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Safe Sound 

The Living Source is high energy, high frequency, and full of vibrant LIFE.


For the passed few decades the current music scene has shifted from actual music and musicians to 'entertainment' - and a lot of it is very good entertainment.  But it isn't necessarily good music, and there is no longer a need at all to have a genuinely talented artist. 

What is happening as 'today's world' is reducing, or is the product of reducing the ability to hear sound, and altering brainwave patterns.  It is reducing the range of sound that is perceived, along with producing short attention spans which in turn reduces the ability to hear more complex and uplifting sound.   That is not saying there are not good artists out there from the past and present, but this page is about a particular type of SOUND.

The Higher Reality is definitely related to higher sound, and often that sound can be tapped into via music, especially the guitar.  That is what these tracks are for, this type of music.

These pages are about the kind of sound that was being produced/accessed when this planet first began to prepare for its Ascending Phase - Ascension.  It does not mean that those producing the SOUND were necessarily advanced, or mean that those who enjoyed listening to it were more advanced spiritually. 

It means the musicians were the ones who were capable of producing what was beginning to be heard.  Those who were moved by it were able to hear - and that could have gone places which were in fact lost, by adding everything else -  sex-drugs-rock and roll and business. It is not necessary to lump these all together, but to separate them and isolate the SOUND (or the feeling or the meaning of the lyrics etc, depending on the tracks.) 

Since that time the SOUND has been lost and completely went off track. Everything went off into a different direction.

The 'safe sound' pages are looking at meaning, the integrity of the inner passion for the art itself and inner expression (not about business) and to see what was beginning to emerge in feelings and real music, with actual musical instruments, as the energies for this planet's Ascension first trickled in.


'Today's world is the product of reducing the ability to hear sound. There is a reduction of the sound spectrum people are able to hear – but without the ability to hear the SOUND, this planet would eventually die. 

It was the increasing SOUND that was beginning to enter this planet that was heralding in this planet’s ASCENSION. 

Where is that cosmic trigger SOUND now?

So another teaching we are now adding onto the ‘Why Die?’ directory, is about SOUND.  The Update link covers some of the SOUNDS which were being produced when this planet was preparing to move into its ASCENSION.  (There are some music tracks.)

Then the 'other path', 'energies' confused by the effect of the SOUND (mixing it - identifying it - with other things) and the biggest name jerks of all time who were the false teachers, came into the picture. 

Then, the SOUND energy was rerouted into the body and that is how this planet’s Ascension has been hijacked (it is the essence of the short-circuiting that keeps this ‘false reality’ in existence.)  This enabled the direction the planet took onto that other path and into the tech world and the digital age all of which has reduced the ability to hear SOUND.

When this planet gets back on track for its ASCENSION we could expect 21st century music and sound to emerge that begins to access the HIGHER REALMS and moves forward from what began but was hijacked.


This page continues with this topic on the complexity, meaning, and range of Sound.  Since the time that new SOUND was being produced/accessed, it was almost just as soon lost and so too was the beginning of LOVE which completely went off track. 


Music doesn’t lie.  If something is to be changed in this world,

then it can only happen through music”.  Jimi Hendrix


We understand that people appreciate different types of music, but these are being featured for a reason.  We are featuring cosmic rock, classical, jazz and artistic integrity.

There are certainly some talented artists who produce their music today, even though some of it may sound like it was produced in their bedroom.  Much of it is entertaining, and the 'high' is much the same as what a business may use to up the emotional feeling of enthusiasm in support of its business. 

We have also previously featured a wildly successful, popular band who can barely play their instruments, and even when they first took their material to David Bowie he told them it wasn't good enough.  It never improved.  It still isn't good enough.  So we featured this band in a Wake Update and focused on the guitarist who played only the same few chords throughout the entire insipid  piece and in the video of the live performance was moving about as if he was doing something magical with his guitar playing!  (We have some real guitar playing by real musicians added here,) The audience was having a great time to this, as if they were actually hearing good music. 

