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**This page continues to cover information from ancient records unexpectedly discovered when we were investigating further into the origins of Natural Plant Based Diets, Healing and Health.

    Originally, this began by trying to explain information unexpectedly discovered when investigating further into the origins of Natural Plant Based Diets, Healing and Health and which also led to experience with a number of alternatives, some 'secrets', and 'secret recipes' - some of which are perfect but banned remedies!

All of it gave powerful reasons for why there is not only the 'sickness industry' but also, unbelievably, a 'UN' plan to depopulate the world by 95% by 2030!  Not possible you would think, but it is and it is called 'Agenda 21'.  Its not new news to mention it, but it's a plan that still exists with that same goal. 

Some people suggest that achieving that might include things like heavy metal poisoning - such as through the 'chemtrails' which interested people a few years ago, or with vaccinations, and with the mercury found in sea foods and also dental work as mentioned on the index page, and fluoride in the water supplies.   Interest in HEALTHY LIVING is a topic which involves far more than just one person's research/search.  We absolutely agree with those who have mentioned or campaign with concerns about these. There certainly are a number of things taken as normal in life, which are poisoning us. So naturally, most would like to have as much information as possible on how to do the best for yourself, your health and well being, and that of your loved ones.


The world today exists and operates without benefit of applying the knowledge once kept in Ancient Greece - the country which gave you Hippocrates and his wise saying 'Let Food Be Thy Medicine'.  In fact Plato's Academy taught how to be truly honourable people who lived by their word.  This is something that would be laughed at now, even considered foolish.  That says a lot about today's world, and raises the question 'why?' As for the points given below, in this world the opposite rules, because this world is using a particular energy - which makes it very difficult to ever really achieve good health, but very easy to create 'mental illness'. 


Hippocrates - "Are you ready to deal with the reasons...."

             Choose 'Harmlessness' and a Vegetarian, Plant Based, Vegan Friendly, Egg Free Diet.

                     The Body is the Tomb of the Soul.

                     Cultivate Gravitas - the 'Dignity of the Soul'.

                     LOVE is in the SOUL.

                         The Mind is Not 'God'.

                        The 'Black Poison' Energy is a Force which Forever Builds Karmic Debt.


Many people are genuinely interested in a healthy living, including a plant based diet, or raw plant foods, juices etc as a lifestyle choice and for health and healing along with ways to keep the body fit, to lose weight, to bring good mental health and happiness, and to achieve healthy, happy relationships.  

Therefore to get to an understanding about this topic - as well as later continuing with Healthy Lifestyle and Healing issues (which will be covered later because this topic is more important) - we would like to introduce a bigger picture, which continues below and on the next page.  It might mean a little bit of reading, but it is worth it!

That is because for some, as mentioned at the beginning, that interest includes why there is not only the 'sickness industry' but also a 'UN' plan to depopulate the world by 95% by 2030! 

Yes,  it is unbelievable, but is real.

Leaving just 5% or less of the population does leave a nice big world for the super elite rich who now own it, and provides enough workers to look after them very well.  But what if this plan - a computer generated recommendation - was much older than believed, and even included the very people who work for its implementation or believe they are to be its beneficiaries? 

We would like to cover this, particularly on the next page because if there are some darker issues attached to the existence of the 'sickness industry' even beyond making obscene amounts of money out of people's illness,  then you should KNOW about them.  They should not be something that has been hidden or disguised to look like something else.

And if it happens to be that the 'sickness industry' is not actually the means of achieving a depopulation goal, and perhaps not even war is how that goal is achieved, or poisoning by race because that has been mixed up, or geographical location because that has been mixed up too, then it actually turns out that there is something that will achieve that goal - for those who resonate with it - and most are willingly and enthusiastically doing what that is.

When this work covers some of the differences that were unexpectedly uncovered, it may seem like we are challenging things that you were given to understand were fantastic;  or perhaps a different viewpoint may seem difficult to understand.  Most of all it highlights that there is something 'invisible' which hides a level of toxicity that is not even realized is possible.

The new picture includes an ancient developed world and their big mistake Actually a couple of big mistakes.


Today is the world produced by the decisions made in an earlier time.  Far from producing great values and happiness, this is actually a world in which the statistics for 'Bad Behavior' are increasing.  The changes which came about when the 'opinion 1' got their way, has produced a very high proportion of Mental Illness and other negative issues - rape of children both male and female, young women, any woman, 'MeToo' and 'Harvey Weinstein' levels of harassment from endlessly predatory men who have thought all of it is okay and normal; an increase of 66% of sexual assaults on US commercial flights, bullying for any number unreasonable reasons - body image, kids who are not 'in', or are autistic, or another race, or whatever else, 'toxic stress', very high statistics for gun shooting deaths especially in the USA, and 'Device Addition Disorder' now classified as a Mental Illness.

