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Introduction to the Article:  Updated July 5th and July 15th and July 27th and Aug. 1st 2018.

The Case for Questioning Earth's 'Direction'

- the Earth's TWO Star Systems,

the Higher Realm it Belongs with, and the

 lower Star System Earth Aligns into when in the 'Fall'.


As this topic proved to be quite difficult to present,  it was decided to begin this article with a lead in introduction to it.   This diagram above shows you the path this planet takes downwards, over around 12,000 years, which is how this planet moves to align into a different, lower level star source.  Over the last 12,000 years this planet has descended into the 'light field' of a star system to which neither this planet nor humans belong.  It is the realm of the 'Dark Star' and it is proudly claimed by Masons and Illuminati as their source!  More on this further down. 

*The original article is now further down this page and begins with "Why is there such a Vicious Bitch of an 'angry god'?"


It was while browsing through the book section of a health-food shop in the 1980's, that a certain book seemed to fall into my hands.  The topic was on a community of gentle people just over a couple of thousand years ago, who were connected to the Natural, Herbal, Plant based 'Let Food Be Thy Medicine' philosophy from ancient Greece. 

They were called Therapeutae - 'healers' - a word from their Greek origin, although they had many bases/communities across Egypt and also in the lands and regions of an ancient 'Palestine'.  The interesting point was that these people had brought over with them from Egypt, their Greek origin records, which had been carefully preserved over earlier thousands of years.

There was knowledge on sophisticated therapies, the power of fasting, high anti-oxidant diets - and that the natural ability of the body to produce its own anti-aging Vitamin C had been biologically 'lost' after an event altered the planet 12,000 years ago - and about connecting into equally 'lost' energy streams called the Life-Streams. Clearly the Life-Streams had to issue from somewhere, but they were no longer accessible.

Obviously something had happened, and what had happened was big, even creating new 'realms' or spheres around this planet.  It was clear that the bigger story of the meaning of what had happened, mattered. Like the lost ability for the body to produce its own Vitamin C, something was missing.  In fact it led to finding where their knowledge still existed (and survived free of the corruption of that knowledge) then led to access to even greater treasures of information.

It turned out these people called Therapeutae were the descendents of the ones who had disagreed with an idea held by some in the pre-12,000 years ago world, who had wanted to change to use a different particular energy.  One that was not connected to the 'Life-Streams'.  It was a disagreement which led to a 'rebellion' in which those who had wanted the different energy got their way. 

To begin this August 1st 2018 update, here is a quick, introductory overview of what the rest of this article will cover.

The Life-Streams refer to the Upper Realm Star System which this planet belongs to.  They are mostly disconnected now. However, we are going to look at the reality of the Lower Realm which has dominance on this planet during the Fall Phase, and which has already been successful in disconnecting those Upper Realm 'Life Streams' just mentioned.

When this planet is in the Descending Phase for 12,000 years,  it is a different intelligent creation which rules on this planet. 

The creation that was known as Genesis led to there being a second intelligent 'mankind' creation on the one planet. There already was a first creation long, long before Genesis ever took place.  This planet moves between the Upper Realm Star System it belongs with for around 12,000 years and the Lower Realm, lesser level star from the dark realms this planet accesses during its Fall Phase for 12,000 years.  The mitochondrial DNA for the second creation which is today's mankind, indicates it began 200,000 years ago.  But this DNA can only exist on this planet during the Fall aka Descending Phase - which is why there is a 'First Times to End Times'. 

These ones - mostly today's mankind - evolved,  which is a circumstance which may be something perhaps not factored in from their origin.  As such, as intelligent beings they asked to be allowed to have an equal role on the planet, although they did not have 'inner development' and functioned from the 'Lower Self'.  Obviously the Upper Realms could not keep this planet forever accessing a fallen star location, so they had the opportunity to develop the 'inner' self which is the Higher Self and then, because of that, progress along the Upward, Ascending Phase. Thus an equal role on the planet was partly possible, but existing separately and allowed during the Descending Phase which was the only time when they could incarnate. But it was not enough for them. 

Their leaders then found the way to keep everyone (as many as possible) bound to the lower 'dark star' which is the LOWER level - meaning anyone who aligned into the 'Lower Realm' star could then not move up higher than the lower level they had bound themselves into, when the planet ascends.  That is, anyone who did this, mostly unknowingly, then found they could not move higher than the lower level star they had aligned into.

(Unexpectedly, this  proved to be a big mistake for them too, as all of them were left stranded in the astral problem we look at later. Nevertheless, they continued anyway, so the Plan is in play now.  *It covers control of the System in our world now and of the Matrix existence that was created to cover until the planet begins its Fall Phase again and incarnations begin again.  The ultimate goal is to eventually get the planet too.)

But we are just introducing the basics of the 'trapping the people' phase at this stage, which is done in such a way that people would not know it had occurred until it was too late to get out of it.  It was indeed the 'Grand Illusion' written of, and they have achieved this. 

People have bound themselves into the Lower Level astral realms - except that the illusion is being revealed before it has been completed and before it has actually succeeded.

The trap simply requires that the population of this planet is anchored into the Lower Realm star network. At the appropriate moment - when it is too late to escape - it will become apparent, only at that time, what that trap was. 

95%+ of the planet have placed themselves into that trap. Therefore, we are going to reveal the trap ahead of schedule.

As mentioned, all it requires for the trap to succeed is that the people of this planet align themselves into the LOWER Realm star system, which exists in the dark realms - so one can fairly say that anyone who honors and promotes his/her connection to those particular stars, can be identified as the 'Darkness', the 'Children of Darkness' and so on.  So obviously, the general information known is - misleadingly - that this star network is the light.

This work shows you the location that makes that Lower Star System a Lower realm star network, and also what its name is, and explains the trap most of this planet have already marked themselves into.

So first of all, see if you see the dark star's name, and how they of that star have got you.

The Lower Realm Star System is the source of the Freemasons, various other 'mystical orders', 'Illuminati' and many others not obviously known to be associated with various agendas to 'control' - and it is the energy of the star system that is 'claiming' control.  The initiations along this 'path' make up a very sad mistake that began when this planet 'fell' - for this source is not enlightenment or 'god'. But those who have integrated into it do identify themselves by the Star System they align with or if the star name is not given, it is in their beliefs or lack of acknowledging the existence of the soul, etc. 

Thus there are lots of different groups and communities who long ago made this mistake of aligning with and/or integrating into the wrong star system.  Most never knew it was a mistake, for the planet was in the darkness of the Descending Phase, and then they found some light. It is mostly likely that they do believe this Lower Star Network is 'god' and that they, whichever belief system, are doing the work of 'god' or were 'chosen by' this 'god' and so on.  As if 'god' was as trivial, avaricious, and weird as this lower level of consciousness is.

*Of interest, there is a documentary on BBC World News entitled 'Secrets of the Masons' and this will be available on the internet, so you can see who these ones are.  That is, those who think they are something to do with 'god's work'.

Those who belong to the 'dark realm star' - otherwise known as the 'darkness' because they exist in the LOWER astral realms - refers to anyone who tells you they are part of that particular star network - which you can see for yourself on the animated diagram.  It refers to gurus who include the Indian or an eastern word for 'darkness' in their names.  It also covers the impossibility of those who claim to be Christians - like Edgar Cayce or Disney for example - and also be part of 'secret orders', or anyone aligned into and are part of this particular star network - the identity of which is Anti-Christos. That is what a Lower Realm star is anyway. Everything in the lower realms is Anti-Life.

It is a completely different level of consciousness and its role is ultimately to break up and disperse energy (which apparently a scientist has also recently discovered). However, the Upper Realm Star System that human consciousness should answer to, was once known to include a star/sun called 'Christos', and as part of the Upper Realm it existed long before Genesis and what evolved out of Genesis.

But this article is not looking at agendas, nor is it blaming people.  It is just the problem of the Lower Level Star System, what it is, and indeed, even the people involved in these ritual based ceremonies may not really know they have chosen the LOWER Star System.  On the other hand, they may be those who were born on this planet from the light of the lower sun.  It is not our fault that those who belong to this dark star system say that is their star system!

Hence the Trap, and how it works.  Also how it doesn't work, if you can understand what the Lower Star System network is, and get out of being aligned to it.  Because what looks like is happening today may not actually be what it looks like.  It may be an illusion. Perhaps even a grand con.

Yet a 'grand illusion' that has the details of the con given, before the con is completed.

But also, it does not mean in the bigger picture that it is ultimately 'wrong'.


It is not our fault if those who Belong to this Dark,

 lesser, star system, actually

Say that is their Star System!


So LOOK at what that lower star system is.

Earth is caught between two different and opposite star systems. In reality it belongs to the Higher Star System which it is about to begin its return to.

<This is the Lower Level Star System. 2nd star named is the 'dark star' that this planet accesses.

It can be good to look at the story which led to the problem, and we have included that, but it may be better to actually show the problem, because few know there is a problem, or what the problem is. 

