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 The people did NOT find the secrets to Empowerment, nor were there Secrets which had been Kept From Them in order to Maintain Control and Prevent them Finding their Freedom. 

The people made a mistake.


. .       The 'New Earth', Periodic Dissolutions, and the Grand Dissolution.


The people of this planet took a wrong turn in the ancient past, and that negative choice took away everything that this planet once offered and provided. 

They chose to prefer a different energy stream from a different source and then tried to make it a spiritual choice.

Thereafter, many other things associated with that different energy stream were enabled to come into this planet and into consciousness - because the people, without realizing it, gave it direct access to do that. Things that were once described as the 'hydra', or tentacles - both of which enter directly into the area of the pituitary - and also cancer.

Because of the different energy stream and the gradual changes it made, this planet now cycles through its 25,000 years Cycle of the Zodiac Ages, half in the negative realms, and half of it ascended back in the positive realms before its rebirth into the negative world.   As the negative world has to end for the positive world to begin, there is now the process of the dissolution of one world, then some 12,000+ years later, its rebirth. 


"12,000 years ago this planet began the 'Fall' into the 3rd realm phase of its Cycle of the Ages.  It was the result firstly of the choice to prefer a different energy stream.  After that it was by noticing what that different energy stream could do, and could offer that it then became of interest to harness more of that energy which led to the science of Alchemy and the Blue Sopha or Blue Sapphire.

As mankind developed some in the ancient world wanted to bring in more of the energy from another star which made technological development possible - or so say the records of several respected spiritual traditions.

It led to the permanent changed status of this planet caught in a Cycle of the Zodiac Ages with half in the negative realms, and half of it ascended back in the positive realms before its rebirth into the negative world.  It is believed that this is interpreted to be progress.

 At the time that the planet was purposefully damaged so that it would do this, some of those who belonged to the higher '5th realm' - called the Mazda/Master - referring to the Higher Star or 'True Star' from which this planet fell - chose to remain with this planet to ensure that by the 'end time' the story you have of this planet is not only the reality that is the 3rd realm.


 The 3rd realm reality is the photo-negative reversal of the 'True Reality'

and everything in it is the negative reversal called 'false'

- false reality, false light, false path, and 'Illusion' found in everything that is part of the photo-negative world - crystals, water, codes, light, prisms, rainbows, DNA etc.  That is why it is 'false' and negative. The 'false light' - negative light - reaches this planet during the time this planet passes through the 3rd realm.  The planet then becomes the peculiarity that is the screen upon which that false (and temporary) light is received.

12,000 years ago the 'movie projector' switched on (again) as this planet entered the Fall.  That was called the 'First Times', and somewhere around 2034, it is believed the movie projector will switch off - the 'End Times'.

Soon this planet will switch polarity into its positive 'Ascending' phase which is the correction of the photo-negative.  It is believed that the instant this planet switches into the positive, everything of the photo-negative reversed reality ceases to exist.

*There are perhaps desolate astral realms which remain during that time and have been described in ancient literature, and there is perhaps the existence of virtual existence that was created for the vast numbers who remain with the 3rd Realm reversed reality.

Previous civilizations which came to this same point of the planet's switch back to positive, did not understand that the path the planet aligns into while in this reality, is also the Path of Rebirth.  Or they did understand and considered that it was a slow process of progress to the full birth of their new, negative world reality.

 'Rebirth' is the ongoing Rebirth of this planet into the reversed, 3rd realm/lower realm, which is also each returning 'new Earth'. 

Earth is the name of this planet in reverse. This planet is not called Earth when in the 5th realm.  It is known as Thera. 

The people from that 5th Realm were called  the people from Thera - and some were Therapeutae which is a Greek word.


The loss of the 5th Realm and the loss of the Golden World and higher wisdom that is Therapeutae is the Rebirth into the 3rd Realm - when the Earth is 'reborn' that is the 'new Earth' - which follows the dissolution of the previous one.  It is reborn into the repeating play script, which was written and placed in the projector long ago. 

It's not a real projector, just like that because it has a beginning and an end.

But the story of the 3rd realm from 'in the beginning' on to the 'end time' Revelation, was covered in the biblical texts and known and still taught within the legitimate Christos sources, and to some sources which remained in the regions of Turkey, Persia, Afghanistan (not India). 

All of whom were from the Thera connection, which taught the way back to 'Thera'.

“The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,

Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit

Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,

Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it." Omar Khayyam

Somewhere in that original play script, real  people were born into the 3rd realm reality and that was called a 'false creation' - and these ones now have difficulty letting go of that different energy source, and difficulty waking up from it.  Even those who believe they want to return to the positive reality that was 'paradise' still think it is found at the end of the different energy stream they chose.  Actual return to the original, everlasting, perpetual  Well Spring is not easy because of this.

There are a number of 'dissolutions' of the 3rd Realm reality, then when the planet Falls into the 3rd Realm again, another 'new Earth' is reborn - during which time you can do what is needed to move out of it by aligning to the 5th Realm. 


Eventually there is to be a Maha Pralaya - a Grand Dissolution - which is when this planet's Fall will be corrected and it will thereafter remain in the 5th Realm where it belongs.


As the stars involved which formed this Solar System are dead or dying, there is no ongoing future for this 'movie' reality which only exists when the 'screen' returns.  Even with taking the path back to that source, there is no ongoing life.  The option is to evolve higher to the consciousness of the 5th Realm which is the real status of this planet.  This world is now that of the 3rd Realm and its vision, thus this work has to operate within what that reality is.

Some of the lineages which kept the fullness of the Way out of the ILLUSION, are the 5th level lineage which had to operate in a more hidden and secret way throughout most of entire time frame. That also tells you how much this world does not want you to know about the origin of this planet, which is not the same as the Solar System.  It is why there are periodic dissolutions of the Earth reality before a rebirth.  But there is eventually a final dissolution and the planet will return permanently to the 5th Realm - hopefully with everyone choosing ongoing life, even if they do have to keep to the higher rules.

There is no question that the 'Christos' teachings also warn on what happens when this planet switches to positive (things like an 'instant Judgment' on how you are 'marked').  We do not know how the experience is for those who chose the next 'new Earth' nor do we fully know if the switch to positive happens instantly (although it possibly does but with a good amount of gradual lead in time.)

Continues with 'Peace'- and Connecting back into the Well Spring Source of the Living Life Streams.


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The only way to find what is missing from the narrative of this world, is to look beyond what that narrative is.



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