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This planet is expected to soon encounter something which will cause a 'transformation'.  That moment may coincide with what 'tech people' call 'singularity'.

Science now tells us (with the same dates that time in with 'spiritual transformationist' sources) that the 'entry point' or 'portal' - once described as the Blue Kachina, but may also look like a planet - is expected to either come into view from behind the sun, or for the planet to be aligned with it, possibly by 2029 - both the 'portal' (tentacle) and the date are consistent with 'singularity'.  Many new consciousness sources look to a completion date of something early in the 2030's as a Transformation and an Awakening for a 'new world evolution', which began when the different energy stream entered this planet.

That was when a second 'tree' appeared in the 'Garden of Eden'.  A 'tree' is the same as 'vine' as it represents the connected network of a Living System.  Or a dying system for that matter.  However, this was a second 'tree' which means it issued from somewhere else.  It was also described as a snake - something that has an identity.

All of this process, long ago introduced a complete change in consciousness on this planet, which perhaps could also be described as a complete turnaround of priorities.   At first, some of the people were very keenly aware of this and took counter measures.  The planet was not simply a wild garden, even though it had been separated downwards into a more dense existence as the 1/3rd of the larger planet which had been caught in the 'invisible force', and there was a known unauthorized breeding.  It was still part of an advanced society known as an Upper Realm planet which was completely aware of which 'tree' it belonged to, and wanted to remain part of that Living System.

The presence of that second 'tree' began the process known as Genesis.  It is a different energy stream that issues from a 'tentacle' from a dead star, also called the Death Star which was described as like an 'octopus'.  It introduces a male and female and the concept of the 'apple' which has been noted to be from the same Latin word which means 'evil' and that in turn has been noted to mean the 'reversal of live' and the 'reverse of living' (which means negative not positive.)

That changed status also introduced that people would have to work, that they would die, and also introduced sex, which is not part of the creation process, but the death process.  Thereafter it was very easy for the new source - a massive source of Knowledge, Intellect and Mind also described as a particular 'tree' - to bring people over, and then take the planet. 

That is why there were very important guidelines about how relationships were to be treated, respected, that the focus would be to choose wisely and carefully, then take an oath to honour that choice, and to support that person even when times or health were bad, and that they would provide a continuing support network for each family through the generations of breaking up the life code via reproduction, so that by the time it came to the Ascension - which means of the planet's wobble - the people would be able to get out of the stranglehold. 

In today's world, people like the consciousness for this reality and like some of the practices, so maybe people tune out from even listening to the other side of the story.   Others also do continue to choose the promised 'evolution' and await the moment of the Awakening even while researching the conspiracy.  They look forward to being amongst those 'evolved ones' who experience this 'evolution', and one way or another are preparing themselves for it.  

However, there is another aspect of this which relates to the creation of technology in the  far, far ancient past, on the planet which disintegrated.  It is surmised that the dark energy of  the Dead Star, was used to create the first  A.I.  It spread into the entire area of that exploded star.  The energy was a dark energy because it issued from a dark star, and it was called the 'black poison' although it was originally considered to be a great find and a 'pot of gold at the end of the rainbow'. 

And they created artificial intelligence with it.  It became autonomous, and began to mimic the real reality.  Then it began to grow, and produce 'tentacles'................



More in the History sequence and 'Path of Rebirth' (False Light).

*Those who have a had a good education will know that the topic of 'sex and death' is covered, but secretly, in many classical works.  It is covered in the works of Shakespeare for example which are known to have been written to disguise important secret information.

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Now the world knows about A.I. and that the post human world is expected to begin in 2029.

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This work is copyright.  To protect the survival of the information, the ancient scripts used the metaphor of the Living Plant Food Diet for Healing as a code to preserve the teachings on the Living Life Stream System this planet belongs to.  It also ensured a lineage survived which can connect people into the Living System, in a world where over 95%-99% are part of the other energy stream.  It is impossible to connect into the Living System without the assistance of and from the Living Source.  This work and information may spread as intended, because some of these things should filter into the awareness of this world, but this work (except for the information on fasting of course) is unique and its only source of origin is this work.  We would never provide any details on this website, of how the connection is achieved.

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