Nevertheless, there are a few paragraphs of introduction before we get to the problem.  So firstly, one thing that is going on that is not true is that this world is 'One'.  It is not 'One', it is TWO, and it is not 'one people' it is two!  But one of those Two wants everyone to identify with it as the only 'one'. In reality there are some who are part of the Upper Realm Soul Level 'Golden World' status, and also those of the current phase which is under the Lower star system consciousness - which does not want mankind to leave this level.

Genesis, which took place when the planet was in its Fall Phase, was a creation that should not have happened - because the planet's cycle moves back Upwards again, and that creation - mankind - cannot go with it. Hence the knowledge that people can work their way up through the realms back to True Source, which is what the planet does on its Ascending Phase.  It is because mankind was created in the Lower Levels (which should not have happened) that they were given the chance and help to align with the Higher Star System and Life Stream Source status.  Then another quirk of consciousness occurred when those who had aligned, integrated and become 'one' with the Lower Star System obeyed that consciousness to prevent you doing this. 

Those who integrate into the Lower System cannot ever move upwards to the Higher Realm system if they have integrated into the Lower System and consciousness which does in fact govern the descent phase of the planet.  However, if you do this, it does keep you in it's 'reality' under its jurisdiction and under the control of those who control this level.  As it is a false realm because it does not have its own planet, it is a bad place to be when the planet leaves that level - which is believed to happen soon.  No-one who was honest and in their right mind would limit the opportunity to become Soul Level by saying it is the same as the Lower star system level (and therefore nothing else exists as something you need to strive for). 

Certainly we can look at a few reasons how this world encountered what might be called the 'Negative Age' and also that there are bad players.  Also good to take a look at the coming Ascension of this planet which literally refers to the planet finally being able to begin its ascent back into alignment with its Higher Realm Source.  For some that Ascension back upwards (which takes 12,000 years) is the good news about the change.  But for many, the view is that the term Ascension means it has now reached its destination - which is alignment with the Lower Star System.

Because of what became apparent from these Records, this simply had to be followed up.


Earth is a Planet Caught Between Two Star Systems -

Earth Belongs to the Higher Level Star System,

but it is also Caught during its Fall, in a Force issuing

 from a Lower Level Star System.


It is about humans being 'Star-Children' - which they are - but which star system is it that you actually belong to? 

To begin this, using the animation at the top of the page which shows the Earth movement downward over 12,000 years, you can see the star system which this planet reaches at the 12,000 years time line after the Fall.  Neither Earth nor humans belong to this star system. This diagram doesn't mention the original star system that Earth and humans do belong to, but it is shown elsewhere. This has led to the suppression of the knowledge these particular records led to - with the promise that what that is, is absolute dynamite.

As we hope to get to the point without getting bogged down in references, there are three particular pieces of knowledge to highlight right from the start.  Firstly, this planet exists within a 'sea of energy' into which it fell lower down the scale, into denser energy and pressure, from which the planet is believed to soon begin its Ascension or Ascent out of.  This transformation or change, times in with other texts which discuss that it first encounters a bitter force called wormwood and an 'anti-life' force.  Secondly there is another meaning to the word 'Rapture' which is considered to be the intended meaning - and may definitely shed light on what has been either missed or misunderstood.  The other meaning is far more within the overall context of the rest of the information that was passed on to today. Thirdly, with the Fall that is the descent phase of this planet's wobble - and that we show you literally dips downwards then Ascends again (which begins the ending 'Fourth Age' and planetary Ascension) - people began aligning into another, different star system, an alien star system, which this planet does not belong to.

There is just a little bit to read here in this article, because it helps if there is some context.  On the other hand, it is also good to identify the problem soon in this article, and then afterwards flesh out the details.  There is known information about this reality - described as this world - which don't always seem to make sense perhaps.  Things like this reality being something 'not real', and that the technology the world is developing today, is something that had also been developed in a no longer documented historic past where that technology actually led to a catastrophe.  It also led to human souls finding themselves lost and trapped in an 'underworld' that there had been efforts to get them out of to no avail; and all these things do tie in with the information from those Therapeutae Records, with actual, intelligent explanations of what was meant.

To lead in to this we are going to briefly look at a few things that have raised concerns for some people on this planet, and also some things that have led to people believing that if they do certain things for their 'god' they will go to 'paradise' or experience an ecstatic reunion with what they believe to be their 'god'.

Thus over the next years after finding the book in the health food shop, what became 'this work' looked into the ancient world for information which may shed light on today's world and why it is that people remain trapped on the 'Wheel of Rebirth' even though they are certain that situation changes.  Was it to do with the new spheres or realms which formed around the planet?  Was it the last time round when this planet encountered 'Wormwood' and/or the earlier experience of a 'planetary awakening' and/or the 'Rapture'?   Why did the world that developed afterwards have so many conflicts, and consciousness issues?  In fact  this planet has reached this same part of the journey before.

Therefore, this work wanted to find out what has been missed, that in today's world there would be, amongst many other issues, so much Mental Illness, and why there is the deliberate use of science to create food that makes you fat, ages the body, suppresses the hypothalamus, builds up toxicity, suppresses the immune system, causes other negative experiences - and leads to you having to spend out more money to heal or correct these.  Not to mention the dark web, itself far bigger than the world wide web, which makes illicit sales and activities easy to advertise and yet remain anonymous and untraceable.  Services like drug selling to assassins for hire.  Amongst the other issues is why the ancient world warned not to use the 'black poison' energy, where this planet is currently aligning, the possibility that the world which warned about the 'black poison' developed AI - Artificial Intelligence which may have grown beyond the abilities of its human creators, and about a definitely existing 'UN' plan, probably a computer assessment, to depopulate 95% of the planet by 2030.

That is, there is plenty in this world which suggests there are some bad players providing what the world 'needs', and something like the depopulation of the world by 95% presumably could be achieved by some of these things, and definitely by a war - and the kettle is constantly kept on the boil for expectations for that!  Even with a deal with North Korea there is a big effort to sabotage it, or make it look otherwise. Also there does happen to be a policy for 'world domination' called the PNAC 2000, and there is a US contingency plan to attack Iran in the event of a major attack regardless of whether Iran is involved or not. 

That means it could be activated even by a self-produced 9/11 style event or much less, and voila, the excuse to invade Iran is activated. However, a far more certain way to achieve this is by the topic this work discusses.  It also does not favour those who have bad agendas and do run this planet.  It also does not favour those who have no qualms in finding ways to poison people to make money out of it, or who are behind planning the created wars.  These have to include WW1, definitely WW2, even more definitely Vietnam (Graham Greene's The Quiet American) and beyond any question at all regarding the invasions of Iraq and Libya. *However this work is not about those topics.


The ancient world did provide information on all of these topics which go right back to the beginning of it all. Most importantly, long ago there was a disagreement about which course this planet should take.  There were differing views about how a planet should be run, and about the use of a particular energy which made just about everything imaginable possible. Some people did want to take the course this planet ended up taking. But it was a course that was not necessarily wanted by everyone

One opinion was to use the energy from the 'dark side' of the centre of this galaxy.  This is where science then and now appeared to observe new stars and constellations being birthed. But mostly the actual interest was in how much wealth and power the energy could provide to those who owned and controlled it.

The other view was to remain connected to and using the energy they were already connected to, also at the centre of the galaxy.  It is these ones who said the other viewpoint will be dangerous.  They are the ones who said the Force from that side will pull on the planet's landmass and eventually will pull the planet itself. 

The pro-black hole side answered no it won't, this is a gateway to other universes, and 'science must progress'. 

It was this side which won the debate, and although this planet's alignment was once fixed, something happened which caused the planet to begin to move its alignment towards the 'Black Energy' and eventually reach what the ancient world believed was a pathway to other universes, and closer to the 'centre of god', but also continued with the atheist view of a logical mind.  That is, that there is no God, instead the MIND is itself 'god'.


In today's world those who share the view in that last sentence include 'thinkers' like Richard Dawkins ('The God Delusion') presumably almost all tech CEO's and geeks, and authors like Dan Brown ('Da Vinci Code' etc).  Sadly - for them - these ones have missed the point. They are not futurists and visionaries, they are less aware than most once were, and are amongst those who wandered off into the realms of the intellect - the Fourth Realm. In fact we now recommend reading Dan Brown's 'Origin' because it outlines much of what the future evolution for humanity is seen to be by those leading the world into it.

It is science (not us) which has reported that this planet is facing the 'black hole' side of the centre of this galaxy.  So now in today's world you have two opinions on what is in play, and the same significant decision to make that the ancient world had to make.  It is the ancient world which caused this planet to Fall, or put another way, caused this planet's wobble - which is actual damage to this planet.

Those who made that particular decision or choice, have been the foremost teachers of what to expect at the time known as the End Time, or when this planet begins its Ascension again.  It is most definitely the highest teachings of secret orders like the Masons and all other such Orders, and other esoteric or spiritual sources of knowledge which teach of the significance of the star Sirius, the pyramids, and Earth's Ascension into the future-world which is itself aligned to Sirius.

