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  'Poisoning by Food, Air, Water, the Dentist, by Prescription and non Prescription Substances, Government Laws & the Shadow reality etc.' 

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How Cancer Entered this World and How to Counteract It.

Since 2003 this work has covered the topic of How a Cancer Entered this World and how it represents itself in many forms, right back to its introduction onto this planet as a 'force' from the lower '3rd realm'.  The 'cancer' now co-exists on this planet.

Cancer and the Conspiracy - the information side is provided because it is part of understanding that the 'shadow energy' exists, and like cancer in the body, it somehow manages to convince the cells of a living body that it is the way to go - the body accepts the cancer and begins to convert into it until it finally kills the body. 

Like what happened with the planet, the 'cancer' is a secondary, different energy stream which has entered the body (planet) and it also has 'light and love' but all of it on a lesser level. It does not present as darkness.  It somehow mimics what is supposed to be there and fools the body into accepting it.  Perhaps you can begin to get an idea of the problem? This is very much the same story as how the 'cancer' entered this planet, and how it then it manages to fool you.  Then the task is understanding the way to remove it. 


The Perpetration of a 'Grand Illusion and

Absolute PROOF that on this Planet, there is a Conspiracy.

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The Retreat is planned around a long weekend of talks/lectures beginning on Friday evening, and continues on Saturday and Sunday morning and afternoon.  All topics covered on this website, and topics and viewpoints presented at the Retreat, are Topics for Intelligent Discussion.

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As available, black salve/paste is in stock for retreat participants.  Black salve is banned and illegal in western countries but is a topic of interest for information purposes, covering the usage of this  and its effects on cancers.  It is one of the topics covered in the Retreat. If you have a health issue that 'black salve' relates to, it is possible to do this while in Cambodia, although it is not the focus of the Retreats. (*We share our own experiences and there is no charge if you wish to do this while you are here).  Product price around $25.

As available for weight loss for retreat participants. "An absolute cure for obesity was discovered by a British doctor around 50 years ago, called the greatest medical discovery related to obesity and weight loss of all time". It removes abnormal storage of fat and reshapes the body. More details will be added.  Sources guarantee 6 to 8 kilos loss of abnormally stored fat deposits in hard to reach body areas like the thighs, hips, abdomen, within 3 weeks.  We are currently experimenting with this.  It is possible to do this while in Cambodia (no charge except for product price - around $55).

A secret of European spas and the world's and showbiz elite, it has been an exclusive treatment consisting of supervised daily injections and a specific diet in order to reset the body to maintain your new weight. The British doctor noticed how pregnant Indian workers on a tea plantation did not put on abnormal weight and did not have abnormally stored fat deposits - that is, hard to release fat storage under the arms, on the abdomen, hips, and thighs. A well known princess several decades ago and noted as overweight and with all the problems of abnormally stored fat, spent time at an expensive spa then reappeared in public with a svelte, slim figure and the hard to remove fat deposits gone.  It wasn't lipo either!


Essential Oils - the living energy essence, of natural, aromatic oils found in flowers, trees, roots, and seeds. Incredibly, each distilled essence has its own colour signature, often unrelated to the usual colours of the plant. Essential oils are extracted from aromatic plant sources and used in skincare, personal, and health products available in the Apothecary.



and an end to issues such as arthritis, heavy metal poisoning and some cancers etc.

We are passionate about natural health, eco responsible living, Plant Based nutrition for a Healthy Life, and natural, organic, herbs and aromatic Plant Oils for Healing, and Well Being. 

What follows is an introduction to some of the topics covered, which includes those mentioned above.  Also those related to why there are deliberate strategies to ensure people put on weight, develop diabetes and arthritis, suffer pollution issues, require expensive medical treatments, and why certain safe and effective remedies are banned. 

That such a situation exists, led to an investigation into the history of this planet, and to the ancient Therapists known as Therapeutae.  Then it became apparent that there was a reason for that name, that there was so much more to them, and that it was their ancient spiritual knowledge which was rewritten into texts, and well, a whole lot more stuff we all needed to know about.

It seemed to us that those who chose a pure based, healthy lifestyle would also want to know how to clear the 'shadow energy' and why it exists - because knowing the how and why means you can overcome what it is.  It now co-exists on this planet, not only within the body, but within consciousness and in the 3rd realm reality of the planet, so we cover how it entered the planet, and how and where it enters human consciousness.  Therefore the story follows, but the story is about a form of galactic cancer.

