrifice for this ritual. 

The important thing to remember is that when this unusual sighting appears from behind the sun - looking like a cosmic portal, or perhaps a planet - this is not a portal into the 'heart of God'.  It is a portal into the 'black hole', which is not anything to do with God.

Certain teachings from once existing planets which are no more, did come to this planet and do teach that the phenomenon which is soon to reveal itself from behind the sun, was indeed a portal or highway into the 'Heart of God'. Indeed, even while knowing that it is not that, vast numbers of the population of this planet have been prepared to be resonant with that 'portal'.  And they have accepted it because they like what has been offered.

It is believed that the negative reality that is 'this world' can return if there is a massive sacrifice of living human energy/souls.  Not by war as has been believed, but by direct entry into the 'negative god'. War you may see coming, but a spiritual betrayal is never seen.

The interest in entering the next 'evolutionary dimension' appears to be the carrot on the stick.  Even so, this planet is not fully captured yet and does not belong to the 'dark side'.  This planet will - it is understood - switch polarity and pull out of its Fall, for the next 12,000+ years although the damage caused will see it Fall again and this world will return to continue its capture of this planet.

During that time, those who serve their dead star (same meaning as dead master) do have a Matrix reality to remain in. 

If people did their research, they would find out that there are records on when this has happened before - it is by no means a special event of evolution that humans have now reached.  The planet cycles, and has done since the damage which caused its 12,000 year Fall was first done. 

When it happened before, although the people before also thought it was the 'highway' into the 'heart of God' what they reported happened came as a terrible shock and was horrific.  This is what they reported so future people would not be caught in it, and not make the same mistake.

Then all the Teachings on the LIVING LIFE STREAM SYSTEMS were removed from this planet, and what remained continued in secret, or in disguise.  But you have a choice before you to find out what they are and choose LIFE in a Living System, or you choose what most have chosen, the negative path which died.

There is no saying when it becomes too late to 'mark' yourself to avoid this portal - and in addition this is a planet which has marked itself extremely negative, which means resonant with the portal. 

When it appears, it is not a highway to the Heart of God.  It is a pathway into the Black Hole.

Reference: How soon will we see the black hole at the Milky Way’s heart? | EarthSky.org   *sent to us by Erika.

(This planet has been deliberately angled towards this 'jet'  'highway' of the black hole.). - An international consortium has been striving to obtain an image of the “shadow” of the event horizon of our Milky Way's central super-massive black hole.

..........astronomers’ recent efforts – aimed at our galaxy’s heart – have provided insights. This week (January 21, 2019), they reported that, for the first time........ global network of radio telescopes to learn that the emission from Sgr A*....(the Black Hole).


The topics in the index, cover the exploding star which formed this Solar System (but not this planet) the light and light codes, and water codes which created mankind and make karma-debt accrue, the origin of this planet (a different cosmology from that of the Solar System), the confusion with the spiritual paths that two different cosmologies of origin causes; and the Knights Templar - Knights of the Temple of Osiris, their 'king' (and 'queen' - but unfortunately not the king or queen of this planet which comes from a different cosmology.) 


As updated for 2019, this is now presented in short introduction pieces intended to immediately 'set the scene' - divided into quick and easy pieces.  Our source is the records of the lineage mentioned at the beginning.

*The topics which begin with an * are an important sequence.

The topics in the index below, vary between the reality of the 3rd realm origin, and the reality of the 5th Realm different origin. 

Index  most links are a few-minutes read

(general intro) A Message for a World That Wishes to 'Evolve'  

*The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams  

*Exploding Star Origin of this Solar System   *Knights of the Temple of Osiris   *Planet Maldek   *The Fish Planet Maldek-Ek - alien DNA which came to this planet    *An Ancient Nuclear War 25,000 Years Ago    *Academie and the Lost Paradise   *Knights of the Dead Star - the light still travels but ended eons ago.  

*Ancient Mind War

*The Cosmology which was Hidden

*Path of Rebirth

*The Path of Knowledge - what it is.

*The Path of Knowledge - what it is.

Academie Index  Related Topics

Current Solar Activity


  Kindness Academie

The Quality of Mercy  :  Love  :    Forgot to leave the Programme!

Revenge Consciousness in action.            Gospels of Peace and Teachings on Kindness              Wake Update page.


Plant Academie   Tree of Healthy Life  General Guidelines for Connecting to the Well Spring  Brain Food   Soul Freedom from Rebirth into the next 'new Earth'   Intro to Therapeutic Records   Peace and Paradise Lost.  Current Solar Activity




" ...at this point in the journey, almost everyone is waiting for or has prepared spiritually for being part of the 'new Earth'

and most likely the idea of a fresh new beginning with a 'new Earth' sounds like it has something to do with the planet's Ascension. 

But it doesn't - they are opposite choices.




Continue to original article as it was originally in full >>


 "Algorithms give the precise time that it is known it will take for human consciousness to accept change. It is just a bit slower than it takes for the events to take place. That is all the 'conspiracy' needs to know."



 The Conspiracy, Cancer, and Space Visitors .

It could also be said that the 'darkness' shadow associated with the lower realm this planet is in now, and which entered and took hold of this planet (while the planet is in the descending part of its cycle) could be described as the same condition as cancer in the human body. 

Cancer somehow manages to fool healthy cells into accepting it, after which it converts those once healthy cells into the same anti-life status that cancer is.

So we look at the conditions of sickness in the body, because we did begin with healthy plant based diets and therapies, but now do so also in relation to the dark shadow energy which entered this planet.  And that is what we are going to briefly look at now, with the understanding that the first 'cancer' in this galaxy probably happened on a different planet called Maldek/Marduk which was destroyed by it. There are indications that the next planet affected by this condition was Mars, and then the target was Earth. 




Poisoning by Food, Air, Water, the Dentist, by Prescription and non Prescription Substances, Government Laws & the Shadow reality etc

"No matter how pure the diet, and no matter how much you detox, the 'black poison' shadow energy is still there, and it is there because this planet has been targeted".



The thing is, the Records on this were not entirely lost, nor were the teachings on how to overcome this, which is the problem of not only the temporary light, but the problem of the planet's ongoing 'rebirth'.  The existence which was born of the temporary light is between the Zep Tepi (First Times) and the 'end times' which is when the planet switches to its ascending journey and returns to its true home.  There is a time limit for this to be understood.


If you would like to find out about the next stages of what to do to connect into the Living System, please contact us.



The knowledge of the Living Life Streams System was a Teaching for Peace

   ...............but that does not mean it didn't cover the details of what took away this planet's Peace.

General Guidelines for Connecting to the Well Spring 

Academie Index

Academie and the Lost Paradise

Current Solar Activity


'new Earth', Dissolutions and Grand Dissolution    Definitions  The Awakened Lotus *this is the first section of the article below, 'Proof that on this Planet, there is a Conspiracy'.  The Negative Light and the Creation of Mankind - is the second section on this page. 

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