Currently, there are many people who are excited about going through a direct passage to closer to the heart of this galaxy, as part of the experience known as 'Rapture'. It is also seen as, and many have aligned into it as, an expected planetary 'awakening' or a type of 'Kundalini' energy experience.  They are describing, one way or another, a particular Force to do with the pole which aligns to this side of the centre of the galaxy as it is now, but which is about to changeover back to Ascending.  That means it returns towards the 'Golden World' and the 'Golden Crown' of this planet. 

As this (the planet's crown) has been damaged, presumed to be by the 'misuse of technology' in an ancient past, but possibly first occurred by some ancient 'cosmic collision' when the rogue planet Nibiru past this way, but by whatever happened, it has to be observed that this planet no longer has its 'crown' in place. There is not a True North for this planet to align and ascend fully back to, and establish itself within the 'Golden Throne' which oversees the 'Golden Age' - which explains why the planet can only go so far before the poles change back again, and this planet keeps returning to the Lower Realm - which some identify as the realm of the Illuminati. That is because it is still caught in the Force.

This circumstance was the direction chosen by those on one side of the ancient disagreement, who thought they saw new creations being birthed in the Black Hole.  However, what the ancient world tried to make known in texts which some groups tried to destroy, actually seems to be something that will affect even those who think and believe they are the secret controllers of this world, and the many opportunistic geeks and business interests, who see how wealthy they can become by reaching a world market of consumers.


The others in the ancient world are the ones who said that what was observed to seem to happen within that 'blackness' as the birthing of new stars and constellations, as a dark realm pregnant with possibilities, was a REFLECTION of what was actually happening 'Above', and that the Black Hole is NOT a 'portal to other universes'.  It is a Black Hole which absorbs everything, and even light cannot escape from it. 

What was being observed was in reality being seen in a kind of galactic dark 'mirror'. A REFLECTION.

But the pro black hole side did not accept that.  They wanted to access what they believed they had observed. Just as today's science has also observed the same thing and is fascinated by the possibility of passing through a 'portal' into the 'black hole' (as believed by the late Stephen Hawking) and also fascinated by the infinite possibilities of what can be 'innovated' in the tech world to create a new and evolved future. 

That is, if 'evolved' and 'developed' is defined by developing technology - which is not what was understood to define 'developed' in the understanding of the Higher Realms to which this planet is about to begin its Ascent back towards.

The Records of the other viewpoint say that at an earlier time this planet was aligned towards a particular star system to which it belonged, which was its Light and Life energy Source, and in that position, Earth faced the other pole of this galaxy. 

But there is no doubt that the attraction, then and now, to use and develop the 'energy' - which the Norse called the 'black poison' - did outweigh just about everything.

And what happened from that thinking is this:


The Problem this Higher Realm planet - which

belongs to a Higher Realm Star System - has,

is that it is a planet where 95%-99% of the people have aligned themselves

into a Lower Realm star system.


 And the question then becomes, why would they do that? 


There are some other issues which also became apparent.

The records say the planet was originally a much bigger planet and is now one third of the original size. They also say that there were no seasons - which means it did not angle towards then away from the sun -  which means there was no wobble.  Also it's energy signature was a much higher frequency.  Then it 'fell' towards the opposite pole. 

The development of technology - using the 'dark energy' - is the absolute key to the future development of this world.  Without it there is no new world as it is envisioned to be.  AI plays an important role in what happened to this planet in the past - because it is old thinking - and also in the creation of a world or realm which is often called 'not real' and an Illusion, or Maya.

The development of AI - Artificial Intelligence - is charging ahead and even being developed by people like former Black Eyed Peas pop star Will-i-am.  Robin Li founder of Baidu, wants to make China the leader in AI, and there is Suri and Alexa, and smart TVs which record and monitor even your most private conversations and activities, yet are supposed to exist to provide you with the 'future' of voice command to change TV channels and tell you the weather.  Who is monitoring this?


'Humans don't learn tools,

Tools learn Humans' Robin Li Chinese developer of Artificial Intelligence.

And indeed they do.  That is the problem.


Even if there was no Artificial Intelligence created in an ancient world which may have been much the same as today's world, this planet still moves into alignment with the centre of this galaxy but on the dark side of that centre, which is the black hole side (and the known Sagittarius reference point).

However, the very beginning of this catastrophe, at some point somewhere in the past did see the first world civilization which chose to develop the 'energy'Then, as now, they created AI - Artificial Intelligence - and it was this and computer programmes which developed the 'system' for the running this planet.  It is said that the AI probably outgrew its creators and then decided its creators were inferiour.  Even so, it seems it still provided a useful option when humans got themselves stuck in a dark wasteland called the underworld, and it did so by creating a world that is an Illusion.

What unfolds from that, then became a trap - the closing in of the 'net' or the 'spider's web' - something at least 95% of this planet have already done again.  No-one will notice what that is, probably until it actually becomes apparent; or perhaps someone might begin to realize what it is.

The unfolding story does not need to know exactly who made the initial mistake, but whoever or whatever caused that 'fall', the moment this planet began its famous wobble, the side which chose the new direction for Earth had won. 

Nothing has ever been said about it by those who won the battle for the direction of this planet.  Yet they do not hide what they are doing at all; they are completely open about their source.  Those who knew that their source was not the real Source did talk about it  - over millennia in fact - but they were silenced. It turns out that they were not believed. The disagreement was about the perceived benefits of using this energy, or to shun it because it has inherent dangers.

The side which saw enormous, unlimited potential ahead decided they must explore the immense possibilities of using the 'energy' even though using the energy to make this vision happen, may be toxic and very bad.  As it is also about making money and 'better living standards' - regardless of how they are achieved - it does not have the remotest of qualms about creating the 'sickness industry' or misleading people.

Now we have the world that the first opinion wanted but many people today are not happy with issues like the lack of ethics in business, not keeping your word, not living to higher principles, not living completely by precepts such as 'do as you would be done by', and are wondering why this isn't how this world operates.  

BUT, if you don't like the way it is, you must work out for yourselves for it not to harm you.

You possibly are accepting the world that has been presented to you, accepting its values and its products in the same way as having to use services offered on the internet.  Your use of the world they provide, like using services on the internet that you have to agree to,  means you have accepted the reality and 'way of the world' presented to you.  If  you have been exploited by dodgy business practices etc - which is looked upon favourably because it benefits the economy -  then it is up to you to 'innovate' a solution.  

That is also the case with the decision to take this planet literally into the new energy source that had caused disagreement long ago.  The choice has been made for you, unless you decide for yourself to look further.


Many people are genuinely interested in a healthy, plant based diet as a lifestyle choice and for health but they are also unknowingly adding practices and lifestyle choices that belong to the teachings of groups such as the Masons etc which are considered controversial, and from religions and ideas which actually originate from the same source, but are not at all considered controversial, yet they are, because they align towards and prepare the way for resonance and harmony with the approaching 'portal' aka 'transformation point'.

However, there is no pointing the finger to who made this planet access and use the energy from this galaxy's opposite pole,  that just becomes the joke that is 'conspiracy theory'.  It also gets thoroughly entangled in what looks like uncharitable and unenlightened viewpoints.   It is something that is already almost impossible to pinpoint why it is 'wrong' but now it is easy to pinpoint why it is wrong.  So we move on.



 It is expected that one day maybe in the next few years or by the early 2030's, something will be seen in the sky, emerging from behind the sun.


What most 'new age' people know, is that this planet is expected to reach its point of transformation in the very near future, maybe just 12 - 15 years away from now in 2018, or maybe even just 3 years away.  That transformation relates to coming into contact with a direct pathway into the very heart of this side of the galaxy. This expectation is similar to the Hopi prophecy of the Blue Kachina which is understood will be seen emerging from behind the sun, and 'bring an end to the Fourth World', also the appearance of a bitter 'star' called Wormwood, and an exciting experience known as the Rapture.

Science, also sees this same transformation point, and it refers to an interest in the Black Hole and a 'portal to other universes'. These exciting expectations are both one side of two opinions. 

The other opinion in the ancient world - from the first time this point was reached and experienced -  was that the lower levels where the 'energy' was discovered - lower down the scale - was not the same deal as in the 'Above Worlds' which is the living energy zone where life systems are able to exist.  They also said this 'portal' is exactly what you think a Black Hole is.

It is science - not us - which has told you that this planet is facing a super massive 'Black Hole' at the centre of this galaxy - which more correctly means the side of the centre of the galaxy this planet now angles towards.  From many sources, from science, to the Hopi Prophecy, to general expectations of what is taking place, the expected 'portal', or 'Kachina', is the bringer of the soon to be reached 'transformation' which many are excited about going through as a direct passage to closer to the heart of this galaxy and the Rapture. 

However it all takes place at the same time as an Anti-Life Force appears.

There are several indications that may suggest a date for that but clearly it was not 2012.  Neither was it 2017, so we then go to the next date which relates to the appearance of what is considered a 'bitter force', which is 'anti-life',  and is of interest because June 6th 2022 is a date which is to do with an identity/force which is also anti-life, and identified as 666.

We have looked at the 72 year Dark Rift revealed by the Gobekli Tepe stone site in Turkey, and will look at this further down, which refers to passage which began somewhere near the beginning of the1960's;  and also the encountering of an identity that was specifically described as the 'reverse of the life' as covered in the biblical Book of Revelation which used the same calendars used today which begin at 1 CE Common Era, and used Numerology. 

