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artificial circuits created in the brain/body.



INFECTING WITH COVID SWAB, THE RNA VACCINE, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 1 hour 50 mins The PCR tests are believed to be inserting nanoparticles into the body system - or as the DARPA hydrogel - and can be seen as silver threads on the swabs used for the PCR tests. These threads are not on normal sterile cotton swabs. They also act as a kind of parasite.

The parasite aspect can possibly be dealt with, but these nanoparticles have been shown to form into self-organizing circuits - in this case the circuit would build from the brain through the body. They look like nerve pathways but are artificial. This is bad.

The question is why are we still being given these nanoparticles in the so called 'test' swab? Every day the Trump team delays positive action, more and more people are being forced into having these self-forming circuits inserted into the body.

Who are the people currently presenting videos that calmly ask everyone to wait and are they working for MI6? Two prominent names do have connections to MI6 and Simon Parkes has been MK Ultra'd long ago and is from a Freemason family who also worked in the secret services. These people do not care what they put their own children through. And those who leave cults etc HAVE received programming even though they may be unaware of it or believe they have broken away. In fact cults place 'functions' into the brain program to be activated at a later time.

If the new quantum system is somehow linked to DNA - as reported by Parkes - then that is as bad as the Reset Agenda. The system also still works via the same StarLink satellites. None of this, even a good side, is part of the much higher realm which is the Living Source. The other stream is Dead and Living. However none of this is part of the Living Source.



Teslaphoresis These are the carbon particles which self-organize into a new artifical circuit within the body. The first step is the Covid-19 PCR 'test' which is inserted into a particular area of the nasal cavity at the base of the brain where there is a very thin bone that actually has holes in it. The nanoparticles on the tip of the specially prepared cotton swab are inserted and these particles begin their journey both into the brain and into the body.

The next step is the first of many so called 'vaccinations' which implant more of these nanoparticles into the body and brain entry point, which then continue to self-build the new 'luciferase' artificial circuit in the body, each 'vaccination' adding more particles. This then creates the circuitry which registers you on the main computer, and at every tracking stations across the entire planet. These are still the same Elon Musk-Tesla StarLink satellite links.

The 'vaccination' does not so much alter the DNA, as build a new circuit into the biological body creating a biological robot linked into an AI system.

TELSLAPHORESIS -3 mins You can also witness the disconnect of the scientists who are doing this.




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