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 Description: Description: E:\soul-search-new\new (1).gifHeadline News – 2017. As events unfold, this work will provide a clear concise, easy to read overview of issues that may also relate to false reporting or agendas.  We are also following the thinning of the Magnetosphere – which protects the planet from the sun’s heat and is the real reason for Climate Change.  This page is not a news service, but may provide more information if the world situation warrants it.


 Dec. 20th.   Saudi Arabia Intercepts a missile sent by Iran backed Houthis in Yemen bound for Riyadh.  This is the second such missile, and was shot down by a Patriot intercept – successfully used there but not used when N Korea sent ICBM over Japan.  It would seem logical that preventing the missile tests by shooting them down would solve the N. Korea problem, but more likely those who run the agendas do want war.  Just as the escalation in the Iran backed Houthi Yemen Saudi conflict looks suspiciously like issues may escalate in that region.  For background info, the Yemen conflict would not be there if not for the western initiated Arab Spring covert op in 2011, and Iran was once a western integrated country with a king, which the US helped take down to install the fundamentalist regime which exists there now.

Nov. 30th.  Yes North Korea Has Tested Another Missile, but it is a fact that if it didn’t defend itself, the US led western allies would be in there like a shot to take it out.  Ideally the west would like it to do what Libya did – that is, they trusted and believed the West, gave up their weapons, then the West went in and destroyed it.  

Sept. 4th.  Why Haven’t the Missiles from North Korea Been Shot Down? Would the UK, Australia, Israel, the USA let missiles from a hostile nation fly over their territory?  This lack of response suggests that if a missile is armed, it will be allowed to reach its target and explode before retaliatory action is taken.  Maybe it is the retaliatory action the west wants the excuse for?

Mid Aug. Removal of Confederate Statues from America’s Civil War. It is probably not a good idea to imply that the people in America’s ‘South’ in their civil war, were racist, bigots with KKK style hatreds.  History does not show that. Many former slaves gained their freedom and became Plantation owners themselves.  The film ‘Gone With the Wind’ was set in that civil war.  There were a lot of other issues to do with control of the country which were in play in that civil war. To start name calling in the 21st century may well alienate and anger those of the South, unless someone wants to inflame tensions and start another civil war?  Hillary Clinton said that everyone was entitled to free speech ‘no matter how vile’. Vile as the view of neo Nazis, and KKK sentiments may be, they do have the right to ‘free speech’. 

Many may feel angry that they are not allowed this constitutional right, and this may fuel escalation of anger.  In addition at the Boston Rally, there was a ‘Bernie Sanders progressive’  lawyer there to give a speech, who in a BBC World interview reported that the anti far right protests were calling him ‘white trash’ and were extremely violent and hostile.  In another BBC World interview a woman of colour says “she can’t believe that in 2017 they are still marching for rights”.  But that is not what they are doing.  They are marching to silence another group’s opinion.  That may fuel more anger and civil unrest.  Maybe everyone has to start being bigger than this.

A few days later let us look more at this.  George Washington allied with the French to get rid of the British.  The French shared America and controlled most of the South.  Some 80 + years later, the Yankee/Unionist ‘North’ decide to get rid of the French and control all the country themselves under the ‘union’ but a union clearly not wanted by those who controlled the South. Obviously the people of the South were not all French, but their States and cities prior to the union, were: Louisiana, New Orleans, St. Louis, Louisville Kentucky etc. That all went. In 1803 the North/Yankees started purchasing southern states like Louisiana.  But much of the South remained independent, leading to the civil war, bought out then fought out.

Mid Aug A real problem for the world is how much and how easily people in the American news and media world miss the point.  It is mind numbing to see how many news anchors and a show host called Bill Maher talking to Fareed Zecharia, did not realize that Trump was being sarcastic when he ‘thanked’ Putin for expelling US staffers from Russia. It was obviously sarcastic, but the White House had to explain that! No wonder there is always strife and misunderstanding in the US, and they are always starting wars.

