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We are passionate about natural health, eco responsible living, Plant Based nutrition for a Healthy Life, and the use of natural, organic, herbs and aromatic Plant Oils for Healing, and Well Being and more add on workshop will be added soon.  Add on workshops are $15.

*The Retreat covers many topics usually including : Releasing the literal poison - the toxic energy - and shadow energy - that lies within the body. Raw plant food and vegetarian or vegan friendly diet as it relates to the '5th realm', healthy living, natural therapies and how to connect to the Life Streams and the difference between the Living Life Streams and the shadow life streams - and more. 

1. the natural plant food based healthy life and lifestyle

2. the hidden 'shadow poison' in the body

3. and the important background to how it all came to be.  


It all began with information unexpectedly discovered when investigating further into the origins of Natural Plant Based Diets, Healing and Health particularly of a people known as 'Healers' - Therapeutae.  Then it became a much bigger story which affects this planet, as well as leading to a number of alternatives, some 'secrets', and 'secret recipes'.

Having the frustrating experience of 'difficulties' in finding answers from the medical profession, it also led to using remedies that for dubious reasons are banned and therefore illegal in western countries like Australia, USA, UK etc but which successfully cure things, like some cancers.  Like many others, we  had to make those choices too.  Choices like where to find answers for all kinds of well being and spiritual things, and choices like being debilitated with chemo and then hacked to pieces or to use these alternatives

And you know, the reason these alternatives are banned, may be something to do with the rest of story we discovered and want to share with you at the Retreats in Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

As available, black salve/paste is in stock for retreat participants for information purposes.  This topic covers black salve and its affects on cancers etc, the usage of this, and we share our own experiences. If you have a health issue that 'black salve' relates to, it is possible to do this while in Cambodia, although it is not the focus of the Retreats. 




and an end to issues such as arthritis, heavy metal poisoning and some cancers etc.

The Therapeutae Records, gives us knowledge the first real Healer -Therapists on this planet, which also relates to the name of this planet when it was literally a '5th Realm' world.  For those who wish to know more about health, healing, well being, and the consciousness status of a higher level world, then there is information on what that 5th Realm world actually was, who the people were, and why this planet became a 3rd Realm world. They were the first real Healer-Therapists because these are the 'northern European' people who once lived in the regions of northern India, the Indus Valley etc but in a massive ancient war over 12,000 years ago, were driven out northwards, finally ending up in Greece and Europe. 

Though lost under other name banners, this source provides some really interesting details about the state of this planet today, which definitely explains some of the things that pass as okay here - and if we get the chance to pass on more of this knowledge we will do so.  The story goes back to the beginning of known history and is not only about natural health and vegetarian diets as in 'Let Food Be Thy Medicine' but also about some serious intrigue and controversy, all of which play an important part if you want to get the results you hope for.

That such a situation exists, led to an investigation into the history of this planet, and to the ancient Therapists known as Therapeutae.  Then it became apparent that there was a reason for that name, that there was so much more to them, and that it was their ancient spiritual knowledge which was rewritten into texts, and well, a whole lot more stuff we all needed to know about.

It seemed to us that those who chose a pure based, healthy lifestyle would also want to know how to clear the 'shadow energy' and why it exists - because knowing the how and why means you can overcome what it is. 

However, not everyone wants to read stuff. This is for those who do. It is also far more entertaining for you, to have this presented in a few minutes of talk time at the Retreats - and we understand that.  What follows is some background which you may or may not want to read, because we also understand that the written word can be misconstrued.  It introduces some topics which are presented in an easy overview at the Retreat Talks. 

The ancient world not only lived by the Golden Rule when this planet was fully anchored in the 5th Realm - an Upper Realm (of this galaxy and well above the galactic equator) - they kept to a vegetarian diet, had amazing approaches to natural health, and truly lived in harmony and peace.  How can there truly be people 'living in peace', if almost all of them have different views of the meaning of life and the responsibility towards each other and this planet?

So we do indeed have a planet full of difficulties and difficult people. 