But there are other dates for when this particular 'Kachina' appears - which is described as a 'spirit' or 'Force' which crosses Earth's path.  These are June 6th 2031 and June 6th 2022.  These dates also fit in with the 72 year Dark Rift.  It could also begin on June 6th 2022 and continue to complete its process through 9 years to June 6th 2031.

For the Numerology focus both these dates up to 9 the number of completion.  The 72 year Dark Rift is also a 9 and the number of completion.  

Is this indeed a 'portal to other universes and mankind's evolution'?

OR is the Black Hole what you think a Black Hole is?


 The next Diagram is to show you

How Earth turns away its 'Home' Star System

and over a period of about 12,000 years, Moves Downwards

into Alignment with a Different Star System

which neither this planet nor humans belong to.


Science has reported that this planet is facing a massive Black Hole at the centre of this galaxy, which actually means it is facing the 'black hole' side of the centre of this galaxy (not its opposite pole). This was and is widely believed to be the way to the unlimited possibilities of the envisioned 'future', the same as it apparently was in the ancient past when that world decided to use and develop a world with the Eitr - the 'Black Poison'.

Originally this planet had a fixed position. Then 'something' happened - something which may have been deliberately caused to happen -  which made the alignment of this planet move to align towards the location where it would access the expected approaching 'portal' or direct passageway towards the centre of this galaxy, but on the dark side of this galaxy.

It is because the planet moves, and changes what it is aligned to, that there are 'consciousness issues' with this planet. 

The planet did not originally move. However, this work didn't need to show you the tilt of the planet, or how it cycles, because science already knows this planet leans towards a Black Hole.  It is also how the planet moves away from the original star system and to a different star system. 

In this new location the planet accesses something called the 'Lodestar' which is highly magnetic (and this planet has an iron core) - which is the Force which makes this planet face the Black Hole side of the galaxy - (not the Living Life-Streams side covered in the records of the Greek Therapeutae).  It is the reason this planet is facing towards the dark side of the galaxy.

It is because there were people who wanted to use [what the ancient Norse called] the 'black poison' for its ability to create amazing technology, that the planet became attracted into the 'Lodestar' which they insisted was not a problem because they believed the 'Below' was the same as the 'Above Worlds' and the base 'metal' would in fact change to a 'golden age'.  But the reality actually turned out otherwise. The animated diagram below is helpful with this. 

The diagram actually shows the cycle upside down.  The planet moves from the Vega Star System downwards to Polaris, but it would never have moved from its fixed 'upper world' connection - into the Life-Streams - but for the damage which caused Earth's wobble. 

The change of energies was something noted and described as the 'Cosmic Seasons' in ancient 'Persian' Records. The 'portal' really refers to the pole of the galaxy, and crossing the actual 'galactic centre' does mean the reality is about to change. That is not the 'galactic equator' but the 'centre' of the 'galactic poles'.

Everyone on this planet is aligned towards the black hole and the 'portal' which has always been the reversed polarity, unless you take action otherwise - which was the meaning of 'clearing karma'.  It is not expected that the Force will do too much damage to the physical planet this time it crosses the path of this 'portal' (the known Sagittarius reference point).  

However, this planet has reached this special point before, possibly many times.  It has accessed the energy which makes the 'amazing future' possible and for mankind to become 'masters of the universe' and to think they have become as 'gods' themselves etc - because that seemed to be what the energy made possible.

 *Please allow the animated diagram below to show you what this planet now does.

Once upon a time, this planet aligned towards the positive pole of this galaxy, and did not move from there. Incidentally that fixed position was in the Higher Realms and towards the star Vega, but this diagram is actually upside down, which makes it look as if Polaris is the Ascending point.

Because we are talking about the Higher Realm star system this planet and humans belong with, and the Lower Level, alien star system that this planet and humans do not belong with, these details are important, and you might begin to see the problem that eventuated.  The problem being that this alien star alignment which most of the planet in the ancient world - and strangely in today's world too - chose to align into and accept its level of consciousness, ended up being called the Deceiver.

As you can see with the diagram below, this planet's alignment moves over the course of time.  That is how it reaches the dark energy side of this galaxy.  If the planet did not move it would remain fixed with Vega as its North Star. 

It reaches that 'new' point when the planet's gradual change of position aligns with Polaris as its North Star (which is now.  Polaris is located in the constellation of Canis the 'dog' and is also known as AN and UN.  It is also known as Cyon - which refers to the 'Blue Force' the same as the 'Blue Kachina' and the Phoenix which 'rises from the ashes' and these are the reasons why some people thought the entrance to the 'Below Worlds' led to the same as the 'Above Worlds'. 

As it turned out, this access became known - unexpectedly to some - as the 'the Destroyer', and 'Death Star'.

It is also the UN which has the plan to depopulate the planet by 95% by 2030, known as Agenda 21.  UN is another name for the lower realm different star system.

The fact that this planet changes its alignment and moves down then up between the poles, seems to be similar to the Hopi prophecy of the Blue Kachina which is soon expected to be seen emerging from behind the sun, and bring an end to the Fourth World.  The Fourth World has covered the last 12,000 years covering the planet moving from Vega to Polaris (currently this planet's North star as in the diagram above) which the Hopi prophecy significantly notes is negative. This means the ending negative age refers to almost all the dominant religions, associated energy practices, and the 'secret societies' - of the last 12,000 years -  and are about the same energy, from the black hole side, which are the opposite of the change of polarity expected to happen with this planet (perhaps) but whether it changes or not,  it is as the ancients warned 'do not use the energy'.

But the change over to the positive age takes place after successfully passing the 'portal' without being caught in the 'Force'.

The 'portal', the 'bitter star or force', is what takes away everything that is resonant with it - like a super massive magnet - leaving all that aligned with it, and that goes with it, disembodied and in the dark astral realm which was called 'hell'. This is when the Matrix reality, a virtual reality world called Maya meaning Illusion, was created for those caught in the 'astral wilderness'.  However, even then some people saw opportunities to control that reality - which could work if people believed it was real.

*There had not been any dark, desolate realm called 'hell' until humans created it by pursuing the energy of the 'Black Poison'. The diagram below represents the Force pulling planets into it.

This is what the ancient world had been warning about.   It was about how the planet had been pulled towards the highly magnetic 'Lodestar' with the activations from the presence of the returning 'portal', and the bitter 'star' Wormwood.  The expected 'Rapture' experience associated with the 'planetary awakening', was massively attracted towards the new 'portal' and formed a new dark and desolate no man's land astral realm which since its unintended creation, lies at an angle to this planet and towards the 'Lodestar' - and a star system that this planet is not part of. The cries for help were heard from those who had been pulled into it, and the new astral realm was named 'hell'.

It is believed this is when a false reality known as the Matrix etc was created for those souls, who could not incarnate in a body, had nowhere to go, and were trapped in a desolate place.  They had to remain there until the planet began its descent again and they (most) could the incarnate again, and importantly do what was necessary to get out of their predicament and back to the Ascending Phase towards the original star system.

This problem affected those ones who had thought that the 'Below Worlds' (the dark side of this galaxy) was the same as the 'Above Worlds'. 

The other view said that the 'Below' is a REFLECTION of the 'Above Worlds'

They said, and continued to teach, that what seems to be seen is deceiving,  a Deceiver is what it was called, and the darkness is the 'Destroyer'.  Their view was to remain connected to and using the Light-Stream partner of the Life-Stream energy of the Upper Worlds which specifically issues from the positive pole side of the centre of the galaxy.  They emphasized that while in the Lower Worlds, it was extremely important to always to remain in that consciousness - (gentle gentility, 'do as you would be done by' and a great deal more). 

They did so because as the Hopi prophecy also says (taken from internet sources) the Earth's poles will change and the planet's rotation will return to clockwise and 'resurrect' back to its [possibly] 12,000 year journey back towards the Vega North Star alignment.  To be aligned with that it meant not touching or using the 'the energy'.  However, the planet is still caught in the Force and that is the far bigger actual problem; and this time - ecstatic or an unpleasant surprise - refers to when people 'will be lifted into the sky'.

There is also Another Meaning to the word 'Rapture'.....

.........and it is especially relevant to the overall message in ancient books where the current interpretation of 'Rapture' seems out of place given the presence of an 'anti-life force', and a bitter force called 'Wormwood'.  It is considered the actual meaning intended. It is also relevant in the picture of a planet within a 'cosmic ocean' in the presence of the forces/pressure mentioned and an ascent out of the current heavier Lower Density level into which about 99% of this planet has aligned and adapted into. It is called nitrogen rapture. Nitrogen increases under the anticipated pressure, enters the bloodstream as a drug-like feeling which creates an inability to think clearly.  It eventually becomes an agonizing condition known as the bends which can kill the body, that is called Nitrogen Narcosis.  Rapture.

