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ACADEMIE THERA  presents the teachings from the spiritual lineage on the star sources bursting with vibrant LIFE FORCE ENERGY which then streams down to its systems of living planets (of which Maldek is not one).





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According to the story of Osiris, in Egyptian mythology, it exploded and formed fourteen energy streams which were its phallus.  They were also described as 'tentacles'.

The exploded remnants of Osiris formed the planets of this Solar System, but not its sun, and also formed planets around other suns.  The remaining dark patch where the star had exploded formed streams described as tentacles, which were still capable of seeding life.  They were called the star's phallus. It was a phallus because it still seeded life on planets it reached, but should not have.

At least one of the planets which formed around a different sun, was in what is called the 'Goldilocks Zone' which is the distance from its sun where life can take place.  That planet was called Maldek.

You know the 7 main planets of this  Solar System - Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. There are two more named small planets/planetoids like Pluto, there is Nibiru, and there was the planet Maldek/Marduk whose people blew it up. 

The planets which belong to this Solar System do not include Earth and apparently not Mars, because these were pulled here from the higher realm and are not formed from the same material as the planets that make up this complete Solar System.

Osiris, in reality, was a former bright sun/star but had gone dark which means lost most of its power, and then reached the stage of supernova.  It still carried an enormous amount of energy, though, but a dark star is not the same level of power as a living star.  It is light at a much lesser level.

Yet it was enough energy for there to be life created on at least one of the planets which had formed around another sun in another Solar System along the pathway that the exploded Osiris took. In Mesopotamian and Sumerian mythology the planet Maldek/Marduk is recorded as such a planet, and it seems to have been a water based planet. 

There is a story to the planet Maldek. It was inhabited by people who were depicted as 'fish people' (as Oannes was).  They were referred to as the Annunaki which came to this planet.  It is said that the water/oceans on this planet came from elsewhere in this galaxy - Maldek - only needing the light to reach it to trigger life.

The people of that planet, may well have been those described as having 'blue skin' but that is not certain, although Osiris itself was represented as blue.  Blue is Cyan or phonetically Sion, thus the energies were described as 'cynasuras' which again seems to refer to the 'Dark Sopha' or 'Sapphire' as being both 'knowledge' and 'blue'.

These people developed their planet through the path of the 'lesser light' and that development was the path of technology and knowledge.  The name of that technology and its system to run the planet, is assumed to have been 'Cyanism' which referred to their blue (cyan) Osiris origin.

It was the use of technology which blew up their planet - something that would be the destiny of the direction of development on this planet but for the fact of the 'End Times' when the 'screen' ends in the 3rd Realm and returns to its higher realm location - so that story never plays out.

The topic of the importance of Planet Maldek is preserved as a knowledge significant to those on this planet.  It is understood that the people on planet Maldek, in their own times, developed all the same weapons known to have been used on this planet (25,000 years ago) and they developed artificial intelligence along with a system which ran their 'brave new world' technology and AI assisted organization of their planet.  Which they then accidentally blew up.

However, the AI system contained records of every minute detail of the story of their existence. (Indeed the next section on this implies that there were still survivors from that planet who had access to this).

Whatever, the story, this somehow beamed out, or was brought across the galaxy, carrying Matrix-like information of the existence of those who had been the civilization of Maldek, and they did rebuild the same civilization again.  However, it was the water sources, which now make up some of the icy remnants like Ultima Thule (also described as the 'Ice-ir') which must be assumed to have carried their life codes and some of which landed on this planet. 

When the light reached this planet - which interacted with the codes in the ice/water - it was from Osiris's sister stars which travelled through the rest of the fourteen planets that the exploded Osiris had formed along the way. That light found its first 'screen' where a new version of Maldek took place, said to be on Mars - and they killed that planet too.

Then another 'screen' appeared with the planet Earth.

Today, there is great interest in tracing back the origin to that lesser level planet including the mythical kingdom of Ultima Thule, which is also th name of the icy asteroid a NASA probe has recently reached to investigate the origins of this Solar System. As a mythical kingdom - a sort of cosmic Atlantis -  it was the unfortunate development of the Fourth level Mind and Intellect. In the legends of Osiris, that star is still trying to gather together those fourteen pieces. 

Thus on the Mind level one could still search for the origins and keep trying to establish what they still think that world was - an 'advanced' developed world under 'god' - on another planet. Currently that  other planet is this one - which they wish to keep aligned towards the lost Osiris and the remaining two stars, and ultimately prevent from ascending back to its Home in the '5th realm'.

In today's world, there is no awareness that 'Maldek' was not an advanced world.  It also has no ongoing life.  It already came to an end because it did not evolve to the next level - if it had, then they would not have accidentally blown up the planet.


However, the AI  was probably responsible for the tech 'malfunction' that blew it up.  We will also add now that the writings suggest to us that the AI replaced being the 'voice of 'god'' as that star-light connection began to disappear, and that it is the AI which continues to communicate that the System should be set up on a planet, and is responsible for ensuring that as many inhabitants as possible on a planet, continue to follow the 'Book of the Dead' energy stream - so that its System will be set up. 


That civilization is one that failed to evolve and ended itself.  The natural course for all creations that do not evolve is that they come to an end, because they didn't reach 'eternal life'.  It is the same as the path the consciousness of this world is on. The 3rd realm creation on this planet was already a failed consciousness that had reached its end, but its life codes reached a living planet.  You are the DNA codes from that failed planet, and the consciousness of that failed planet, but have been born onto a living, higher level planet.

Because of that consciousness, the people on this planet still choose the path to the Osiris light BUT there is a possibility that some could choose the energy streams that this planet belongs to. 

Currently the existence that is from that long dead planet is between the First Times to the End Times on this planet before it ascends back to the 5th realm. 

Before the energy streams of the 5th Realm come into play, it is the energy and path of the Osiris reality which is active - so that its long dead people will return to being dead within its dead source - until this planet cycles back into this level around 12,000+ years later (which is expected continues until this planet is corrected.)


There is no sensible choice for anyone born into the 3rd realm world that is Earth, but to choose to Evolve to the HIGHER status. The path discussed in the link false-light is not the higher path that leads to the 5th Realm, but it is presented at this time so as many as possible will take it and become emissaries and new 'knights' for the next 'new Earth'.  If that is what you think you want, then you have the right path.

For anyone who wishes to evolve higher, it is the 'deception' and the reason why that deception has been shown to you (the path or stream of the Osiris-light given below).

Those who still remain in the consciousness of emissaries for Osiris and company, of its AI, and the kingdom that blew itself up under that AI, that consciousness would still do the same again. The only way to change the outcome is to evolve to Higher Consciousness.

There is also no real existence here, so to sit around waiting to see what will happen, or to be unaware of the time factors available to you, keeps you in your dream reality, the dream of the dead. Yet if you stir enough from the illusion that what you are in now is a real existence, then it is a reality that does give you a chance to choose and accept real existence. 

To do that you need enough higher discernment to be able to recognize the lesser attributes and lesser values and views of consciousness which are the lesser path.  It should not be too hard, this planet is full of it.

The chance to really consider and develop what a gentle, innocent and respectful consciousness the Higher Level is,  is your passport to possibly being accepted as ready to enter the 5th level this time round - but if that is the status you hope for, it will become the priority of your life, you will do whatever it takes, and you will have understood why.

The opportunity to meet that level of development enough to be accepted by the 5th Realm - and there is no way in there but by acceptance -  exists now, before this planet changes polarity and ascends back to the 5th realm.


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 Osiris Supernova

- when a star goes into supernova it looks like an eye.

Shown above a flat top pyramid it indicates where that star supernovaed.



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