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    Originally, this began with information unexpectedly discovered when investigating further into the origins of Natural Plant Based Diets, Healing and Health particularly of a people known as Therapeutae. This also led to experience with a number of alternatives, some 'secrets', and 'secret recipes' - some of which are perfect but banned remedies!

The Therapeutae records, though lost under other name banners, provide some really interesting details about the state of this planet which definitely explains some of the things that pass as okay here.

For example, this planet began to gradually 'Fall' for 12,000 years, travelling slowly down into Lower Realms, which in turn changed the connection to the Light Source called 'Life Streams' and brought the planet into receiving range from lower level star systems.  That produced the world of this overall 'age' - the Fourth Age - which is based on mind, intellect and money, instead of a far more valuable and eternal spirituality.  Its basis for operation  is powered by and relies on consumerism - not inner development or how to create a civilized, healthy planet - so it is a world with too many people for the planet, too much information from anybody, too many opinions, too much 'self expression', too much fashion, too much unnecessary technology, too much pop music and too much so called art, all in a quest to be 'innovative' to do something new, and so on.  It is also destroying once peaceful, civil societies, and removing their heritage and identity. But this particular reality was never meant to be, because it is the photonegative, inside out and upside down reverse of what the real, Higher world is. 

We are all now in the ending phase of this darkest of times of the world you have around you today.  Fortunately a reversal out of this reality is expected soon!

Thus everything about this world now, is the fullness of the never meant to exist reversal and we have a planet full of difficulties and difficult people. Always seething about petty miscommunications always gossiping about others, picking on people who are not exactly the same as everyone else - because that is undeveloped consciousness which now rules in this reversed reality.  And that came about like this....

Halfway into this reversed reality, around 6,000 years ago of the 12,000 years of the fall, the DNA codes from different star systems in these Lower Realms that this planet accessed, gave birth to people on this planet who were not the natural inhabitants of this once Higher Realm planet.

So now this planet has two Suns beyond this solar system which vy to control this planet and local sun.  But those who were born from the Lower Realm star system don't have their own planet, which interestingly led to the 'learning programme' so these ones could evolve to the Higher Realm status and then could survive on this planet as it ascended back upwards on its return to the status of a Higher Realm planet.  Instead, they chose to get the planet and keep it in the Lower Realm!  But that is another story, yet part of the overall problems this world faces.  We'll get back to this.

Also thousands of years ago as the planet began its gradual 'fall' into Lower Realms and under the pressure of this 'sea', the air we breathe became nearly 80% nitrogen to 20% oxygen creating a kind of nitrogen stupor and the state called entering the Dreamtime.  That is why this world here is often described as a dream state.

The Therapeutae mentioned at the beginning, seemed to disappear after these Greek sourced communities left Egypt, and their records were then in the keeping  of those who later became known as Essene - who proved controversial as these ones seem to be related to or the same as, those who were born onto this planet from the light of the Lower Star aka the 'dark star'.  All the ones born from the Lower star system network, want the planet to remain in these realms. so they do not have to concede to those from the Higher Realms.  Hence many problems on this planet.

All of it gave powerful reasons for why there is not only the 'sickness industry' but also, unbelievably, a 'UN' plan to depopulate the world by 95% by 2030!  Not possible you would think, but it is and it is called 'Agenda 21'.  Its not new news to mention it, but it's a plan that still exists with that same goal. 

Some people suggest that achieving that goal might include things like heavy metal poisoning - such as through the 'chemtrails' which interested people a few years ago, or with vaccinations, and with the mercury found in sea foods and also dental work as mentioned on the index page, and fluoride in the water supplies.  *We have found it significant to follow up removing heavy metal poisoning in the body, well beyond dental work.

That is because there is not only the 'sickness industry' but also the 'UN' plan to depopulate the world by 95% by 2030!   But what if this plan - a computer generated recommendation - was much older than believed, and even included the very people who work for its implementation or believe they are to be its beneficiaries?  What if it is about ensuring 95% of the population of the planet remain in the 'reversed reality'.

When this work covers some of the differences that were unexpectedly uncovered, it may seem like we are challenging things that you were given to understand were fantastic;  or perhaps a different viewpoint may seem difficult to understand.  Most of all it highlights that there is something 'invisible' which hides a level of toxicity that is not even realized is possible.

Today is the world produced by the decisions made in an earlier time.  Far from producing great values and happiness, this is actually a world in which the statistics for 'Bad Behavior' are increasing.  The changes which came about when the 'opinion 1' got their way, has produced a very high proportion of Mental Illness and other negative issues - rape of children both male and female, young women, any woman, 'MeToo' and 'Harvey Weinstein' levels of harassment from endlessly predatory men who have thought all of it is okay and normal; an increase of 66% of sexual assaults on US commercial flights, bullying for any number unreasonable reasons - body image, kids who are not 'in', or are autistic, or another race, or whatever else, 'toxic stress', very high statistics for gun shooting deaths especially in the USA, and 'Device Addition Disorder' now classified as a Mental Illness.

The world is actually quite sick. Mental illness is the most significant problem, and just about most of how people behave fits that description.  So are issues raised on concerns about the lack of higher standards, or with ethics in business, not much importance placed on 'keeping your word', selflessness/humility, living to higher principles, and precepts such as 'do as you would be done by' - all of which are required by those who also left a message for today's world that said it will be 'the (gentle ones) who inherit the earth'.  By the way, anything less than these personal standards is 'undeveloped'. *Device Addiction is an area of great interest and relevant to  the topics of this work, and we recommend the research of Prof. Susan Greenfield.  

Also of interest is the issue of sick relationships.  A greater, predatory sickness in this world has finally been highlighted, as mentioned, by the 'MeToo' movement and Harvey Weinstein attitudes to women - shared by many men who also think nothing of using ' date rape' drugs etc,  or who when a girl is raped say "if that is what you wanted, why didn't you ask me", and domestic and emotional abuse. Then there is the issue of Upskirting - men taking photos up women's dresses.  All of these things are sickness.  They are also something made so much worse by women who insist on representing themselves as just the image these freaky men want to think women are.  It is actually safer and better, for everyone's sake and for the greater good, not to do that.


*There were changes made on this planet which have directly produced the world as it is today, but there is no point in finger pointing to who made this world access and use what was called the 'black poison' energy. But it does also include 'black magic' and that kind of stuff, along with changes in consciousness and values that are in harmony with what was called the 'dark star'.





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Some of the earlier, 'Golden Rule' viewpoints included:

             Choose 'Harmlessness' and a Vegetarian, Plant Based, Vegan Friendly, Egg Free Diet.

                     The Body is the Tomb of the Soul.

                     Cultivate Gravitas - the 'Dignity of the Soul'.

                     The ancient message - 'Don't Use this Energy'.

                        The 'Black Poison' Energy is a Force which Forever Builds Karmic Debt.

                 *'The energy' is the energy this planet passes through for a time on the descending part of its 'Fall'.

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