Many conflicts between the press and POTUS currently.  Doubts expressed by James Klapper on the decisions of the president.  Klapper is the man who lied under oath about secret surveillance.  The FREE PRESS keeping a check on what is happening sounds noble, but the PRESS has to make a profit and get good ratings.

July Seems the Russians had Interests in getting the US to Repeal the Magnitsky Act which Allowed Their Criminals to Keep Money in Foreign Investments. Now very real reasons are being made known why Russia wanted Trump to be US President and then have leverage over Donald Trump and co.  Something that could happen if the story was not being exposed now. This is an important article to read:

Yalda Hakim – Sicily Migrant crisis. BBC ‘Our World’ You Tube

 While it has been amusing to see the US system allow ‘anyone’ to become President, perhaps it is Time to end the Joke? The meeting between Putin and Trump was successful. Trump is not the same person that he portrays himself to be.  Unfortunately he has to be the other self to gain the extra support.  He gets his support from undesirable elements and that ultimately is not good.  The Town Halls being held are abusive and out of line, even could eventually lead to anarchy.  The vulgar video Trump uploaded is a bad example which appeals to the wrong aspects of human nature, yet supports the Trump – and that is the wrong reasons for support.  With so called IS nearly out of Raqqa and Mosul, warnings are that those currently fighting them will start fighting each other.

June 27th.  White House Warns of Regime Plan for Chemical Attack in Syria.  This work is now watching the possible escalation of conflicts in Syria and between the Saudi/Gulf states and Iran, also regarding Qatar situation. This situation involves a complex weave of conflicting interests and proxy wars, which are dangerous and have the potential to escalate. Therefore, we will keep note of responses from Russia and of course the situation with Nth Korea.

June.  In the Brexit Strengthening Election, the British vote to weaken their position.

June It was James Comey, Sacked FBI Director’s Absolute Duty to Explain to a New Incoming Businessman President, the Protocols of the Relationship between the FBI and the President, not stand there and be ‘so stunned by it’.  Comey’s silence created the problem including that he used the words ‘had he been a less afraid person’ he would have also explained the person to person protocols.  But he did not do these things. This is a man who makes decisions above his position re the Clinton emails just days before the election, and why wouldn’t an inexperienced new president coming into office, expect loyalty?  All that was needed was to explain that these agencies have to operate independently.

May 2017.  Terrorism in Manchester UK, carried out by a person of Libyan descent of those who were the fundamentalist problem the Gaddafi regime protected its citizens from.  The father of the bomber has a beard – outlawed under the original government because it is part of the Islamist rules..

Trump Delivers a successful speech in Saudi Arabia which finally respects other nations and does not seek to force the flawed ‘American Values’ on to their countries. Values that were described by Clinton as rights that can be vile, under which fundamentalist extremism also has a right to its expression! US Foreign Policy has consistently crippled attempts to remove terrorism and made terrorism and unrest flourish.  Now it is suggested that these countries can deal with their terrorism issues, just as Libya had successfully curtailed extremism until America and the west set the terrorists free and worked to help them.  American interference has been responsible for a great deal of tragedy in this world.  Do not forget why Venezuela right now, is in such turmoil.

Hillary ‘Butcher of Libya’ is back on public display at the same time as Obama and Tim Kaine and a massive effort by the conspirators to impeach the man they lost to, Mr. President Trump. 

April 2017.  French elections.  Macron is a created candidate for the French presidency, in response to Brexit and the election of Trump.  Firstly Fillon was targeted so his support base would fall, paving the way for Macron to gain more votes than Le Pen.  Macron is the choice of the moron – sorry ‘intellectual’ - Bernard Henri Levi, and goodness, can the French people not see what an interfering, manipulating agenda this man is part of? 

A QUAKE IN EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELD: When a CME from the sun struck Earth on April 22nd 2017, this planet's magnetic field reverberated from the impact. A day later, a stream of solar wind arrived, hit, and had the same effect”. Report from the space weather monitoring agencies.