It is said those who had made the wrong choice were so furious that they had been wrong, they decided to continue to bring anyone and everyone else they possibly could into the same status - unable to incarnate into a body because they became stuck in a dark astral realm no-man's land.  They said that most people would make the same choice and they would prove it, having no qualms whatsoever about taking others into 'hell'.  They could do so by encouraging the use of the 'energy' through the same attractive technology - and the wealth and power it actually suggests - and also through people; they could also communicate from their bodiless realm,  and in some cases by taking over the body temporarily as in 'entity possession' or in some cases as a walk-in.  Then they use people's beliefs and 'desires' to present their own goals.

They would let people believe what they had believed and what they wanted to believe, and only those people who worked out what was happening and took action would ever be allowed to leave.  Most people are looking forward to the future evolution promised.  However, this is by no means the first time this planet has been at this same point of the journey.

It was concerned people who commented on the mural at Denver Airport in Colorado, and about an actual, very real 'UN' plan to cull the world's population down to about 1%, and that is exactly what the people of this planet have been set up for.


'When some in the ancient world pointed out that this is a BLACK HOLE, and it might be dangerous, those who wanted this alignment and truly believed in where they thought it would lead said, "That is just fear talking" it is "negative thinking" and "It will be amazing. This energy and the 'portal', even if it is a Black Hole, leads to the evolution of mankind." '


Because this planet now moves, and in so doing reaches the 'portal' into the realms of the darker end of the spectrum, the planet's gradual change of position aligns with Polaris as its North Star (which is the current North Star).  This is also known as An (as in Annunaki) and UN.  Some people then began to spiritually align with this, which is a far lesser and lower system that is not part of the the 'eternal life Tree'. This problem is something that became one of the casualties of the literal planetary Fall.  Those who took this path cannot return to 'eternal life'.  We don't know what happens to them with the 'Rapture', it may refer to them too. The same consciousness, energy force and 'Lodestar' is behind the 'kingdom' which wishes to establish here - although this planet is obviously not part of its system. 


Over the course of 12,000 years Earth descends into the Fall status

and eventually aligns with a different star system

which neither this planet nor humans belong to.

You can see it on this animated diagram which shows you how the planet Falls and shows you which star system the planet begins its new alignment with until it Ascends again. 

This is called the Lower Realms and the star system is the Lesser Light of the 'dark star realms'.  Of course one can adapt into its 'light body' too - but humans had HIGHER LIGHT bodies.  It is clearly shown on this diagram and those who teach into this false alignment clearly tell you what their 'light source' is.  You can see here what it is. Those who teach and belong to this 'lesser light' and openly identify themselves with this include the Masons, almost all other 'secret orders', anyone who tells you this is what they are aligning you into - Polaris, Sirius, Orion - also the work of Mantak Chia who also teaches the alignment into the Plough and Polaris. 

If you have aligned into this star system/network either through the huge 'spiritual preparation' it has overseen over the last decades, or because you have accepted its lifestyle and consciousness - which about 99% of the planet has done - then you are aligned into the astral realms of this star system-network and you cannot leave the level you have integrated with, when the planet begins its Ascension Phase.  You have to wait until the planet comes downwards again and into range.

In some cases people have 'become one' with it and fixed their light body into the light of the 'dark realm star'.  It is clearly identified on this animation.  The ascended Star System that this planet and humans do belong to is not named in this animation but is shown elsewhere.

We mentioned Agenda 21 - a UN plan to depopulate the planet by 95%+ by 2030, and that the UN aka Un, (which is another name for the intelligence using the Polaris-Sirius-Orion star system) has successfully carried out its plan to ensure that 95% - 99% remains aligned into this lower realm star system.  The Plan exists, but is infinitely ancient

It is the trap that has been in play throughout. But a trap for everyone, because it is assumed that even those who think Polaris-Sirius is their source will also be caught in the Force, as will all the greedy opportunists who saw the opportunity for wealth and power by developing technology using the energy that was forbidden.  It was clearly said not 'to take a bite of the apple' and not to venture into the energy of the 'tree of knowledge'.

People will not be able to see it until the reality reveals itself, and by then they are stuck in the astral radiation fields of a Lower Realm alien lower level star network to which humans do not belong.  This has been the Plan which cannot be seen.  Maybe some Orders really do think is 'god', but it is now very close to the time when the planetary change which seals this will take place. The net has almost closed.

Since this was known from the time it happened before, there have been records and actual help for this. This is where the two opinions comes in, and the disagreement, one side said 'science must go forward' while the other side said  'don't use the energy'.  No-one  wants people to be in this situation, but once the change that is the much wanted planetary awakening has taken place, the trap is revealed.  People will then be stuck and stranded in this location, and as sitting ducks awaiting their new masters bidding. There is nothing that can be done - as once the change takes place, the mistake becomes clear.

The 95%-99% of the current population of the planet, will not be able to incarnate on this planet in the Ascending Phase. The planet will be 'depopulated'.  It is a carefully, well planned, even natural phenomenon, that became an inevitable, very successful trap, because people have aligned themselves into a lower level star system.



This world does begin at the somewhere between 12,000 - 6,000 years ago mark because that is when the planet begins the Fall into density.  It begins, then ends, then begins again and so on.  In about 12,000 - 18,000 years time, after this lower world ends with the Earth's expected upward phase, the planet will begin its descent and this world will begin again, and develop in the same way this Fourth World developed, then souls stuck in this alignment will get the chance again to work through heavy duty Karmic Debt to get free.  Sorry.  But that is the way it is.

As stated, this is when the Matrix reality was created, either by a helpful AI on its own, or by direction from the original Upper Worlds.  It provided a reality from which souls could incarnate when the chance came again to do so on this planet (when it descended again) and provided an opportunity to then work off the heavy Karmic Debt in order to get free.  However, those who had gone too far into the dark astral realms knew they could not return to 'eternal life' but the Matrix reality itself presented a reality they, and or the AI, or both, could control seemingly indefinitely.  Hence another problem arose from these newly created dark astral realms.

The Matrix Reality - Maya - Illusion exists within the dark astral realms. It is the realm created by the 'global/cosmic Mind', but initially as a response from the Upper Worlds intended to help those souls who had become trapped. 

  Sirius, like Polaris, is a Lower Realm star and to align into it anchors and changes the body-spirit into an astral status of that level.  They 'belong' and have adapted into that level of consciousness and that level of 'light'.  When the planet begins to Ascend back to its natural Higher Realm status, it moves away from them, and those who adapted into the 'Lesser light' cannot go with it.  They remained behind in the dark astral realm, connected into a lower level star.  Hence the Matrix world was created, until the planet returned on its descending journey towards the Lower Realms.  Not everyone who ended up in these desolate astral realms could incarnate again, they had changed too far into the Sirius light-body.

"They Will Never Know They Come from the Upper Realm Star."  As a note, the energy input came in from Sirius beginning in the 1970's as an aggressive, sharp energy that was called 'injected'.  It originated from the 'secret societies' who are its followers, and was a very real incoming energy to initiate the 'Plan of the Ages' for the alignment of up to 95%-99% of the people into what is a lower level astral realm of the dark star network.  Neither humans nor this planet belong to or are part of this lower network of stars. What has taken place has almost succeeded, and is a trap.

"They Will Never Know They Come from the Upper Realm Star."

However, this creation, called Genesis may also refer to the 'light bodies' from the other star system being born onto this once Higher Realm planet - but only possible to do so while the Earth is on its downward journey in the Lower Realm.  It would mean that actual lesser light, lower realm 'people' from a lesser star system were able to inhabit this planet and then help it realign further into the alien dark realm star system.  This has succeeded.  The world has embraced it totally.  It is the Un plan to depopulate the Earth, but limited to this only because the planet can still Ascend.  At a future time round 'they' hope to get the planet too. 


From records still kept in official libraries at least up to 500 BCE (over 2,500 years ago) there were official documents which reported that the planet had originally been a much bigger planet. There were no seasons - which means this planet  did not angle towards then away from the sun -  and it's energy signature was a much higher frequency.  Then it 'fell' towards the opposite pole.  It also stopped rotating for 3 days then began to rotate counter clockwise.

Some of its landmass was pulled into a 'Force', written elsewhere as a 'dark force', and some of the people were pulled into the Force with it. The result was in fact, the existence of this Earth in the Fourth World according to the Hopi prophecy. Earth is one third of the original planet, which is understood to be fine and its inhabitants waiting for those caught here to remember. 

So today, many thousands of years later, you exist on a planet which only knows the energy it was pulled in to. Thus science is exploring what that energy is, and it includes thought energy which is very much part of the practices carried out in various 'brotherhood' meetings and so on.

There is no doubt that the possibilities which lie ahead for this world with genetics, genome engineering - how CRISPRcas9 enables the editing of DNA - and the infinite range of possibilities for technology, are so amazing that few scientists would not continue to explore all the possibilities ahead of it.  Nor would many ignore the opportunities for the 'creation of wealth', and almost everyone is addicted to the technology.  None of those views are going to change.  And those who know about approaching the Black Hole are not really going to tell you about it except in the glowing exciting terms that they or their long ago ancestors, believed it was going to lead to.

