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This page has been collated from several of our web pges on our website to cover some basic but still unknown information on the creation of this false reality.


The ‘Digital Age’ is NOT the future.


It is the PAST

......and you already know what that was.



The energy which makes the tech world this planet has created as 'the future' possible comes from a new direction for the planet known as the

11th Gate and 11.11 Passage.


AGING and DYING is the tradeoff for having the energy that has made possible the digital technology world of today - the promised 'future' age.


AGING, DYING and then RETURNING IN A NEW BODY but WITHOUT MEMORY of the life and lifetimes before, is part of the price you have paid.

......but was it really worth it?



The 'Gate' which accesses the False Realm

......and the Different 'Gate' which the Planet will Access When it Ascends again.

For 12,000 and more years, this planet is progressively out of alignment with its Source and the correct 'Gate' to that Source.

It is the source which provides this planet's LIFE ENERGY - and in pattern with this, the LIFE ENERGY through the human spine and related energy channels and/or chakras.

As with the planet, along the human spine are 12 'Gates' and the highest one is the 'Gate' where the soul enters and exits.

The 'Gates' are most commonly represented like this diagram below, and some representations of this have 7 or 10 'Gates'. This one has 11.

However, there are 12 Gates, and correctly the soul exits the body from the 12th 'Gate'.

But you will notice that as mentioned, the soul now exits from a lower 'gate'. It leads into a different energy realm - the astral - is controlled by the 'Illuminated', and as shown in this Cabala model, is the 11th 'Gate'.

The only recognized teachings on this planet go as far as the 11th 'Gate'.

It is the wrong 'Gate'.

This is the reason you are always returning on the 'Wheel of Rebirth'.

The realm this 'Gate' accesses is where your soul goes after death, during astral travel and journeying, and in OBE's.

Perhaps you can now see the problem.


The pattern of the planet's misalignment is the same in the human body where the spine and the energy channels are misaligned at exactly the same misangle.

That misangle shown in the 2 diagrams below, accesses the 11th 'Gate' and misses the 12th 'Gate'.


When the planet Ascends again the planet will access the 12th 'Gate' again.

The planet will, but the people won't and don't.

Unfortunately the people remain with the 11th 'Gate'.


The diagram below shows you what you have to correct before the planet goes into its Ascending Phase - your ONE CHANCE to get off the 'Wheel of Rebirth' and out of the 'realm of Illusion'.


There has been plenty of time to correct this however, and this work has shown this issue numerous times throughout the time when it could be rectified before the anticipated change - which is expected to happen in the next Solar Maximum.

This chance is the ONE time in this planet's 25,000 year cycle for you to access TRUE SOURCE and exit being under the control of the Illuminated Ones

- and for it to be possible it has taken several decades to work through the Force, known as the 'invisible force', which has been dominating this planet via the 11th 'Gate'.


On forthcoming pages we show you what identifies you for either the Ascending of this planet back into its niche within the missing '5th planet'

OR the Passage which is expected to come online soon through the 11th 'Gate'

*The 11th Gate is believed to be to do with 'portal' and/or appearance of 'planet X' which will appear from behind the sun.


The diagram below shows the False Alignment.

It is also widely taught because there are systems which genuinely believe it is the correct alignment - even though it is impossible for it to be the correct alignment.

*This diagram above shows the constellation of the Plough which is where the Magnetic North Star Polaris is located. It is called the 'Can' for Canis Dog which is where it leads. This is an alignment that is widely taught by respected works.

The next diagram also shows the False Alignment. You can see that the False angle aligns with Polaris. It is also proved as incorrect because this is the Earth's Magnetic North - where it angles magnetically - not True North. Earth aligned with True about 12,000 years ago.

This is the

11th 'Gate' and the 11.11 Passage

Polaris is the marker star of the Passage which comes online soon.


Because of the progressively worse misalignment over the 12,000 years, the soul already takes the wrong exit point from the body at the time of death, or OBE experiences. That is how everyone became caught in the 'False Reality'.

It means in this world and in the world after death. The Passage presumably takes some people actually into it, maybe right to its source - as has been reported in ancient texts when they described in horror what happened.

Naturally enough, this leads to a different level realm of energy.

It is in fact, now the Sirius 'Gate'.

That is via the Polaris marker in Ursa Minor which leads to the Canis 'Dog'- which is Cain the usurper - that we show you on a following page.


*As far as we currently know, there is no Sirius Gate in the 12 Gate System for this planet.

The Sirius Gate - or pathway - exists because the 12th Gate is off alignment, and is currently the 11th and final 'Gate' of the current status.

It is part of the 3rd Eye complex in the human body.

The Sirius 'Gate' .....

.....is of course at this time, preparing to bring this planet and people into its network. It is succeeding with converting people, but not the planet.


The 11th 'Gate' Passage is the 'highway' and 'dimensional star-gate' that some people are waiting for.

This passage will be crossed by this planet's cycle before it begins its Ascending process.

It is the danger that should be averted by the successful change into the Ascending Phase of this planet which will pull out of that Force.

However, there clearly will be vast numbers of people who will go into that passage.

"May the Force not be with you" with luck.

The entirity of the current society is as it is, because it aligns people into that passage.

A lot of people are expected to be 'lifted up' into it.


The next page describes where that passage leads as the source of the energy which makes the 'Digital Age' and 'Future World' possible.





This Planet Becomes a

World Where People Never Grow Old and Never Die

Much of what we look at on this website is how to genuinely rejuvenate and look younger, and get healthier.



The next thing that happened after they changed the planet to access the energy that would make the Digital Age possible, is that people began to

AGE and DIE.

AGING and DYING is the tradeoff for having the digital technology world of today - the promised 'future' age.



but WITHOUT MEMORY of the life and lifetimes before, is part of the price you have paid.

......but is it really worth it?


Why Die Directory

But knowing the bigger picture is more helpful to you

........and even more helpful is knowing how to escape being trapped in a reality that is not real.


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