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This work is a Teaching

               a Teaching for PEACE in the Body, Mind and Spirit by Returning to the Original Well Spring Source of the Everlasting Life Streams.


The people of this planet took a wrong turn in the ancient past, and chose to prefer a different energy stream from a different source. 

They tried to say that 'choice' is a right, and by continuing with that thinking - and continuing with that preference for a different energy as a priority over the True Source - they tried to say it was the same thing.

Then by continuing, many other things associated with that different energy stream were able to come into this planet. 

Those things were also able to get inside consciousness - because by saying it was the 'same thing', and by making it a spiritual choice to justify that it is the 'same thing', they gave it direct access into consciousness.

The people on this planet - except for a few -  made it that way because it is what they like, not what is the Truth. 


The General Principles of this Teaching for Living in and Ascending to Higher Consciousness


                     Try to live each day by the Golden Rule 'do as you would be done by'

   Try to be kind

  Love animals - practice 'harmlessness'


The Teaching comes from the spiritual lineage, and is presented to teach what that particular knowledge is That knowledge was a Teaching for Peace.

But that does not mean that the teaching does not cover a 'controversy' on this planet, and a plan that took away this planet's Peace. 

This planet was once our peace loving, gentle and loving 5th realm.  It was our peace loving, gentle world, and those of the 5th realm want that this planet will once again be that. Yet when the new beings born of the 3rd realm negative light were discovered, they were welcomed and loved; and when they developed and wanted to claim more of the planet, compromises were made.  Then when they developed weaponry, they waged the ancient war to wipe out the 5th realm people. 

That was how a new approach began to keep the knowledge and ensure the real story beyond this level, and the way out of it,  survived.

While people do send us other works, this work is not searching for different pieces of information to try to put together a kind of understanding. We are presenting this source of knowledge. 

This work teaches this, and what 'this' is, is a complete system of knowledge. The only known part of this system which remains in common knowledge, is that of the Plant Based Diet Lifestyle and natural methods for healing, and guidelines for healthy fitness.

But it is a complete system, much more than the health aspect, and the rest of that Soul System also deserves recognition.  It all comes from this same source which is a lineage which did teach about how our gentle, peaceful planet became a 'paradise lost',

   Sea Salt was considered so valuable it was once used as currency.


Choose a Plant Food Based, vegan friendly diet, and healthy omega oils


     and fresh juices.


Although 2012 was not the predicted 'end times' - though it may have referred to the last solar maximum of the 'end times' - it is expected that Pole Reversal cannot be far off, and all kinds of sources suggest sometime after 2030, so you are all in the final years of a once in 25,000 years 'window of opportunity'.

Many are awaiting or have prepared for being part of the 'new Earth' because it seems to be something to do with the coming Ascension.  Yet it is the opposite, and these are two separate things - you choose one or the other.  If more knowledge had been available, people would have known there was a difference, and that you must prepare for it because everyone here is automatically marked to return to the rebirth of the next 'new Earth' -  and therefore the path of rebirth.

That is why the starting point we had with this planet's wobble was so important, because to understand that, meant you have understood the teachings of the highest Masters who knew how this world came about. The clues which point to the change that now condemns mankind to an ever repeating existence in an underworld, were kept in these teachings.

That is because those who have continued with that wrong turn are still teaching what they have made a teaching, because it is what they like, not what is the Truth 

......and that is how they have marked themselves for the next 'new Earth' - which is the path of rebirth, and means returning to the world of Illusion. 

You can keep following a wrong turn, or can try to correct it, and that can only be done by honestly trying to understand what is negative and what is positive.  



   Go for a walk

   Get good quality sleep


The 'Therapeutae' texts, famous for their sign off 'Peace be with you', were the first and only Teachers of the understanding of PEACE.   Peace which comes when a world behaves kindly towards each other, applies 'do as you would be done by', and respects the planet as a living creation to be cared for not exploited, for profit. 

A Peaceful Consciousness makes True Source the most important consideration in life, and indeed,  until you make getting out of this 'false reality' which has corrupted PEACE  your priority in this life, you have not understood the situation you are in.  That situation is a 'controversy' on this planet, and a plan that took away this planet's Peace.

So we look at all sides of this, how the Teaching for Peace was corrupted, defamed, and replaced.  However, these little books were something read a few decades ago because they taught health benefits and the raw plant food diet etc. No big deal, most know the main book then move on. There were actually several books of their works, but they were read then put aside because it was mostly just part of what one reads while the more pressing need for answers was followed up. 

It was a healing and health related search, but more significantly part of a spiritual search which looked at everything, and there was certainly a significant array of 'spiritual' happenings around in the '80's and '90's, most of which were not really providing what I was looking for. That it was not providing enough is the reason I was not satisfied, for one thing there were many well established texts which warned against certain practices for instance, so why would they exist?  Eventually, by the early '90's I did find the spiritual lineage I had been looking for. That was around 1993, and nothing to do with any people called Therapeutae, but to do with a mystical teaching which had survived, despite a complete alteration of history!

I was looking for a particular spirituality that addressed why anomalies existed - I was not someone to let something like that go by unchallenged - and led to the liberation of the soul from the realms of 'illusion', a higher path which began where others ended.  To understand what I did not understand even though I was looking, I had to do the practice with trust, but also with an inner knowingness that drove me onwards, and try to find out what I could.  I did know enough to understand totally that I had to make this the absolute priority of my life. 