There is no question that this planet has people who are the 3rd level consciousness, and others who are far more developed, and that does make things difficult.  Those who have contempt for people who are genteel and considerate of others by far outnumber the genteel ones - those who live by the Golden Rule. However, in the Ascended state, those who 'inherit the Earth' are the latter ones. 

On this current level, the lower consciousness rules. These ones are always revengeful.  Always seething about petty miscommunications, always gossiping about others, always in misunderstandings, always picking on people who are not exactly the same, and there is the ever present offended ego.   This mashup now rules in this reversed reality. 

It means that when the planet did Fall gradually to the 3rd level, the first line of defense - the original guidelines to help people in the Fall - were lost.

The first line of defense was to KEEP this knowledge available in order not to be drawn into the changes that this descent to lower realms would bring. 

Therefore, the people absolutely kept to the guidance of the Master - which was the word Mazda meaning 'of the star'. They knew that losing that, would mean they could easily wander off onto the altered path and then miss the time when the planet Ascended again. In fact, this is what has happened for all previous cycles.

Their first line of defense to deal with the problem was to ensure they had records on how this planet is now in the 3rd Realm - a lower realm and a different 'path' - and has conflict, and how to remain aligned to the time when the planet would Ascend again - as it regularly does every 25,000 years.

So, there is some history to the story of Earth, but history kept in Books and by real living Teachers.


For those interested in some background : 

The Therapeutae were of Greek origin, the same as the more ancient than said, Christos teachings  They were based in Egypt up to some 3,000 years ago, but with a history long before that. So when we first read the nice little books called the 'Gospels of Peace' which introduced the raw plant food diet as medicine and inspired many future works based on 'Let Food Be Thy Medicine', we accepted that their authors were 'Essenes' although that was a name that only existed later in Palestine and implied very little connection to anything Greek. 

Although these records then made their way to Ancient Palestine it does not appear to be that it was in the keeping of those who were the same people/origin. After many years of ongoing research we concluded the identity of those who made up the communities in Palestine were, by that time, people who had the records in their possession but were not the actual original authors of these books.  There had been tremendous upheavals in Egypt, and it more correctly seems the records were taken out of Egypt in order to hide the existence of the information.  The original authors were of Greek origin and their name was originally Therapeutae, but became some thing else only when these records went to Palestine.

That identity was associated with military barracks at Qumran, and also leads to connections with 'apron wearing apparel' and controversial ceremonies associated with 'secret orders' like the masons and the Mormons, and being seen in the hidden tunnels of the Temple.  It was probably they who were the 'Fourth largest sect' which disappeared from the biblical records and disappeared as an entire community at the time of the Diaspora by sailing to the Americas - a route well known to the Knights Templar, the ongoing enemies of the Romans and then the Church.  The Americas is also where Mary Magdalene was off to with the heirs of someone from a lineage of pharaohs who amongst others causing trouble, were originally banished from Egypt - none of which was anything to do with the Therapeutae.

Therefore we are not in agreement with some of the information that Prof. Bordeaux Szekley arrived at, even though he did translate the texts which had been hidden in the Vatican Archives.  There is nothing wrong with the texts or the translations.  We do not necessarily agree with him that there wasn't a popular Healer/Teacher named Jesus and as the professor was a Freemason we feel his interpretation favored that viewpoint.  We keep to their Greek Therapeutae origin also because there was a lineage which continued and survived.  Surely there are few who do not know that there were all sorts of conflicts and dark deeds going on!

So after many years of study of this and of the secret Masters who continued the Teachings beyond that time, we place the Therapeutae in a separate category from whoever it was that went to Palestine after being banished from Egypt around 3,000 years ago.  2,000 years ago under their Palestine identity, these Records were hidden away in the Vatican Archives possibly because of the above mentioned connections. 

There is no question that there is a consciousness on this planet that is vengeful, it seeks revenge for the slights it has perceived against it, it sits in judgment, it demands revenge and 'an eye for an eye' and fits the description of a 'jealous and vengeful god' - but not a God anyone would want to be part of!