Despite Trumps adamant promise to be ‘friends’ with Russia, he has been persuaded that the previous agenda is still the agenda. The war in Syria is back in play and this work will keeping an eye on troublesome spots in the world as we approach what is expected as the intended goal of these mostly created situations.  There is of course North Korea, and there is also increased tension in Indian administered Kashmir. So it is now anticipated that escalation of conflict will escalate to the point of major war, just not as soon as was originally planned. But it is planned.

March.  Good to Remember that Russia is not the Enemy ‘Soviet Union’ and there is No Cold War.

IS may now be using chemical weapons.  North Korea poses the biggest threat for the future -  

….while some US media continue to pose the biggest threat to basic intelligence! 


CNN New Day continues as a classic mudslinging shark fest. Obama said to be behind much of the issues to harm the WH. Obama is the one responsible for the destruction of three countries – Yemen, Libya and Syria.  


UN Action on Syria – Syria was not ‘Killing its Own People.’ It was fighting an enemy living within its country. An enemy linked to foreign countries with their own interests in controlling Syria.  The many refugees did this to themselves, they behaved as an enemy in the country in which they lived.  As the family bonds and relationships which once made up communities within a country erode, the issue of fighting an enemy living within your country increases, and is now an issue many countries will find themselves fighting.


Feb.  The Witch Hunt continues with the under reporting on the story of the Yemen mission which tragically left one SEAL dead. Omitted information in CNN New Day report is that this mission was from the Obama administration which had to wait until after the inauguration because the mission required no moon. It was not as implied, a rushed decision from the new administration.


President Trump at CPAC Conference repeated that ‘Fake News is the Enemy of the People’.  A few hours later CNN reporting on CPAC said ‘’President Trump, who has said the media is the enemy of the people…..”  This was repeated again by Cyril Vanier, and then again with Natalie Allen.  This is how fake news is continued – repeating altered facts. This man is president because he was elected through the American system.  He has the right to keep his promises and he also has the right to be given the chance and the mandate to begin implementing his policies.  The opposition amounts to a witch hunt with people clearly not understanding or perhaps as part of a ‘Deep State’ agenda – a point raised on BBC World News.  *This news service was new to watching CNN in 2011 and witnessed and recorded the outright fake news and misreporting which was taking place. Oscars Ineptitude shows even Hollywood can be in chaos and turmoil.


BBC News Channel - Our World, Sweden: Exporting Islamic Extremism  Oct 8, 2016 - Yalda Hakim travels to Sweden to discover why so many young people are leaving Sweden to fight for IS: Exporting Islamic Extremism ... Sun 9 Oct 2016. Currently no longer available on the BBC website but is available here:


Who was behind interfering in the French elections targeting two main candidates so the way is clear for Macron?  Who is Macron and who does he work for? He has the approval of troublemaker Henri Bernard Levi.

How is it Possible that Newly Resigned General Flynn Did Not Know His Phone Call to Russian Ambassador Would be Under Surveillance?  It suggests the contacts were not secretive. it is also normal for an incoming administration to be in contact with other leaders before the inauguration.  Of more concern is that the Intelligence Community is leaking information from the White House as an enemy would.

Was the entirety of the farcical play in late 2016 about Russia’s interference in the US elections and subsequent sanctions a set up which ‘encouraged’ Flynn and perhaps others to unknowingly break the obscure18th century Logan Act? There is the ‘invisible agenda’ for war with Russia – and the current situation in Washington is putting that agenda back in play. Is the IC in the position to blackmail or pressure the actions of the President because of this?

US Senator – anti-Trump – on Russia’s invasion of Korea!   videos  As for Mr. Trump – he understands how to say things which ensure the media will keep him as headline news.