It seems that if some of the real music SOUND was played 'young people' would be scratching their heads or just silent like in the film Back to The Future  as they listen to their digitally produced sounds - which includes all the material that was produced by real, actual musicians.  They are really being cheated.

Those who have grown up in recent decades are getting their highs on stuff that covers only a small range of SOUND with some nice catchy bits and a repeating type of beat in almost every song.   But it is a very limited range and with 'artists' who struggle to come up with any material at all.  As in, 'here I sit, trying to find some words.....' (that isn't a song, it is just the basic basis of most of the tracks that make up each Top 100.)  


It is important to isolate between hearing the SOUND - when it hits way beyond the range this world has now reduced to.  Musical instruments described in ancient times which most imitated the Living SOUND were the equivalent of the guitar, the violin, and the flute.  Also the voice as with a monastic choir which never lost the 'lost chord'.  The Living Source is high energy, high frequency, and full of vibrant LIFE, not going to sleep.


*Called the strato pack (a guitar - Fender Stratocaster - but also 'stratospheric').  All 3 tracks but from 12.56 is the recommended 'homework'. 

"Some people should be allowed to stay young and live forever... just because they make a more beautiful and better world."

"Pink Floyd....It is incomprehensible.  How were humans able to create such divine music?"

"David Gilmour was given to this world by the gods of music.  I have great respect for all members of Pink Floyd.  I once heard that if there is music in Heaven, it sounds like this."

"I've never had drugs but I imagine his solos might be giving me a peaceful high.  Don't do drugs kids, do David Gilmour's guitar solos."



"The message stuns, and the piano solos and saxophone riff are in outer space."  (only sorry it cuts out at the end.)

"This is the exact moment when rock achieved perfection. Period."

" I would discover these guys and experience a magical and cultural shift in music that none of us could ever experience nowadays..."


...       ...      ...

Oh, and apologies for this comparison with what is accepted today.  Tragically, here is the 'greatest band in the world' - Coldplay's latest "musicianship" and composition.  released 5 hours ago at the time of adding this.  This band gets close to a billion hits, making the music today, and those who listen to it, a laughing stock, a joke and an embarrassment.  We are definitely not recommending this.

...     ...      ...

 2 months ago - "I am 28 now and I just started listening to this (early Pink Floyd)....and can't stop thinking how unbelievably good musicians were before, and how late I discovered these songs. Well, better late than never."

Interestingly you can hear where things like Pink Floyd Echoes 1971 first produced the well known sound that became (for someone else) 'Phantom of the Opera' in 1986.  Its available on a Youtube clip recorded at the ancient Roman amphitheatre in Pompeii.  To clear the unpleasant feeling from the Coldplay track, and for those who'd like to listen to more of David Gilmour, here is One of these Days also recorded at Pompeii in 1971 (had to be an inspiration for 'Oxygene' in 1976). and with more interesting SOUND in 2016 *** 

"Levels of Guitarist :   1 - Beginner 2 - Advanced 3 - Professional 4 - Expert 5 - Legend 6 - God of the guitar 7 - David Gilmour"

Comfortably Numb

We are looking at a shift that happened in music/sound, artistry, and artistic integrity, and then was lost.  It does still exist as long as people like David Gilmour keep playing - but people masses are listening to medium range talent, highly overrated Beyonce (someone has to say this) and the level of Selena Gomez and any new pop tune, all of which feeds the 'empty vessels' and leaves those who are looking for more, wondering where to find it, or perhaps unaware that it exists.  In fact it makes it easy to see those who will never Ascend with the planet..........

Things Left Unsaid


"Beethoven. Mozart. Chopin. Gilmour.  Talent and soul and musicality are not measured by notes per second....rather by truth, emotion and skill...This man will long be a legend STANDARD.....Long live Gilmour.  Long live Floyd."


