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 Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: E:\soul-search-new\new (1).gifHeadline News – 2018. As events unfold, this work aims to provide a clear, easy to read overview of issues that may also relate to false reporting or agendas.  We are also following the thinning of the Magnetosphere – which protects the planet from the sun’s heat and is the real reason for Climate Change.  This page is not a news service, but may provide more information if the world situation warrants it.

Mostly the news interest involves the unfolding of a pre written script, an agenda of some, for dominating in the world aligned towards the negative. Thus we are actually watching what may be the lead in to something that has wrongly been interpreted as an uplifting ecstatic event. There is no doubt there are fundamentalist aggressions taking place, perhaps they are those which are already written in the existing script.  It involves a manipulated sequence of wars, usually by those who are religious nuts of all kinds, but also those claiming to be on the Christian side!  These wars have all been of significant interest to people who pass on plenty of information through the internet - which is what we did too!

The next manipulated war is understood to be to take out Iran, and this leads to what some ancient texts have called the 'end time'.  Obviously we noted the manipulation for the war on Iraq, and because people were really aware of what a sham that was, it was noted how the next target country, Libya, was represented as a freedom movement, so Obama could look like he was calling for freedom.  With Trump, he looks for anything that makes him look good - peace with North Korea, but he wanted to invade Venezuela, and is pushing on the Iran plan. 

Following this event, a natural cosmic event is expected, which has been interpreted to be a positive ecstatic experience, yet other texts, indicate that the interpretation was actually describing an experience that is not at all pleasant and it relates to people who have lived their lives in the 'negative'. Thus this has observed the negatives take place, and will take note when the believed to be 'last' one takes place. 

July  There is Another Meaning to the word 'Rapture'. It is especially relevant to the overall message in ancient texts where the current interpretation of 'Rapture' seems out of place when the same texts also tell us of Armageddon level wars, an 'anti-life force', and a bitter force called 'Wormwood'.  What follows is the meaning of the 'Rapture' that is considered the actual meaning intended. It is also relevant in the picture of a planet within a 'cosmic ocean' in the presence of the forces/pressure and an ascent out of the current heavier level of the negative force into which 99% of this planet has aligned and adapted into. Thus the Rapture described covers symptoms similar the condition known as the bends.  Under the expected pressure of the 'returning' 'Wormwood' force, Nitrogen increases under the anticipated pressure, enters the bloodstream as a drug-like feeling which creates an inability to think clearly. It becomes an agonizing condition like the bends which can kill the body, that is called Nitrogen Narcosis.  Rapture.


Some issues affecting the world.  The question of a deliberate policy of unnatural immigration (meaning huge numbers imported into a country, not ex-pats living in another country or through natural means like marriage etc) is always a big issue and the cause of discontent for many. It cannot be underestimated how some people could react to this in the long term and their reasons may not be how it is so routinely dismissed.  For one thing, it has changed the culture of my own country of origin, and why is there the idea that this unnecessary loss of 'my' culture is the future?  Because it is lost.

It is a mistake to relegate religion to a meaningless status, or to assume that all religions are talking about the same God.  They are not.  There is a massive difference, a real conflict, and it is nothing to do with beliefs, or 'religious beliefs'. It is a subject this work has been researching. Or we could look at once people who made up a community had many ties in common.  They were a family which became a clan, which became a community, and such communities worked together for the whole. Identity matters, if not, why do adopted people want to find their real parents of origin, why do people do ancestry searches and DNA searches - if it doesn't matter? That is how Italy feels, and it is currently an issue of concern in Germany.  It also has to be taken on board how large numbers of people deeply feel about this, and it triggers how they then may act.  Which may fit in with someone's idea that unrest is a wanted outcome. Therefore this may be one of the manipulated scenarios to lead to conflict.

On BBC World News a very English sounding man obviously of some kind of Indian origin was 'outraged' about 'people not liking foreigners being in their country'. There is an answer to that.   It is well understood, that 'you' from another not so good country, may really like 'our' country because it was bloody good. The reason for displeasure about it seems to be that actually, the country was 'our' country, not 'yours'.  But now it is yours and it has made 'our' country (whichever country) something very different from what was 'our' country!  That is why it is upsetting people.  Many cultures living in their new country absolutely reject their children marrying the people of their new country.  They are disgusted with the idea. See the film The Big Sick for example. Maybe 'we' who provide the new country want the character that was 'our' country with things that were common expressions of us.. The many famous buildings are 'our' history of 'our' people and our heritage of who we are. Our character - and not the new boring buildings in boring cities that all look the same. It is like forcing you to accept strangers living in your home - we all may love them to bits in their own home, but what many people want is their own heritage to be their own heritage.  There are other countries which are about mixing lots of people, like the USA and Australia. 

Several years ago a male entertainer actor, now English but of Indian origin, produced a TV series of an Indian doctor living in Wales in the 1960's.  The Welsh people were represented as still only having access to radios (Wales had TV a decade before this silly program making the Welsh people look primitive, it was actually just a couple of years from the UK had colour TV) and the local people were represented as not not being educated enough to understand about vaccinations against smallpox - with an elderly Indian woman saying "they can only understand at their own level".  A statement which surely must be slander against the Welsh people.  In fact the entire production was defamatory.

