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 Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: E:\soul-search-new\new (1).gif Headline News – 2018 - 2019 As events unfold, this work aims to provide a clear, easy to read overview of issues that may also relate to false reporting or agendas.  We are also following the thinning of the Magnetosphere – which protects the planet from the sun’s heat and is the real reason for Climate Change - until the poles reverse and that sphere reforms.  This page is not a news service, but is looking at the destructive policies which are making our once safe countries violent places and fostering mental health issues, and may explore some controversies. This page may provide more information if the world situation warrants it.  Currently this page is following this -

Have You Noticed This? There are countries which have always been about being 'multi-cultural' like the US, Canada and Australia, and that is fine.  But all those who make up the new multi-cultures ALL have their own heritage and countries of origin intact.  India remains Indian, China remains Chinese, Spanish countries remain Spanish, the black races have their own countries, Islamic countries and Jewish also have their own countries. The only people whose heritage and identity is being completely changed to 'multi-cultural' are the UK, eastern and western Europe, and Scandinavian, or originally white races. Those who have this heritage are having their entire identity and heritage replaced by multi-culturism. 

Not only replaced but considerably misrepresented.  It is not fair how these are being portrayed in TV and film, and for a real idea of what the British people were, see the films of actors Kenneth More, John Mills and Jack Hawkins - please do. The misrepresentation of the character of a nation, then leads the way for the much envied original culture to be adopted and become the identity of a different people. 

Feb 2019 -  Usual Strategy To Attempt a Regime Change in a Target Country - So called 'aid' is delivered and that is the same strategy that is always used to assist a coup.  It is not that this is happening so much as that it is able to happen in front of the billions of dimwits who inhabit this planet.  The other tactic is to proclaim an alternative leader.

Several years ago a male entertainer actor, now English but of Indian origin, produced a TV series of about an Indian doctor living in Wales in the 1960's.  The Welsh people were represented as religious simpletons and still only having access to radios (Wales had TV a decade before this silly program, making the Welsh people look primitive, its timeline was set just a couple of years from the UK had colour TV).  The local people and their local church vicar, were represented as not not being educated enough to understand about vaccinations against smallpox - with the Indian doctor's elderly mother, saying "they can only understand at their own level". A statement which surely must be slander against the Welsh people.  In fact the entire production was defamatory.  Or is this insult to the Welsh/UK culture now something that has to be accepted?

In the 60's the UK was a dynamic and cosmopolitan, modern, civilized country. It was the 'Swinging 60's' which led the world in music and fashion - The Beatles, Carnaby St. and plenty of 'Indian Fusion' clothing now being peddled on the BBC World Travel Show as something new - it was the fashion of the 60's.. It was a country which did not have its (welcome) ex-pats and other visitors wandering around dressed as Tyrolean yodelers or in their ancient forms of dress.  Austrian or German ex pats were not still doing the schuhplattler, Polish people were not out and about doing rain dances and so on.

Indeed, there is concern about BBC World News which is now Indian-British BBC World.  Does it represent the new UK, or is it that we now have to endure really bad news stories because of it?  Over Xmas 2018 there was one on 'eye yoga' something that was really about promoting Indian culture as if it was part of what the BBC now represents. 

Surely those who began this once respected news service would turn in their graves at the amateurish reports now being aired. Though the reporters are from several backgrounds, the Indian-British BBC is full of absolute crap news stories and uninteresting news and now actual discussion panels about India.   


"If I should die, think only this of me, That there's some corner of a foreign field, That is for ever England." Rupert Brooke


Nov. 11th Armistice Day End of WW1.  ......And Now There is No Longer an England that is England, not lost by war, but by breeding out the culture and the people.   "A loss of life on such an epic scale" says BBC World News now awaiting the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month's 2 minutes silence to remember.  How many of us have grandfathers and great grandfathers who fought in that war - mine fought on the frontlines and was shot near the heart. He fought for his country which is no longer 'our' country.  But these wars were not about nationalism.  They say that now because it has been long enough to forget.  In WW2 Germany wanted Britain to work together with them to fight off communism. It was Churchill and the US president Roosevelt, who, both without consulting or even telling their governments, blocked that. Germany's second in command had arranged to meet with the British to propose fighting communism together, but for an unknown reason the C and FDR wanted a war which never needed that they would 'fight them on the beaches' etc of that famous speech. 

