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"......for a Planet that Wishes to Evolve"

Introduction to 'Absolute Proof that on this Planet, a Conspiracy Exists'


"Long ago, the people of this planet took a wrong turn.  They chose an energy stream they decided they liked better, and by doing that they gave up their connection to the full power LIFE FORCE ENERGY which streamed down from the unlimited, endless WELL SPRING SOURCE into its systems of living planets.

When in that full power, everlasting, perpetual LIFE FORCE ENERGY WELL SPRING SOURCE, life was eternal, and the body did not die.  What changed that was the choice to prefer another energy stream. The body did begin to die, it lived 1,000 years, then less, then even less until it became what it is today. 

Since making that choice, mankind has been bringing in massive amounts of negative energy which is also harming this planet badly."


Updated Jan. 21st  NEW for 2019

12,000 years ago this planet began the 'Fall' into the lower realm phase of its 'Cycle of the Ages', into the 'world of Illusion' also known as Maya, where it is under the control of something known now as Illuminati - the 'Illuminated Ones' because they honoured the Mind and Intellect as the true value.

Much of the actual story is known because much of that information is in the books which belong to the spiritual knowledge of the lineage which recognized what 'preferring a different energy from a different energy stream', meant. That knowledge covered the Fall, the planet as it was before the Fall, and the periodic dissolutions of this world which is called an Illusion.  That source is also most known for the teachings on the Plant Based Diet for Healing, and using 'food as medicine'.  This planet, before it entered this 3rd realm solar system where it is now, was described as a garden paradise.

"This planet was once our peace loving, gentle and loving '5th realm'.  It was a garden and a paradise, and had only one constant, perfect season because this planet did not wobble as it does now. It was Timeless. It was the realm that was Timeless.

At the time it entered this lower realm, some of those who belonged to that 'before world' - known as the higher '5th realm' called the Mazda/Master, a word referring to the Higher Star from which 'this planet fell' - chose to remain with this planet for the duration of its 12,000 year journey through 'Illuminated control' territory - to ensure that by the 'end time' the story you have of this planet is not only the reality that is the 3rd realm.  For without that, you would not have any other story but that of the way this planet is now, before Pole Reversal - while it is still aligned negative.

This web page was a full article to present the information from those records mentioned, and much of it showed how the 'fruit' - this planet - had fallen from its 'tree' - its Life Energy Source.  That change to the 'fruit' was also part of a belief by some that this planet should be aligned to a different Life Energy Provider. Those who believed that were those of the 'conspiracy' for their work is all about making that happen. This is introduced in the next section because it is part of why there is a 'conspiracy'.  Overall the story was given backwards. so it was at the end that the cause of this conflict for ownership of this planet could be seen.

Therefore, to start, this link tells you a little about what this work is General Guidelines for Beginning to Align Into the Perpetual Life Energy Well Spring..

It is because the cause was provided (in context) at the end of about 16 years of working through the story, we felt it was now better to give short, easy to read, intro pieces and then add the original article as a different page for those who might wish to read or print it out. 

When we got to the 'cause' it raised some questions which we will introduce here.

The Light and Life Energy for life in the physical or non-physical, issues from a star/sun, but on this planet there is a conflict between two very different beliefs on which source it is supposed to be.  Star/sun sources provide the energy which feeds LIFE into any planet into which it streams, but that energy also has properties that change depending on where that energy came from.

Star/sun sources should preferably be full powerhouse, perpetual living star sources, but at times, planets belong to dying suns. The path back through an energy stream to the life source provider, is best to be the everlasting, all powerful Well Spring kind.

But that is not the case for all planets; and there is evidence that the genetic material, or people themselves, from one of the planets of one of the dying suns, came to this planet in the ancient past.  The NASA space probe to the ice-rock Ultima Thule is part of a search for that long gone planet, and the genetic material that is known came to this planet, and also the material which became the source of this solar system. 

The issue of a 'conspiracy' on this planet, is not only that it exists, but that those involved in establishing their 'world governance' and 'System' belong to that planet, which the rock particles are remaining remnants of, because apparently they blew up that planet - Maldek - with their technology.  *We also look at the archeological evidence of the existence of that ancient technology as with the picture below - showing helicopters, submarines and craft much like a current advert for Boeing -  dated over 12,000 years ago.

Long ago, that planet was connected to its now supernovaed source, then to the two sister stars of that supernovaed source, but one of those began to die too.  This topic is covered in a few of the links in the index below, but the 'protocol' Plan, is all about establishing here, what it had on its own planet, including its 'kingdom' and its life source.

But that planet received its Life Energy from a now dead star.  Even though the light still travels to reach here - where 'they' want to establish the same as was 'their' planet - it came to an end long ago. What happens if you, like them, follow the path back to what was the source of that light?  Because that is what their spiritual side teaches.

For those who are concerned about a 'conspiracy' on this planet, the information we are going to give you on this website is from those who taught and explained what these star sources were. It also explains how this planet spends half its 25,000 year cycle in the negative reality - this world - then that ends and the planet spends its time in the positive, Ascended reality - until it returns for the next negative world again.  That is why the spiritual side of 'this world', ensures everyone will return for that next rebirth of the next 'new Earth'.

The topics in the index, cover the exploding star which formed this Solar System (but not this planet) the light and light codes, and water codes, which created mankind, the origin of this planet (a different cosmology from that of the Solar System), the confusion with the spiritual paths that two different cosmologies of origin causes; and the Knights Templar - Knights of the Temple of Osiris, their 'king' (and 'queen' - but unfortunately not the king or queen of this planet which comes from a different cosmology.) 