CNN Panel (New Day) on Trump’s ‘America not so innocent’ comments (Fox News interview).  In 2011 squeaky clean Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama stood up, looked into the camera and lied about Libya, while his Sec. of State Clinton called for someone to murder the leader of a sovereign country.  This was not the first time that the US suddenly turned into murderous backstabbers on the world stage. Former Sec. of State Albright said the deaths of millions of children in Iraq was justified because ‘the end justifies the means’ and the first war with Iraq was set up by a lying US Ambassador who indicated to Saddam Hussein that the US was not interested if Iraq tried to reclaim Kuwait territory. Then there was Vietnam and the use of Agent Orange and so on. What the world sees is endless administrations made up of lying, murderous hypocrites with double standards – but now with an administration which has finally changed.  And CNN appears to be the former’s propaganda arm, now in damage control because of that change. The US media in all its forms has yet to learn how to be civilized – behave with civility. A lesson CNN’s senior anchor Amanpour should learn – perhaps learn from BBC World’s true professionals like Zeinab Badawi, Stephen Sakur, and Yalda Hakim who never behave as Amanpour did with Marine Le Pen.

Reality Check.  Islam is supposed to be a religion of peace; yet vast numbers do not interpret it peacefully, or interpret its writings to be religious but to be a war strategy.  It is impossible to know who these ones may turn out to be, or whose children may turn out to be. Countries are not doing enough to create guidelines and values that make this clear. The White House influence of Steve Bannon is a concern.  He has extremist views and has said he thinks the US planned to introduce Sharia Law.  The new administration is notably unprofessional, and the behavior of President Trump is demeaning to the Office. There are questions about who all the people are shown surrounding Mr. Trump as he signs various orders.

The already existing nuclear agreement with Iran is a good deal. It is not clear that Iran has violated any agreements with the West. However, there is a concerted effort to undermine, misrepresent, and discredit the U.S.’s new administration as well as the movement for countries to regain sovereignty. In CNN’s Amanpour interview with France’s Marine Le Pen, anchor Christiane Amanpour CNN’s most senior correspondent covered Ms Le Pen’s comments in a 2012 interview with SBS on ‘illegal refugees invited into your home’ as if the reply was a bad thing. There are without question, intentions to bring the world under Sharia Law, and immigration is a way to initiate that.  That is the goal of Islamic extremism, but through the next generation. 

She also implied she was not aware that there had been a coup d’etat which had instigated the issues in Ukraine. The narrative is that it is Russia’s aggression in Ukraine that is responsible for the Ukraine situation. *Notes from the actual day of the coup are included at the end of the page.  (plus see earlier World News below).

End of January.   It’s a Temporary Ban.  While extra investigation takes place related to any who may be or become influenced by IS.

January 21st -- 24th. US Democrats undermine what their own System Represents; while politically interfering ‘entertainers’ also demonstrate how petty and ungracious they are. Donald Trump is your President elected via your system and by the people using your system.  America now demonstrates to the world its prejudice: President Trump is a businessman who successfully pulled off a political surprise.  That is democracy.  People should get out more - he is clearly not a misogynist, not anti-women, and not racist. Mr. Trump is presenting a persona of a president which represents the people.

He is not doing the campaign rhetoric promises in order to be elected, and then following this with what they all do - a remote, god-like ’unifying speech’ then getting on with their own priorities and agendas.  For Hillary that would have been entirely about Foreign Policy and ‘nation building’ (destroying).  Mr. Trump recognizes that the world does not want the US to be its ‘leader’.  The world does not want ‘world leadership’ from the US. But his election has challenged the controlling Order.

Description: Description: E:\soul-search-new\Eastern-Star.png  < Symbol of the women’s branch of the Order.

January 20th. During the US Presidential Inauguration BBC World News Did Focus on an Empty Field and some violent riots happening in Washington, giving a misrepresentation across their viewing world.  The ‘Women’s Marches’ provided an embarrassing display of ignorance, fear and prejudice.  Interesting that the interfaith church ceremony began with the music of ‘God Save the Queen’. 

January 11th.  The ‘Order’ Behind the US Government Does Not Want Trump as President, and Does Want War with Russia. The reality is there are people who are orchestrating ‘Propaganda Intel’ (again) to trigger responses from people, and manipulate the world situation. Following the Trump press conference, this work does have 6 years of record when CNN has reported questionable news and views during times when ‘ops’ are in progress- as now.  BBC World is also on this list. Plus : re ‘unsubstantiated claims’:  It is not in Russia’s interests to claim they have ‘compromising information on Trump’ – it undermines all alleged reasons for any ‘Russian hacking of the US presidential election campaign’.