The world is actually quite sick. Mental illness is the most significant problem, and just about most of how people behave fits that description.  So are issues raised on concerns about the lack of higher standards, or with ethics in business, not much importance placed on 'keeping your word', selflessness/humility, living to higher principles, and precepts such as 'do as you would be done by' - all of which are required by those who also left a message for today's world that said it will be 'the (gentle ones) who inherit the earth'.  By the way, anything less than these personal standards is 'undeveloped'. *Device Addiction is an area of great interest and relevant to  the topics of this work, and we recommend the research of Prof. Susan Greenfield.  

Also of interest is the issue of sick relationships.  A greater, predatory sickness in this world has finally been highlighted, as mentioned, by the 'MeToo' movement and Harvey Weinstein attitudes to women - shared by many men who also think nothing of using ' date rape' drugs etc,  or who when a girl is raped say "if that is what you wanted, why didn't you ask me", and domestic and emotional abuse. Then there is the issue of Upskirting - men taking photos up women's dresses.  All of these things are sickness.  They are also something made so much worse by women who insist on representing themselves as just the image these freaky men want to think women are.  It is actually safer and better, for everyone's sake and for the greater good, not to do that.

Possibly it is all due to a world which has no honour and does not live from the Heart.


*There were changes made on this planet which have directly produced the world as it is today, but there is no point in finger pointing to who made this world access and use what was called the 'black poison' energy, because that just becomes the joke that is 'conspiracy theory'.  But it does also include 'black magic' and that kind of stuff, along with changes in consciousness and values that are in harmony with that - and which we place under the heading of the 'Great Magician's Illusion'

Trying to pinpoint it however, does get thoroughly entangled in what looks like uncharitable and unenlightened viewpoints! 


Life-Streams and Light-Streams which issued from the 'Fountain of Eternal Life'





Academie - Masters Module.

The Missing Key to Regeneration, and Real, Eternal 'Good Health'.

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Gobekli Tepe at

Norse Records

Science now knows that there was something that existed before the ‘Big Bang’ which produced this universe.  In fact they describe it as a ‘sea’ but it is not the sea which underlies this universe known as the ‘unified field’ - that applies to this universe.  Science is now talking about the existence of something which existed before known existence came to exist. It has recognized the existence of an eternally existing ‘Ocean’ from which the Big Bang occurred.  This is discussed by Prof. Brian Cox in a recent ‘Life of a Universe’ on a visit to Australia.

To better understand the effects and results of the technology, we recommended works including Marc Goodman senior advisor to Interpol and the FBI, and Oxford University’s Professor Susan Greenfield.

‘Future Crimes: Inside the Digital Underground and the Battle for Our Connected World’ by Marc Goodman. 

The work of Professor Susan Greenfield’s research into neuroscience and the effect of computers on rewiring the brain.  

Earlier Wake Update newsletters:

The famous ‘protocols’ document was not written by any people but by the system within the Global Artificial Intelligence Administrator.  It didn’t write it for itself, but for those who wanted a Plan to run the planet.  An idea that may not quite be in the reality based realms yet. Although you do know this name.

But for a reality based understanding of the warnings which are openly but confusingly continued in spiritual-religious sources, we strongly recommended works including Marc Goodman senior advisor to Interpol and the FBI, and Oxford University’s Professor Susan Greenfield.

‘Future Crimes: Inside the Digital Underground and the Battle for Our Connected World’ by Marc Goodman.  The extreme vulnerability the digital technology places this world under, benefitting criminals through the Dark Web, isolating people and creating robots to fill the void, reducing human contact, but also making so many people super rich and placing the world in the hands of undeveloped people. Nanotechnology …..Programmable material that can self-assemble like DNA…….nanobots can enter the bloodstream.  “In a scenario famously called the grey goo scenario, one in which the earth might be reduced to a lifeless mass overrun by nanomachines.” Nanobots are already part of artificial blood; they can be used to, for example, clean up an oil spill.  The scenario presented is one where an error in programming or by hacking. Drexler provides in his book “Imagine a replicator……assembling replicator copies….in 10 hours there are over 68 billion….in less than 2 days they would outweigh the earth.”

The work of Professor Susan Greenfield’s research into neuroscience and the effect of computers on rewiring the brain.

Living forever as robot? Prototype lets humans upload their mind into mechanized ‘heads’.

‘A Third Revolution in Warfare’ BBC World News Aug. 21st 2017

Whoever Controls A.I. Will ‘Rule the World’     Vladimir Putin

Elon Musk on AI

 More  introductory references here is Elon Musk (Space-X and Tesla) on the dangers of AI.


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