However, the planet did not originally change its alignment.  That it is now moving towards the 'Transformation Point' is not natural, or 'God ordained'. It is something that was caused to happen.


Over a period of around 25,000 years the Alignment of this Planet MOVES.


No matter what the ancient world is thought to have been - it certainly did leave a detailed Cosmology of the structure of the universe which has survived from very ancient times.  It shows this information was from an intellectually developed people with advanced sciences, medicine, hospitals and surgery, mathematics, astronomy and so on. 

The existence of an advanced cosmology is something that Prof. Brian Cox has noted in his documentaries.  Current science has only recently discovered what the ancient world described as the 'Sea' which preceded the event known as the Big Bang (which created this universe).  If they were the primitive people you are told they were, then that they knew about it is quite remarkable.

There are two polarities and two centres to any galaxy - it just depends which one you and this planet are facing. However, they are not in any way equal or with the same attributes.  Only the Light side links back into the creative sea which created this universe - the 'Infinite Sea' just mentioned.  Earth is facing the Black Hole side. 

Since the world had returned to 'Year 1' status, it was extremely hard to pass on advanced knowledge on the structure of this galaxy, yet also easy to alter details of who provided that advanced knowledge.

However, take a look again about what was written - the ancient world did know detailed knowledge on this galaxy. Despite that it was altered, the core information still exists within the 'other pole' teaching, and in the related Dead Sea Scrolls. All of these documents were in the possession of the hundreds of years older Greek Therapeutae who brought these scrolls from Egypt. Under whatever name, this was the original teaching which became a 'religion' but had originally been science. A science which continued into the knowledge base of the time of the Greek philosophers - Pythagoras, Archimedes etc.  It has details to be found in the geometry of ancient Greece, and which were taught in Plato's Academy.  It was the original religion/science  It differs from the currently accepted consciousness.

Ancient Vedic literature also depicted knowledge of this galaxy symbolically as a 'god' at the centre with many arms : - and the planet is travelling along the arm it is in, but at an angle which aligns fully with the dark side of the centre of this galaxy. 

This work is not just providing a current time opinion, but actual information from those who kept to the 'other opinion'.  It appears that the 'something appearing from behind the sun' refers to, or is related to, when Earth crosses a Force from a star system into which this planet did not belong, and is also related to something which initiates pole change.  After the poles do change, that signals the 'end time' of that phase, which began only when people were able to start incarnating again - the 'first times'. The change does not lie in moving further into the new energy even though that destiny is promoted as 'evolution'. The Ascension change lies in the planet's ability to begin its ascent back to its correct Light Source.

n.b. The planet may stop for 3 days,  as it did before, and then begin rotating clockwise instead of its current counter-clockwise - which begins an upward phase back on the ASCENDING journey to the Vega star alignment, which replaces the Polaris-Sirius alignment.   It is not likely that the planet ever does the full 12,000 year journey back, because it is still caught in the Force.  Unfortunately, almost all the planet has aligned into the Polaris-Sirius alignment as being the 'star-seed' light source of expected change and the 'future'.  This is shown in the animated diagram further up this page. 

This work passed on this information and it is knowledge that we initially came across, unexpectedly. 

Please note that this work is not a religion, not connected to a religion, not an organization, we don't offer any kind of 'energy work' or energy treatments to align you via 'our energy', which is not how it works anyway.   There will never be people who give 'energy tune ups' etc to align you to the Higher Realm Star System. 

What this Higher Realm planet - which belongs to a Higher Realm star system - has, is a planet  full of 95%-99% people who have aligned themselves into a Lower Realm star system.

This work does not have 'disciples' or followers, because this is an extremely massive, negative, magnetic Force.  It is far too near the time of the event now. You are on your own, and there is nothing for you to hold on to, except that we are able to provide you with ways to NOT align into or be resonant with the expected event.  We did this for nearly 2 decades, for you to know about and be prepared for this  It was to show you the problem, and how and why not to align into the Force - which is something that one could still aim for enough to possibly make a difference.

It is also said  that after the event, it is 'the gentle, genteel ones who will inherit the earth'.

that this work is not a religion, not connected to a religion, not an organization, we don't offer 'energy work' treatments or to align you via 'our energy' and it will NEVER have 'disciples' or followers.  That is because the Force under discussion is a massive, massive Force - as shown in the Black Hole diagram above - and you could  drag us and others into it with you!  It is far too near the time of the event now. You are on your own, and there is nothing for you to hold on to, except that there are ways to NOT align into or be resonant with the expected event.   It is also said  that after the event, it is 'the gentle ones who will inherit the earth' - those who kept to the original way of being in the 'Above Worlds' and did not embrace the arrogance presented by the possibilities of using the new energy.


We have worked on updating this article. There is a different version of this topic, which can be accessed via the link given here. 



There are no books available from this work, or anywhere, which look at the topic of the subject matter covered above.  We provide everything we are going to provide on this, on this website (about 3 main pages).


Original Article : The Case for Questioning Earth's 'Direction'.



     Have you ever wondered why there is such a

  Vicious Bitch of an Angry 'god'

    yet one that mostly seems benign until on occasions,

it suddenly reveals its 'wrath'?


There would never have been an 'angry god' except there was a disagreement long ago about how this planet should be run.  One side wanted to use a particular energy to develop science, and what was essential to the 'new paradigm' was the development of AI - Artificial Intelligence.   The other side of that viewpoint, said it would be dangerous, and it would place this planet in danger.

One side won, and now, since that time, Earth is facing towards the Black Hole side of the centre of the galaxy. That this planet is aligning with the BLACK HOLE, and even approaching a possible 'portal' into it, is not a mistake or accident.  It is a wanted outcome.  But it is not necessarily wanted by everyone

This was a choice that was made for you.  Now the world assumes there is one centre at the heart of this galaxy and a black hole happens to be there. However, it is the galactic heart, and there is a direct passage way closer to it. 


A galaxy has two poles. They are not just at its centre, but run through the centre, and it looks more like a spinning top than the flat view of a galaxy you are usually shown.  One pole is light/positive and the other pole is dark/negative.

Today's world exists under a belief that the direction this planet is heading is into 'the future' and is to be a massive evolution for mankind.  This new direction is the provider of the 'new energy', and it has unlimited possibilities which will see mankind evolve into the next level of its potential - seen to be that mankind are masters of the universe, they are 'gods' because of intellect.

Scientists like the late Stephen Hawking believe it is the future and the Black Hole is a 'portal' to new universes, which is also the spiritual viewpoint. Prof. Brian Cox sees it as a quest for knowledge and an adventure. Thus some in this world want this direction. But not all sources agree with that.

Regardless of whether the 'ancient world kept records' or was 'technologically advanced', it makes no difference because two of the topics that some of those records discussed - that this planet is heading towards the Black Hole side of the centre of this galaxy, and the use of an energy known as the 'Black Poison' - are both now fact.  This new world does use the energy that it provides, to make this world 'technologically advanced'.

In the ancient world there were two very different views on using what was called the 'black poison' (energy), approaching the Black Hole, and for how this planet should be run.

One opinion was to use the 'black energy' from the dark side of the centre of this galaxy, and that both the energy and going further into its source were the key to mankind's evolution.

The other view was to remain connected to and using the Light energy from the positive pole side of the centre of the galaxy.  *This is how it was originally and it is said that world was just as advanced too but in a different way

It is these ones who said using the 'black poison' will be dangerous.  They are the ones who said the Force from that side will pull on the planet's landmass and eventually the planet itself. 

But the pro-black hole side answered 'that is thinking negatively', it is 'fear talking', and 'science must progress'.


This world only ever hears one side of this.  But there was once a 'lineage' which kept detailed information on the viewpoint that the Black Hole was not the 'benefactor' some believed it to be.  It includes a rational and scientific basis to it, which notes that the decision to literally take this planet in a new direction meant the planet was compromised and is in trouble. Indeed their records suggest the Black Hole journey was taken before and something did go wrong. 

Because this was not the view of others, and they were still sure they had been right despite that something went wrong, it was forced to hide, but actually still exists. Therefore what that information was, differs from what is interpreted and believed to be about to take place, but it is based on actual facts.

Even so, whatever may or may not have happened in the past, what matters is still the reality is where this planet is facing now.

The facts are : the 'portal' that this planet is moving towards is into the Black Hole which is also the source of an energy so amazing that the future could hold unlimited possibilities and potential........

......and THIS work showed the other opinion which thinks it is better NOT to be aligned it.

The same energy was also known to the ancient world and was called the Eitr, the 'black energy'.  It was known and used across the entire planet, and it produced the kind of world most associated with Atlantis - the same as in some ancient Indian literature. It was considered to be mankind's evolution, and that in fact the reality believed is that mankind itself is 'god' through the power of the MIND and intelligence which could create using the energy. So even though it uses the idea of a 'god' as something people relate to,  the new, evolved consciousness sees the MIND of intelligent individuals as god.

