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The 'Perpetual, Everlasting Light', Living Energy System.


While the Natural Plant Based Healing and Health remained the teaching that was known, that same Teaching also covered knowledge of the now lost Well Spring Source of Living Life Force - the Life Streams, the Light Streams which were to do with rediscovering a lost paradise. 

To find this lost 'Eternal Source' is not achieved by the diet, although the raw plant food and plant based diet is essential.  So too is the biological activity of the planet. 

This world is not fully connected to that Well Spring Source, which is the Living System this work describes - that of a Perpetual Sun producing 'Perpetual Light and Life Energy' which streams down as the Life Streams to the suns and planets in its System. 

Instead, this reality is a world that has been partially detached from the rest of its larger planet body, and descended to a level described as 'density'. 

This is where a created reality in a 'density body' has taken place and it has done so under the directive of a different energy stream. 

This world basically only knows the different energy stream, even those who practice and teach about a vegetarian or vegan type of diet, Raw Plant Foods, Juices, and Fasting and Dry Detox etc, and who may absolutely love everything about this type of nutrition and lifestyle.  But it is still dominated by the energies of the different energy stream which reaches this planet easily because of its wobble when it is in the descending phase (which it has been increasingly into for about 12,000 years.)

Knowledge of why this is, and how to correct it continued secretly, which is how it had to be because of persecution. What continued were the levels of the practices relating to the soul and what to avoid.  This reality has continued for many rounds of the 'cycle of the ages' and always the same mistake is made.  Always.

Even after doing everything people thought was 'right' and/or that they were super, and extra super aware of the deception, they still remained in this reality under the same control, and could not understand why.

Find out more about what the different energy stream is, and what the 'Perpetual, Everlasting Light', Living Energy System is, then you can choose not to mistakenly turn away from it.    





Connecting into the 'Perpetual, Everlasting Light',

Living Energy System.

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  This work is copyright.  To protect the survival of the information, the ancient scripts used the metaphor of the Living Plant Food Diet for Healing as a code to preserve the teachings on the Living Life Stream System this planet belongs to.  It also ensured a lineage survived which can connect people into the Living System, in a world where over 95%-99% are part of the other energy stream.  It is impossible to connect into the Living System without the assistance of and from the Living Source.  This work and information may spread as intended, because some of these things should filter into the awareness of this world, but this work (except for the information on fasting of course) is unique and its only source of origin is this work.  We would never provide any details on this website, of how the connection is achieved.

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