We look at the first real Healer-Therapists because these are the 'northern European' people who once lived in the regions of northern India, the Indus Valley etc but in a massive ancient war over 12,000 years ago, were driven out northwards, finally ending up in Greece and Europe.  By the way, there is an anomaly in that evidence from archeological digs showed the cities there full of nuclear radiation consistent with atomic explosions (re: Gregg Braden lecture).  So, would that be enough to suggest it is worth looking into any kind of conspiracy on this planet?  Also, as a very new and different reality for the Ascended World took shape, people would want to know about the original alignment to 'true' and why it is not that that is being taught as the next step for this planet and people.

There is more about us, this is not a religious teaching even though we reference ancient texts, and the cycling journey of this planet. It is information everyone on this planet should have available.  Including exactly what the 'Grand Hoax' is. 

It is best suited for those who are not satisfied with what is available, or have noticed the curious dead end that now exists about a 'conspiracy' on this planet, or the 'grand illusion' that has been perpetrated about a progressive but linear journey into 'evolution'.  How the stage of Ascension has been reached many times before, and the previous developed civilizations with advanced Technology - we will cite Atlantis for that - all came to a sudden, unexpected end. This also being the reason books from previous cycles and alternative spiritual knowledge on this, survived. *All that follows are all topics and viewpoints which can be part of Intelligent Discussion at the retreat.


'About Us'

The 'Therapeutae' texts were something read a few decades ago because they taught health benefits and the raw plant food diet etc. No big deal, most know the main book then move on. There were actually several books of their works, but they were read then put aside because it was mostly just part of what one reads while the more pressing need for answers was followed up.  It was a healing and health related search, but more significantly part of a spiritual search which looked at everything, and there was certainly a significant array of 'spiritual' happenings around in the '80's and '90's, most of which were not really providing what I was looking for. That it was not providing enough is the reason I was not satisfied, for one thing there were many well established texts which warned against certain practices for instance, so why would they exist?  Eventually, by the early '90's I did find the handful of Masters I then recognized I had been looking for. That was around 1993, then I was initiated, and then spent 10 years before I connected with what I was there to connect with and from that began this information and follow up. 

However, during the 10 years from 1993 to 2003, I studied the written teachings and records from the previous Masters of the lineage which these very few Teachers of this, obviously had of their history.  It is a spiritual lineage and they of course had their own printed books and records for those who wanted to know on a deeper level.  They were not about diet and health.  As I did not choose the tiny handful of Masters except the one I did, I cannot say more on them, and the one I did choose does not want to take on people as disciples etc as the role was for a greater purpose - a purpose for which there was never a guarantee it would even make it through. I read all their printed books which had been kept by their respected lineage of Masters.

It was then that I noticed the similarity between these, and the lesser known books of the ones which had been kept for many thousands of years and written and rewritten by the Therapeutae.  This was the Greek name they were known by in Egypt before the time of the Exodus - which was not a Greek Therapeutae issue, but was an enormous upset which saw many records, including the 'Gospels of Peace' and the Dead Sea Scrolls, leave Egypt.  Then these records and the information they revealed was hidden  - which looks to be the reason they were taken from Egypt, in order to hide or disguise the identities of those who took them.

These books were then attributed to authors called Essene in Palestine - people associated with the uprisings in Jerusalem and Palestine before the Diaspora, and with the Knights Templar and then Freemasons.  Although Prof. Bordeaux Szekley did some great work in translating these little books, he himself was a Freemason so we preferred to drop that connection and go back to their source of origin which was Greek and part of the therapeutic movement known as 'Let Food Be Thy Medicine'. There was a large population of Greeks in Ancient Palestine, but not as large as the 'Fourth largest sect' which was Essene, and controversial. That is why all the books found were placed in the Vatican Archives.

The 'Essenes' are mentioned as the ones hiding records and treasure beneath the Temple of Jerusalem to be collected later by the Knights Templar and transported to the 'New World' - somewhere others of their communities had already gone to - because they had the maps of the Earth before the Fall.

The Therapeutae is just a name of an ancient people. You don't have to start identifying with them, just know about them because their name relates to the word 'therapy' and also to an earlier name for this planet before it Fell and went into reverse.  They were different people, who became known by the name of Assaya which meant Healers, and that became Essiah and Isaiah. 

