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The 'LOST Teachings' means the lost parts of what is in fact a very well known but altered teaching. 

They were about life as it once was on a planet fully receiving the full LIFE STREAMS from its full power Living Waters Well Spring Source. 

The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams



Egyptian wall carving from more than 12,000 years go.  Look carefully,

Something was done to this planet during the time of a great war across this planet which forced it to begin to 'fall'.

That 'fall' reaches its end point or 'destination' at this time now, and soon what that is will be seen from behind the sun.

This planet now aligns exactly with the 'portal', or what science has reported as a 'jet', also described as a 'highway' which leads straight into the Black Hole which lies at the centre of this side of the Galactic Centre.

Since that time this planet has been under the control of the victors of that war.

Reference: How soon will we see the black hole at the Milky Way’s heart? |   *sent to us by Erika.

. - An international consortium has been striving to obtain an image of the “shadow” of the event horizon of our Milky Way's central super-massive black hole.

..........astronomers’ recent efforts – aimed at our galaxy’s heart – have provided insights. This week (January 21, 2019), they reported that, for the first time........ global network of radio telescopes to learn that the emission from Sgr A*....(the Black Hole).


You may think your time should be spent researching, or pursuing your own happiness etc, but this planet is literally approaching a 'entry point' into the Black Hole.'  What do you think should be your priority?

Although we began this work having traced ancient texts through a journey to the western Himalayas, we also then traced that journey back to its SOURCE, where it originated, in Greece. 

It may seem that all spiritual or world views are saying the same thing, but there are religions and viewpoints which believed or viewed the appearance of that 'portal' or 'eye' was in fact the entry point closer to God Source, and for that reason they did all they could to increase the connection and resonance with it.  The belief was and still is in that the brain of mankind is meant to rule and control the full workings of the universe. It has token levels of understanding about Love and that somehow people develop 'higher' by being educated and then 'reasonable'.

The Original Source which is the creator of the universe does not say that.  A universe cannot be controlled by something as undeveloped as an 'educated brain'.  Case in point is that it has chosen the 'black hole' and 'black poison' as 'god', and it is 'god' because it has this information.  This view is a complete and total lack of awareness of the Higher Realms.

All views (science etc) and practices are not teaching the same thing.  Much of it sounds like it is all about the same thing, except for differences.  

The difference is that there are some things NOT to do, but people are doing these things - as part of freedom of choice and expressions etc - which is the viewpoint of a lesser level of consciousness - the one that caused the planet to fall, and become this reality aka a 'false reality' and an illusion. The difference between what seems to be all the same things are those differences - the things NOT to do, not if you want to be in or remain in an eternally Living Life System - which those who rejected that those differences were in fact differences, decided to do. 

So we will just say that again. Those doing the practices or pursuing a scientific or logical path are doing so because they think it is the same thing as anything that is considered good or 'progress', or 'living consciously'.  What all of these don't know, is that there is a reason why what these people think is the same thing is actually not the case.  Whether any of these will come to understand why it is not the same thing is problematic, which is probably why when the previous round of the last cycle reached this point, it came as such a shock - but a shock that was recorded so this cycle would not make the same mistake.  Yet it has done exactly the same thing again.

We have provided guidelines for the Living System which mostly cover what is right to do - General Guidelines and the 'laws' for Accessing the Higher Living Realm..

Beyond what to do, there is still far more to understand about what not to do.  There are also more certain ways to ensure how you are 'marked' given the immanency of the appearance of the phenomenon.

This is a world which has been cheated out of its rightful heritage, out of its rightful quality of life and now believes that what it has is good.  In this world of incredible ignorance we are not even sure that people who pursue these other practices, are aware of the thousands year old texts which describe about which way you are 'marked'.  That means either you are resonant with the Living Body that is the Source of the Life Streams, or you are marked resonant with the dark hole - but even though both sides believe it is about good values and so on, the differences are in all the things which belong to lesser levels of consciousness, and do not belong in a Living System .  The information on which way you are 'marked'  exists in the Book of Revelation.

However, the world is a seemingly ongoing reality which revolves around its own beliefs about what it is - sport ranks with politics, and 'business news' and its 'nobody leaders' are more important than the lost spiritual awareness of the oncoming 'portal'. People are now obsessed with rights and self expression (and a lot of 'eye for an eye' Shylock style justice too) yet many of these - really many - are deviations from what is necessary to be able to connect with, and be part of a Living System.  

It really matters not to connect into something that is a non-living path - dead - like an entry into a Black Hole!  How could that not be important enough to make it a major consideration in your life - unless you were unaware that that is what is coming up, or unaware that what is coming up is not a 'highway to God Source' or 'evolution'? 

People do not so much need 'self expression' as to discover what the true Self is in the first place.  That is why there was a Teacher who was part of the Living System Itself, to help people understand that the breakaway groups were suggesting (and incidentally, those breakaway groups did form religions). When they said take on 'this god' and these values, viewpoints, these alternative ideas and the energies that went with all that, they had not realised the first time round that it was all of that which had created the resonance with this Hole.  The Teacher from the Living System helped with the understanding of the meaning of what Higher Consciousness is - i.e. it is not all things and views are Equal Consciousness because that does not see or recognize what is higher (instead it sees it as of equal value) - that was so they could remain in a Higher Living System. 

The fact that this world does not have this, is part of why it is resonant with the entry point into the Black Hole that this planet is soon to encounter.

Long ago there was a War across this planet, and technology was used.  The only energy which produces technology is fallen energy which is produced when a once Living System dies - such as happened to the one which appeared as an 'Eye of God'. 

The technology was used to deliberately alter this planet's axis so that it would fall - literally - and at the end point of that Fall precisely, it would line up perfectly with the soon to be seen 'portal' or 'jet' which is a direct path into the Black Hole which exists on this side of the Galactic Centre, and which is believed by science leads to an evolutionary new dimension.  It is and was believed to be that because it was once part of the Living Life Stream System which died and went into supernova, which looks like an 'Eye of God'. 

This is the source which has control of this planet and consciousness at this time.

The nature of the lower energies, the negative, is that they are magnetic.  The planet aligns perfectly with the entry point into the Black Hole - the 'portal' that will soon appear from behind the sun of this solar system - because it is a magnetic attraction.

The people of this planet are also aligned by magnetic attraction.  It is a force of immense, unthinkable power, and it is foolish, and plain stupid to think or believe you can just pull out of it.  It is MAGNETIC!  To overcome it, you have to connect into a more powerful attraction and that is the original Living Life Stream System this planet belongs to.  You can only do that by preparing and being accepted by that Source.


The original status of this planet, as Eden, was within an ever existing, perpetual motion, everlasting LIVING LIFE STREAM WELL SPRING SOURCE which streams its Lifestream energy to the suns/stars, planets and people of that system. 

There was only one God System for this planet, with one 'ruling' God Sun, and there was only one spirituality of course for this planet - the spirituality of the LIVING LIFE STREAM WELL SPRING SOURCE.

This everlasting, Living System is made up of giant stars which are suns, and the Sun for this system which oversees its body was named Christos.


May the Grace of a Living Life Sustaining System be with you.....







Connecting to the WELL SPRING SOURCE


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