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This Work Chose to look into the Therapeutae,

not the later People Known as 'Essenes'.

Back in 2003, and because we wanted to cover a lot on the Health benefits of a Natural, Plant Based Diet and Herbal Remedies, we began this work referencing the raw plant food therapist records said to be written by the 'Essenes'.  Then we looked more closely at the origins of those records which turned out to be Greek communities in Egypt, of people called Therapeutae - which is very interesting name for several reasons, as the origin of therapists and therapy for one, and also because the name of this planet while in its Ascended 5th realm level status of its cycle, is Thera.

The Therapeutae were of Greek origin, the same as the more ancient than claimed, Christos teachings  They were based in Egypt up to some 3,000 years ago, but with a history long before that. So when we first read the nice little books called the 'Gospels of Peace' which introduced the raw plant food diet as medicine and inspired many future works based on 'Let Food Be Thy Medicine', we accepted that their authors were 'Essenes' although that was a name that only existed later in Palestine and implied very little connection to anything Greek. 

Although these records then made their way to Ancient Palestine it does not appear to be that it was in the keeping of those who were the same people/origin. After many years of ongoing research we concluded the identity of those who made up the communities in Palestine were, by that time, people who had the records in their possession but were not the actual original authors of these books.  There had been tremendous upheavals in Egypt, and it more correctly seems the records were taken out of Egypt in order to hide the existence of the information.  The original authors were of Greek origin and their name was originally Therapeutae, but became some thing else only when these records went to Palestine.

That identity was associated with military barracks at Qumran, and also leads to connections with 'apron wearing apparel' and controversial ceremonies associated with 'secret orders' like the masons and the Mormons, and being seen in the hidden tunnels of the Temple.  It was probably they who were the 'Fourth largest sect' which disappeared from the biblical records and disappeared as an entire community at the time of the Diaspora by sailing to the Americas - a route well known to the Knights Templar, the ongoing enemies of the Romans and then the Church.  The Americas is also where Mary Magdalene was off to with the heirs of someone from a lineage of pharaohs who amongst others causing trouble, were originally banished from Egypt - none of which was anything to do with the Therapeutae.

Therefore we are not in agreement with some of the information that Prof. Bordeaux Szekley arrived at, even though he did translate the texts which had been hidden in the Vatican Archives.  There is nothing wrong with the texts or the translations.  We do not necessarily agree with him that there wasn't a popular Healer/Teacher named Jesus and as the professor was a Freemason we feel his interpretation favored that viewpoint.  We keep to their Greek Therapeutae origin also because there was a lineage which continued and survived.  Surely there are few who do not know that there were all sorts of conflicts and dark deeds going on!

So after many years of study of this and of the secret Masters who continued the Teachings beyond that time, we place the Therapeutae in a separate category from whoever it was that went to Palestine after being banished from Egypt around 3,000 years ago.  2,000 years ago under their Palestine identity, these Records were hidden away in the Vatican Archives possibly because of the above mentioned connections. 

There is no question that there is a consciousness on this planet that is vengeful, it seeks revenge for the slights it has perceived against it, it sits in judgment, it demands revenge and 'an eye for an eye', does not consider 'Mercy', and fits the description of a 'jealous and vengeful god' - but not a God anyone would want to be part of!

This work does not condemn the Catholic Church, and liked Pope Francis's speech during his August 2018 visit to Ireland.  Yet the world's most respected media do seem to be in the process of 'influencing thought' and it does look like there is a co-coordinated campaign to sabotage the church. So who would be behind that?  Other than those getting back at them for successfully winning earlier rounds? 

Despite the shenanigans which went on with the early Roman Church, those who have kept to their protocols, as they were without making changes into 'today's thinking', are probably a lot safer for the time of 'pole reversal' than those who wandered off.  It is well to remember that thought can be 'influenced'. The 'modern era' is nothing but the viewpoint of who is controlling this reality.

Modern?  Is it modern? Or is it the way some want you to see things?  No-one is ''bringing the church into the modern era'' or anything else.  What that is about, is changing things so all the reasons for why certain viewpoints exist are lost.  Whatever they may be, the keepers of that tradition are the masters of their tradition and identity - regardless of whether one agrees with them or not.  It is not up to 'the people' to decide.  Who are 'the people' anyway!

There were also other similar records found in the 19th century which produced several breakaway Christian based groups which did keep some of the information that is in line with the superior knowledge of the Therapeutae.  What none of them had though, was all of it.

Except the original Greek Therapeutae and the unconnected lineage which did survive from that same source of origin.



May the Grace of a Living Life Sustaining System be with you.....




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