We are sure Peter Jackson's 'They Shall Not Grow Old' is good, but here is a French mini-series called Apocalypse - Paix Impossible.  The Impossible Peace after the Armistice of 1918.  Brought to life by the new restoration techniques and a good history lesson - this is the trailer to follow up:

'World Leaders' - when it suits them - Speak in Horror and Outrage about the 'Power Hungry' Leaders of Countries who have been in Power for Many Years and They Want to Depose.  Why has this Never Been Said about Angela Merkel's Outrageous 20 Year Leadership?  Surely not double standards here?

2018 Trumps Speech at the UN - supports what your grandparents fought for in WW2 or with any other invasion of your country.  People fought for their home and country, their Nation. Does anyone believe that China is going to become a multi cultural country with more of other races than their own people who run their system of government?  Or is Russia going to be one of the mashup mixes, or is Turkey, or Saudi Arabia? Is Singapore? When the Chinese invaded Tibet, their strategy was to move in mainland Chinese people to live there and eventually outnumber and breed out Tibetans.  Policies such as these are a strategy.

In WW2 as the Japanese entered the war, Singapore, Malaya were British colonies heavily defended by the British military with many pre-partition 'Indian' soldiers who had jobs and careers including as officers. At that time India was seeking independence and fair enough that Indians chose to no longer to be in the military in India.  But Singapore was not India, they had a job to do there which was nothing to do with Indian Independence.  Even so, they decided to mutiny against the British and deserted their posts - just as the Japanese were invading.  Unthinkable that Singapore would fall, it had been so heavily defended, Singapore, and the region fell, leading to terrible atrocities, as shown in films where the courage of those captured is respected.

Are there not people who are sick of having people from other countries telling 'us' who we are?  Look to the problem of people from the 'other' places who now represent who the people the 'original people' of a country were, and telling 'us' what we must do to create a country that enables them to be 'our' country.  There are countries where people can do this mash-up, but European, Scandinavian countries were not these ones. These were spectacularly wonderful, cosmopolitan countries with character, that were safe, and civilized.  Cosmopolitan of course, safe living, no armed gangs, and safe for women, that has always been what these countries were. Now they are not. You want a recipe for discontent, resentment, violence? Then this is surely the way to inflame that. 

So okay, there are people who don't want their country identity replaced. Most orphans want and need to find their family identity, so why wouldn't people of a country want their identity and heritage?  Remember, these are countries that do not have their heritage countries still existing. These countries are being replaced. This topic is what will be looked at.

Until recent decades the UK and Europe had been dynamic, artistic and cosmopolitan, modern, civilized countries which did not have their (welcome) ex-pats or anyone else wandering around dressed as Tyrolean yodelers or in any other ancient forms of dress.  Austrian or Germans were not still doing the schuhplattler dance, Polish people were not out and about doing rain dances, and so on.  So why have they got all this type of thing now? (If anyone wants to see these things, then that is what tourism is/was once, for). 

There is a thoroughly entertaining film called 'Crazy Rich Asians', from the highly successful book of that name and part of a very entertaining series of books following the characters of crazy, rich Asians. It is a really successful series read by all sorts of people - none of whom have a need to say 'but its about Asians'.  Now it is a film  the comments of movie reviewers focus on that it is an 'Asian cast' as if that is something unexpected for a film about  Asians. Really?

The reason there are categories of 'the most successful female singer ever' and super rich pop stars, is not because they are/were especially talented or even talented at all, but because these ones knew/know how to appeal to the lowest common denominator, and that may not even be to do with their work. This is the curse the world is now stuck with. For singers, talent means a special voice and the ability to perform, just as the late Aretha Franklin did, a true star.  There have been those with great voices and real talent, and it is always acknowledged that these people are stars whether or not you are a fan - but it is determined by talent not the ability to manipulate record sales.