As updated on January 21st 2019, this is now presented in short introduction pieces intended to immediately 'set the scene' - divided into quick and easy pieces.

The first link looks at the altered energy stream that a choice to turn away from the WELL SPRING LIFE SOURCE created.

The next links look at what resulted from the choice for a different energy which brought negativity into this world, because of that choice.

The topics as presented in the index below, vary between the reality of the 3rd realm origin, and the reality of the 5th Realm different origin. 


A Message for a World That Wishes to 'Evolve'

Origin of this Planet - (5th realm origin cosmology and do you check which stream you chose?) 

Exploding Star Origin of this Solar System

Knights of the Temple of Osiris 

Planet Maldek

The Fish Planet Maldek-Ek - alien DNA which came to this planet

An Ancient Nuclear War 25,000 Years Ago

Academie and the Lost Paradise

General Guidelines for Connecting to the Well Spring

World of Illusion  - the light still travels but ended eons ago.

Knights of the Dead Star - again, the light still travels but ended eons ago.

Ancient Mind War - control the belief and you control the war. 

'new Earth' , Dissolutions and Grand Dissolution 


The Awakened Lotus *this is the first section of the article below, 'Proof that on this Planet, there is a Conspiracy'.

The Negative Light and the Creation of Mankind - is the second section on this page.

Tree of Healthy Life

Intro to Therapeutic Records

Peace and Paradise Lost.

Brain Food

Soul Freedom from Rebirth into the next 'new Earth'

Current Solar Activity

Plant Academie


 The basic knowledge was on Plant Foods and Herbs, but it was a complete Teaching for Peace

      ...........but that does not mean it didn't cover a 'controversy' and 'plan' that took away this planet's Peace.




" ...at this point in the journey, almost everyone is waiting for or has prepared spiritually for being part of the 'new Earth'

and most likely the idea of a fresh new beginning with a 'new Earth' sounds like it has something to do with the planet's Ascension. 

But it doesn't - they are opposite choices.




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 "Algorithms give the precise time that it is known it will take for human consciousness to accept change. It is just a bit slower than it takes for the events to take place. That is all the 'conspiracy' needs to know."



 The Conspiracy, Cancer, and Space Visitors .

It could also be said that the 'darkness' shadow associated with the lower realm this planet is in now, and which entered and took hold of this planet (while the planet is in the descending part of its cycle) could be described as the same condition as cancer in the human body. 

Cancer somehow manages to fool healthy cells into accepting it, after which it converts those once healthy cells into the same anti-life status that cancer is.

So we look at the conditions of sickness in the body, because we did begin with healthy plant based diets and therapies, but now do so also in relation to the dark shadow energy which entered this planet.  And that is what we are going to briefly look at now, with the understanding that the first 'cancer' in this galaxy probably happened on a different planet called Maldek/Marduk which was destroyed by it. There are indications that the next planet affected by this condition was Mars, and then the target was Earth. 




Poisoning by Food, Air, Water, the Dentist, by Prescription and non Prescription Substances, Government Laws & the Shadow reality etc

"No matter how pure the diet, and no matter how much you detox, the 'black poison' shadow energy is still there, and it is there because this planet has been targeted".



The thing is, the Records on this were not entirely lost, nor were the teachings on how to overcome this, which is the problem of not only the temporary light, but the problem of the planet's ongoing 'rebirth'.  The existence which was born of the temporary light is between the Zep Tepi (First Times) and the 'end times' which is when the planet switches to its ascending journey and returns to its true home.  There is a time limit for this to be understood.



The knowledge of the complete Soul System was a Teaching for Peace

   ...............but that does not mean it didn't cover the details of what took away this planet's Peace.




...... for a World That Wishes to 'Evolve'.


Long ago, the people on this planet made a wrong turn. The choice to prefer another energy changed the reality of today's world from positive to negative. This planet became negative - and the life span which had been eternal, went to a thousand years and then gradually lesser and lesser. 

It did this because the people had decided they preferred a different energy source. 

The blame can be placed on bad 'societies' but they became that way by doing what people are doing now, and going deeper into that same wrong turn. It is still the wrong turn that is the problem - and it continues.

The Retreat is a seminar in the peaceful, riverside location within the borders of the ancient holy city of Angkor Wat. This informative gathering takes place from Friday to Sunday to present these topics during your visit with the ultimate purpose that the harming of this planet can be averted and the reason for it understood.

How the choice was made to turn away from the full power, everlasting Well Spring Life Source. 

Why did people think the energy was the same?

How to find the lost paradise within the everlasting, full power, vibrant, ongoing LIFE FORCE ENERGY Well Spring Source :

Why people don't understand how they turned away :  good things like the natural plant food based healthy life and lifestyle + info on remedies : not so good things like the hidden 'shadow poison' in the body - which turning away from the Well Spring Source caused : intriguing things like the exploded star which became a life source losing life force : how peace was taken away  :

and "The Power Connection into the Vibrant Full Power Eternal Well Spring Life Energy 'True' Source - and the Way Out of the 3rd realm ongoing Rebirth."

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  Retreats in Siem Reap Cambodia near the ancient 12th century temple city of Angkor Wat.

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General Guidelines for Connecting to the Well Spring 

Academie and the Lost Paradise

Current Solar Activity

Plant Academie

: Plant Food Fasting, Vegetarian Diet  Natural Health :Front page Soul Freedom from Rebirth into the next 'new Earth' :Plant Academie Health

 Solar Activity  : Introduction : World News : 


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