It is often assumed that the bands were on drugs to get the cosmic rock effect, but that is not the case e.g. Pink Floyd are very clear about that misconception. That is generally the only way someone who does not understand how the FEEL of the SOUND moves through your being, can explain it.  You may note that there are comments like "you don't need drugs, just listen to D G's solos."  All you need is SOUND.  My eyes noticeably change, also with the Santana 'Waves Within' (on the first Safe Sound page) so give it a real try, these are recommended 'homework'.


If good SOUND can have that effect why confuse it with drugs or anything else?  It is important to isolate the SOUND from other effects that can be confused as being the same thing, just as people confused Love. There are no different types of Love.  There is only LOVE, and the other things are not LOVE. They may be the way love can be expressed, but they do not replace or stand in for the actual LOVE.

As with LOVE, the ability to isolate the effects and then concentrate on what the SOUND is triggering within you, is important.  It is really important to do.

It is also about the spiritual search, and the great need within of a true search.  Other styles of music when presented with authenticity and artistic integrity also reflect the soul.

As the planet begins its Ascension process - which is the restoration of its correct alignment which then reestablishes its connection with the greater planet it belongs to called the 5th 'realm' - now is the time to listen to this voice.............


*** Gino Vannelli - an artist revered by professionals, star of the 70's era, who chose not to sell out his artistic integrity, and also to pursue a spiritual search. This is about the voice, how it makes you feel (and also so you can see this man's soul.) 

5 days ago.  "Did he just out-do Bocelli?"

"Gino never ceases to amaze. He writes his own music, his own inspired lyrics, (in four languages!) and then sings them better than anyone could. This guy was phenomenal in the 70's when he started, and is now better than ever. With his music on Canto, he proves he can not only rock any house, but he is among the most noted singers of all time, in any musical genre!" 

(and the same track over forty years ago )

And because he is such an immense talent, for his voice and the composition of complex music - if crazy Italian dancer, a la Freddie Mercury - here is another look  A gorgeous looking man - but on the inside too -  with just about everything going for him, he apparently often dressed on stage in the style of a dashing D'Artagnan of the 3 Musketeers.  These are his own compositions and arrangements.

*we may add later some beautiful interviews with him about why he turned his back on his career for his spiritual search and the experience of the 'dark night of the soul'.   And just to remind you,  today we have Justin Bieber..........

Gino Vannelli lost out on his Grammy award nomination to the inconsequential pop tunes of Barry Manilow.


Plus -  here is an example of all that is wrong with this world, clearly demonstrated in a US Talk Show with Arsenio Hall - it is a disgrace and an embarrassment which should make you cringe, cry, or be very angry about this world.



The music has nothing to do with what era the SOUND was produced.  It is not about TIME.

We are looking at meaning, the integrity of the inner passion for the art itself and inner expression - not about business - and to see what was beginning to emerge in feelings and real music, with actual musical instruments, as the energies for this planet's Ascension first trickled in, before it was all hijacked.

It is expected that the planet will ASCEND and not go into the 'new direction'.  Therefore, in the years leading up to it, the SOUND will come in, and many will not be able to remain here with that SOUND.  It is expected to intensify over the next years, in the same amount of time as the expected 'portal' which will claim all those who have never moved beyond a lower consciousness, and those who chose the new direction, and did all the things to do with 'spiritual practice' this work has said not to do..

*The SOUND presented here is not how you will begin to hear the SOUND, it is a preparatory stage to practice hearing and understanding SOUND.


On Oct. 14th 2019, SOMETHING EXPLODED ON THE SUN not a sunspot but a CME explosion

and although it was not Earth directed, those energies did reach here, very strongly.

They have introduced a difference.


(more tracks to be added.)  Icehouse  Dream 'This is Not America'

by Pat Metheny and David Bowie

"This song is so timely right now! THIS IS NOT AMERICA!!   Watching and Waiting - voice and meaning.

"Still gives me chills, how could this world have gone so wrong with such profound music around?"





If you want to be part of this planet's ASCENSION, then now is the time for a revolution. 

And that revolution has to be founded on LOVE and SOUND - isolated from stuff these became confused with.   *The planet will Ascend its just that most people don't go with it......!


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