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The planet has been 'falling' towards the status which would lead to a pole reversal to the negative - a complete upside down flip of the magnetics making 'north' the current negative south. This would make the entire planet negative and it would not be able to pull out of that status.  It would then continue to be pulled into the black hole 'entry point' which is already the 'invisible force' pulling on this planet. 

However, the planet always does pull out of it, and is expected to this time too. That is, the planet pulls out of it - it is still connected into its Life System - but many of the people do not. The information on that, about what happened the last time etc, is in texts which have been dismissed as existing only as 'fear tactics' to keep people submissive to a religion and so on.  However, that interpretation was formed before it was known that this planet is approaching an 'entry point' into the super massive black hole at the centre of this galaxy. 

The issues of Climate Change and Global Warming are undoubtedly connected to the forces of the soon to be encountered entry into the black hole issuing from near 'Sagittarius'.  The increase in tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, floods, fires, melting glaciers, and 'hottest summers on record'.

This work has viewed the downward journey that this planet is in, as being the negative and the coming pole reversal as a return to positive.  As North is still the Magnetic North direction if not the actual True North, there would not be anything good about it reversing.  That reversal would be the final 'capture' of this planet and a full break from its Life System.

The more correct view is that the planet pulls out of the pull towards the negative, rather than it being an actual reversal.  If it was a reversal then that would turn this planet completely into the photo-negative and would be a bad thing.  It is however, what many hope for because they are followers of the Path of Knowledge, although for many, it is just viewed as a great new beginning and an evolution.  In fact they think and believe it is the Path of Eternal Life. 

That is what they think they are doing.  However, it isn't. 

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