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NEW for May 2020.

To better understand what is happening in the world right now in 2020 and how to deal with it, please go this page >>


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Solar Activity



....................and PLUG INTO THE TRUE SOURCE.

How people can completely STOP 'them' or 'it'.

There is a major key to how and why an unacceptable agenda can be completely STOPPED. 'They' have their strength for one reason, and many of you can easily change that.

There has been a plan to take this planet since even before the times which saw two large continents purposefully sunk. It takes this planet away from the LIVING Universe and into a different energy stream but a stream that is almost equal to a living form of A.I.

Please read these short into pages, and click on each NEXT for the sequence.

All links are a 1 minute read.

Short Introduction info on Teachings of the LIVING TREE Life Stream.

All updated.

'Sea of Fequencies' and many Wavebands that are this universe.

sequence of short '1 minute reads' begins with the

Astral Sea of Frequencies

that is this universe.




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