After I was initiated, and then spent 10 years before I connected with what I was there to connect with and from that began this information and follow up.  However, during the 10 years from 1993 to 2003, I studied the written teachings and records from the previous Masters of the lineage which these very few Teachers of this, obviously had of their history.  It is a spiritual lineage and they of course had their own printed books and records for those who wanted to know on a deeper level.  They were not about diet and health.  The first book on the 'spell' was in 2001 just before 9/11 and introduced the 33 year 'window of opportunity' to escape being trapped here in the 3rd realm which you are trapped in.  At that time we had to 'tread on eggshells' with what we were saying.

As I did not choose the tiny handful of Masters except the one I did, I cannot say more on them, and the one I did choose does not want to take on people as disciples etc as the role was for a greater purpose - a purpose for which there was never a guarantee it would even make it through.  Everyone always needs to find the Master, as it is not possible to find the Way out of this complicated reversal without that making it a necessary search for anyone hoping to get out of Illusion and return to the 5th realm.  It was a search that I made the absolute priority of my life.  As would anyone if they were awake and understood. It turned out the lineage did have records and books and I read all their printed books which had been kept by their respected lineage of Masters.

It was then that I noticed the similarity between these, and the lesser known books of the ones which had been kept for many thousands of years and written and rewritten by the Therapeutae.  This was the Greek name they were known by in Egypt before the time of the Exodus - which was not a Greek Therapeutae issue, but was an enormous upset which saw many records, including the 'Gospels of Peace' and the Dead Sea Scrolls, leave Egypt.  It included books on all the technologies and on the AI system that an ancient people developed long ago.  Access to that AI is the one specific thing that gave the Annunaki the advantage in the ancient battle between the two existences on this one planet.  Then these records and the information they revealed was hidden  - which looks to be the reason they were taken from Egypt, in order to hide or disguise the identities of those who took them.

These books were then attributed to authors called Essene in Palestine - people associated with the uprisings in Jerusalem and Palestine before the Diaspora, and with the Knights Templar and then Freemasons.  Although Prof. Bordeaux Szekley did some great work in translating these little books, he himself was a Freemason so we preferred to drop that connection and go back to their source of origin which was Greek and part of the therapeutic movement known as 'Let Food Be Thy Medicine'. There was a large population of Greeks in Ancient Palestine, but not as large as the 'Fourth largest sect' which was Essene, and controversial. That is why all the books found were placed in the Vatican Archives.

The 'Essenes' are mentioned as the ones hiding records and treasure beneath the Temple of Jerusalem to be collected later by the Knights Templar and transported to the 'New World' - somewhere others of their communities had already gone to - because they had the maps of the Earth before the Fall. 

It also seems that anything to do with the word e-ka, or ek-a, eck-a, or perhaps akka, as in the 'new world' means the 'left hand path' - which is the Fall -  such as A-mer-e-ka. Also the energy which was used to create the 'world of Illusion' was ek-toplasm - ektoplasm.

The Therapeutae is just a name of an ancient people. You don't have to start identifying with them, just know about them because their name relates to the word 'therapy' and also to an earlier name for this planet before it Fell and went into reverse.  They were different people, who became known by the name of Assaya which meant Healers, and that became Essiah and Isaiah. 

After the planet 'Fell' the first line of defense was to keep all the information on what happened, make sure people knew about it, and that a 'Master' (Mazda - means 'of the star') ensured people remained aligned to 'true'.  Some of that knowledge exists in stone records like Gobekli Tepe which points towards the actual Source of the Life Streams for the intended life on this planet.  This site was buried either hide and protect what it revealed, or to prevent what it revealed being discovered.

The planet possibly switches to the positive, and given the 33 year window, that maybe early 2030's.

There was an actual battle on this planet that literally was a 'Star Wars' attack, using the energy of the 'Dark Star' -  which means the particular energy science had discovered and wished to develop, but the star which produced it was doing so because the energy had become 'dark'. That is the same energy that makes the development of all technology possible, and the reason why some in an ancient time wanted to bring it to the planet.  It issues from a particular set of stars of which one exploded and formed the planets of this Solar System and some planets which settled round other Solar Systems.  This includes a planet called Maldek which is said blew itself up with its technology - yet somehow the water from that planet, along with codes, and possibly some actual people who were in off planet 'space cities' when the accident occurred, came to this planet.  They were called the 'fish people' shown abundantly on Mesopotamian art work and carvings. There is more on this topic given in the index.


General Rules for Making it to the Higher Realm.




   Take time to 'smell the roses'

  Add weight training exercises


Say something or do something nice for someone every day




The qualities of those who made it their priority in life to overcome this lower world, have made the effort to develop particular qualities that belong to those who are 5th realm people, which are qualities of innocence, selflessness, humility and more, that were known as the at least 5 virtues to cultivate.  It is said that it is the gentle and genteel ones who eventually 'inherit the Earth' and these attributes are the qualities which belong to the consciousness of the Upper World. 


In this world, it is considered that the highest level of development is the Mind and Intellect.




*If you want more information on how to leave the Illusion that the different energies are the same thing please contact us.

General Rules for Making it to the Higher Realm.


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