We would like to provide information on the health, well being and spiritual side of the many facets to the existence of this planet and 'world of Illusion', while acknowledging and respecting the fact that there are also many people who want the details which cover a history to the existence of this reality - the 'world of illusion'.

After the planet 'Fell' the first line of defense was to keep all the information on what happened, make sure people knew about it, and that a 'Master' (Mazda - means 'of the star') ensured people remained aligned to 'true'. The first line of attack by the enemy was to ensure that all of that was prevented and to confuse everything with the other agenda.

It has taken a complete 15 years to go through that information from 2003 to 2018, and the reason the information was given out throughout that time was an idea that it would enable people to have a 15 year head start before the planet switches its path, probably sometime in the 2020's to maybe early 2030's.

There was an actual battle on this planet that literally was a 'Star Wars' attack with the energy of the 'Dark Star' which is actually, rather important to know about. 

We would also say that the 'darkness' shadow which entered and took hold of this planet (while the planet is in the descending part of its cycle) is the same condition as cancer in the human body.  You may want to call it something other than 'shadow', but it is a useful description for something which operates in consciousness and many forms of ill health. Cancer is something that lives in reverse and eventually grows and takes over the body it has invaded. We start with a little on how it got here.

Cancer and the Conspiracy -  the 'shadow energy' exists, and like cancer in the body, it somehow manages to convince the cells of a living body that it is the way to go - the body accepts the cancer and begins to convert into it until it finally kills the body.  like what happened with the planet, the 'cancer' is a secondary, different energy stream which has entered the body (planet). * 'Different energy stream', means it issues from a different source.



What if records existed which covered how a people from another planet which they had destroyed, had targeted this planet around 200,000 years ago?


That they targeted the planet, as in the story of Atlas, which caused the Cycle of the Ages, and the planet would Fall,

but it would continue to Ascend again until the 'invisible Force' had enough magnetic hold to keep it in the 3rd Realm

- and under the control of the false existence known as Illusion or Maya.


 Earth's Ascension happens every 25,000 years of the repeating 'cycle of the ages' - except you are not told it happens regularly, because you are told it is the result of something else.   


What if the records on this had been stolen during the upheavals which took place in Egypt 3,000 years ago to ensure this story would not become known, but not every source had been eradicated?





 'Healing' is a much bigger picture which includes releasing the literal poison - the toxic shadow energy - that lies within the body. 

For no matter how pure the diet, and no matter how much you detox, the 'black poison' shadow energy is still there, and it is there because this planet has been targeted.



Earth's story is the story of 'David and Goliath'


for Earth was a 'giant' - which means Higher level planet - but it was brought downwards by a blow to its 'forehead' - which is the story of David and Goliath - except that the giant was the good guy.



Earth's 'path' falls from the 5th Realm into the 3rd Realm, and it is because of this that the particular energy used to create the 'future world' technology and the 'new world' is accessed.  It is 3rd realm energy.

It is a dark energy - a bad, toxic energy.

*And we look at this more with the current day warnings and ancient warnings about the development of the technology


The energy, which is part of a Force from other 3rd Realm stars - located near the galactic equator - began to PULL on Earth about 6,000 years ago when Earth fell within their range.  That is a bad thing to happen! 


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Poisoning by Food, Air, Water, the Dentist, by Prescription and non Prescription Substances, Government Laws & the Shadow reality etc

"No matter how pure the diet, and no matter how much you detox, the 'black poison' shadow energy is still there".



The Perpetration of a 'Grand Illusion' and Absolute PROOF that on this Planet,

there is a Conspiracy


We learned that it is difficult to show this - even though the information comes from the surviving source which kept this information. However, we can provide a brief introduction which when covered in person then makes it far easier.   In the Retreat this only has to be a brief section covered easily with pictures to show you how the Shadow Energy exists in this world. 

However, a good way to describe the shadow energy which is the 'cancer' is that it is the energy which makes all Technology and the 'future world' possible - and is therefore accepted into consciousness and this planet's body until it eventually reveals what it is and what it does.

*But what it is, is not describing a 'mind over matter' issue that can be influenced by thought and intention.


Cancer and the Conspiracy

Here's a quick intro if you're okay with reading

It is okay to cover this topic at the Retreat, which is also a wonderful experience because you are in the magical environment of the ancient holy city of Angkor Wat in Cambodia - right near where we live along the riverside and from where you can see the main tower of the largest temple from our windows.  The ancient city was huge and was discovered hidden in the jungle in the 19th century by French archeologists.  Across the walls of the temple is a preserved artwork record of an ancient war which took place on this planet, and was so important that the ancient world wanted to ensure the story was remembered.  