January 10th.  Obama’s Farewell Speech and again he Assumes, like the ideology itself, that all ‘Americans’ are going to choose to be good, honest, caring people.  But the American Constitution upon which that nation is founded, gives people the absolute right to be vile (as Hillary Clinton stated).  They have the right to hate others for any and all reasons, to behave badly, be thoughtless, to not be inclusive, and to use guns for a shooting spree for whatever reason takes their fancy.  Everyone in the US has the absolute right not to be a good person – and huge numbers do choose to express that right.  The real error of thinking is the assumption that people would choose otherwise. The Constitution should have better guidelines and expectations of its citizens, and state that all citizens must follow the ‘Golden Rule’.

January 8th Poor, Hurt, US Intelligence Community which Feels it is Not Appreciated and takes those hurt feelings to the world. The US always has to constantly improve its ability to deal with cyber-terrorism, so what’s new? However President Trump’s meeting with IC at the CIA after his interfaith church service, proved there was not an issue other than an agenda of the guys in charge (now out of the job).

Jan. 6th. Senate Hearing on Jan. 5th features Intelligence Community Defending their Job including James Klapper who lied under a previous hearing about invasive surveillance.   The US intelligence services will always protect America and its interests, regardless of comments on the alleged Russian hacking during the US election, including under the new president.  The danger situations they described always exist, so what was the real purpose of this hearing? What is questionable is how and why the intelligence was as it was over non-existent WMD’s in Iraq prior to the war; and what was their role in making the western covert op. Arab Spring and destruction of Yemen and Syria possible.  It is believed the heads of US intel are to be replaced under the new administration.

Introduction to 2017.  Real World News has added the text at the end of this page, which tracked the western covert op. across the Middle East known as Arab Spring. That operation did not go as planned, but the timeline was Obama’s ‘red line’ in August 2013 with a planned for No Fly Zone and thus not only war with Syria but with Russia. Had that happened, a full operation would have unfolded. Although at that stage it would have been confined to Syria (which has been a proxy war with Russia) February 2014 saw the western backed coup in the Ukraine and the war with Russia would have taken off.  As it happened, people protested and the Sept. 2013 ’boots on the ground’ invasion of Syria was off the table – but only on hold until Hillary became the next president.  A small hiccough delay.  But Hillary did not become president.  Current actions (Jan. 10th) are all about curtailing what Trump can do to establish better relations with Russia, and keeping the plan for war alive. Further actions have seen the embarrassingly manipulated presentation of so called hacking evidence, and with organized women’s groups espousing what may be genuine misunderstanding, absolute fear and obvious prejudice, but used as part of a campaign to get the Order back in control.  This NEWS will provide a clear, concise easy to read overview of events as required.  *Also see end of page.

Scientists Discover New Organ in the Human Body – known to Acupuncture for 5,000 years as the Triple Heater.

December:  With many of the world’s countries emptying in their entirety to illegally move to Europe or the USA, why isn’t it that these countries are being helped to develop their own economies and pay living wages?  Why exploit workers in these countries by paying 50 cents a day to make western goods?  If a more acceptable wage was paid they could build their lives into the ‘better life’ they want.  Then they would not become refugees emptying their entire populations into Europe and the USA.  So what part does the western consumer play in this?  Stop buying the products produced so cheaply that these workers cannot live.  Let them have the work but pay them more.  Luxury clothes, sports goods, empty calorie drinks and so on.