June 12th - 13th  Trump Clears the Way to Develop North Korea? The general view is that North Korea does want relief from sanctions, and wants economic development.  Turns out Kim used Dennis Rodman to convey a message to the previous president that he was open to talk, but Obama took no notice. Obama was asleep at the wheel!  At the press conference after the historic meeting of the two leaders, a 'sales pitch' video was shown selling a vision for real estate development.  On the other hand if the North Korea situation is altered favourably, and US troops are reduced to be deployed elsewhere, it does free up troops to be available for the real coming war in the middle east. .   

June.  In the movie Black Panther there is a reference to honoring the Monkey God as ancestors - perhaps included because few would know what this reference was to, yet it is a god that was part of the Asian culture not African. Just a comment when a word used to insult Ivanka is considered not as bad as what comedienne Roseanne said and whose CBS show, owned by Disney, was cancelled because of it.  Yet in the movie 'Black Panther'  this Disney movie said the same thing.

It would seem likely that the North Korean government understands the enormous boost that Trump would receive with a successful photo op of a meeting between the leaders of these two countries, in the lead in months to the US mid term elections, while North Korea would gain some relief of sanctions and other economic benefits.

May 2018   Currently the news is chugging along and this work is not specifically keeping track of world news at this point in time.

Within the next ten years there will be war.  This has been said as a definite by the new Saudi ruler. 'Everyone' is gearing up for a Saudi-Iran conflict. The overall plan is that they generally pick off their targets in small bites, making it just not too desperate enough for others to go as far as war.  They also rely on the ignorance of the people in general, who generally pay more attention to the immediate details of their own lives - which can be played up at strategic times - and pay little attention anyway. The new crown prince, heir apparent in Saudi Arabia has said they will go to war with Iran in the oncoming years.  This is an unchangeable agenda.  One could also suggest that the N. Korea situation can be turned around.

There is also concern for Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, who is now being denied visitors or phone calls.  Sadly the newer government in Ecuador is not standing up to the Big Bullies of this world (mainly the US and generally all 5 Eyes).

 Feb. 2018   Cultural diversity is amazing.  It provides the opportunity to live in or experience other cultures and maybe even become an expat.  We love that it exists and that there are still countries which exist which have not become like our original western counties.  It has provided an opportunity for some to leave an England that has gone from a high level of inner development to one that is not.  It has enabled people to leave Australia which never had a high level inner development anyway, but now with its own Gestapo approach to just about anyone wanting what a normal citizen once had every right to!   

Perhaps the biggest example of a failed 'experiment' – but also perhaps due to its badly thought through ‘constitution and rights’ – is the USA.  The USA’s 18th school shooting of 2018 took place at Parkland in Florida.  The issue does seem to relate to the extraordinary gun laws in that country, but also highlights the issue of mental illness which is surely the product of the ‘values’ etc.  As an example just see the school culture as portrayed in films – whose only goal is to make money – another ‘value’ of the ‘dream’ – the ‘dream’ also being the status of being asleep.  This work is specific to viewing the differences between the ‘original status’ and the breakaway status.

TV Documentary. Britain’s Failed Immigration and the new Segregated Communities.  While there is nothing wrong with the diversity of different Cultures When a Different Culture is brought in To Live Alongside an Existing Culture, It is Either Wiped Out or it Wipes Out the Exiting Culture.  Britain is No Longer British Culture or Its identity.  Many people across Britain and Europe, are concerned to see their countries and cultures being changed.    BBC Panorama on the emerging segregated Britain.

January 2018.  So under the American system Donald Trump a real estate developer can become its President, followed by Oprah Winfrey in the 2020 elections?  Then the elections after that Jimmy Fallon for President perhaps? 

After Trump was elected, speakers so outraged by this democratic decision – it is what democracy is about after all – started to urge women to run for office in order to get Trump out.

Once in office as President (or prime minister) the entire System of most governments is set up so that almost nothing can be achieved.  Not only that, everything a President does under the limits on how long a President can remain in office, can be undone by the next President.  After all these years and centuries of this form of government, isn’t it worth looking at how little is ever achieved for the ordinary person?

On the world scene, Turkey is waging operations against Kurds in Syria.  The Kurds were allies of the USA against IS terrorists, and each group is still against each other, with the West wanting Assad out, and the Russians wanting him to stay.


Yalda Hakim – Sicily Migrant crisis. BBC ‘Our World’ You Tube

A QUAKE IN EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELD: “When a CME from the sun struck Earth on April 22nd 2017, this planet's magnetic field reverberated from the impact. A day later, a stream of solar wind arrived, hit, and had the same effect”. Report from the space weather monitoring agencies.

BBC News Channel - Our World, Sweden: Exporting Islamic Extremism  Oct 8, 2016 - Yalda Hakim travels to Sweden to discover why so many young people are leaving Sweden to fight for IS: Exporting Islamic Extremism ... Sun 9 Oct 2016. Currently no longer available on the BBC website but is available here:


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*Additional disclaimer. The ‘news updates’ have been an independently run project covering current news which in the spiritual community is generally viewed as ‘negative’ to focus upon. However, it is helpful to keep aware of what is going on.  This website does not necessarily agree with the content of any linked material, nor necessarily support or recommend the links or resources.  Information in linked articles is only added to show a picture that many including ourselves did not know about, and shows that it is other sources saying these things, not us making it up.  Current world news is provided in the context of showing the aggression unfolding as we approach an anticipated pole reversal. We do not recommend any particular news source as of special significance or importance.

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