This work does not condemn the Catholic Church, and liked Pope Francis's speech during his August 2018 visit to Ireland.  Yet the world's most respected media do seem to be in the process of 'influencing thought' and it does look like there is a co-coordinated campaign to sabotage the church. So who would be behind that?  Other than those getting back at them for successfully winning earlier rounds? 

Despite the shenanigans which went on with the early Roman Church, those who have kept to their protocols, as they were without making changes into 'today's thinking', are probably a lot safer for the time of 'pole reversal' than those who wandered off.  It is well to remember that thought can be 'influenced'. The 'modern era' is nothing but the viewpoint of who is controlling this reality. Modern?  Is it modern? Or is it the way some want you to see things?  No-one is ''bringing the church into the modern era'' or anything else.  What that is about, is changing things so all the reasons for why certain viewpoints exist are lost.  Whatever they may be, the keepers of that tradition are the masters of their tradition and identity - regardless of whether one agrees with them or not.  It is not up to 'the people' to decide.  Who are 'the people' anyway!

There were also other similar records found in the 19th century which produced several breakaway Christian based groups which did keep some of the information that is in line with the superior knowledge of the Therapeutae.  What none of them had though, was all of it.

Except the Therapeutae and the lineage which survived from that same source.


*More topics and viewpoints that can be discussed at the retreat.

For some 12,000 years Earth has been in the 'World of Illusion'. That means that as it literally but very gradually descended from 'Eden' it encountered other Forces from lower levels and the original consciousness - a gentle, compassionate level of being that lived by the 'Golden Rule' (do as you would be done by) - was lost.   

A world view developed which sees being genteel, selfless, and considerate of others, as weakness.  The changed view is about personal 'success' and wealth, and has an interpretation of love as being sex, and mind level version of 'love' more by way of reasonableness. All black and white little boxes that has no recognition of subtle nuances, empathy, or actual Love.  And if you do not know that the real goal is to get yourself out of this level, then you might fight for your 'rights' for things that actually keep you at this level.

There are things in this world which may seem to be important to your life and well being, or may wrongly be seen as part of 'who you are' and so on, but mostly these are things that are imbalances caused by the reason certain guidelines exist. Life on the part of this planet's journey which is on the 'false path' has no eternal reality.  It is getting back to the true Source that matters, the original anchor point which kept this planet in 'Eden', or heaven, or the 5th Realm. 

The guidelines kept by certain older traditions are what they are for a reason.  That reason was that when this planet first encountered its Fall, the first line of defense was to keep records in order to ensure everyone still knew what had happened, and to ensure there was a true Master to help keep people from wandering off course.   Obviously this strategy can be seen by those of the 3rd level and copied, making things very much more difficult.



More Background:


Today's World of Remedies Banned by Governments, Forced Vaccinations,

The Sickness Industry, Chemtrails etc


The Therapeutae mentioned at the beginning, seemed to disappear after these Greek sourced communities left Egypt, and their records were then in the keeping of those who later became known as Essene - who proved controversial as these ones seem to be related to, or the same as, those associated with the 'dark star'.  That is the interpretation of some Christian sources, which has seemed hard to take on board when the known texts are about healthy vegetarian, peaceful living.  What at first looks like some kind of prejudice changes when we find out the texts actually came from a different group.  It also highlights the importance of access to withheld information - a totally different picture emerges.

One of the known stories was of a massive battle which took place on this planet, and which is depicted in depth to preserve knowledge of this, on the walls of the Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia.

This was the rebellion written of in spiritual texts - not as a metaphorical tale, but as a real conflict, and it was within the last 25,000 years that it happened.

All of it gave powerful reasons for why there is not only the 'sickness industry' but also, unbelievably, a 'UN' plan to depopulate the world by 95% by 2030!  Not possible you would think, but it is and it is called 'Agenda 21'. 

