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Live each day by the Golden Rule - 'do as you would be done by'

Do not just hug someone then turn to the next person
- make sure that each person continues to be included and introduced to others!

   Try to be kind

"Try to say and/or do something nice for someone every day."


If you know someone amongst your aquaintances who would like to find a meaningful relationship or is looking for new career openings, is new, is elderly, divorced, widowed and so on, make a point of helping them to connect to others.


Get to know people respectfully


Before you drift off into bad language, crude jokes or overly personal remarks - make sure this does not make anyone feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.


'Judge' - means Discern - with your Heart not your Mind. Your Mind may be wrong. Your Heart is never wrong.


Civilised society was - civilised. The idea was for this to be passed onward so less developed people could be shown how to develop in the same way. Over the last centuries people have been behaviour programmed to be less evolved than was once the standard. Those in control raised people with bad behaviour and lesser standards, to become heros and role models for success.



If someone is Behaving with Aggression or Ignorance Towards You

Do not respond in kind, do not justify yourself, do not engage in commenting on it. Best to walk away.



  Love all beings by practicing 'harmlessness'

Love does not mean pitying, or looking for someone's vulnerabilities.



   Take time to 'smell the roses'



  Love Animals



Stay Healthy.

   Go for a walk


   Get good quality sleep



Choose a Plant Based, vegan friendly diet

and Fresh Juices.


         No alcohol - except maybe a little red wine with meals for resveratrol



.....but No Eggs - and try to limit dairy




Don't Use Electronic Devices that connect the fingers with the device, it affects the nervous system.



    Be kind to animals

"Animals are not afraid of - nor the food for - the people of the 'Upper Realm'. 
The Upper Realm (Upper Rooms) is a world that has learned to Love,
Everyone lives with gentle and genteel manners which always consider others.
They do not hug someone then turn to the next person
- they make sure that each person continues to be included.
It exists within an energy 'ocean' that was entirely Love and Mercy."


Create a World of Peace, Love and Harmony.

First throw out all the behaviour programming that has dominated for the last 8 or so decades, or especially since the MK Ultra created 1960's. Here is a quick run through - to create a new society on Earth!

We have to start somewhere, but really it starts with a secure family and how a child is raised.

Let's begin with the importance of after finishing school, that the aim becomes to find the right partner for life who embodies as many positive inner qualities as necessary for happy future life. Loyalty, caring, responsibility, commitment etc. Forget the Luciferian programming to make the family irrelevant, and to go out and 'do your own thing' and other deliberately false ideas for 'having fun' - because this has caused endless unhappiness, and these ones are the ones who have made what this world is today - ready and ripe to be taken down by the cabal and darkness.

So, you find the right person and that is how you create the family for the children you have - not as accidents from parties etc, but wanted and cared for throughout their growing up. The family lives by the golden rule, is loving and supportive, responsible. The kids grow up and remain loyal and loving to their own brothers and sisters, and cousins and aunts and uncles so it is in fact quite an extensive community of people who remain loyal to each other as family.

It is a network which of course then extends to other family communities because the kids grow up, and again are well taught to understand the importance of setting out to find a really reliable, good quality, loving partner for life. They take vows to do that. That brings other family communities into the family. That then extends to connect the entire country in some way, and then the world - family.


1. Keep to the Guidelines.

2. Everyday place your life and guidance into the guiding Light of the Living  Master Source.

"I place my life into the guiding Light Source of the Living Master - True Source."

True Source is a Living Source that is why the term Living is used.






Keep to the 'Christos' Source Guidelines and do not add on extra practices or perceptions of other religions.

You can do that of course, but then you have chosen other religions.

If you are unsure that you are choosing True Source then simply ask in your prayers that they are directed to True God Source.

  STOP choosing the Lower Energies as your Lifestyle or spiritual path!

  And stop bringing them into this planet. 

You are harming the planet by doing so.


The Guidelines clearly state NOT to do certain practices and certain things. Find out WHY this is important.

(The picture below shows you why!)

   Find out how to understand WHY they are NOT the Higher way.


Golden Rule Part 2 - Connecting to the Ascended Cords via the Christ.

Connecting Back to the Well Spring Life Streams.


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