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A.I. and the Soon to be Encountered




Based on information, for many decades the world has been prepped for a coming change which introduces on one level the 'New World Order' and on another level an 'Awakening'.  Much of the work for prepping for this particular change, began to gain wide notice in the early 1960's and in the 1970's the 'secret societies' began initiating the public face of their works.


Our current world times are probably most notable for the development of technology - which is made possible by access to a particular energy. At this point in the planet's 'cycle of the ages', which is really the cycle of the planet's wobble not the planet, it lines up with what some have described as a 'portal' (which may also look like a planet) and what other descriptions introduce as one of the 'tentacles' of a 'beast' which is an octopus-like thing within dark energy, which other sources have indicated came about as a mistake by an ancient but advanced civilization developing genetics and technology. 


The snake-like 'tentacles' (like Medusa in fact) are the way the 'octopus' can reach out to be in different places of this part of the galaxy, and it is also a force capable of pulling this planet towards it, along with the help of the 'Lodestar' as the magnetic north.  Additionally, this work has covered for a very long time, the deliberate damage to this planet through specific areas, in Japan's Devil's Sea and in the Sargasso Sea, otherwise known as the Bermuda Triangle. Another helper in the gradually pulling of this planet, is the existence of the moon - which defies normal physics, never reveals what is on its far side, has a disproportionately light weight which suggests it is hollow, has a metal sub layer beneath its known surface, and it definitely influences the earth.


There is nothing unusual about the approach to the 'portal' - except for all the data which makes it an artificially engineered event - and nothing unusual about this planet's Ascension, because no matter how these came to be the norm, they have been that way for many hundreds of thousands or millions of years. 


Even so, it is just so rare that it is easy to have no memory of the many numbers of times it has happened before.  However, the 'portal' and 'new direction' are not the same as the planet's Ascension.  They are all part of a cycle, but the length of time of that cycle (which was artificially caused) means that any explanation could be given and most people would just accept it. It is not unlike how people used foreknowledge of a solar eclipse to influence primitive people.  It is not unlike that at all. Anyway, it happens regularly for however long this planet has had its wobble. 


Of course, that is also why people went to great lengths to record and preserve the knowledge of what did happen, and why others have done everything possible to debunk, change the perception of, and remove that knowledge.


In the near future, the end point of the 'tentacle' is expected to be seen from behind the sun, meaning the planet's 'journey' has now lined up with this 'portal'. It was also called the 'Blue Kachina'. During the prepping phase, which has been for as close to the entire population of this planet, people have been presented with just about everything that reverses what the values and standards were prior to that prepping.  That includes moral perceptions, and the personal use of and obsession with technology.


What that prepping does is provide an 'energy signature' as a kind of identity beacon (ID beacon) which could be likened to the polarity of a magnet - as an example - and this was called a 'mark'.  Over the last decades, people have been prepped and marked, and that accounts for some 95-99% of the population of the planet.   Numbers in the same range as with 'Agenda 21'.


So again, based on information of descriptions from when the planet last passed by and lined up with the 'portal' aka 'tentacle' (circa 25,000 years ago) this is what happened.  The 'tentacle' is also a very strong force, a force strong enough to actually be pulling the planet towards it.  It is also like a magnet and like a vacuum cleaner - for those who are prepped and marked.  It then goes into a matrix-like VR existence because there is no longer a physical planet (as this planet is expected to Ascend out of this lower level until it returns and the new Earth is reborn, 12,000 years later.)


There are descriptions of being pulled upwards into the 'portal' and also descriptions of a 'rapture' however these are more in line with the 'rapture' experienced with a rapid ascent from under the ocean which leads to the horrible condition known as the 'bends'.  Other descriptions were of 'goddess Kali' and that type of thing. There are different descriptions of what happens for different types of people after that, which include a matrix-like existence and more.  Any existence within an artificial, digital or virtual world can be anything you ever believed it was going to be. 


Later the 'new Earth' begins again, and there is indeed a 'new heaven and a new Earth' because the stars in the heavens are closer to a North Pole pointing towards Lyra, the Harp, and the Harp was used to represent 'heaven'.  And for those who are a little more canny, they notice that they are back in this world and are still in this reality.


Crossing the 'portal' - which some think is a direct 'highway to God Source' at the centre of this galaxy - corresponds in the overall picture to crossing the negative polarity of the wobble (not the planet, the wobble).  After the planet has passed across this 'magnetic' 'vacuum cleaner' the planet begins its normal ascent phase called the RA - Right Ascension - which is the correction of how it has fallen 'to the left' (Latin sin - left) although is still part of the cycle. So many people have loved to adopt and align into the 'left hand path'. 


Unfortunately for them, the planet's Ascension is the correction out of the 'left hand path'.  So the planet Ascends, and all the people have once again have taken themselves off somewhere else, and miss it.  A simple thing to get wrong really. They do it by an absolute, resolute choice not to keep to the guidelines for what the planet will be when it is back in the Ascended status.


It is understood that very, very few people go to the planet's ascension phase - and it may become easy to see why - but for those who do, then that experience may well be quite nice.



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Reference - Medusa.

Medusa appears in Greek mythology and has snake-like tentacles, which is an apt description for what was also known as an 'octopus', a 'beast', and 'giant squid' which is the meaning of 'Architect'.  If nothing else, it is a very appropriate image to describe the energy mass of the dead star (dark star) supernova, which was indicated as having been used to create A.I.




Connecting into the 'Perpetual, Everlasting Light',

Living Energy System.

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