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The 'Unique Opportunity'

- for Governments to

Ruin Everyone's Life

NEW Sept. 2020

In the current news situation, the world is facing aggressive behaviour and draconian dictatorship rules.

Here is a quick overview -

The book 'Hidden Hand by an Australian academic details how the Marxist-Leninist CCP - Chinese Communist Party - has so deeply entrenched itself in arrangements and partnerships with the west that the UK has probably now too far gone to be able to extricate itself,

Australia is close behind that, especially the state of Victoria where the premier Dan Andrews has been in deals like the One Bel One Road with the CCP and is now owned by them. The results of this entanglement in western countries, are what is taking place now under the cover story of a non existent pandemic and lockdowns. There is virus, but not a pandemic.

The CCP is in partnership with the Davos Economic Forum, and also the globalist elite, big pharma, tech companies, media and mainstream news channels, politicians, military generals, BLM and communist trained groups, and now has control of the Democrat Party in the US. Fareed Zakaria on CNN sits on the board of one of the groups who produced the not bipartisan Transition Integrity Project playbook for how the Democrats are going to Steal the US Election.

The extraordinary aggression of police in Australia - which has shocked Australians who have never seen this before - and in the UK , is the resul of new 'training courses' and behavioural training. They are now trained in, and using the same techniques used by the BLM groups of kicking people in the back of the head. An Australian man they did this to, who was crossing the road shown on film, is currenly in a coma.

BLM and Antifa are trained in these same techniques and they are part of the CCP trainng. The US police are not part of this paricular violence as the US has its swamp creatures who have made billions from deals with the CCP in partnership - Biden's son included - but 'they' are still trying to take down the police and remove the democratic system from the USA and the West.

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