The US may have been set up as an experiment to see if they could make a world where everyone sees themselves as one identity. But the reality is that it has not yet worked.  People feel they are losing their identity; while others have their own issues and struggle with how to find a feeling for ‘identity’ while not really having their ‘own’ country. Even with all the prosperity in the world, people are not all the same. For example, native people – some of whom are committing suicide - find their sense of self and heal when they are taught, and have pride in their culture.  Why can’t we (whoever’ we’ is) have pride in our identity and culture without having to blend it into something that isn’t our identity or cultural origin? There isn’t a model that works, because to do this, some people do have to lose their entire identities in order to create a new one that all blends in.  As fans (so far) of the TV series Braindead, surely aliens have invaded the brains of the world’s western leaders?  Their ideology appears braindead – like Germany importing in millions of people amongst whom are thousands of fundamentalists with equally braindead views which include destroying the country they have moved to.  In addition Germany does not have surveillance in place to monitor these people they are importing – and one of whom just perpetrated an act of terror with a hi-jacked lorry – then could easily escape through Europe’s non monitored borders with other countries!  The idea of Europe was for the sophisticated population that the imported new citizens do not remotely qualify as. 

Thwarted by the unexpected result in the US presidential elections a WW3 scenario against Russia is averted.  It has carefully been set up to play out, but like the failure to secure a western puppet government in Syria, it is currently not in play. 

World News for 2016

The World News noted in 2011 that high profile figures took actions that could only set off a domino effect that have led to deaths in Syria, the refugee status of millions, and now the 'unexpected' presence of ISIS in Iraq/Syria etc.  Making all this possible were the TV broadcasts in February 2011 encouraging the Egyptian people to bring down their government for a 'democracy' that anyone would have to be brain dead to even remotely think was possible (as events have proven with the elected government of Morsi, his arrest in a coup in July 2013.)  It means this scenario and the current "unforeseen disaster" in Iraq and Syria, was more correctly impossible not to be foreseen, and surely was actually knowingly set up................. Those who did those fateful and deliberate TV broadcasts were Hillary Clinton, Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, William Hague, John McCain, Susan Rice, Catherine Ashton and Ban Ki Moon.   The people were supposed to forget all this by now of course, even if you were alert enough to even notice what was going on in the first place..........But there it is, these are the ones who set this up, knowingly, unknowingly?  Or are our "world leaders" and top brass military, really too stupid to know that what they called for, could have no other outcome but the murder and tragedy that has unfolded since that? For the new world agenda it is essential that there is war with Russia.

The timeline for war with Russia: was Obama’s ‘redline’ in August 2013 with a planned for ‘No Fly Zone’ and thus not only war with Syria but with Russia.  Although at that stage it would have been confined to Syria (which was a proxy war with Russia), February 2014 saw the western backed coup in the Ukraine and the war with Russia would have taken off.  As it happened, people protested and the Sept. 2013 ’boots on the ground’ invasion of Syria was off the table – but only on hold until Hillary became the next president.  A small hiccough delay.  But Hillary did not become president.  Current actions (Jan. 10th) are all about curtailing what Trump can do to establish better relations with Russia, and keeping the plan for war alive.

News from 2014: TV news reports at the end of Feb. did report the very first things the coup 'government' said the moment they knew they had won the coup.  They announced they would introduce new Ukraine laws to outlaw all things Russian, ban the speaking and teaching of the Russian language and close the bases etc but this story disappeared from the news after the former FM of the UK Hague's extraordinary visit to Kiev straight after that was said.  No western orchestration of the Ukraine situation in play there then!   We saw those early pronouncements on CNN around Feb 28th/Mar 1st.  Covered on


Useful links Glenn Greenwald 


Among the key findings revealed by these previously secret FBI docs …



*Additional disclaimer. The ‘news updates’ have been an independently run project covering current news which in the spiritual community is generally viewed as ‘negative’ to focus upon. However, it is helpful to keep aware of what is going on.  This website does not necessarily agree with the content of any linked material, nor necessarily support or recommend the links or resources.  Information in linked articles is only added to show a picture that many including ourselves did not know about, and shows that it is other sources saying these things, not us making it up.  Current world news is provided in the context of showing the aggression unfolding as we approach an anticipated pole reversal. We do not recommend any particular news source as of special significance or importance.

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