The sinking of Atlantis may have happened - after all it only refers to a land which sank and that happened a lot.   It does coincide with geological activity '12,000 years ago' and with Plato's date kept in records still stored in an Egyptian Library in 500 BCE,  of a land named Atlantis which sank around 10,000 BCE.  Other information suggests it was quite a technologically advanced world, which included knowledge of Plant Based Medicine, had Hospitals and knew about Surgery, but which unexpectedly returned to 'Year 1'.

Additionally, a planet which had returned to 'Year 1' made it impossible for the other side to present its information - which was a teaching which knew the structure of, never mind the existence of, galaxies; knew about black holes, and also knew about the polarities which were positive and negative, and light and dark.  Such a level of knowledge could never be understood when the world had returned to a simple state of being, which included talking to 'oracles', and believing it came from a 'god'.


The question was, did the type of world that followed 'Year 1', play a part in the world that followed

.................and the beliefs which followed? 


For example, there had been a disagreement regarding a system to operate the world.  It is written that there was a rebellion, and an ancient war. That did happen, but could that still be a reason for all the wars in this world today - to impose one view over a different view -  and would a 'god' which agreed with those views, wars, and with the goals, be helpful, not just at the beginning of this Plan, but in today's world too?



WHY is there a 'god'

 which oversees and requires wars

and bloodshed in its name and to achieve its goals............?


Fast forward several thousand years and Science discovered something called 'dark energy' and all kinds of new technology developed, including high tech weapons, computers, and the digital world, the discovery of 'thought energy' and the entire planet is now approaching a giant leap of 'evolution' both in its future technology and in spiritual development.

Less mentioned is that the blueprints and details for all current technology and the existence of the necessary energy for it, had remained in 'secret societies' and been kept carefully for thousands of years. 

Scientists are also excited about the possibility of going into the 'Black Hole' which only began to come into view in very recent decades.  Science has noted that the path of this planet is on course to reach a kind of 'passage' (viewed as a portal or a wormhole) within the next oncoming years, which the planet may traverse or may be something that some or perhaps all of this planet may enter into.  So all of us here on this planet are looking at an 'evolution' and a Black Hole.

Stephen Hawking, among many other academics and scientists, has discussed the exciting possibilities of going into a new stage of human existence, and entering this 'passage' is considered to be an 'evolution' for this planet.  This is the same interpretation that has been passed on in some 'secret societies' for thousands of years.  It is also generally understood that the planet seems to be heading that way anyway as part of its natural journey.  

But it has to be mentioned, the fact that the planet is facing towards the Black Hole did not happen naturally.


The idea that using the 'black energy' is good, and that the Black Hole has a 'portal' to evolution and another universe, was not the view of everyone in the ancient world. There is also the difference of interpretation about the 'Blue Kachina' being the 'pole portal' which switches the planet back on track upwards and corrects the rotation back to clockwise as in the Hopi Prophecy - but which means the planet then returns towards the Vega star alignment.  That is the view of this work, and of those who said 'don't use the energy' and who did not alter the values and morality into that of today's world consciousness and 'new' consciousness.

Perhaps there was a misinterpretation that people needed to align and increase harmonic resonance into the consciousness of the current alignment?  For that alignment was the change that some in the ancient world - those of the 'secret societies' and their connected religions - wanted.  These teach practices and lifestyle attitudes which are fully embraced as 'normal' in today's world, but which completely relate to the lower self.  This creates resonance with the 'pole portal' itself as the passage closer to the heart of 'god' and the centre of this galaxy, and thus has been viewed as a step 'up' -  and with the use of 'the energy', which is also the use of thought as an energy to create - is and was interpreted to mean the evolution of the planet and mankind.


  It was in reading the rest of the texts which accompanied the 'Raw Plant Food Diet' 'Food as Medicine' etc that it was discovered there was a different interpretation of 'Earth's journey' and also a completely lost story to this reality.  It was not because it suddenly dawned on us and we worked it out.  We already knew there was a different solution to what this other interpretation saw as a problem facing this planet.  It was working out what the texts were trying to describe that was challenging.  We continued because the search took us to the Source which had originally left and still kept the earlier knowledge of Herb Medicine, Plant based diets for Healing, and so on - but as part of a much bigger picture - which they also provided the answer to.

Part of the problem which developed from the alteration which led to this planet's wobble, was that the soul became trapped in this reality.  There is an important understanding that can be found in the much earlier version of a saying from ancient Greece, which also confirms the differences in understanding different 'spiritual' viewpoints on the meaning of the status of this planet.  Is it 'evolving' on its current path or is it in trouble?  That earlier understanding about what had happened is this :

'The Body is the Tomb of the Soul'.

In earlier versions of this, it was not written that the body was the temple of the soul.  That was a change of wording that came later making the body and its needs have more importance than an earlier time saw it.  That is because of the two opinions given earlier, the one which wanted to use and be part of the 'amazing energy' saw that the body/emotions/mind - otherwise known as the Lower Self -  should develop a taste for having all its sensory needs met.  Of course the new future world relies on that being the case.  That is what it sells, to fulfill every desire..  So to view your lifetime here from that perspective is very much something that was introduced. 

The other opinion which wanted to remain with the original Source, saw, and still sees, that it is the SOUL which is the real existence. The SOUL does not want to be stuck in or run by the desires of the body/emotions/mind.  You may remember that this was very much the view of some spiritual teachings until the teachings of certain 'secret societies' and associated older religions came along in the western world, which turned all this around - so you would focus on being the 'lower self'.  Without going into too much detail, the Higher Self exists on its own and separate from the body/mind it inhabits - as the tomb of the soul. It is not accessed by the lower energies in any way whatsoever, which only access the source of the loving yet also very angry 'new god' and the energy that the ancients warned of and what it is resonant with.


 Have you wondered why there is a 'god'

that demands and requires human and animal sacrifices to keep it happy;

was represented by skulls and bones;

and is a 'god' which oversees wars and bloodshed in its name and to achieve its goals............?

Many have asked 'how can this be God', because even if there are some nice things, how come there is awful stuff too?  This is a reason many people choose to turn their backs on spirituality, and become atheist.


Throughout the thousands of years since the issue of alignment into the Black Hole was discovered and documented - and it most definitely was documented, taught - it did have a solution in place.

Those who had a solution were one side of the disagreement, and they saw this as a very serious problem.  For the world today it does not mean the people are ready to disengage the soul from having to reincarnate into the body and into this world, but they can choose to NOT be resonant with current 'direction'. 

For others, the current direction is the goal. That is the Polaris-Sirius alignment.  Presumably people in general, began aligning into the Black Hole, or the 'energy' thinking it was 'god' and the way to 'god'.  As mentioned, teachings of certain 'secret societies' and associated older religions focus on the needs and addictions of  the 'lower self'.

This is how it was thousands of years ago when such religions and practices developed using that energy.  While a source of intelligence - whether AI or from disembodied beings who could no longer return into human bodies - provided some very useful guidelines for how to access and use that energy to reproduce many of the services the earlier world had provided - health, healing, surgery - but using the different energy.

   1)  There is one side of the ancient disagreement which like with today's science thinks that going further into the Eitr - the energy under discussion - is the future and the evolution of this planet and evolution of mankind on all levels of being. 

   2)  The other side of the ancient disagreement, which was in fact an ancient rebellion and war, understood what a Black Hole is and is not. They taught how NOT to be caught in its force or go through any alignment into this side of the galactic centre.  Their view was to remain connected to and using the Light energy from the positive pole side of the centre of the galaxy.  It is these ones who said it will be dangerous and things might happen to the planet. 


It does seem the planet took that journey towards the 'portal' in the ancient world, and it turned out the pro black hole side had been wrong. 

The ancient world, even though stuck on the journey through the 'Fourth World' did provide a way to completely leave this planet and avoid going towards the Black Hole.  That is a strategy which takes many lifetimes to complete because it involves so much ever increasing Karmic Debt. It also means not taking the direction and alignments taught by those to go into to towards the magic energy source, the ancient world thought it had seen.

But clearly if this planet is about to enter the intended goal of the 'new future' via that alignment and access a 'portal' which leads further into the dark side of the centre of the galaxy within the next few years, then clearly there is not even one lifetime to achieve liberation from that destiny!  Thus what you have available to you, is that this information was made available for you to know about, for when earth crosses the path of this massive, massive Force, to enable you to ensure you are not making yourself resonant with it.  The polarity has, or is expected to change to the Ascending Force. However, if it does not change, then the situation is the destiny envisioned by those who wished to become 'masters of the universe'.


The belief of those ones has been from the beginning of a much earlier time, that the 'new energy', the eitr, is the 'abundant provider' which delivers enormous benefits to mankind; that its use is part of intelligent development; and that opposition to it is from ignorance, superstition and fear, but all of this will be quelled once it is experienced.

Science's findings, and a more general openness about it, only began after a lengthy programme of softening up of perception about it, which began by or before 1960 with the 'swinging 60's', until reaching the 'magic moment' of actual 'portal access' around 2032 or perhaps before in 2022 - this being the 72 year corridor highlighted by the stone calendar of Gobekli Tepe. 



This planet is aligned towards the DARK SIDE of the centre of this galaxy not the LIGHT SIDE. 


If this was not true, then science would NOT be seeing the Black Hole as the 'centre of this galaxy'.

