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the Vaccine is

For What Exactly?

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WATCH: Spanish Doctor Shoots Down Covid19 MythsFront-line doctor attacks media, questions need for vaccine, before interview cut short


Dr. Carrie Madej Discusses "The Health app" and Vaccines

Luciferase 1 hour long version - recommended

11 mins short but not with all the useful details.

'Luciferase is a generic term for the class of oxidative enzymes that produce bioluminescence, and is usually distinguished from a photoprotein. The name was first used by Raphaël Dubois who invented the words luciferin and luciferase, for the substrate and enzyme, respectively.'



'Unique Opportunity' - for Governments to Ruin Everyone's Life

*See below

The Democrats are the party for the 'Green New Deal' RESET - that is why they are handing over government decisions of Health and Climate Change Organizations. The deal requires depopulation, making people sterile, pushing vaccinations, humans are not really human, and the trading in baby body parts after abortion because those of the new deal are atheist and 'there is no God and life is a commodity'. They say 'lord' not God - lord of darkness.


UK : Nurse Speaks Out, Empty Beds, and no Coronovirus Cases in Devon Hospitals

27 mins.

"The people who died in Italy were also elderly and died of other causes, see Istituto superiore della sanita.Very many had had both flu and pneumococcal vaccinations.They had a huge campaign in that part of Italy and most had had their vaccinations.Same with the elderly in homes in the U.K. because I vaccinated many, many elderly last autumn.I will not be doing that this year.See Dr Judy Mikovits work to know more.The PCR test is useless.I got sick from flu vaccination3 years ago, never again.The zombies are unable to process information. God help us."


Our Governments have No Permission to Respond as They Are Doing. People are ANGRY.


As COVID-1984 Accelerates, Bill Gates Blames ‘Freedom’ For Spread of the Virus

Aug. 23rd. 15 mins.

If You Didn't Have So Much FREEDOM, the Virus Would Not Spread.

In reality the US has not done badly with this epidemic. Some 56,000 of the deaths were through democratic governors decisons to send covid patients into Aged Care Homes, 80% of those put on venilators died, plus instructions to doctors on how to fill out out death certificates to make almost every death a covid one, and other such deliberately set up stuff.

It does not mean it is a bad 'bio-weapon' - the 'weapon' can still be very mild with a few symptoms that differ from the usual 'flu. We considered that the whistleblower scientist from Hong Kong Dr. Yan was saying the same old stuff and maybe was a plant. However, it may be that different versions did kill some doctors in Wuhan and was examined under the microscope and in needed situation that version is used strategically.

Also be aware that they have turned our kindness into their weapons - do it for others'.

If this video is removed by youtube, it will probably become available here

Hydroxychloroquine Early Treatment and Preventative Recommendations for the Coronavirus.

Bureaucrats 'deny the evidence, Hydroxychloroquine reduces death by 73 per cent'

15 mins.

Are governments and their 'chief medical officers' killing people by denying doctors the right to prescribe medicines?

Health and the 'Virus'



'It is the same as if the Nazis walked into London in 1940 and set up their own system, and everyone just watched on.'


Green New Deal - all about destroying the economy

The Predators are the Ones Who Have Over-Exploited This World and Now Want Control of a RESET.

Of course we want healthy options and a sustainable green future, but not with lab grown 'meat' produced by a Bill Gates factory, and not by Obeying the Dictates of the WHO and other Private Organaizations - the ones who Abused this Planet to Start with.

10 mins.


- The way ahead for all of the stupid people in the world who need these people to decide for us continue .

FDA document Hydroxchloroquine can be effective but there should not be cheap medicines available over the counter.


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