Some people suggest that achieving that goal might include things like heavy metal poisoning - such as through the 'chemtrails' which interested people a few years ago, or with vaccinations, and with the mercury found in sea foods and also dental work as mentioned on the index page, and fluoride in the water supplies.  *We have found it significant to follow up removing heavy metal poisoning in the body, well beyond the also needed wholistic dental work and detox regimes.

But what if this plan - a computer generated recommendation - was much older than believed, and even included the very people who work for its implementation or believe they are to be its beneficiaries?  What if it is about ensuring 95% of the population of the planet remain in the 'reversed reality'.

Today is the world produced by the decisions made in an earlier time. 

Far from producing great values and happiness, this is actually a world in which the statistics for 'Bad Behavior' are increasing.  The changes which came about when the 'opinion 1' got their way, has produced a very high proportion of Mental Illness and other negative issues - rape of children both male and female, young women, any woman, 'MeToo' and 'Harvey Weinstein' levels of harassment from endlessly predatory men who have thought all of it is okay and normal; an increase of 66% of sexual assaults on US commercial flights, bullying for any number unreasonable reasons - body image, kids who are not 'in', or are autistic, or another race, or whatever else, 'toxic stress', very high statistics for gun shooting deaths especially in the USA, and 'Device Addition Disorder' now classified as a Mental Illness.

The world is actually quite sick. Mental illness is the most significant problem, and just about most of how people behave fits that description.  So are issues raised on concerns about the lack of higher standards, or with ethics in business, not much importance placed on 'keeping your word', selflessness/humility, living to higher principles, and precepts such as 'do as you would be done by' - all of which are required by those who also left a message for today's world that said it will be 'the (gentle ones) who inherit the earth'.  By the way, anything less than these personal standards is 'undeveloped'. *Device Addiction is an area of great interest and relevant to  the topics of this work, and we recommend the research of Prof. Susan Greenfield.  

Also of interest is the issue of sick relationships.  A greater, predatory sickness in this world has finally been highlighted, as mentioned, by the 'MeToo' movement and Harvey Weinstein attitudes to women - shared by many men who also think nothing of using ' date rape' drugs etc,  or who when a girl is raped say "if that is what you wanted, why didn't you ask me", and domestic and emotional abuse.  It takes courage for a woman to come forward about this issue, and who did not recognize the experience of the lady who testified against the nominee for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh?  This stuff happens continually and those who do it seem to think it is fun.

But should a man's entire career and reputation be ruined because of something he did in High School?  Of course what was done or alleged to have happened was wrong.   It is also wrong to ruin a man's life decades later.  This behavior will never stop, mostly because it is accepted.  In Australia, the Gold Coast makes money out of it by hosting 'schoolies' in a debauched, drunken and totally accepted program for showing that unacceptable behavior is acceptable.  Perhaps the world should consider teaching and enforcing better behavior in its youth especially while their brains are still developing until the age of 25!  If this stuff wasn't accepted then the other problems would not follow.  

Then there is the issue of Upskirting - men taking photos up women's dresses.  All of these things are sickness.  They are also something made so much worse by women who insist on representing themselves as just the image these freaky men want to think women are.  It is actually safer and better, for everyone's sake and for the greater good, not to do that. 

As we said at the beginning, this began with information unexpectedly discovered when investigating further into the origins of Natural Plant Based Diets, Healing and Health, and it also led to a number of alternatives, some 'secrets', and 'secret recipes'. 

This included needing to find answers to things that weren't being answered.  Some of that meant using remedies that for curious reasons are banned in western countries like Australia, USA, etc but which successfully cure some cancers.  Those faced with health issues like this have choices to make - like being debilitated with chemo and then hacked to pieces, or finding out and perhaps choosing to use these alternatives; plus there are other things that are also held back from general public knowledge. 

And as we said, the reason these alternatives are banned, may be something to do with the rest of story we hope to share with you at the retreats.


Some Guidelines from the 'Golden Age' included:

             Choose 'Harmlessness' and a Vegetarian, Plant Based, Vegan Friendly, Egg Free Diet.

