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Deep Underground Bases and Cities.

The amusing aspect of people waking up now is that they are discovering the real data on projects like the Philadelphia Experiment and Time Travel - which if you remember can only be through the realms where Time exists and they are the false realms. Many of us had the chunky old style VCR videos covering these topics in the 1980's!

This video is from 1995, which is also when we saw the first of Phil Schneider's videos. It was about 3 years after I had been to an event in Los Angeles which featured the grandson of Admiral Byrd, and a compelling appearance by a young woman who described her own abduction experience, and many other intriguing topics. These underground bases at the present time, have been almost completely cleared out.

The aliens do have to leave this planet now because the planet is about to change to its Ascending Phase and they cannot sustain being here then. They failed to capture the planet.

Phil Schneider 37 minutes.

"Phil Schneider, a government geologist and engineer with over 17 years of experience working on “black projects,” is undoubtedly one of the most important whistleblowers in modern history.

Phil describes his involvement with the building of these deep underground tunnels and what he came across not from this planet.
In exchange for advanced technology, millions of children and adults have mysteriously disappeared.

$500 Billion per year, back in 1995, was spent on advanced technology being giving to us by extraterrestrials in exchange for humans."



Cosmic /Surge/Pulse - How the planet was going to be captured.

It would have been taken into the fully reversed realm beneath this level. The Ascending Phase raises the planet up towards a higher realm.

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