In fact, according to author and scientist Gregg Braden, archeological digs in northern India uncovered ancient cities dating back at least 12,000 years with evidence of nuclear radiation consistent with nuclear attacks.  You may not know that it was the white European race - Scandinavian Anglo, Aryan - which had lived in that region and had been the target - which saw them migrate northwards and begin a strong presence in Greece. From 12,000 years ago it was Greece which occupied the land now known as Egypt.  Then those same conflicts began again and continued on to today's world, where the 'cancer' rules.

It may be that you prefer to get your information in an easier way than reading through an article on the internet, and that is fine, but these things are just mentioned so you know there is a very real basis for the loss of the original human DNA (by something inter-breeding with the original human Mazda Race, which means 5th realm). That is something that began about 6,000 years ago during this cycle, and gradually began to infiltrate all the beautiful races which had been created on this planet.  However, that change to DNA is also part of the strategy happening in the western world now.  Did you notice that there are no western countries that remain the countries of the white race, yet India still remains fully Indian, China fully Chinese, Israel is for Israelis, Arabia is Arabic etc? Only the white race has had its countries changed into the new blend with no back up country that is the keeper of its own original identity and heritage. 

As this work looks at the topic of a Conspiracy on this planet, it could be said that the same war that targeted certain people over 12,000 years ago - the original Keepers of the consciousness and higher energies of the original planet -  is still a cancer-like takeover of this planet, happening today?


This part of the cycle now is the bad part of the cycle when many things are happening which defy any reality to the idea that this is the 'best world it can be'. 

So let us begin with a comment on the ruling 3rd realm consciousness, and the sexual assault testimony in the Brett Kavanaugh appointment hearing, as recounted on international TV by the poor lady who went through an experience that so pointedly illustrates a problem in consciousness in male attitudes to women but also the social behavior and culture that is accepted as okay in the west.  What this lady described happened to her is an incredibly painful and often life destroying experience to go through - and it happens all the time. Those who do this usually target those who clearly do not wish to behave as they behave. The problem covers the acceptance by males and females of drunken parties, and the attitudes which so many males have towards females, but also how funny it is seen to be by both males and females to assault someone.  Such a consciousness should not exist as 'normal' at all, but as it does, should someone's career in adulthood be ruined by silly antics from youth?  

That this stuff does go on into adulthood is another matter.  A few years ago there was an issue of professional footballers, on a high after a match, gang raping girls who had the courage to make this public.  The story progressed indicating this behavior was wide spread.  However, something happened and the story was hushed up. Why?  Because these players and rapists make their clubs and sponsors, huge amounts of money

There are people in this world - men and women - who grow up and then seek to fall in love and find a partner in life to form an honourable relationship with.  But there are millions more who outnumber each one of these, who simply go out looking for sex. It is incomprehensible that there are people who think in this way, and it makes no sense whatsoever. *I too was surrounded by this consciousness throughout my working life (particularly in Australia) and I could do nothing but switch off, and suffer in silence. 

So how much of this 'personal expression' is a 'right' when it sets a precedent which wipes out the 'rights' of those who do not want such a world - those in 5th realm consciousness?  Each 5th realm consciousness is outnumbered a million to one by 3rd realm consciousness.  What voice does 5th realm consciousness have in a place where the majority rules?  That is why the first line of defense mentioned before, after the planet Fell,  was to keep records, always have an appointed Master/Mazda (of the star) and to keep to the Golden Rule.  That this world does the exact opposite is perhaps yet another example of the level of consciousness taught on this planet as freedom, has not actually got it right. 

For example, the entire system of an economy to run a planet, makes the idea of a God Source irrelevant. It also makes living with real consideration for others irrelevant too.  That everything in the world revolves around making money, means there is an incentive to make money no matter what harm it does to others - which is in direct opposition to the original guidelines which were the 'Golden Rule'. 

Harming others to make a profit can be a temptation that leads to behavior such as super inflated prices for medicines essential to someone's life, deliberate use of chemistry to create foods and drinks which can create illness, or make you put on weight - in order to increase profits. 

Cancer and the Conspiracy

This Planet Regularly Cycles Between Descending and Ascension.  It is part of the cycle, not a once off special event.