                     The Body is the Tomb of the Soul.

                     Cultivate Gravitas - the 'Dignity of the Soul'.

                     The ancient message - 'Don't Use this Energy'.

                     The 'Black Poison' Energy is a Force which Forever Builds Karmic Debt.

                Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: E:\soul-search-new\New_(animated).gif  Retreats are held near Angkor Wat -  a place where you can have lots of fun for sure, with bike tours, elephant rides, shopping, dining out, enjoying the peaceful beauty or the vibrant life, and of course a visit to the temples.




where we live in Cambodia, Indo-Chine South East Asia.

Relax. Breathe. Have Fun - then come to the Retreat! 


Retreats may be the only real way to share knowledge that also affects this planet, so we want you to relax and really enjoy yourselves in a truly amazing place.  Have fun, and spend time right in the centre of an actual anchor point of the 'true path' of this planet at Angkor Wat.

Make friends with an elephant, go shopping, enjoy vegan/vegetarian cafes, visit spas.......,whatever you want to do. 



Voted #1 Tourist Destination in the World by Trip Adviser for 2018!


We are pleased to announce Health and Well Being + Discussion Retreats.  Relax and enjoy all that this beautiful place has to offer - Voted #1 Tourist Destination in the World by Trip Adviser for 2018!

We live just 3.5 kms from the ancient temples city of Angkor Wat in a beautiful, riverside location much like an extension of the peaceful countryside of Angkor Wat itself. 

Also just 1 km from the Royal Palace, and the Raffles Grand Hotel, it is located near superb boutique hotels and the Apsara Theatre founded by Princess Norodom who restored the Royal Cambodian Ballet after its dancers and the precious knowledge of the ancient dances were almost entirely destroyed by the Khmer Rouge. Today, Siem Reap, the nearby town, is a thriving, energy filled, yet laid back place with lots of life, cafes, and joie de vivre. 

 Retreats are in Cambodia near the ancient 12th century temple city of Angkor Wat.

*There are plenty of things to do here - and Angkor Wat has just been voted the #1 tourist destination by Trip Adviser for 2018, just see our Tour consultant for Temple Tours, bookings for shows etc, or about visiting more distant sites.

*Also nearby is the Apsara Theatre with Cambodian dance show, and dining out for gourmet Khmer cuisine, or French, Italian and so on. There is shopping, including a Paris trained Cambodian designer range, and a magnificent 2 storey Duty Free store next to the museum.  There are cycle tours, quad bike adventures, and more. 

The Retreat is $200 USD.

1. Relax, but get ready to enjoy learning something new! The lectures/talks are first and foremost about the knowledge. Like making sense of how the body ceased to make its own Vitamin C and began to age and die. It covers the Health and Healing topics taught by the Therapeutae - the Greek based teaching which is the only source we have found that links back to the time when this planet was whole, balanced, in 'Eden' and existed before the planet fell.


2. These teachings were the original therapeutic basis of 'Let Food Be Thy Medicine' with a focus on raw plant food based, vegetarian and vegan friendly natural health, and the secrets of Healing DNA.  Also, with a world facing possible deliberate threats to life, it covers banned and 'not made generally available' natural remedies which successfully treat some cancers and in our own experience have also helped in reducing/removing high levels of toxicity from mercury poisoning.

Our 'Retreat' refers to the learning part of your visit to Cambodia.  It is planned around a long weekend of talks/lectures beginning on Friday evening, and continues on Saturday and Sunday morning and afternoon.

Retreats may be the only real way to share knowledge that also affects this planet, so we want you to relax and really enjoy yourselves in a truly amazing place.  Have fun, and spend time right in the centre of an actual anchor point of the 'true path' of this planet at Angkor Wat.

Make friends with an elephant, go shopping, enjoy vegan/vegetarian cafes, visit spas.......,whatever you want to do. 


 Retreats are in Siem Reap Cambodia, near the ancient 12th century temple city of Angkor Wat. The contact form does not always work, please also use the email address.


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