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       A Virgin Birth


The body for this reality first came to be in the story of Genesis.  It was a birth of 'sin' (which means part of the fall to the 'left' which brought this planet into alignment with the stars of Sirius.

Sirius is a Binary Star System - twin stars, one male one female.  But the male star 'husband' of the female, went into supernova and began to die.

The male star was named Osiris and the female star, the one that is still bright, Isis.  Genesis was the 'gene of Isis'.

And that light reached this planet to trigger a kind of photosynthesis of the generation process with its kindred DNA which had come here in the 'space ice' discussed in other segments. 

Huge amounts of 'space ice' landed and integrated into this planet bringing debris from the blown up planet(s) dinosaurs remains, ancient stuff from another world, and much of the oceans - the 'broth' from which life emerged.  But it emerged only with the light of one of the Twin Stars - Isis, not Osiris which was then a 'dark star'.

Even so, this denser level of 'body' is not the body of the Higher Realm planet that this planet actually is.  It is the body during the fall phase when this planet passes through a Lower Realm.  The true bodies of those who lived on this planet (and the remaining 2/3rds which did not become caught in the 'fall') live in higher level bodies called soul-bodies but not called astral bodies (which is discussed elsewhere).  Those ever-living, eternal soul-bodies come from a different Life Stream from that which spawned the physical bodies people now inhabit here.

So, a female star gave birth on this planet without the participation of the male aspect of that Binary Star System. 

You may be aware that there is a great deal of interest in the 'star' - like the Three Wise Men 'following the star', or the 'Star of Bethlehem'.  Well, that is the 'star'. 

  Fine for those who are part of that star system, but it is still a star from an alien star system that is nothing to do with this planet, creating on a planet it should not be creating on.

Even in the descriptions of this story - which is not the Christos 'religion' but of how the Genesis creation came about on this planet - the female gives birth to a 'son of god'. 

Therefore, the mother of that son is not the 'mother of God'.  There are no ancient teachings on a 'mother of God'.  And beyond that, it took place via a star system that should not have been 'creating' on this planet anyway, so even if 'God' did happen to be born here, it is not the 'god' which is the God Source for this planet. 

You can see it gets confusing, and 2,000 years ago there were conflicts all over the area from Rome to Palestine, so much so, that intelligent Romans decided to come up with an amalgamation that should keep everyone fairly happy.  At that time the New Testament was created.

However, the oldest and only 'religion' on and for this Higher Realm planet, before its descending phase, was of the Christos Star the 'Tree and Vine of the Living Life Streams', and of Lyra which is the 'harp' that represents heaven.



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