When the planet is in its fallen status, as it is now and about to pull out of it, it accesses a different 'energy stream' which belongs to the 3rd realm.  It is called darkness because it is not the 5th realm, and it presents as love and light the same, but on a much lesser level.  It also does have 'dark energy' which the Upper Realm/the 5th realm does not.

That which controls this reality before Ascension does not control reality after Ascension, because the lower realm world - this world - is part of the dark energy, associated with thought and technology.  The Upper Realms are living Light energy.

The only piece of  information we actually need to provide and keep on this website is of the 'Cycle of the Ages' and how it Falls, then Ascends regularly every 25,000 years, and because the cycle is the reason for its Ascension, there is no special moment of 'evolution' which involves technology. *This cycle is shown a few paragraphs down.

Yet you are told that it is, by quite a large and spread out body of people as part of a deliberate strategy, all of whom belong to 'secret brotherhoods'. 

If the link between them all can be shown, then it proves that on this planet, there is a conspiracy.  The common thread which connects them all, is a lower level 3rd realm star and few lower constellations, and the dark energy itself.


Records on this Planet from Earlier Cycles which Reached the Same Time of Change.

*This planet, literally descends from the 5th Realm to the current 3rd Realm before the second phase of its 25,000 years cycle Ascends This planet probably began its 25,000 years 'cycle of the ages' - its Fall - about 200,000 years ago, when mitochondrial DNA for 'Eve' first appears as mankind, which may mean that mankind is a 3rd realm creation.  The growth that happened with this Fall may also be considered as the disease cancer - abnormal cell growth.

*The planet has possibly journeyed through its Descending Phase and its Ascension 8 times during the 200,000 years.  Even so, mankind has not been able to leave the 3rd Realm/Astral Realm.


The Energy called 'Black Poison', the Dark Star, and Living Energy verses the Reverse of Living Energy.

*This reality - the world of illusion - is controlled by an Intelligence located on the new 'path' the planet is pulled towards during the Descending Phase - which creates the Shadow world. The planet began its cycle and Descending Phase in ancient times during what was called a 'Star Wars' under the powerful force of the 'Death Star'.

*When the lesser Force struck this once giant Upper Realm planet, it looks like it was a deliberate act carried out by an intelligent people, who it seemed, did not originate from this planet - and we remained cautious with that indication as we looked into it.

*However, Records say there were people (associated with the 'Death Star/Dark Star') who had destroyed their own planet Marduk/Maldek by trying to access the 'energy' - the Eitr aka 'black poison' - which led to the mistake they made that eventually left them without a planet, or physical body for that matter, and unable to return to the Higher Realms they too had once been part of.  So they became a parasite existence on other planets, but could do so only until they killed the host. 

*Then they accessed the once green and abundant Mars, then when that planet died, they began to target Earth which is where this story begins - with 'David and Goliath'.  Earth was the next planet targeted.

Known books and texts do discuss the existence of this issue, but those behind this issue have done everything to remove or change them. Ascension is part of the 'cycle of the ages' not a rare or once only event - it is every 25,000 years.  Not what you are told it is, by the intelligence which controls this reality - the world of Illusion.

The nature of the Force is an immensely strong, powerful magnetic Force which binds people to it.  It is called the 'invisible force' and it also envelops and surrounds the entire planet.  This may also be considered as a galactic version of what attacks a living planet when it encounters the shadow energy -  a rogue energy that exists for itself, which is in 'reverse' like 'cancer'.

It is the shadow energy which poisons and dominates in the body, therefore the Retreats can focus on magnificent possibilities for healing and ridding the body (and emotions/mind) of the 'dark shadow'.

There are several important and significant phases covered in the Retreat.


The Perpetration of a 'Grand Illusion' and Absolute PROOF that on this Planet, there is a Conspiracy

1. the natural plant food based healthy life, remedies which western governments ban, and living by the 'Golden Rule' lifestyle for the health and well being view

2. the hidden 'shadow poison' in the body and mind *and the other connections necessary to be able to get out of the 'invisible Force' which is a strong, highly magnetic Force.

3. and the only verifiable way this level of information can be uncovered - going through ancient histories and records as a way of learning about how it all came to be  

Plus an Apothecary >

This Shows the Speeded Up Version of the 25,000 year Cycle of the Ages - Fall Phase then Ascension Phase.

The Planet as 'Goliath' Aligned Only with the Upright Force/Alignment it begins with

This animated diagram shows the Lower Realm Star - 2nd star named - which Pulls on Earth as it Descends

 and creates the False Path.


