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"A strong, unified country is not built on 'tolerance' and then deliberately having a policy which puts together all kinds of realities which are not at all unified but have to be 'tolerated' and then claiming that that tolerance is the 'identity' of a country.  A country's identity is not defined by 'tolerance' - even though people can be tolerant - but why should they be forced to be?  A country is unified when it reflects the overall truthful reality of commonality - things in common not things that have to tolerated because they are different." 


The issue of MIND PROGRAMMING is altering how people think and emotionally respond. It is being done to create a different social view - as if this was a world society of non-feeling beings.

Our communities are deliberately being broken apart by having to 'tolerate' differences forced upon and within that community, rather than identifying with all that was held in common.  Tolerance is a good virtue - but being forced into a situation which has to 'tolerate' differences does not define the unity of a country/community.  Unity and togetherness means all the things you have in common.  That is what makes a community and defines it.

Your 'nationality' meant the genealogy of your line - the same as valued by indigenous cultures (listen to the spoken introduction from 1 Giant Leap below) - and is your family line and your bloodline.  It is not because you have the accent of a country, and a passport.   

What is in actuality happening, is the deliberate easing out, then erasure, of one culture and replacing it with something else.  Many people from different European countries have commented on this loss.


Once, it was acknowledged that women wanted more sensitivity and caring in a man, and for them to respect feelings.  That problem has been 'solved' by erasing that thought and making females believe they no longer want that but are satisfied with same level of disconnect that many men used to have to learn to understand - and it was beneficial and worthwhile for men once they leaned that.

Now they do not need to learn, because men hold all the power now and can dictate the terms of a relationship (which is why so many females no longer 'measure up' as good enough for them to bother with). 

There is no 'girl power'. That was taken away from women when they accepted the change in behavioral programming.

The deliberate alteration of how to interpret thinking and feelings, is a strategy taking place here on this planet.


Respect your culture


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