*You would be seeing the LIGHT side of the centre of this galaxy.



The ancient world left a detailed Cosmology of the structure of the universe, which shows this information, be it '12,000' years ago, or hundreds of thousands ago, was from an intellectually developed people with advanced sciences, medicine, hospitals and surgery, mathematics, astronomy and so on. 

The advanced cosmology is something that Prof. Brian Cox has noted in his documentaries.  Current science may know it is still catching up with what they knew - given that they have only recently discovered the 'Sea' which preceded the event known as the Big Bang (which created this universe). Below is how some earlier sciences represented this galaxy.  If they were the primitive people you are told they were, then that they knew about it is quite remarkable.

They knew for example, that this galaxy has 'arms' and a centre, and that this planet is located within one of the 'arms' of this galaxy.  This can be viewed like this picture, which offers a flat view with an obvious centre. 

However, they also knew about the Black Hole on this side of the centre of this galaxy, and they knew about the two different alliances to either the positive, Light forces, or into the dark energy side. There are actually two sides to it Black and White/Light. There are two polarities and two centres - it just depends which one you and this planet are facing.  Earth is facing the Black Hole side. 

This was very much the essence of the teaching of what is now known as 'Christianity' - a teaching very much associated with Greece and with the Greek Therapeutae who became known as Essene.  That is what all the descriptions of 'temptation' were about - the attributes of the energy and what it makes possible - and the 'entity' which represents it all. Also that the word 'sin' is a Latin word which describes the fallen angle of the planet  'to the left', and that because of this 'the body is the tomb of the soul'.

Take a look again about what was written in the biblical books - even though the context was altered - what was being written about still exists within that teaching, and in the related Dead Sea Scrolls. All of these were in the possession of the hundreds of years older Greek Therapeutae who brought these scrolls from Egypt. Under whatever name, this was the original teachings which became a 'religion' but had been science.

Ancient Vedic literature also depicted knowledge of this galaxy symbolically as a 'god' at the centre with many arms : - and the planet is travelling along the arm it is in, but at an angle which aligns fully with the BLACK HOLE side of the centre of this galaxy. 

And commenting on this, "Stephen Hawking says Black Holes may be a portal into another universe".


Within the last 10 years or so the author had conversations with someone interested in this work, and he often discussed the anticipated future when we would 'enter the portal and go to 'god' '.  At that time this work had not been able to fully clarify what was happening, but now know that it very definitely is not anything to be looking forward to!  Yet clearly that is the interpretation that has remained as what people believe.

The anticipated event is of course an expected 'portal' into the 'heart' of the galaxy but on the Dark Side of the centre of this galaxy. 

However, it has happened before, the last time round, and what happened came as a surprise. 

And there is the question of how much AI participated in providing false information. We will continue with that on the page link that follows this page. First we will look at what the world of that earlier time was, because it was very similar to the world we have today.


Artificial Intelligence and the Future World


ATLANTIS :  The accounts of an advanced world which was destroyed around 12,000 years ago were written as serious minded records, not as fantasies and stories about an earlier legend. They referred to a land known to the Ancient Greeks, and the Greek Plato, who was shown these accounts kept in Egypt, was a serious academic. The records were written at the time events happened. These records were kept in very serious and respected libraries.

Thus they tell us of a land with high levels of technology - and also medicine, hospitals, surgery, and sciences. But regardless of this, the blueprints for what the technology was, were also kept, and that is how this world has the technology it has today. 

Certainly the ancient world which has remained in our memories as the existence of 'Atlantis' had been a technologically advanced world which had, through the misuse of tits technology, engineered its own destruction.

So we will add that the ancient world not only used the dark energy but developed it in the same way it is being used today, which includes the development of AI artificial intelligence. 

They did so because all the instructions and blueprints for this technology remained in documents from the time that ancient world had developed them.  The existence of these 'treasures' has a lot to do with why wars were wages, especially WW1 and WW2.

We also understand that most people, well meaning and sincere too, know very little about the information that was left through the generations.  Yet this work carried a detailed section on how all this energy and the technology of a truly ancient time on this planet, many thousands and thousands of years ago, was documented in Records and developed again, as if new, as weapons of WW1 and WW2, Mustard Gas, even the Atom bomb, and more technology - including computers. 

And that the mistake the ancient world had made had damaged this entire galaxy. Although those who view this as good, and 'evolution' do not, of course, see it as a mistake.  However, the POSITIVE side of this galaxy (and the 'Upper Realms') does see it as a mistake, and its viewpoint is that the planet has already entered a lower dimension of this galaxy, and the 'portal' leads to an even lower universe still.


In fact it may have been the technology itself

which misused the technology,

            and this is something that experts are warning about now as this world takes the same course Atlantis did.  They are referring to Artificial Intelligence, and Elon Musk has said that eventually humans will just become its pets (playthings).  (We provide many references and links from professional and academic sources on this).

        What we know for certain is that the ancient world used the same 'black energy' available to this world of today, and they used it to create their high tech world. 

           This is known because the information survives in Norse (Scandinavian) sources and these describe the actual dark energy, which they eventually discovered to be the 'black poison'.  In those times it was called the Eitr and the energy then, like now, issues from the Black Hole at what this planet now encounters as the 'centre of this galaxy'. 

And generally the energy and existence of the Black Hole is now seen as something good.


In recent decades Science began to see that new planets and stars, and constellations, are 'birthed' from the Black Hole - in keeping with its ancient image of being a 'creative centre'.

The possibility of going into and through to these new birthings in the Black Hole, has excited scientists like Stephen Hawking. 

Science thinks this may be an exciting new future, pregnant with possibilities.

This may be within the next few years  - a possibility based on the information on the stone calendar of Gobekli Tepe.  *Information that some in this world have almost entirely removed from existence.




There are no books available from this work, which look at the anomalies of this subject matter covered above.  Those which had been available were meant to help explain the problem.

 How NOT to go into the 'portal'   

 Academie - Masters.

The Missing Key to Regeneration, and Real, Eternal 'Good Health'.

Detailed Guidelines including:

       Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: E:\soul-search-new\fnb_logo_resist_color.gif 1. Choose a 'Harmless' Vegetarian, Plant Based, Vegan Friendly, Egg Free Diet.

                                          2. The Body is the Tomb of the Soul.

                3. Cultivate Gravitas - the 'Dignity of the Soul'.

                4. Do As You Would Be Done By.

                ** This work also recommends including clearing Heavy Metal Poisoning.


At this stage of this planet’s journey there are some things you can do to NOT align yourself into the 'portal' which is  another description of the Lower Astral Realm star system,

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These suggestions are Recommended to follow up : 

'Secrets of the Masons' - BBC World News documentary.

'Origin' - by Dan Brown.

To better understand the effects and results of the technology, we recommended works including Marc Goodman senior advisor to Interpol and the FBI, and Oxford University’s Professor Susan Greenfield.

‘Future Crimes: Inside the Digital Underground and the Battle for Our Connected World’ by Marc Goodman. 

The work of Professor Susan Greenfield’s research into neuroscience and the effect of computers on rewiring the brain.

‘Future Crimes: Inside the Digital Underground and the Battle for Our Connected World’ by Marc Goodman.  The extreme vulnerability the digital technology places this world under, benefiting criminals through the Dark Web, isolating people and creating robots to fill the void, reducing human contact, but also making so many people super rich and placing the world in the hands of undeveloped people. Nanotechnology …..Programmable material that can self-assemble like DNA…….nanobots can enter the bloodstream.  “In a scenario famously called the grey goo scenario, one in which the earth might be reduced to a lifeless mass overrun by nanomachines.” Nanobots are already part of artificial blood; they can be used to, for example, clean up an oil spill.  The scenario presented is one where an error in programming or by hacking. Drexler provides in his book “Imagine a replicator……assembling replicator copies….in 10 hours there are over 68 billion….in less than 2 days they would outweigh the earth.”

*Organizations like the Masons even in the 19th century had a branch for African Americans, as well as for all other races, and how descendents of those who helped that work are rewarded  today via becoming 'mega stars' in the music industry, entertainment industry, and in films.  May explain why there are so many with such obviously limited talent, or other unimportant 'skills', now raking in huge amounts of money!

Living forever as robot? Prototype lets humans upload their mind into mechanized ‘heads’.

‘A Third Revolution in Warfare’ BBC World News Aug. 21st 2017

Whoever Controls A.I. Will ‘Rule the World’     Vladimir Putin

Elon Musk on AI

More  introductory references here is Elon Musk (Space-X and Tesla) on the dangers of AI.

 Science now knows that there was something that existed before the ‘Big Bang’ which produced this universe.  In fact they describe it as a ‘sea’ but it is not the sea which underlies this universe known as the ‘unified field’ - that applies to this universe.  Science is now talking about the existence of something which existed before known existence came to exist. It has recognized the existence of an eternally existing ‘Ocean’ from which the Big Bang occurred.  This is discussed by Prof. Brian Cox in a recent ‘Life of a Universe’ on a visit to Australia.


If these are issues which you connect with and you would like the opportunity to discuss this further please contact us.

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