More Topics for Discussion

It may be helpful to look more closely at the meaning of 'path' because this planet is currently on the new path it has been pulled towards, whereas the change to the Ascending Phase means it begins to return to its lost path. As a topic of interest to be considered,  that is a different path from what the planet, biology, and consciousness are currently on - which is the path teaching the new future world of Technology as the next evolution of mankind.  There are plenty of warnings from the ancient world to not touch 'the energy' and leave the development of technology alone.  Yet as just mentioned, why wouldn't that be said when the current path is the wrong path, and is the false path that this planet was pulled into.  Ascension is the beginning of the path correction.  It is also a change which finally begins to leave the magnetic lower levels. - but only for those who can become part of the planet's Upper Realm status. 


Pole Reversal :  The Magnetosphere - the magnetic sphere - which surrounds this planet is thinning, therefore letting in more heat, and also a reason for Climate Change.  The planet is doing this in preparation for a 'pole change'.  It does not seem to mean an actual pole flip, but the change from the descending path negative, to the Ascending Phase positive, but importantly where different higher levels stars come into the picture. Stars once called Essiah, Thera/Tara, and Christos.

So we wondered if this was what was meant when some texts mentioned the 'return of the Christ' or of the Messiah? Especially as we noted that the ancient writers tended to add an 'M' in front of important Greek words.

We looked up some online sources about the expected time of the 'end of this world' and found a date for 2028 when it is expected that the Christos will return - thus bringing a new world that is in the Ascension Phase -  and we looked up the dates shown by the 12,000 year old ruins of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey which indicate a dramatic change that people were not prepared for - people like those who used the 'black poison' energy - which is also pointing to the same kind of timeline. 

The 'black poison', the Eitr, is the energy which makes Technology possible - but the 'black poison' is not available once the planet ASCENDS. 

No 'dark energy' means no Technology to run the expected future world?

The secret orders associated with the many uses of 'dark energy' which is also 'thought energy' which made Artificial Thinking (AI) possible in the first place, control this reality, so long as it is where it is now, thus it could be said they might like to keep it that way.  Perhaps even get you to help them keep it that way?  They have a certain 3rd realm star located near the galactic equator as their 'king star' shown in the animated diagram above.  It is that consciousness which runs the current world - which is about making profits.

Poisoning by Food, the Air, the Dentist, by Prescription

and non Prescription Substances, & Government Laws etc


And because of this, there are also a lot of issues with this world, that target Health and Healing, Lifestyle, Relationships, deliberately caused Weight Gain, Drug related issues of Depression etc.  The system has answers to these sewn up, and they are usually expensive, and often an ongoing expense.  There are also remedies which are banned in western countries like USA, UK, Australia etc which successfully and inexpensively address these issues and cure some cancers.  Whether to use these, were real choices we were faced with too - and chose the banned remedies. Yet to really understand more on this, it still needs the bigger picture -  which includes something that was developed long before this planet went into reverse.  Using the energy called the 'black poison' they developed an ancient AI - Artificial Intelligence - system. 

We are truly passionate about our 'retreat talks' and really want you to relax and enjoy yourselves in a truly amazing place.  Have fun, spend time right in the centre of an actual anchor point of the 'true path' of this planet at Angkor Wat, make friends with an elephant, go shopping, enjoy vegan/vegetarian cafes, visit spas, whatever you want to do........ then enjoy the 'retreat lectures' and discussion.


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The ancient world wished to pass on to today's world that it is still aligning into the energy which make Technology and Artificial Thinking (AI) possible, and there are people here which control that.  Unfortunately it also forces the planet further into a Magnetic Force which currently surrounds this planet and makes it difficult for anything from outside it - beyond the 3rd realm - to even get in. 

That is why a work such as this exists from the Upper Realm - but it is up against a very smart Artificial Thinking used by those who control the System, which also has collected every bit of data about each human individual at this time, preferences, emotions, how you respond, what your dreams and hopes are.

Earth came into the range of these forces, which came into the picture around 6,000 years agoBut Earth still does not belong to where these forces issue from, and there is an intelligence which exists there, that was created using this energy.

So yes, there is a great deal about the last 6,000+ years which is wrong.

Leaving this artificial reality that exists in the '3rd Realm' is a much bigger picture which needs higher support, and includes releasing the literal poison - the toxic shadow energy - that lies within the body.  For no matter how pure the diet, and no matter how much you detox, the 'black poison' shadow energy is still there, and it is there because this planet has been targeted.

