"Where is God?" she asked, looking up at the stars of the night sky. 

"I am here

I am right beside you.

I have always been right here."



Because this planet is part of the 5th planet.


The Way to 'Shan-gri-la'.




Mystical teachings on this planet frequently spoke of magical cities which were gateways into a secret, eternal world which is also the lost 5th planet, with names like that of the Greek legend of Ultima Thule, once believed to have been located in Alaska towards the North Pole.  Another was Shamballa, and another name which was given to represent this was Shan-gri-la.

Shan-gri-la is a mystical, hidden world where people never grow old, but when they come into this world they grow old and die.  It is the same as the other mystical cities into the Hidden World, accessed via the 'North Pole' or mystical icy landscapes.  At this time, it is how we are describing the real reality (that Earth is an outer part of.) 
Shan-gri-la is the theme of a novel by author James Hilton
which was made into a film in 1937.

The existence of a real Shan gri La,

a city perhaps built from Prana or an etheric matter.

The Golden World that was - and still is - the 5th planet, also named THERA,

had Cities which seemed to be Built in the Sky

– made of the same material as the now invisible higher frequency 5th planet.

It was and still is, a REAL PLACE.

The inhabitants were described as LUMINOUS AND ETHEREAL.


It is also a story of a planet and a universe that existed before TIME began,

and a Mystery of How this ASTRAL UNIVERSE Became Your Home

Scandinavian records and legends tell us of the 'black poison' super energy which was once used as an alternative energy to run this planet from an exploded, dead star.

Its use led to an ancient war known as the Battle Between Light and Dark.

Archeological digs show that over 12,000 years ago there were physical world cities and civilized societies - with evidence that the cities they were destroyed by nuclear attack. This is also where the people known as Aryans came from.

This was the ancient 'rebellion' between those of the Living Light Stream - who did not have sophisticated weapons because they are made with the 'black poison' - and those who belonged to the 'dark star' - and who did have dark star weapons.

The battle waged across a plane that still had continents in the region tht is now the Atlantic Ocean - Adria and the landma that is now at the South Pole.

The violence of what some descriptions say was the use of the energy from the 'Dark Star' - targeted the areas now known as the Bermuda Triangle and the Devil's Sea just south of Japan - and bent the column of Light which ran through this planet - its axis. These are the ones who want the planet now.

It left survivors or escapees going to Europe, particularly Greece which was the identity of the Therapeutae - a Greek word - later known as Essenes.



There was only ever one Teaching for this planet.


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