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2019   June 4th :     SIGNS OF NEXT SOLAR MAX BEGINNING : 

This is still the Solar Minimum however, there is some activity consistent with the Solar Maximum.

May 28th, briefly saw a small sunspot which vanished a few hours later, but the polarity of its magnetic field marked it as the next cycle. These are 11 year cycles (from which the interest in11-11 etc originated)  and of importance because it is believed the 'entry point' or 'portal' into the black hole will begin to be seen from behind the sun - as it lines up - at the end of the next Solar Maximum. 

In ancient times, this 'portal' was also called 'Destroyer' and lies 12,000 years distance from when this planet is 'true' - which was 'Eden'.  As this work is looking at all that was missed this time round, probably the name Destroyer was something of a clue.

The expected time for the Solar Maximum to begin is actually 2023 but there is some leeway. It means the beginning of the access to the 'Destroyer' - or 'portal to evolution' depending on your viewpoint -  could be 2030 then completed by 20 years after what turned out to be the incorrect date of 2012.  That event is the date of the 'End Times', or 'evolution', again depending on what you believed.


For the past 2 weeks, from late May, a huge blue noctilucent cloud has been spinning around the Arctic Circle - shown in the animated picture above left - shaped by a planetary wave. You can see the planet is moving anti-clockwise - it went into reverse many thousands of years ago - but the blue cloud is spinning clockwise. On June 3rd, the wave swept across Europe and electric blue ripples appeared over Poland - shown in the picture below.

This is of interest to this work, as a new phase follow on from the unusual activity at this exact same time in 2003.

These NLCs are different because they are unusually strong and congregated in a coherent spinning mass instead of spreading as they usually do, all across the Arctic polar cap.

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