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The Reptilian Peace and Enlightenment.



The Records actually exist and they teach that the last thing to do (not to do) is to activate all the chakras because they know of the break at the 3rd Eye. Classic false teachings are to refer people to the chakra system because that seems very logical but is the primary step and the very basis of how people end up on the 2nd Energy Stream. These sources are too new to the 'spiritual awakening' thing to know this yet.

Long ago in the Earthspell manual, 20 years ago covered some information about the same brainwave pattern established in the reptilian biology as being like a state of suspended animation like a crocodile 'sleeping' but ready to pounce in attack.

First there is a problem with the chakras and the literal break at the 3rd eye - which means that absolutely cannot lead to any alignment of 7 chakras. But there is also a problem with trying to achieve 'balance' between the hemispheres through meditation practices. These are, sad to say, reptilian practices into the state of 'suspended animation' and obviously there is an alignment problem into the false passage/portal/pathway - even more so if energy moves up the chakra system!

It is really sad, but often the representations in art are the hooded eye lids over the reptilian slit eye pupils. If you live amongst where the more ancient of these sources still exist - like near Angkor Wat - the statues are of dinosaur type creatures. We know this is sad to know. Obviously this is all covered in the links from the Osiris index.


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