Until there is more real news - some issues affecting the world.  The question of a deliberate policy of unnatural immigration (meaning huge numbers deliberately imported into a country in order to change what that country was. It is not about ex-pats living in another country or through natural means like marriage etc) but the deliberate change of an existing, once peaceful and successful culture.  It is always a big issue and the cause of discontent for many. It cannot be underestimated how some people feel about what has been lost, and how they could react to this in the long term.  It is not racist to have the view to want to keep what is being lost. For one thing, it has changed the culture of the county of origin, who have had to find  another country to live because of it, and why is there the idea that this unnecessary loss of a polite, civilized culture is the 'future'? Because it is lost, and loss is the future?  The country is now a dump,  and dangerous beyond anything it ever was before. Although we do not want to cover this subject too much -  how would it be if an Asian country like Singapore became overrun by westerners for example? 

Here is an example of something wrong, leading to a complete slanderous misrepresentation - akin to Fake News - about the UK

Cultural diversity is amazing. But better when it was just plain cosmopolitan. It provides the opportunity to live in or experience other cultures and maybe even become an expat.  We love that it exists and that there are still countries which exist which have not become like our original western counties.  It has provided an opportunity for some to leave an England that has gone from a high level of inner development to one that is not.  It has enabled people to leave Australia which never had a high level inner development anyway, but now with its own Gestapo approach to just about anyone wanting what a normal citizen once had every right to!  

Perhaps the biggest example of a failed 'experiment' – but also perhaps due to its badly thought through ‘constitution and rights’ – is the USA.  The USA’s 18th school shooting of 2018 took place at Parkland in Florida.  The issue does seem to relate to the extraordinary gun laws in that country, but also highlights the issue of mental illness which is surely the product of the ‘values’ etc.  As an example just see the school culture as portrayed in films – whose only goal is to make money – another ‘value’ of the ‘dream’ – the ‘dream’ also being the status of being asleep.  This work is specific to viewing the differences between the ‘original status’ and the breakaway status.

TV Documentary. Britain’s Failed Immigration and the new Segregated Communities.  While there is nothing wrong with the diversity of different Cultures When a Different Culture is brought in To Live Alongside an Existing Culture, It is Either Wiped Out or it Wipes Out the Exiting Culture.  Britain is No Longer British Culture or Its identity.  Many people across Britain and Europe, are concerned to see their countries and cultures being changed.    BBC Panorama on the emerging segregated Britain.

So under the American system Donald Trump a real estate developer can become its President, followed by Oprah Winfrey in the 2020 elections?  Then the elections after that Jimmy Fallon for President perhaps? 

Once in office as President (or prime minister) the entire System of most governments is set up so that almost nothing can be achieved.  Not only that, everything a President does under the limits on how long a President can remain in office, can be undone by the next President.  After all these years and centuries of this form of government, isn’t it worth looking at how little is ever achieved for the ordinary person?

Yalda Hakim – Sicily Migrant crisis. BBC ‘Our World’ You Tube

A QUAKE IN EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELD: “When a CME from the sun struck Earth on April 22nd 2017, this planet's magnetic field reverberated from the impact. A day later, a stream of solar wind arrived, hit, and had the same effect”. Report from the space weather monitoring agencies.

BBC News Channel - Our World, Sweden: Exporting Islamic Extremism  Oct 8, 2016 - Yalda Hakim travels to Sweden to discover why so many young people are leaving Sweden to fight for IS: Exporting Islamic Extremism ... Sun 9 Oct 2016. Currently no longer available on the BBC website but is available here:




*Additional disclaimer. The ‘news updates’ have been an independently run project covering current news which in the spiritual community is generally viewed as ‘negative’ to focus upon. However, it is helpful to keep aware of what is going on.  This website does not necessarily agree with the content of any linked material, nor necessarily support or recommend the links or resources.  Information in linked articles is only added to show a picture that many including ourselves did not know about, and shows that it is other sources saying these things, not us making it up.  Current world news is provided in the context of showing the aggression unfolding as we approach an anticipated pole reversal. We do not recommend any particular news source as of special significance or importance.

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