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There are three important and significant phases covered in the Retreat.

The Perpetration of a 'Grand Illusion' and Absolute PROOF that on this Planet, there is a Conspiracy

1. the natural plant food based healthy life, remedies which western governments ban, and living by the 'Golden Rule' lifestyle

2. the hidden 'shadow poison' in the body and mind

3. and the background to how it all came to be  


Relax. Breathe. Have Fun - then come to the lectures! 


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Voted #1 Tourist Destination in the World by Trip Adviser for 2018!

We are pleased to announce Health and Well Being + Discussion Retreats.  Relax and enjoy all that this beautiful place has to offer - Voted #1 Tourist Destination in the World by Trip Adviser for 2018!

We live just 3.5 kms from the ancient temples city of Angkor Wat in a beautiful, riverside location much like an extension of the peaceful countryside of Angkor Wat itself.  Also just 1 km from the Royal Palace, and the Raffles Grand Hotel, it is located near superb boutique hotels and the Apsara Theatre founded by Princess Norodom who restored the Royal Cambodian Ballet after its dancers and the precious knowledge of the ancient dances were almost entirely destroyed by the Khmer Rouge. Today, Siem Reap, the nearby town, is a thriving, energy filled, yet laid back place with lots of life, cafes, and joie de vivre. 

  Retreats are in Cambodia near the ancient 12th century temple city of Angkor Wat.

*There are plenty of things to do here - and Angkor Wat has just been voted the #1 tourist destination by Trip Adviser for 2018, just see our Tour Consultant for Temple Tours, bookings for shows etc, or about visiting more distant sites.

*Also nearby is the Apsara Theatre with Traditional Cambodian Dance show, and dining out for gourmet Khmer cuisine, or French, Italian and so on.  You can ride an elephant. There is shopping, including a Paris trained Cambodian designer range, and a magnificent 2 storey Duty Free store next to the museum.  There are cycle tours, quad bike adventures, and more. 


1. Relax, but get ready to enjoy learning something new! The lectures/talks are first and foremost about the knowledge. Like making sense of how the body ceased to make its own Vitamin C and began to age and die. It covers the Health and Healing topics taught by the Therapeutae - the Greek based teaching which is the only source we have found that links back to the time when this planet was whole, balanced, in 'Eden' and existed before the planet fell. 


2. These teachings were the original therapeutic basis of 'Let Food Be Thy Medicine' with a focus on raw plant food based, vegetarian and vegan friendly natural health, and the secrets of Healing DNA.  Also, with a world facing possible deliberate threats to health and life, it covers banned and 'not made generally available' natural remedies which successfully treat some cancers and in our own experience have also helped in reducing/removing high levels of toxicity from mercury poisoning. To present these Retreats, we prefer about 5 participants.


    Retreats are in Siem Reap Cambodia near the ancient 12th century temple city of Angkor Wat. The contact form does not always work, please also use the email address.

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    contact us for more information.


Recommended Accommodation.  There are a few boutique hotels nearby, along the riverside. 

Located on the riverside going towards the temples and only 5 minutes from town, there are a number of excellent boutique hotels and resorts from which to choose, set in an authentic Cambodian area just 100 meters away from a pagoda and 10th century temple ruins, which are in the middle of the Angkorian forest, and making this area once part of the ancient city itself.

A magical atmosphere noticeably pervades this place,  As we ourselves are clearly health focused, we are fortunate to be near a resort with a vegetarian and vegan food restaurant, a salt pool, and set within an environment which strives for a balanced life.  Also within an easy walk to the Peace Cafe a vegetarian and eco responsible cafe on the riverside.  

Our 'Retreat' refers to the learning part of your visit to Cambodia.  It is planned around a long weekend of talks/lectures beginning on Friday evening, and continues on Saturday and Sunday morning and afternoon. 

We want you to have fun and enjoy your trip, and to create the holiday you choose to have around attending the Retreat Lectures - which we consider the important part of this! So we recommend nearby boutique hotels and resorts for you to choose from, and a Tour Consultant can arrange and create your own entertainment menu for you - Tour of Angkor Wat, Elephant Rides, Duty Free shopping, Traditional Dance dinner and theatre, jewellery making or cooking classes, visiting markets, cafes, and vegetarian/vegan cafes or even fine French dining, cycling tours and so on. The Retreat is around $200 USD.




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