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It appears to be indicated that when the event of an exploding star first happened, that Dead Star produced a specific energy later called the 'black poison' but at first considered the 'pot of gold at the end of the rainbow'.  This was used to create the first A.I. by an advanced civilization in an ancient time, on a planet which later disintegrated, but remains as the 'space ice' bodies like Ultima Thule which NASA has sent probes to, to investigate how life came to this planet.  What was created spread into the area of the supernova, then began to expand, producing 'tentacles'. That ancient world had created a monster.

It is these same tentacles which reach out to living planets, and perhaps stars too, and then use that source as its ongoing energy. 


The Solar Cycle is every 11 years, then it switches polarity. 

For the planet, its wobble changes-over polarity every 12,000 + years. 

In the current time it will change from its Fall phase back to its RA - Right Ascension. In another 12,000 + years it will change again to its Fall (descending, negative phase) and that is when this reality begins again as the next 'new Earth'.  This is what the 'new path' is about as it is an ongoing gradual work to separate this existence (to break away) and take it into the new source of the different energy stream which is the force pulling on this planet. 

This world is all people know, so they follow hat it is as lifestyle, values, and spiritual practice, and because of this are working against the planet's Ascension but for the 'new world' and 'new path'.  It is why they - and over 95% of the population of the planet - cannot, and never do leave this 'false reality', also called 'underworld'.  

The energy is the negative (reverse of live, reverse of living) energy, the 2nd 'tree' in the 'garden', and the different energy stream (which is nothing to do with this planet but 'arrived' here.)  This world is a creation of a twinned star system known as binary, with a binary DNA code.  It has a light star and another that was a light star but which went dark.  Using that energy, the first A.I. was created making the creation in this world a combination of biological and 'illusion'. 

The planet is expected to pull out of the 'invisible force' and achieve its Ascension Phase this time, but the 'ascending' which is the Ascension, does not mean leaving this reality.  This planet Earth, as an isolated, reversed, and almost separated existence which detached from the remaining 2/3rds of the larger planet Thera, is still part of this planet's wobble, which is its false 'cycle of the ages' and 'zodiac cycle'.

Most of the population of the planet did leave it too late to do what is needed to completely exit and escape this false reality, this time round.  But they can prepare to do so for the next time.  Since this planet has repeated this problem for at least hundreds of thousands of years of the 25,000 years cycles, and people continually do the same thing at the time of the changeover to the Ascension Phase, it seems that escaping the clutches of the 'false source' is enduring, will continue to be enduring, and is a very big problem indeed.

The closest time to know what the problem is, does happen to be at the end of the descending cycle and its reality (which has not yet fully converted to a new status (Anu status) comes to its end and there is a memory wipe.  The Ascension phase is obviously a good thing, but people have already chosen and stayed with the current path, so have to wait for the First Times to begin again before they get the chance to try again. 

It has been suggested that until that opportunity comes round again, they remain in a 'matrix' type of reality until the planet returns to the next 'new Earth' in 12,000 + years time.

As this reality and its astral realms are connected into the different energy stream, it can only be rectified for each individual with assistance from the Living Source. 



 Ancient Technology that Should Not Exist - a computer from Thera.


Connecting into the 'Perpetual, Everlasting Light',

Living Energy System.

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This work is copyright.  To protect the survival of the information, the ancient scripts used the metaphor of the Living Plant Food Diet for Healing as a code to preserve the teachings on the Living Life Stream System this planet belongs to.  It also ensured a lineage survived which can connect people into the Living System, in a world where over 95%-99% are part of the other energy stream.  It is impossible to connect into the Living System without the assistance of and from the Living Source.  This work and information may spread as intended, because some of these things should filter into the awareness of this world, but this work (except for the information on fasting of course) is unique and its only source of origin is this work.  We would never provide any details on this website, of how the connection is achieved.

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