"Reversing Out of the Photo-Negative & Connecting into the Mystical Highest Most Supreme Eternal Source and Ascend from this False Reality."   Best viewed on  Google.       


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 "This reality is the photo-negative reversal of the 'True Reality'

and everything in it is the negative reversal called 'false' - false reality, false light, false path, and 'Illusion' found in everything that is part of the photo-negative world - crystals, water, codes, light, prisms, rainbows, DNA etc.

 Soon this planet will switch polarity into its positive 'Ascending' phase which is the correction of the photo-negative.

The instant this planet switches into the positive, probably in or by 2034,

everything of the photo-negative reversed reality ceases to exist." 


This is what was missed by the previous civilizations which came to this same point of the planet's switch back to positive.  But it was covered in the biblical texts and known and still taught within the legitimate Christos sources.

Some of these sources are the 5th level lineage which had to operate in a more hidden way, and when this work discusses these same warnings from that lineage, it clearly is not a new thing made up by this work.   But this work gives you the proof.

"12,000 years ago this planet began the 'Fall' into the 3rd realm phase of its Cycle of the Ages.  At that time, some of those who belonged to the higher '5th realm' - called the Mazda/Master - referring to the Higher Star from which this planet fell - chose to remain with this planet to ensure that by the 'end time' the story you have of this planet is not only the reality that is the 3rd realm.

The new Christian approach has been corrupted and its presentation is an embarrassment to witness, but there is no question that the Christos teaches warnings on what happens when this planet switches to positive (like 'instant Judgment on how you are 'marked') and that it warns against doing certain energy practices which are also part of the photo-negative.

 Ref: (definitions) Photo-Negative/the Rapture. 

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