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This work is a Teaching

               a Teaching for PEACE in the Body, Mind and Spirit.

  There is a path to an 'awakening' which travels through the chakras and up to the crown, and the 'blossoming' of awakening is often represented by the lotus flower.  It is usually represented with pretty rainbow colours, rising from the muddy waters, through the chakras of the body into its full unfoldment and integration with the light which gave it existence.

The path of the 'Negative light' ends at where the 'Awakened Lotus' is merely the 'feet' is covered elsewhere.  If the existence of this secondary, lower path is not clear, here is a clearer description of the difference between the two paths so that the information below is easier to understand why it is said at all.  (Then return to this page).

There is also a bigger story why there are some which wish to align back to this off blueprint source. *See links added on previous page.


A Paradise Lost and an 'end time' story about this planet that is not the reality that is the 3rd realm!

The way for the soul body to get out of this reality and be able to travel with the planet when it is in its ascension phase, begins at the place everyone stops. 

The only real body you have, and which matches the 5th realm environment, is the soul body.  The 5th realm is a real existence - but the soul body is now trapped inside the physical body which was created with the negative light - within a denser 3rd realm world/reality which includes the existence of this reality and also has its own astral realms.  It is not really a real existence. 

*If you want more information on how to  leave the Illusion please contact us.



The Temporary Existence of each 'new Earth'


The life which evolved here is known as Genesis.  It exists only during the time the light from its source reaches this planet.  That source appears to be the energy source that some people wished to use on this planet so that it could progress though technology and intellect.  It was a star, it was called the 'Abundant Provider', and is probably a star that despite having an interesting energy which made the development of technology possible, had these attributes because it was beginning to die. 

That light did reach this planet and interact with it,  but it was two other things : a light that issued from a star that was losing power; and a light which reaches this planet only during its Fall into the 3rd Realm.  That happens only during the 12,000 year period and mostly 6,000 years of mankind's developed place here, from the Zep Tepi - First Times to the 'end times'.

The 'end times' are the good news, when the planet moves out of range of that particular 'light bringer' which is in the 3rd realm and is also its own light path to its own source.  As such, it does not, and cannot continue to connect to the planet once the planet begins its ascent. 

That in turn relates to the path that is the light and source that produced in the chakras of the human body.  This lesser light was never meant to create or feed into this planet, and its source is not part of the 'Divine Blueprint'.   That is because  this planet is in reality a higher level planet from the 5th realm. 

By the way, the cycle always ascends regularly, it is a cycle, not a once off occurrence.

The existence of this reality also known as the 'world of Illusion' and the 'false reality', does have a creator source of light. Although it is identified in existing records and teachings, it has not been proven to be what it is. We will look at this later, but the entry into the 'First Times' which begins this reality, is a journey this planet temporarily passes through for about 12,000 years, and is now preparing to exit.  The exit is the yet to present itself Ascension Phase - yet a beginning for those who did not choose to wait for or prepare for the next 'new Earth'.

The qualities of those who made it their priority in life to overcome this lower world, have made the effort to develop particular qualities that belong to those who are 5th realm people, which are qualities of innocence, selflessness, humility and more, that were known as the at least 5 virtues to cultivate.  It is said that it is the gentle and genteel ones who eventually 'inherit the Earth' and these attributes are the qualities which belong to the consciousness of the Upper World. 


But in this world, like every previous world of the 3rd Realm, it is considered that the highest level of development is the Mind and Intellect.  Mankind in today' world has developed AI and computers which link to a main computer which forms a grid around this planet - but is also written as having been the 'tentacles' and grid around the planet of long ago.. The word 'man' and 'men' as in 'Amen' means Mind.  Additionally the Plan to introduce a super efficient high tech, world run economy may come from 'boxes' which also contained this 'Mind', and may even relate to the existence of many man-sions with the word man meaning 'Mind' and perhaps 'sions' referring to the programme kept in the 'Mind box' of which there were many such 'mind-boxes'?

You can already see that this is a planet that has some bad things happening, like those related to why there are deliberate strategies - in order to increase profits -  which ensure people put on weight, develop diabetes and arthritis, suffer pollution issues, require expensive medical treatments, and why certain safe and effective remedies are banned.  Clearly it is not higher level people who would do this, yet those who are, are the ones who are becoming billionaires - whether through pop entertainment or any of the things consumers buy. 

The ancient world wished to pass on to today's world that it is still aligning into the energy which make Technology and Artificial Thinking (AI) possible, and that is what caused the end times.


*If you want more information on how to  leave the Illusion please contact us.

Teachings for PEACE in the Body, Mind, and Spirit links - all short introduction pieces which we hope immediately 'set the scene' & often including a little on healing foods and herbs etc particularly for brain function and emotional well being.


"Shadow Energy 'Cancer' in this World."

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